ShopRite Dollar Day Coupon Match Ups & Deal Ideas

Okay my ShopRite crazies!  Here is the list of the brands and participating items in the ShopRite Dollar Days Deals that start on Sunday, 2/20.  The only bad part is that we can’t roll these deals.  So it’s more out of pocket but we will have a bunch of catalinas to use in a couple of weeks.

There will be deals during Week 1, 2/20 – 2/26. And, there will also be deals during the Week of 2/27 – 3/5.  Make sure to check out the list of products that will be available during the second week. Below are the products, prices, coupon match ups and deal ideas.  I am sure these will be changing and updating as the week goes on

Here’s how it works:

There will be a select group of products that will part of the Dollar Day Deals.  They will all require you to purchase XX amount of select products from that brand and then you will receive $12 in Catalina Certificates as well as a Free ShopRite Reusable Bag.  The certificates will be print as 4- $3 Catalinas to be used as follows:

  • $3 Catalinas to be used during the week of 3/6 – 3/12
  • $3 Catalinas to be used during the week of 3/13 – 3/19
  • $3 Catalinas to be used during the week of 3/14 – 3/26
  • $3 Catalinas to be used during the week of 3/27 – 4/2

How to Create Your Custom Shopping List:

  • Click on the box next to the item you would like to buy at the store
  • The item will be placed in your shopping list.
  • The list will appear from the right bottom of this site
  • Once you are done, click print.
  • Note that if you leave this post, you will lose your list.

Click the link below to see the entire list of the ShopRite Dollar Day Deals.

If you are reading this in a reader or email, you will need to click onto the site be able to print your list.

Here are the deals for 2/20 – 2/26:


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  • Jen

    I have about $9 from the Quaker catalina deal. Will I be able to use them toward these purchases and still receive the dollar days catalinas? If I’m not mistaken, I think I saw someone on your site mention that we couldn’t roll catalinas, so I didn’t know if this applied. Thanks for these GREAT coupon matchups!!!!

    • Cindy

      Jen, yes you can use them. I think what they were probably referring to is that since the catalinas we will be getting next week are not good for another 2 weeks, we can use the new catalinas to do more deals during the week. But you can use previous catalinas to pay for next week’s deals.

  • Bree

    OK should I be worried at how much this excites me?! 🙂

    • Liz

      Don’t worry… at least one other person feels the same – me! 🙂

    • Cindy

      Bree, I’ve been worried about my self for a while now. I squeal when I see the circular in my mailbox…:)

      • chrissy

        me too!!!

        • Victoria

          I never thought I would get this fired up about groceries and coupons, but I have finally just accepted it,lol!! Shoprite is seriously my happy place….

    • Anonymous

      I consider it a game, the coupon game. I love going to the grocery store and getting $300 worth of stuff for $50. I win. lol

  • Lori

    Any idea if these catalinas are going to be for specific product/brand use or just general OYNO?

    • Cindy

      The circular says on your next order. So, I would think it is for anything.

  • Candice

    i am looking forward to an amazing week at shoprite next week- – –

  • Julie

    Can you do the deals more than once if you want to? Or, can you do the deals for each separate manufacturer if you want, like one set from Unilever, one from Splenda, one from Mott’s, etc.? Will you get more than one set of &3 catalinas? Thanks! I’m new to ShopRite dealing!!

    • Eileen

      this is my question too, what is the fine print, can we do each manufacturers offer and get the $12 cats from each, is it limit one offer per card/household, etc…
      getting very excited too

      • Eileen

        ok found it on the other page about this :



        • Anita

          Some of this couponing lingo is new to me and I have a couple of questions:
          1. We can do the same deal (say Unilever’s) several times as long as they are done as separate transactions?
          2. Can we do deals from different manufacturers in one transaction?
          Thanks so much!

          • Cindy

            Anita. To answer your questions. 1. Yes! 2. Yes! 🙂

            • Anita

              Thanks so much Cindy for your prompt response! How you manage to create these awesome match-ups simply amazes me.

  • jen

    @Bree- I’m excited too!! WooooHooooo!!

  • I really shouldn’t get this excited. I’m already trying to think about where I am going to put all of this stuff. But such a tease as I have to wait until Sunday morning! *sigh* hehe

    • Kim

      HAHA, I told my husband that he needed to build some more shelves before sunday! ;P I am sooooo excited, I’ve gotta look a little crazy to my non-couponing friends!

      • Larrina

        LOL I know exactly what you mean! My husband is very happy with all of the money I save but I think he is tired of putting together my cabinets and shelves 🙂

      • David

        You girls have it easy… shelf/cabinets to build 🙂 Me? I have it worse…not only I’m I a stay-at-home dad, but have to do the grocery shopping. With all this great and mostly free food this coming week at Shoprite……guess what ladies?….I have to buid more shelves. 🙂

        • Holly

          or buy them…from Ikea. That’s what we’re doing…my DH is SOOO thrilled…(notice the sarcasm)

  • Jennifer C.

