ShopRite Dollar Day Deals General Mills & Kashi Updates

Here is another update on the ShopRite Dollar Day Deals.

::General Mills Deal

The General Mills Deal is Buy 15 Get $12 Catalina.  Plus there is also a Buy 3 General Mills Cereals and get a Catalina for a Free Gallon of milk (up to $3.75).  Well, according to reader Michelle, she bought 9 boxes of General Mills cereal and received 3 Free milk catalinas.  So, it appears that it is working for more then one deal.  I just tried it for 12 boxes and it printed 4 Free Milk Catalinas.

Plus when you use your free milk catalina, it takes off the full $3.75.  The Shoprite Fat Free Milk is priced at only $2.49 this week, so that is an overage of $1.26.  You can only use 1 of the Free milk catalinas per transaction.  I tried to use the 4 I received in one transaction and it didn’t accept it.

Also, some people are getting $1 and $2 catalinas from doing the General Mills deal.  The only thing I can see, is the Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks are producing a $1 Catalina when you buy 3. If you bought something else and received a catalina, please let us know.

::Kashi Deal

Another heads up, on the list of products included in this week’s deals, there are Kashi Bars listed.  I checked my store and couldn’t find the exact bars.  But, you might want to keep an eye on them as I’m sure they are priced around $1 – $1.50.  Plus you can still use your $2/1 Kashi Coupons from Recycle Bank.

Also, keep your eye out for some of the Kashi Cereals marked at $2.79 instead of the $2.99.

Also, keep an eye out for a Kashi Coupon book at your store.  Reader Ueen found one at her store.  I was not able to find it at mine.  (Thanks Ueen!)

Round 1 of my Shopping Trip to come!  Love these deals 🙂

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  • Ueen

    I found a very thin booklet that says save $6 today Kashi TLC. They were on top of a box where the TLC cookies are displayed. The box was at the end of the cereal aisle. The booklet has the following Q:
    1 off any Kashi Cereal
    1 off any TLC bars
    1 off any Kashi Crackers
    1 off 2 go lean bars
    1 off any TLC cookies
    1 off any Kashi frozen item.

    Happy hunting….

    • Cindy

      I just saw your email and added it to the list. Thanks Ueen!

  • Ueen

    Yeah. I posted the comment first and then I realized that a pix would probably be a good idea. So I decided to send you the pix.

    With the Q, I did this deal:
    Bought (5) TLC cookies 2.50 each (12.50)
    Used (5) $1/1 TLC cookies
    OOP 7.50
    CAT received 12.00

    When I got home I realized that I should have mixed and matched the cookies and crackers because of the 4 like Q Shoprite rule. But, the 5 $1/1 Q was taken and it was really an honest mistake on my part. Sorry Shoprite and Thanks. 🙂

  • Lisa

    Kashi Berry Berry Crumble was only $2.69!

  • Missie

    I did the dole deal at Shop rite for the dollar days and I got a .75 catalina back.

  • Kim

    I had a huge problem today with Shoprite deals!

    One thing I noticed that you may want to look out for is that the Pompeian Pomegranate Red Wine Vinegar is not listed! It looks exactly like the blueberry infused one and I just assumed since it was the same price that it would count. Fine print on the shoprite ad saids “Red Wine Vinegar” … Acai, Blueberry or Roasted Garlic. What I bought were a couple “Pomegranate Red Wine Vinegar.” Low and behold, not CATS.

    However, I also did the applesauce deal which was pretty straightforward, buy 8, get $12.00. No CAT. I also purchased 6 Ragu sauces and the Dove Deodorant and no CAT. So I am missing those THREE CATs.

    Finally, I made the printer run out of paper (haha!) and I saw the cashier crumble one of the CATs up. I asked him and he said he ran out of paper and it would reprint. When I got home I was also missing that one $3.00 CAT. So, add that all up and $39.00 in CATs unaccounted for. I did email Catalina, which was a process considering my receipt is about 3 yards long, but hopefully they will take care of this.

    I would suggest splitting up each deal separately when you check out. Doing 7 at once made my life quite difficult when I had to sort through it all later.


    • andy

      Thanks for the report. Could you also check the Mott applesauce, Ragu and Dove deodorant that you bought against the upc list. Many thanks in advance.

      • Kristine

        My Ragu and Dove Deodorant were the proper ones and they were marked. My Catalina’s didn’t print either, Customer Service just gave me a Gift Card for $12 which is a bonus because I can just use it now! 🙂

  • gary

    hey just so people are on the look out, some of the kashi boxes have on them coupons for if you buy 3 kashi items you get $3 off any fresh fruit purchase

    • Lisa D

      Are the coupons on the cereal boxes? I bought granola bars, cookies, and crackers and didn’t see any coupons.

