ShopRite Dollar Day Rewards Update – Important!

I am starting to get some updates on the ShopRite Dollar Days Deals:

***Each Deal is One Per Card***:

A few of you have already reported that it appears that each deal is, in fact, only working once per ShopRite card.  So it’s one deal per manufacturer per card.

Dole Fruit Crisp Extra Catalina:

Reader Jenn received an extra $0.75 catalina when she purchased 4 2Dole Fruit Crisps.  So, this could be your deal:

Buy 4 Dole Fruit Crisp $2.00 each
Buy 2 Dole Fruit Jars $2.50 each

-(4)$0.75/1 Dole Fruit Crisp, exp. 3-31-11 (SS 01/09/11)
-(2)$0.75/1 Dole Fruit Jars
Pay: $4
Get $12 in catalina
Get $0.75 Catalina
Free + $9 Money Maker after coupons & Catalinas

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  • kristin

    it could be printing on the jars because i only bought 2 fruit crisps and 2 jars of fruit and recieved the .75 coupon

  • kristin

    sorry i meant it could be printing for just 2 fruit crisps.

  • Elizabeth

    I bought the 4 crisps and it printed aa .75 coupon. I think it is any 4 Dole items.

  • i got the 75 for the fruit crisps too–i also got a $2 catalina for the fruit snacks i bought and since I bought 9 boxes of cereal for the general mills deal i got 3 free milk catalinas!

    • chris

      I bought 4 jars and 2 crips and got $.50 cat. along with the $12 cat.

    • Christine


      how many boxes of Fruit Sancks did you buys to get the $2.00 catalina?

      • i bought 4 boxes of fruit snacks! $2 was a nice surprise!

  • Mary K.

    I can’t find the fruit crisp coupons ( jersey). I saw the group of dole coupons in the 1/9 SS, but I don’ t have one for the fruit crisp.

    • Fury

      I wonder if you do the deals on seperate cards, do u have to redeem them on the card they were purchased from

      • Joan

        Yes. They must be redeemed on the card they were purchased with.

        • Ueen

          Where did you find that info?

          • Ueen

            Ohhhh. The shoprite price plus card number used in the purchase is actually listed on the right portion of the cat. Joan, is this why you mentioned that the cats must be used with the the same card in the next purhase?

            • Danielle

              I asked today b/c they had to manually print one of the $12 sets for me, and when it printed it had no PPC number on it. He said you don’t even need a PPC to redeem them. (this was the store manager) We’ll see, I guess! 🙂

    • Bree

      Mary I’m in N. Arlington and got various Dole coupons but no Fruit Crisp! I bought two different papers at the time and neither had it. 🙁 I wish there was a printable for it!

      • Mary K.

        I know…I looked for a printable with no luck. Well, I just may buy it with no (gasp!) coupon!! lol!

        • Bree

          I will too because even w/o the coupon we’ll still be getting it for free after catalinas – just no overage. Lol I think Northern NJ misses out on a lot of coupons. I’ve noticed my coupons are usually different; for example while many people have 75 cents off 1 item, I have $1 off 1 item or $1 off 2.

          • Mary K.

            Yes Bree, same for me. If it is something I really use, I will order the 75 cent coupons online.

            • Barbara A

              We didn’t get the fruit crisp coupon in the Asbury Park Press (Ocean Monmouth counties) either.

          • Julie

            Sadly, in CT I have the same as you-usually $1/2. 🙁 better than nothing tho!

    • Eileen

      i am in south jersey, not all regions get the same qs, i ordered some online, and got some thru trading

  • MillburnLaura

    More than one milk catalina? That could change my whole plan.

  • Jennifer

    I got the .75. Catalina and I only bought 2 fruit jars and 4 fruit bowls.
    It must be on any Dole products, since I didn’t buy the fruit crisps.

  • Lucy

    I can confirm it’s only one catalina per manufacturer. I tried to do it twice and it didn’t work. Oh well.

  • xb

    Is the $10 off $50 for baby bucks coupons before or after coupons? Wondering how to put the deal together this week and have 2 baby bucks coupons i have to use this week.

    • Rachel

      its before coupons

  • Mary

    Fruit Snacks had $1 catalina on each @ Brooklawn SR! Not all varieties were included. The shelf tag did not mention dollar deals but I did get the dollar days deal too!

  • Joanie S

    Guess it’s time to get hubby his own card….I wanted to do some stock ups for the food pantry at church!

  • Ellen

    The shoprite in Clark actually has little signs posted near the items for the catalina deal that says limit one per customer per manufacturer

  • Aimee

    Even if we go back two separate days we won’t be able to do these deals more than once?

  • John

    Just did 5 of the deals and got back 20 $3 cats + the free bag cats with no problems. Lots of people there today… usually we go Tues/Wed but decided not to wait.