    Some of these (I know for sure the Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks, but I’d have to check the form to see all participating items) would count toward that Box Tops MIR for buy 10 items get $10! I’ve been looking for a nice double dip on that one!

    • Terri

      I got the original BoxTops email, so thanks for the reminder!

      • Larrina

        Is this something you had to sign up for? If so where did you sign up?

        • Terri

          Larrina, I was already a member on the BoxTops for Education website, because you can register your school and Shoprite card, and then your purchases are automatically credited to your school. You can sign up at:
          So, I guess that’s why I received the MIR offer; I was on the member list.

  • Jennifer C.

    Here’s the Box Tops link if anyone wants it:

    • Maria D.

      Thank you for the link. But only you can use it. It said I was not eligible. The fine print said: This promotion is only for pre-selected consumers who were the original recipients of this email.

    • Lori

      Do you know when the email was sent out?

      • Jennifer C.

        Not long ago…maybe within the past 2 weeks.

  • the dove deodorant coupon link isn’t working for me it only shows the body wash and beauty bar 🙁

  • Terri

    I’ve been saving up my Recyclebank points, and right now there is a $2/1 Kashi coupon available for 50 points. I just redeemed 200 points for four $2/1 Kashi products – woohoo! So, deal idea is 5 Kashi cereals: $2.99×5= $14.95 -$8 Kashi coupons= $6.95 for five cereals and $12 in catalinas?!?! Love it.

    • Ashley

      And thats if your store allows the 5 q’s. Keep in mind most SR’s only allow 4 like coupons. its a YMMV.

      • Larrina

        It looks like she had only planned on using 4 $2 off coupons totalling to $8 on 5 boxes of cereal. And you are absolutely correct that most only accept 4 but I have been able to do 5 on a few occasions (when I have a ton of coupons and they just can’t keep track) and the only difference is that after 4 they will not double. And since this coupon will not be doubled anyway, if you can sneak in that extra, woohoo, if not still a good deal. Also for anyone getting the Kashi from recyclebank… it is a bricks coupon and you are able to use your back browser to print it twice! yay 🙂

  • Terri

    On the GM catalina, which items are qualifying you for the milk catalina?

  • Terri

    oh, sorry, didn’t see it at the top – 3 GM cereals. Thx 🙂

  • Bernell

    I may need to see a therapist about my Shoprite Addiction!! Anybody wanna join me!!!
    I LOVE IT!

    • An

      you are funny. Meanwhile I told my husband that if we ever move, we have to move near a Shoprite or it is no deal!

    • Jen

      Me too but my Rite Aid addiction is WORSE!

  • MillburnLaura

    Im about to need therapy also. Its school vacation next week–im home from work with the kids–so daily shoprite trips!

  • John

    Do you have to go through the line with each offer, or can you get all catelinas with one time through? That catelina machine is going to have smoke coming out of it!

  • Michelle

    Soooo happy but my freezer is STUFFED thanks to Cindy & the LRWC community. Wow, might have to use some of this money I’m saving on an extra freezer 🙂 Oh, the problems I have these days!

    • Eileen

      I know the feeling, I had to cook some of the tyson chicken strips when I got home from shoprite tonight, cause I couldnt fit everything in the freezer!

      I may even tape the door shut just incase, wouldnt want it to pop open overnite

      • Carolyn

        Eileen – you’re hilarious! Thank goodness it’s been cold outside, because I’ve actually had to resort to using the deck as an overflow freezer!

        • jackie

          Love the deck freezer!! LOL

  • Dawn


  • Staci

    Thank you!

  • Melinda

    I don’t see the Nature Valley .50 off 1 coupon on the target site. Anyone else see it?

    • Arizia

      I couldn’t find it either 🙁

  • Chris

    I have a question regarding the cats from dollar days and the new shop rite coupon policy. Do cats count as the “4 like coupons per transaction per day”?

    I have 5 shoprites about 5-10 mins driving distance between eachother and my house and on the last pet cat I did, I did it 5 times so each week for the last few weeks I have had $25 in pet cats. Problem is, every store I have gone to is making me use the 5th cat in a separate trans because it’s a “like” coupon.

    Last dollar days one store tried that but overall left me alone.

    So, what is the official word on “OYNO” or “OYNO of x” cats for you all? 4 per trans or use em all with out issue?

    Also, side note: went to SR last night (3 stores) and got 36 boxes of pasta for $3. The garden delight was giving the overage so coupled with the healthy harvest and smart taste, it was like getting 4 of those boxes for free too. The last store however actually adjusted the coupon down. I hate that. Won’t they stll get the $1 from the manufacturer? I know overage is a gift, not a right, but it stinks when 2 of 3 stores don’t adjust down and the last one does. Oh well. It was still a great run overall. Thanks!

