ShopRite: Free Quaker Oatmeal With Double Catalina Deal

Okay my ShopRite friends, we’ve got confirmation that the Quaker Instant Oatmeal Deal is, in fact, a double dip.  So, Free Oatmeal.  Here is the deal:

Quaker: Buy 5 Get $5 Catalina plus you will also get the following Quaker Instant Oatmeal Catalina:

Good from 1/21 – 2/13
Buy 3 get $1
Buy 4 get $2
Buy 5 or more Get $3

Here is a deal you will be able to do:
Buy 4 Quaker Instant Oatmeal $2.49 each
Buy 1 Quaker Quick Grits $0.99 each

-(4)$1/1 Quaker Oatmeal
Pay: $6.95
Get a $5.00 catalina (Quaker)
Get a $2 Catalina (Quaker Oatmeal)
free after coupons & catalina


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(Thanks Karen!)

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  • NancyB

    That sounds great… But where did u get the $1/1 for the oatmeal???

    • Lori S.

      I think that’s from the 1/2/11 SS

    • Fury

      Database says 1/2/11 RP but i couldnt find any listed in mine

  • Jenni

    Could you buy 5 oatmeals and just make sure you get a different flavor for the 5th? That would be a nice moneymaker!

    • Cindy

      You could. But since you can usually only use 4 like coupons the one I posted is just slightly better. Here it is with 5:

      buy 5 Quaker Instant Oatmeal $2.49 each
      -(4)$1/1 quaker
      Pay: $8.45
      Get a $5 + a $3
      $0.09 each after coupons & catalinas

      • Jessica G

        Bought 3 apple oatmeal and 2 low sugar mixed flavors
        – 5 (1$ Qs). 7.40. And got back $5 and $3. Had 2 different sets of $1 off Qs

  • Cindy

    it worked for me, FREE oatmeal, thanks Cindy

  • Donna

    Note… the $5 cat is only good on QUAKER products and will roll, since it prints before you pay. It is a store Q and says “one per customer” so you can only redeem one per order on the $5 cat. The $3 cat (or $1 or $2 cat) is a MAN Q good oyno (ANY item) and will NOT roll. I got the $5 and $3 cats this am and both expired in late February.

    • Dawn

      Why won’t it roll. Is that confirmed? I really never had a cat not roll at shop rite.

  • MillburnLaura

    What do you mean by “not roll”?

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know what that means either, can someone explain that?

      • Victoria

        That means you can use it ( the catalina) to purchase the same qualifying items, pay with the catalina and recieve another catalina .

  • Couponista

    At my Shop Rite, I can use as many coupons as I want — however, they will only multiple up to 4 like coupons. Since the Quaker coupons are $1/1, you should be able to use all 5 coupons in one transaction, but you will need to limit the variety to 4 of the same flavor.

  • Jenni

    I believe that the Quaker Hearty Medleys instant oatmeal is not producing the $3 (or $1 or $2) cat. I bought 3 regular oatmeal and 2 Hearty Medleys and received the $5 Quaker coupon but only a $1 cat for buying oatmeal. I went to cust. service and they issued me a $3 cat since it says “any Quaker instant oatmeal” in their books regarding the oatmeal cat. But if you were planning on doing this deal I would skip the Hearty Medleys (which IS part of the sale and DOES produce the $5 Quaker cat).

  • Rachel

    so for the misplaced southerns (like me!) could you get 5 grits (@$0.99) and get a $5 cat? making it free? as long as you get 2 different flavors (bc of the limit of 4?)

    • Cindy

      Yes, I have that deal under the main match ups. Free with no coupons necessary.

  • Ashley

    Quick question…. In the shopRite stores they also have $1 smaller quaker items. would this offer possibly work on this?

    • Danielle

      @Ashley, the $1 items didn’t work for me. I bought 5, no catalina was rcvd , customer service told me it is only for the items listed in the ad. So I returned the items.