ShopRite: Kashi Cereal Cups Money Maker

So, did you think we were done finding all the great deals at ShopRite this week.  Well guess what….WE ARE NOT DONE!  Cause we have great readers who love to share their awesome finds.

Reader Jennifer found out that the Kashi single serve cups, are in fact, working on the Buy 5 Get $12 Kashi Catalina deal this week at ShopRite.  Yes, yes they are.  So, if you couldn’t find the Kashi GoLean Bars, then you can try these instead.  And, those $2/1 Kashi Printable Coupons from Recycle Bank will work with these as the coupon has no size restriction at all.

Here is your deal with coupons:

Buy 5 Kashi Single Serve Cups $0.99 each
-(4)$2/1 Kashi Printable Coupon (adjusted down)
Pay: $0.99
Get $12 in catalinas
Free + $11 Money Maker after coupons & Catalinas

Here is your deal without coupons:

Buy 5 Kashi Single Serve Cups $0.99 each
Pay: $4.95
Get $12 in catalinas
free + $7 Money Maker after catalinas

(Thanks Jennifer!)

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  • Kristen

    Are these located near the cereal or somewhere else?

    • Jennifer K.

      In my store, they are in a display box in the organic produce section. Looks like another trip to Shoprite is in order!

  • meshell88

    I am new to couponing and I do not understand catalina. Can you pleeease explain? Thank you very much.

  • Emmie

    Thanks for the heads up!

    Just good luck trying to find them now. It’s like a mad house with everything gone and the stores don’t restock until after the sales ends.

  • Brittany

    would it be better to use the $1/1 coupons on these and save the $2 coupons for a better item?

    • Jennifer K.

      Where is the $1/1 coupon from? Thanks!

  • Ann

    hi cindy, you might want to check this $1/1 GOLEAN Crisp cereal coupon….

    • Jennifer C.

      Thanks Amy! It will be great if I can find them!

    • Jennifer K.

      Do you think we’d be able to use this coupon on the single-serve cups even though it says it’s good on one “box” of Kashi cereal? If so, that would be awesome.

    • Cindy

      I think I might have printed that one as I can’t print it again. Does it say good for one box or have a size restriction on it?

      • Nancy J.

        I’m wondering the same thing…the coupon says “when you buy ONE box of Kashi GOLEAN Crist cereal.”

    • Mike

      Thx Ann! I just got 2 of them!

  • Couponista!

    I’m sooooo excited… And I just can’t hide it!

  • LEXY

    I just printed two from vocal point (thanks for the link, Ann!) It’s $1.00 of any box

  • Kimberly

    My shoprite wont do this. My shoprite has it set up that only a few products in each area of the cantalina offers can be used with the offer. like kashi only the ganola bars at $2.99 a box are allowed no other kashi products and the catalina wont spit out if you try to use another item. I tried and had to correct my order atthe customer service desk. augh! They also have it set up that only one offer per person and it wont spit out twice on that card number in teh computer. A few friends of mine tried and they too had to lost.

    • Benee

      Where is your ShopRite located ?

  • Christine

    There were a lot of these at the ShopRite in Newton, NJ and they really do keep the shelves stocked during the sales! They were in bins in the cereal aisle by the granola bars etc.

  • Emmy

    Thanks for the link to Vocalpoint. If anyone has luck using these on the single serve please post and let us know! Thanks!

  • Paige

    Thanks for posting this. I was going to skip the kashi deal. But with a $7 money maker, I just couldn’t pass it up. The shop rites by me are always well stocked. The cups were on the end cap of the organic section, by all the other kashi products.

  • David

    I’de like to get these for the wife. However, I’m still a little confused about how many $3 cats I can used during the week specified. Is there a limit of four at shoprite for any one offer number per transaction? I have multiple identical cat offers for any given week. Will I be able to use these in different transactions?

    So far for the first week I have over (15) $3 cats, I would like to keep our grocery budget to $50 per week for March and use these cats as part of the budget. But am I getting too many offers this week and not be able to use them in March? Thnx!


  • Patti M

    Shelves are empty at the SR/Rochelle Park….no one seemed to know when the “Kashi Man” is coming back to restock the shelves. 🙁

  • Megan

    Also keep an eye out for the coupon booklets that Cindy wrote about before. Mine were in a little display box on an end where the bars were located, but it was sideways on the top shelf tucked behind the boxes of bars.
    They have $1 off of any Kashi cereal (doesn’t say box) and $1 off any 2 bars. I just got the bars and my free box of cereal (from the Vocalpoint mailer) as my ShopRite didn’t have the cereal cups. If they did I would’ve tried to do a 2nd deal.

  • Jennifer K.

    Went this afternoon and it worked like a charm! I didn’t even try to use the $1/1 vocalpoint coupon, though, as it said very specifically that it was for a BOX and my cashiers are very liberal with the coupons so I don’t want to even come close to taking advantage. It was still a smokin’ deal, though!

  • esther

    is this deal on the flyer?

  • Pat

    this deal worked perfect. I had four $1.00 off coupons for “any” Kashi Cereal. I paid 99 cents and received $12.00 in cats : )

  • Laurie

    I did this deal today with no problem. Do you think the Catalinas would print if I did the deal again? Thank you!

  • Maria

    I got the Go Lean Bars instead – no coupons 5 @ 1.19 = $5.95 and I got the $12 in cats.

  • ANNA

    I had a problem with using these coupons. In my first trip of course the scanner beeped after the coupon. The cashier adjusted the price but in the second trip he wouldn’t take the coupons because I bought cereal in cups and the coupon said boxes. I took the cereal anyway. Spent $4.95 but received $12.

  • Patti M

    I’m happy dancing! The shelves were re-stocked when I stopped in today and I was able to do my first “big girl” catalina! I’ve done some others at S&S where you get like $2 OYNO for buying two or three of something but have never done one this big! I did the Dole too with the Fruit Crisp cups. Usually these deals require you to buy too much (too much for me, anyway) in order to get it but these two deals were just the perfect size for me! Like a mini-catalina! 🙂 BIG thank you to whoever it was that figured out this deal worked with the single serve Kashi cups!

  • Noahsmomma

    I went to the shoprite in Plainview NY.
    They had the sigle serve Kashi cereal. I bought the 5 and got nothing so I did a return. I think it all depends on the manager or the store.
    I did notice they had big signs up to not accept Head and shoulds without a receipt because they earned a FREE coupon for buying 2.
    Just a a heads up

  • Carrie

    The single serve cups didn’t work for the catalina at my store 🙁

  • Anonymous

    didn’t work in lyndhurst either

  • j

    Didn’t work on Evesham Rd in Cherry Hill either.

  • Eric

    Did the deal Tuesday at my store (Lyndhurst). Worked perfectly. My GF tried the same exact transaction today with me in the same store and no Catalinas. I assume this means they fixed the deal.

  • Kristen

    So the bars didn’t work for me in Aberdeen, MD. I forgot about getting the catalina until I got in the car. Is is ok to take them back next week and get a refund?