  • Melinda

    Cindy, I picked up next week’s circular for this sale and other deals so I can get a head start and just FYI, I’m seeing different prices in my circular than this list. Just a couple are: Motts Apple Sauce is 2 for $3 (1lb 7 oz-1 lb 8 oz) and Dove 6 pack bar soap $6.00. I might have noticed a few more but I’d have to go back and check. Just a heads up! Thanks for all your work 🙂

    • Cindy

      Hmm, that’s interesting. I’m curious to see what my circular will say today. The one I was working off was emailed to me. Your prices are better so that’s a plus. Hoping mine will be too.

      • Bree

        Cindy I’m in North Arlington and I noticed the same as Melinda – the prices in my circular match up with hers.

  • Audrey

    First let me say thank you for all the information and help you offer to newbies like myself=) Your website is so easy to understand and so useful!
    I had a question as this will be my first SR trip….if I want to take advantage of all the Cat deals can I buy everything in one transaction or do I need to do each one separately? How do I find out if my store “fully doubles” coupons?

    • Jennifer C.

      Audrey, you can do all of these deals in one trip. But sometimes I like to split it up when there are SO many cats to print, because it gets hard to keep track and make sure they all printed! Ask at customer service about the coupon policy. I live in S. Philadelphia and none of the stores near me fully double, however one of them will take competitor coupons (like, cats that printed at another store, or $5/50 coupons from entertainment books or mailers) It is worth asking!

  • Jennifer K.

    Oh my gosh – thanks for posting all this so early! Now I must pour over this list today and order some coupons!

    Like others, I’m way too excited about this than I should be! I feel like doing the can-can dance! 😀

    • Lucy

      he he he You’re funny.

  • Bree

    For those of you that get Vocal Point samples – they recently sent out $1 off Kashi cereal coupons with their sample. I believe there was 4 or 5 of them!

    • ashley

      i got them. one was $3.00/1 and three more for $1.00/1!! I’ll buy 4 boxes of cereal and 1 box of cookies or crackers. $8.50 OOP $3.50MM on Kashi cereal/cookies/crackers. My hubby is VERY excited about this he loves their products

  • Lynn

    Thanks for all of the match ups Cindy! I am firing up my printer now!

  • Holly

    I just want to make sure I am understanding all the ins and outs….so very sorry for a repeat if it was already answered but…

    I can buy something from each of the offers right?

    So 15 cereals…get a 12 cat and 7 wishbone get a 12 cat and so on?

    Thank you so much for you deal ideas…I thought I had this all planned out then realized I could get more and make money…WOOHOO for our family of 6! (ALL boys BTW and 2 are teens so I am broke on groceries…they eat soo much)

    • Cindy

      Yes you can do all the deals in one trip if you like. And 5 boys, yikes. I have one teenage boy and yes, they eat a ton. I have no idea where he puts it. I can’t imagine 5. You need coupons 🙂

      • Holly

        Can I just say I am doing the “quiet” Happy Dance! (littlest one is napping and he NEEDS it..or maybe I do)

        I just emailed Hidden Valley begging for coupons…my 16 y/o with Asperger’s will only eat their ranch (I have tried to fool him with reusing their bottle with other’s ranch and he NOTICES) and he will eat 2 bottles alone in a week if I let him…hopefully they will take pity!

        Again thanks so much for the ideas and Q links…they are a big help esp. when we don’t use much processed foods (I am allergic to most) so we need all the Q’s we can get and sales!

        • Lisa

          Yes, it can be really frustrating when you see great deals and free food but you can’t eat it because of allergies and such. I don’t eat ANY food with lactose or gluten (you’ll be surprised how many products include either one of these!) and my husband is a vegetarian. But despite all that, I get really great deals every week on non-processed and health foods when I use coupons and catalinas. It’s just a lazy excuse when people don’t want to start using coupons because they say they have a healthier diet, eating non-processed foods and they never find coupons for those products. Couponing applies to ALL diets. I still score fantastic deals all the time! Happy Hunting! : )

          • Cindy

            Bravo! Well said Lisa! I couldn’t agree with you more.

  • Melinda

    You know what I was just thinking…I remember when they had this last summer (or some time), but I’m pretty sure some of them were $$ amounts you had to spend in each category to get the Catalinas. I was remembering how my Pompeian Cat didn’t print on it’s own. I think the deal was spend $10 get a Cat ONYNO. I went to customer service, and they said it was because I didn’t spend $10 after coupons (even though others reported it working on shelf price…they don’t get that and you can’t argue that with them). This time in all the categories you have to buy a certain number of items, so your coupons won’t affect your Cats printing, which is nice! No arguing w/ customer service. If you bought the amount of items…you should get your cats. So if you’re doing 6 of these deals (what I’m planning) I should get $72 in Cats — a total of 24 $3 Cats.

    • Jennifer C.

      Melinda, I think you are right. But for future reference, if that ever happens again with a $ amount and the cats don’t print, contact Catalina Marketing directly. The customer service is awesome and you will get your cats.

