ShopRite: Kashi GoLean Bars Money Maker

I mentioned the other day that the Kashi GoLean High Protein & Fiber Bars where included in the Kashi ShopRite Dollar Day Deals this week.  My ShopRite did not have these exact bars so I wasn’t able to get a price.  However, reader Dan, found them at his store and they were priced at $1.29 each.  Plus, if you printed a $2/1 Kashi Product Printable Coupon from Recycle Bank, you can get them for Free and still get the $12 Catalina.

Here is your deal:

Buy 5 Kashi GoLean High Protein & Fiber Bars $1.29 (prices may vary)
-(4)$2/1 Kashi Printable Coupon (prices will most likely adjust down)
Pay: $1.29
Get $12 in Catalinas
Free + $10 Money Maker

If you do not have coupons, then this is still an awesome deal:

Buy 5 Kashi GoLean High Protein & Fiber Bars $1.29 each
Pay: $6.45
Get $12 in Catalina
Free + $5 Money Maker

Here are the UPC codes included in the catalina:

  • Kashi Go Lean High Protein & Fiber Bars Peanut Butter Chocolate 1.94 oz  UPC #1862751465
  • Kashi Go Lean High Protein & Fiber Bars Malt Chocolate Crips 1.94 oz UPC #1862751469
  • Kashi Go Lean High Protein & Fiber Bars oatmeal Raisin 1.94 oz UPC #1862751472

Please remember that these Dollar Day Deals are 1 per Price Plus Card

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  • Bernell

    This just keeps getting better!! I was wondering what I was going to do with the rest of my Kashi coupons..
    BTW—their granola bars are DELICIOUS!!!And I love that they were a HUGE moneymaker!

  • Kim

    Wish my store carried these. But I did get my (2) $2/1 q’s and a $1 cereal, so I figure I’ll still be around $8 and get the $12 in cat’s.

  • Carson

    YES!!! It definitely worked out for me too, so excited. Couponing is starting to become kinda like a fun lil game for my household, and right now we’re WINNING! 🙂

  • eden

    the chocolate almond works too!

  • Lori

    Does anyone know what isle these might be in? Are they in with the granola bars?

    • eden

      mine are on the gluten free aisle with some other granola bar type things.

    • Aileen C

      I don’t have this variety at my store, but the other Kashi single bars are with the organic and diet foods.

      • Lori

        Thanks guys! I’ll see if I could find them in my store. 🙂

  • blueflower

    is it 1.29 for 1 box?

    • Kristine

      1.29 per bar.

  • Kristine

    The Kashi Go Lean Crunchy Chocolate Peanut work too!! Code: 1862773240 Got all my Cats!!! woohoo! And they are also $1.29 per bar!

  • Michele

    Be on the watch…I bought 5 bars in my Shop Rite but no Catalina 🙁
    I asked about it at customer service and they said the manager physically turned off the individual bars because he saw they would be loosing money on the sale. Oh well….Congrats to everyone who was able to make money on this one!

    • Diane R

      What Shop Rite do you shop at ?

  • Jennifer

    CINDY!!! I am soooo excited because for once I think I found a deal not on the posts!! I found a good deal all by myself!! lol I just got back from Shoprite and they had the Kashi single serve cereal cups in bins for 99 cents each!! I bought 6 payed $6 bucks and got $12 back in catalinas!!! woo-hoo!! now I didn’t have any coupons and I went there just for the deal on the bars well, that failed no bars…but it worked on the cups….only mistake I made was I thought I had to buy 6 to get the deal I must of mis read the posts ahh I lost 99 cents, but I still made money back 🙂 and Thank you again Cindy for all you do 🙂

    • Cindy

      Woohoo! Awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  • Sandy

    Thanks Eden,

    The only flavor I could find on the above list that my store carried was the
    Chocolate Almond. Bought 5 @ $1.19 ea and got the $12 in catalinas.
    Thanks again!

  • esther

    is this deal on the flyer?

  • Sandy

    No, not in the circular. Other Kashi products are listed but not these single cereal bars or cups. So if you buy 5 and you get no catalinas you’ll just have to return them or keep them.

  • Rachel

    thats my problem, my shoprite is REALLY good at keeping ONLY what is listed in the flyer to ring up with Cats…. they turn everything off…. so when I try something and it doesnt work I lose my coupons if I return it 🙁

    • Diane R

      Wow, I sure hope my SR doesn’t do that. I’m planning on trying this deal tomorrow and I really don’t want to pay $1.29 per bar if I won’t get any Cats. What SR do you shop at?

  • Maria

    It worked for me and they were $1.19 – I had no coupons but it’s still a money maker

  • Anissa

    Working at P’burg NJ tonight!