  • Has anyone else received more than one cat for free milk after buying cereal? I was only going to buy 3 cereals and do the rest other products, but if it’s more than one milk cat, I am going to change my plan!

    • Cindy

      Yes, I just bought 12 and received 4 free milk catalinas. And, they deduct the full $3.75. But, you can only use 1 at a time.

  • I am so glad I decided to use my grandmom’s price plus card when I did my second unilever transaction now! I always have one of my grandmom’s in my purse because using the “free ham/turkey” promotions we never spend the required amount apiece, but together we spend enough and since all the grandkids eat at her house anyway it works out! Hmm, now I think it is time the fiance got his own card too! LOL

    I hope Shoprite won’t start doing this with ALL of their cat. deals in the future. Hopefully it’ll just be the dollar days ones!

  • Kathy C

    Does anyone have any details on the cereals you can purchase? Is it just plain Cheerios?

  • Rachel

    We bought 2 parfaits (pineapple & creme, and Apples & creme), 2 crisps (apple and pineapple), and 2 fruit bowls (both mandarin orange). It printed us out the reg. 12$ catalina, plus $.75 catalina, plus the following:
    save $1 off 2 dole apple Pear fruit crisps
    save $.75 off any 2 fruit crisps
    save $.75 off any 3 dole fruit bowls
    save $.50 off and 2 dole fruit parfaits
    save $.75 off 2 pineapple parfaits

    Wow 🙂

    • staceypunk

      Does anyone know if the .75/off cat’s will double to 1.50/off?

      • Christina M

        I don’t believe they will double, I have never paid close enough attention but I just have a feeling that they won’t.

        • Rachel

          I don’t think they will double. They haven’t ever for me before.

  • David

    Cindy- Today after lunch we went to shoprite. We did twelve offers in five seperate transactions and got all catalinas plus five extra only using my own Price Club card. All in one trip, one register. I should have gotten 12 offers X four $3 cats=forty-eight 3$ cats, but somehow I ended up with fifty-three $3 cats. $159 in cats.

    Could be different Shoprites have yhere systems set up differently. I will be emailing you my shopping trip today. Total $199 groceries- $159.75 in cats and ONYO= $40 OOP.

    • LizP

      Which Shop Rite did you go to, David?

      • David

        Shoprite of Millville (Cumberland County)

  • Mary K.

    I completed the 7 deals that were available today. I also purchased some various items that I needed this week. I spent a total of $96.00 (after coupons and a $10 catalina from last week) and received the following:
    – 84.00 in catalinas
    – free milk catalina
    – $3.00 catalina from General Mills (I purchased 6 fruit snacks as part of the Gen. Mills deal).
    – .50 catalina from dole (I purchased 4 dole jars and 2 snack packs)
    – a separate catalina that printed with each deal (7 total) for one free shoprite nondisposable shopping bag (up to .99)

  • Brittany

    The dole fruit crisps were on sale a few weeks agao and with te coupon were free alot of u might have used it then.. i know i did

  • sarah

    according to the fine print on the catalinas they are each only valid for certain weeks and not starting until 3/6. Do you know if you can start redeeming them earlier than that week? The circular makes it sound like you can, but I find it a little confusing.

    • Danielle

      sometimes I’ve had luck redeeming them a week early, depends on how it is coded, I believe. Won’t know ’til you try. 🙂

  • Julie

    Splenda deal is also working on the smaller packets of Splenda, priced at $2.99. Three boxes without coupons $8.97, but minus three $1/1 is only $5.97, and they print out the $12 cats. Tag underneath these Splenda state that it is included, and both my brother and I tried it at two different stores and worked!

    • Bernell

      Thanks Julie!!
      I will try this tomorrow!
      I’m so excited.
      I’ve only done 3 deals so I’m waiting for my coupons to come in the mail! PResident’s Day put me a day behind schedule!

  • Angela E

    our shoprite had the 50ct. at 3.19 and that’s what I bought! I actually asked at Customer service to make sure.

  • David

    Even though today is the last day for week 1 of this sale, I just wanted to give a heads up. Some of you asked why I was able to do multiple same offers when I went this past Sunday to Shoprite and still got cats for each offer. Well b/w yesterday and today I tried to take advantage of more offers that I previously got and each & every time I didn’t get the $12 cats. I even went back to the original store as of last Sunday.

    I believe, but not certain, that the system takes a while for it to update to see if you purchased multiple of the same offers using the same PPC. Since on Sunday I did 12 offers all within 10-15 minutes of each other and at the same register, then the system did not put the two and two together until my next visit in the past few days.

    Just a heads up for anyone wanting to do the same for this coming week dollar sale.