  • Holly

    So…one more question just so I am clear…Per the website one cat/transaction/category so…

    If I go through and purchase items and get my cats, can I then turn and give them to my husband who is behind me in line and he can use them but also get cats for the same categories and some of the same products?

    sorry for all the questions but we are new to all this and to shoprite…we usually shop at the military commissary or super walmart but they can’t beat these sales

    • Julie

      Holly, the cats are not good until March. Each $3 cat good for a different week in March. That prevents you from turning around and doing the same deal again.

      • Holly

        So the save $12 is not a catalina…is that an instant savings on top of your purchase or is it already reflected in the price…

        for instance if I bought 7 wishbones@2.00 per bottle, I would get an additional 12 off immediately or in a catalina….

        I understand the $3 cat will be for the following weeks…

        BTW…my flyer says $96 in rewards certificates

        • Jigri


          The save $12 IS a catalina; there are no instant savings. Actually, it is 4 $3 catalina coupons, and each one of the 4 is good for a specific week in March. Because each is good only during the week shown on the catalina, you (or your husband) will not be able to use them for your next transaction on the same day. You can only use them during the March week indicated on the coupon. Hope that helps!

          • Holly

            Ahh…I see..the way they word it is a bit confusing…it looked like we were going to get $3 each week in addition to the $12 catalinas per catagory…now I see that it’s not a 12 catalina but $3 cats broken down…so if I purchase from each of my availble catagories I should get 96 in rewards (mine is only 96 here) which should break down to 24 a week for the remaining 4 weeks….

            Have I finally caught up? LOL

            • Jigri

              I think you are! Of course, you could do more than one deal per manufacturer, as long as they are in separate transactions/orders. For example, you could do one Dole deal on Sunday, and then go back and do another Dole deal any time after you have checked out with the first one. That would lead to potentially more than $96 in rewards, but of course, only do these deals if:
              1. you actually NEED the deal products and would therefore be getting them at a super low price or free, OR
              2. the deal is a money maker (MM) after the costs of coupons, printing, gas and time used, AND you are sure you would spend the amount of all the catalina coupons anyway at Shoprite during the March weeks.

            • Holly

              Thanks so much…I’ve got it now. I am super excited! Sad but saving money on groceries would help so much…

              @ Jirgi Thanks for the info… I don’t buy unless we can actually use it or know someone that can…if it’s a money maker, and I can’t use it, I plan to donate but I may not do this just yet as I don’t want to buy things we don’t need or can’t use until I have this down pat…It will be a great learning experience this week!

        • Julie

          If you bought 7 wishbones (or any of the deals) you would get four separate $3 cats, each good for a different week in March. Does that make sense? They’re really just telling you that you would save $12 on shopping in the future. If you did all eight deals and got $12 for each, you’d get $96 in cats – $24 for each week.

  • Dee

    I can’t see the macaroni grill coupons on those sites, do we have another source?
    Splenda only lets me print 1 and only 1 and even though I’m logged in, it tells me to sign up again?

    • David

      It did that for me also, I had to input all the info each and every time to print a second coupon. On the second computer I had to do it again twice to print up two more.

  • Julie

    Okay… after all this excitement, I’m getting kinda concerned all deals are not for everyone. I get weekly shoprite “deal” emails and this is what I just received:
    “Save $12.00

    IN STORE SPECIAL! 2/20-2/26 Buy 7 participating Unilever® products, Get $12.00 in savings for use on next trip. Look for a complete list of participating products in ShopRite’s circular.

    Offer Expires 2/26/11
    Limit 1 w/ Your Loyalty Card
    Only available at ShopRite®

    Offers are valid for your registered loyalty card only and do not transfer to other cards.”

    Why would I receive this email with only the Unilever mentioned, and specifically stated only for my loyalty card with no transfer…???

    • Cassie

      I was just going to post this- mine is similar but not identical..

      My “your bucks” email was for the GM deal- buy 15, ger $12, with the same wording- “Offers are valid for your registered loyalty card only and do not transfer to other cards.”

      Does that mean the GM deal is a double dip???

    • Cindy

      They have been doing that a lot lately. It’s very confusing. But these deals I posted are for everyone. However, you must use your price plus card for these offers.

      • Julie

        Thanks, Cindy! I just picked up the flyer and it does, indeed, list them all! Thanks for your hard work. You sure save my family a lot of money!

  • David

    Free Milk: question, if I get 15 General Mills cereals in one transaction, would it print out five Free Milk coupons or just one?

    I’m trying to get 15 cereals at .70 each after the $12 cat and (15) $1 cereal coupons and at least get one free milk out of it but five would be better.

    • Sorry- The ad says 1 per transaction.

  • Regina

    Julie, I got the same email. This has happened before with many deals at SR. I would not give it a second thought. We all qualify for same thing and you will not get anything extra for this particular email. I hate to say it, but been there and one that on this many times.