      • Bridget

        Thanks, I’ll be on the look out! I found a similar coupon on a kelloggs box at Target this week. Buy two participating Kelloggs get 1.00 off fresh fruit. Doesn’t expire till July, so I’ll I’ll save for a good Kelloggs deal 🙂

  • Siri

    I had trouble too trying to do three of the deals in one (GM, Kashi, and Motts), too. I only got two sets of CAT’s but don’t know which I did wrong! I think it may have been Kashi because I picked three different Kashi bars and only two of them had the Dollar Days tab.

    Also my favorite bread, Martin’s Whole Grain Potato Bread, normal price $3.69. rang up $1.99. I may have to go back for more. How long can you freeze bread for?

    • Kim

      I only bought 4 boxes of Kashi crackers and a box of cookies. I thought that was pretty straightforward. And with the Motts I purchased 8 Natural Applesauces … all which said they were part of the deal.

      You may want to email Catalina … Detail everything on the receipt (if you call them a message tells you everything to put on the email). It’s possible it just didn’t print out.

    • Vanessa

      That’s a good price for that bread. It will stay well in the freezer for a couple of months, longer if you put the whole wrapped loaf into an additional plastic bag. I have been freezing bread for many years. My kids didn’t know what fresh bread was!

  • Anonymous

    Do the milk cats roll?

  • Laurie M.

    I did the Kashi, Pompeiian, Motts and Dole deals (got an extra $.75 cat from Dole) and General Mills Deal. I only got 4 sets of the $12 cats and got ONE General Mills cat for $3.00. I did get the free milk. I’m assuming the GM one did not print out the (4) $3.00 cats but just one instead. The one that did print out is not a dollar days one. Not sure what I did wrong or how to go about figuring out what I did wrong and if it’s possible to rectify it. Any advice??

    • Laurie M.

      The $3.00 cat from GM was for buying 6 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks.
      This is from 2/20 – 3/20. Buy (3) get $1.00, Buy (4) get $2.00 or Buy (5) get $3.00 Makes the deal buying fruit snacks even better.

  • maria

    to get the milk catalina, does it have to be only the cereals that are part of the dollar days deal?

  • Cindy V

    I already did the General Mills deal, so obviously I can’t do it again, but if I just went and purchased 3 of the GM cereals, would I get a milk catalina?


  • MillburnLaura

    My store has a manager special on the Motts applesauce…bring the price down to 1.29 instead of 1.50 a jar, so the deal turned into a small money maker.

    I would repeat the warning on the Red Wine Vinegar issue; the shelf signs were a mess at my store and it was more than a little confusing.

  • Keith S

    Just got back from Hillsdale Shop Rite. 5 dollar day deals all successful (Glad, Splenda, Kashi, Mott’s, General Mills). $60 in catalinas plus free milk catalina, all for a total cost of $55. I left the cashier impressed, the customer behind me stunned and my son with a lesson learned. “Coupons are just pieces of paper, daddy, but they are really valuable”. I will go back at the end of the week for Unilever, Dole and Pompeian – after my clipped coupons come in the mail!

    • Donna M

      Where did you order pompeian coupons from????

  • Kim

    Hi everyone! I decided to go into Shoprite and see if they could help me with my missing CATs. What I did was highlighted the items in different colors on the receipt and took all of the CATs I did receive with me. The service desk had papers with each deal and bar codes for weeks 1-4. They simply looked at my receipt (and were very glad I highlighted it all for them) and then scanned the bar codes on the sheets of paper for each deal I was missing the coupons. They even have a bar code for the free bag if you are missing that.

    So they obviously planned for mistakes ahead of time and have a remedy readily available. I think if you are organized it will make the transaction much quicker!

    Good luck!

    • Wendy

      We to ShopRite today and had problems with GM cat. Went to c/s desk and they said buy 15 get $12 cat was only for cereal even though all the other products were inside the box. They gave me $12 gift card for confusion. Motts and Ragu cats worked fine.

      • Cindy

        LOL, sorry I couldn’t help but laugh when I read that. Yes, they gave you a $12 gift card because they are confused. Very confused. OMG that is too funny. I am cracking up. I think they need a print out of the General Mills participating products list which they can get from their very own site. The print out is 4 pages long just for the General Mills Catalina. That would be one cereal per page. I think they should have given you a bunch of $12 gift cards cause they are very confused. 🙂

  • Jenna

    There are printable Chex Mix coupons on the Pillsbury website.

  • xb

    My store had a catalina deal sign near the Betty Crocker fruit snacks to buy 4 for a $2 catalina, I changed my plan and bought 2 more. But on the catalina it says

    “Buy Betty Crocker Fruit Shapes, Fruit by the Foot, Fruit Gushers, Fruit Roll-ups or Fruit Roll-up Fruit Stickerz Fruit flavored snacks between 2/20 and 3/20

    Buy (3) & Get $1 OR
    Buy (4) & Get $2 OR
    Buy (5) & Get $3
    Coupon off your next order”

    Wish I had bought 5 now!

  • I did three deals yesterday (General Mills, Dole, and Unilever) with no problems. Today I went in to get more few Ronzoni, and a few other things, and the cats for General Mills and Unilever printed AGAIN!