  • Lynn

    Warminster shoppers: I just got my circular in the mail and it’s triple coupon week again. This should make the catalina deals interesting.
    Of note, last Saturday I used two 0.60/2 yoplait greek yogurt coupons in 1 transaction to see what would happen. The cups were $1 each and both Qs tripled making them 10 cents each. Their new policy is very confusing! Supposedly only 1 “like” Q will triple, but both of those did in 1 transaction, so I’m baffled. 🙂

    • chris

      Someone else mentioned that they also used like coupons and they tripled. I tried this and it didn’t work for me. I even went later in the day and tried it and it didn’t work. Even for the Purina $5 oyno only one coupon will be accepted and the second one beeps in the same transaction. Sometimes they put it through for me. One attendant tried to tell me it’s part of the new coupon policy. I don’t think so.

    • Jena

      Lynn, I was confused with the new Warminster coupon policy~~just found out 2 weeks ago that they only took 4 like coupons, and was not sure about the triple part. Last week I was able to use 4 and for the most part all 4 would triple, a couple of the coupons would double on the second one and then triple again on the 3rd and 4th. Ugh…..but good to know triple week. I just used my U~ coupons last week so have to filter through. Now I am super EXCITED to calculate my new totals!

      • lynn

        Jena, what is a U~ coupon? Two weeks ago it occurred to me that perhaps the machines stop tripling if the triple makes the item free. That’s why I tested the yogurts; the triple made them 10 cents each and both Qs tripled. I plan to go to SR this Sunday morning, so I’ll let you guys know what happens. If we all share our experiences with each other, we may just figure it out!

        • Jena

          Unilever coupons….. And yes it will only go up to the free if it is less than the triple amount. Can’t wait till I get my circular!

          • Lynn

            Jena and Chris: Here is a scenario that should work at the Warminster ShopRite:
            1 Dole Jar 2.50
            1 Dole bowl 2.50
            4 Crisps 8.00
            (1) 0.75/1 jar (tripled to -2.25)
            (1) 0.50/1 jar (tripled to 1.50)
            (4) 1.00/1 crisps
            Total $13 minus 7.75 in Qs
            Pay $5.25, get $12 in cats
            $6.75 MM
            Dose that sound right? This should conform with their new policy!

            • chris

              Looks good to me, thanks for the scenario. I’m usually pretty good at working out deals but, I must say this week my head is spinning. Lynn do you order coupons? Never have but, I’ll have to look into it. Would have been great for a sale like this.

              • chris

                Just noticed that there were no $.75 coupons for Dole prod. that I had previously cut out of the Intelligencer, so you probably buy coupons. I have been thinking about buying coupons but for some reason am hesitant. Is there any service that is relatively local that you could recommend?

              • lynn

                Chris, yes I have started ordering coupons and it’s pretty great. I either order ones that I know work well with triple coupon week (.75/1 del monte = free raisins!) or I wait until Cindy posts the matchups and I order the ones I don’t have. So far I’ve used coupondede and its worked out well. Good luck. And let me know if you work out any more good scenarios for Warminster!

  • Cindy V

    OK I am so confused! I must be reading my circular wrong or not understanding— why is that my circular reads $3 off your next purchase for 4 weeks??

    • Megan

      If you purchase the correct number of items in the category you will get $12 worth of catalina coupons – 4 x $3. Each one will print out with specific dates – one a week for 4 weeks. HTH

  • sarah B

    I was just on Couponsthingsbydede and the site was sloooowwww 🙂 Looks like everyone is picking up their coupons early this week 🙂

  • Julie

    Cindy, you couldn’t do the deal and buy 6 glad cling wraps. Ad says limit of 4.

    • Cindy

      It’s limit 4 offers. So you can technically get 8. An offer, in this case, is a set of 2.

      • Julie

        Thanks for clearing that up for me, because I wanted that deal!!!

  • Laurie M.

    My head is spinning! I wonder if we could share our other ideas for transaction scenarios. I learn so much from all of you!

  • Lisa D

    Julie, the ad for the Glad Cling Wraps says limit of 4 offers. Each offer is 2 rolls so you can buy either 2, 4, 6, or 8 rolls of the wraps.

  • Coleen

    Anyone know if it all GM cereals. I have some of the 75/1 cinnamon burst cheerios that i would love to use!

    • Terri

      I wanted to use my Cinnamon Cheerios coupons, too! But, I’m looking at the circular now (I got it today), and it only lists original 14oz. Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Golden Grahams, and Total. Next to that list, it says All participating items listed here. So, it appears only those four cereals are included in the deal, but I will double-check for a shelf tag, just in case…

  • Jodi..

    Can I combine each offer in 1 order and get all my Rewards cats to print?

  • Hey, where’s George?

    • Michelle

      I thought FOR SURE this week’s deals would bring him out.

  • Megan

    Here’s a link to another Dole coupon that I got in my e-mail. It’s $1/2 of the cups or jars. Not as great as the other Qs available, but I live in the Land of Not Fully Doubles and my kids love mandarin oranges!

    • David

      Megan- Thanks. With more of these and two left over ones from the original print sets, I’m able to create another Dole deal, get the second deal for free and $1 MM.

      • Laurie M.

        What’s your Dole deal? I have one Fruit Crisp coupon and plan on printing the printables so just wondering what the best deal would be. My kids especially like the cups in their lunchboxes.

    • Cindy V

      Thanks for that link Megan- very helpful!!!!

  • David

    Laurie M…. I’m glad you ask if anyone would post there deals. This is mine which I want to do this Sunday with the famiy. Also you will see the Dole deals I came up with, we put them in the school lunch box for the boys. #2 is the same as Cindy came up with, #10 is with the surplus coupons plus the extra I was able to print up from Megan. Btw, I’m able to print twice as many online coupons since I’m using two computers at home. If my son got his laptop repaired I would be able to do three for every coupon offer.

    Anyone see any problems or questons, please let me know…….thanks all.

    (1)Dove deodarant 2.50
    (3)Ragu Sauce, 1.33ea 4.00
    (2)Wishbone Salad Dr., $2ea 4.00
    (1)Lipton Tea Bags 3.00
    (1)$2 Dov deo. -2.00
    (1)$1/2 Wish-bone -1.00
    (1)$1/2 Ragu -1.00
    #2DOLE: BUY 6 GET $12CAT
    (4)Dole Fruit Bowls 4pk, 2.50ea 10.00
    (2)Dole Friut Jar, 2.50a 5.00
    (4).50/1 Dole Fruit Bowls -4.00
    (2).75/1 Dole Friut Jar -2.00
    #3CLOROX: BUY 7 GET $12CAT
    (2)Clorox Liq. Bl.,1.50ea 3.00
    (4)Glad Cling Wrap, 1.50ea 6.00
    (1)Glad PressNSeal Wrap 2.00
    (1)$1 Clorox -1.00
    #4SLENDA: BUY 3 GET $12CAT
    (2)Splenda No Cal.SW, 4.00ea 8.00
    (1)Splenda Br. Sugar 4.00
    (3)$1 Splenda -3.00

    Total for transaction 1 (#1-4) 51.50
    (1)$10 BabyBucks reward -10.00
    Coupons -14.00
    OOP 27.50-(4*12Cat)= 20.50MM

    (4)Pom. Red WIne Vin, 1.25ea 5.00
    (4)Pom. Cooking Wine, 1.25ea 5.00
    (4).50/1 Pomeian -4.00
    #6KASHI: BUY 5 GET $12 CAT
    (5)Kashi Cook./Cracker, 2.50ea 12.50
    #7MOTT’S:BUY 8 GET $12CAT
    (8)Mott’s Applesauce, 1.50ea 12.00

    Total for transaction 2 (#5,6,7) 34.50
    Coupons -4.00
    OOP 30.50-(3*12Cat)= 5.50MM

    #8GM: BUY 15 GET $12CAT
    (8)Tostino’s Pizza, 1.50ea 12.00
    (2)Chex Mix, 1.50ea 3.00
    (1)GM Total cereal 2.50
    (4)Gr.Giant Steamers, 2.29ea 9.15
    (4).75/2 Tostino’s Pizza -4.00
    (1).50/2 Chex Mix -1.00
    (1).50/2 Chex Mix Cellfire -.50
    (1).75 Total cereal -1.00
    (1).75 Total cereal Cellfire -.75
    (2).50/2 Gr.Giant Steamers -2.00
    (1).50 Gr.Giant Steamers Cell. -.50

    Total for transaction 3 26.65
    Coupons -8.25
    OOP 16.90-12Cat= -4.90MM

    #9GM: BUY 15 GET $12CAT
    (3)GM Total cereal, 2.50ea 7.50
    (4)Gr.Giant Steamers, 2.29ea 9.15
    (6)Tostino’s Pizza, 1.50ea 9.00
    (2)Yoplat’s Spltz 4pk, 2.79ea 5.58
    (3).75 Total cereal -3.00
    (2).50/2 Gr.Giant Steamers -2.00
    (2)$1/3 Tostino’s Pizza -2.00
    (2).50/1 Yop. Splitz -1.00
    (1).75/2 Yop. Splitz Cellfire -.75

    Total for transaction 3 31.23
    Coupons -8.75
    OOP 22.50-12Cat= -10.50MM

    #10DOLE: BUY 6 GET $12CAT
    (4)Dole Fruit Bowls 4pk, 2.50ea 10.00
    (2)Dole Friut Jar, 2.50a 5.00
    (2)$1/2 Any Dole Fruit -2.00
    (2).75/1 Dole Friut Jar -2.00

    Total for transaction 3 15.00
    Coupons -4.00
    OOP 11.00-12Cat= 1.00MM

    ALL FREE + $11.60MM + ONE FREE MILK(#9)

    • David

      In dollar values the above is $$162.oo for free including milk, plus about $11 money maker……..God I hope this works 🙂

      • Audrey

        Do you have to ring these up as 5 separate transactions? I am new and this deal seems too good to be true and I don’t want to mess it up but I thought you could buy all those products in one order and get all the Catalina’s. Thank you so much for posting.

        • David

          Audrey…some one posted above that it’s easier to do seperate transactions, that way you can see if the cashier is properly scanning the coupons and to see that you get each Catalina offer at the end of each. However you can do all nine deals at once as long as you get $96 of cats in the end. I chose to brake it up the way I have it above to keep track of it better as it goes along.

          Transactions #1-4 are small ones….easy to moniter.
          Transactions #5,6 & 7 are small one also…..while #8, 9, & 10 are done in three seperate transactions b/c they have a lot of items and coupons in each. Hope this help.

          • Audrey

            Thank you so much! You really are very helpful to a newbie=)

    • Cindy

      Woohoo! You rock David!

    • Laurie M.

      THANK YOU!!!!!

  • Audrey

    I was wondering can you redeem multiple catalina deals in one transacation. My friend wants to sell me her catalinas since she will be away…..can I buy them from her and then redeem them with the cat deals I earn in the same transaction? I would be using two “dole cat” during week 3….thanks

    • Lisa D

      Audrey, I think you can redeem multiple catalinas as long as they are not from the same company. But you could split up the two Dole catalinas and use them in two separate orders.

  • Andrea

    I have a question..When you are saying we get “money back ” does this mean the Catalinas printing are like the ones I get usually that say, for example “$2 off your next 7 Stouffer entrees?” or are they non-specific and we are getting $12 back on our next “total shop rite order.” thanks, I’m just a little confused.

  • Jen

    I received a Splenda catalina a few weeks ago (can’t remember why) and it is for $2.00 off any Splenda. I have always wondered, since these catalinas have the ShopRite logo on the side of it, are they considered a ShopRite coupon and can I stack it with a manufacture coupon? I hope someone can answer before Sunday. I am SUPER excited about Sunday! I have 2 boxes to give to the food pantry and this will probably make 3 or 4! Best of all, its worth about $100 and I paid less than $5 for everything. Thank you so much Cindy!

    • Bernell

      as long as the catalina says “store coupon” at the top, then you ca stack it with a manufacturer’s coupon.
      If it says “manufacturer coupon”, then you can’t!

      • Jen

        Thanks Bernell!

  • Michelle

    Cindy, I have a concern. The link Eileen provided above reads:
    “Limit 1 offer per manufacturer, per customer during promotion.”
    Is there any way SR can track if we’ve worked a cat deal through our price plus cards?

  • Melissa O

    I have a question regarding “like” coupons – I have coupons for the same product for the same value ($0.75 off 2). I have 4 that expire 2.26.11 and 4 that expire 3.31.11. Can I use al 8 in the same transaction? Are they considered “like” coupons?

    • Jim

      the bar codes are what would make them “like coupons”. if they look the same and the bar codes are the same you will probably only be able to use 4

    • Fury

      yeah they would have to be 2 sep transactions, you would have to find a .50 or something if you want to use 8 of them

  • Holly

    Okay…I just got an email from Shoprite with a link for an ANDROID or IPHONE Shoprite AP! Here’s the link….is it sick that I am excited about that? My only wish is that it would list what is in each aisle or where to find it. It even lists prices and sales AND what the limit is!

  • Sara

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your hard work! I am also ridiculously over-excited about my weekly shopping trip to ShopRite this week. This will be a great week for donations!

  • Kristine

    I’m wondering how many catalina’s you’re allowed to use in one transaction. I would like to do a lot of these wonderful deals, but only can get to the store once a week and with kiddos in tow… it’s hard to see doing more than a few transactions. So are you able to use 6 or 8 catalina’s per transaction?

    Thanks! I am in need of reducing my budget and am so thankful to have found this site!

    • Lori S.

      My store (Canton, CT) adheres very tightly to the “4 like coupons per transaction” rule, so most cashiers will only let me use 4 catalinas of the same value in one transaction. I know many stores are not this strict, so its dependent upon what your store allows.

  • blueflower

    Can I do Kashi in 2 diff transactions…I want to buy kashi bars in one transaction and kashi cereal in the second. In this case can i get 2 $12 catalina if i do them in 2 transactions?

  • Sara

    My Shop Rite (Fair Lawn, NJ) is the same–as my catalinas were printing out, the manager stopped by and said that I could only use 4 per transaction, so I’ll have to split up my orders for the next 4 weeks. Oh well, worth it!

    Also, FYI: The free gallon of milk that comes along w/ a purchase of 3 GM cereals expires 2/26 (this Saturday). I was glad I noticed it before I left the store, b/c I also only go once a week.

    • Cindy

      Hmm, my Free milk catalinas expire on 3/12

  • Holly

    You may want to ask cashier to check their catalina machine and make sure there is enough paper…mine ran out and by the time she fixed it, she couldn’t print them. So, I had to go to the cust serv desk to which the lady there had NO IDEA how the promo’s were working…A HUGE THANKS to all of you who answered all my questions because I had to explain it to her. They owed me $27 in catalinas, a milk and 5 bags and she tried to get me to go away with $15 in store bucks which I wouldn’t accept so she had to call the manager who ended up giving me a $30 gift card BUT I didn’t get my milk or bags. I did call back and let them know so I have to go back and get them this week. Also, the cashier only rang up 6 or the 8 Pompeian’s so I didn’t get that catalina and ended up paying more, which annoys me but when I checked my bags I actually had 8 in there so I did get two free but it still wasn’t quite the same and they couldn’t adjust the receipt. On a positive note, I can use the $30 any time I want though.

    So, for all of you who are new to this like me, take the time to check your receipt and bring somone to bag if your store doesn’t (like mine) so you can pay attention to what’s going on at the register. I may take other’s suggestions and break up all my transactions just to keep track. It can be so confusing! I may also go earlier (I went @ 9am) so there are less lines and irritable people behind me.

    Also, my store had batteries for $3.99 that were HUGE 30 packs and by Rayovac so if you have coupons….you can get 4 of each type!

  • David

    Today we went to Shoprite of Millville. We did 12 offers in 5 different transactions. If you look at my post above I did on Friday, I tweaked it somewhat. I added a few more offers after being able to print up four more $2/1 Kashi (total of 6) thanks to my wife and son registering to Recyclebank and being able to print two coupons each.

    Even though at checkout I forgot to mention a $10 Babybuck I had, we didn’t do too bad. We paid $199 for all 12 offers plus some extra stuff like meats and produce, from that we received $159 in catalinas, two .75 and one $2 ONYO cat, one free milk cat, and 13 free shoprite bags. Basically everything cost just $40 plus the free milk, one leftover .75 ONYO cat and 13 bags.

    I will be emailing Cindy pictures and breakdown of the shopping trip. Maybe it will be posted in the Reader Shoppers Trips section. FYI: Unless you already know the free bags are catalina coupons for the week of 3/6-3/12 only. Fortunatly for me the cashier was nice enough to manually input 7 of them as grocery coupons and we took seven home for now. I’ll pick up the rest the week of 3/6-3/12.

    Also for some reason I received more $3 cats than expected. I was suppose to receive 48 $3 cats for 12 offers, but got 53 of them totaling $159. Again thank you Cindy and everyone else for the great support and ideas.

    • Lori G

      Hi Dave,

      Did you use more than one Price Plus card, or did all the transactions work on one card for you? My store will only do the deals once per card, so I am wondering if it is just my store, or others as well…


      • Anonymous

        Lori….I only used one card. All 12 offers (5 transactions) were done in one trip at the same register. I’ve been reading on other post’s on this site that others are coming across the same situation as yours. I personally believe each Shoprite, since they’re independantly owned, make up the policies to suit them.

    • Danielle

      Nice to see someone that goes to the same Shoprite as I do!

  • love couponing

    Help! After reading all the feedback on the catalina’s working more than once per visit, or per price plus card. I am a little confused. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Cindy

      They are only working once per card. Most likely those that are getting it more then once, are using different price plus cards.

      • jessica

        I did 2 separate Ragu deals (6 ragu + 1 dove) (4 dove + 3 ragu). I did ragu dea alone and the second with the rest of my shopping trip. I got cats for both (same card) . I got home and read only 1 per manufacturer/per person so not sure why it worked but it did. (in 2nd order I did the cling wrap and motts with the rago and got 3 sets of cats)

        So I have (1) 4A catalina, (2) 5A cats (ragu) and (1) 7A

        so Im assuming I will have to use 1 ragu cat separate from the others for the next 4 weeks. Hope that helps!

      • love couponing

        Thank you!

  • Elaine

    Hi there. I hope I don’t repeat but does anyone know if the MOTTS FOR TOTS is included or is it just plain MOTTS applejuice? Thank you! I’m new and love you guys 🙂

  • David

    Are we aloud to us the same Offer numbers for the $3 cats during anyone week in March? For example, if I have (3) #5A $3 catalina coupons, can I use them in one transaction for the week stated on them?

    • Aileen C

      Probably not. Most times you can only use matching “store coupon” catalinas once per transaction. If they have different bar codes, you can use them together.

  • debbie

    Hi, I am new at this whole thing, and feeling a bit overwhelmed. I don’t know where to begin. I have been trying to build a list for 3 days now and print coupons that don’t want to print. I think I need a little guidance.
    Thanks so much to anyone who might be able to lend a few pointers.

    • Cindy

      Debbie, what is that you would like to buy?

      You can start pretty easy this week and do a deal without coupons. You can buy 8 Motts Applesauce for $1.50 each, pay $12 and get $12 in catalinas. The catalinas print as 4 – $3 catalinas that can be used on the dates listed on the top of the catalina They are just like money. It will take $3 off your order.

      Also, make sure to read the beginners section. You can access it on the navigation bar above.

  • Dawn

    FYI… The kasha chocolate turtle bar doesn’t taste like any chocolate turtle Ive had before 😉