ShopRite Matchups 2/20 – 2/26

All coupons $.99 and under are doubled in these match ups. If your ShopRite doubles differently, please adjust the final price accordingly. Also keep in mind that these coupon match ups are based on insert coupons found in the NJ, NY area. Other areas may have additional or different value coupons. Only the best value price coupons have been listed here. Make sure to check out the ShopRite Coupon Policy.

Do Not Double Coupons: All coupon match ups below are shown as doubled. Some coupons will state “Do Not Double” on the coupon. This is a YMMV situation.

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Here are your Dollar Day Deals Week #1 Match Ups:

Reader Chris found the complete list of products that are participating in the ShopRite Dollar Deals for Week 1.  The list includes all the UPC codes so you can be sure you are purchasing the correct product.  (Thanks Chris!)

Some of you have already started to put up your deal scenarios on the preview post so you might want to check out some of the comments there.  Happy Shopping!!


NOTE: If  your catalinas do not print, the best thing to do it to contact Catalina Marketing.  Their info is: 1-888-826-8766 or via email

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  • joe

    use smartsource zip 47265 and you will see a coupon for 75 cents off mccain purely potatoes

    my ad says any variety mccain premium potatoes 1.49 on the 4 dayprice break

    • Candice

      im not seeing that coupon there

    • Cindy

      thanks Joe. I knew there was one there but I couldn’t find it. I’ll add that one in.

    • Erika

      The ad says the “premium potatoes” are on sale. It seems to me the coupon is for the “purely potatoes” kind. Not sure if these are on sale as well.

  • Donna

    Cindy, the Classico IPs are only good on 44 oz size.. sale is for smaller size

    • Cindy

      Oh thanks Donna. I’ll correct that.

  • Adriane

    Hello, just a quick question,. I haven’t used the cell fire coupons yet but can I use a cell fire coupon with a manufacture coupon?

    • Brandon

      Yes, you can use the cellfire and manufacturers coupon. Tag the coupon in cellfire and present paper coupon to cashier.

    • Lisa C

      Yes 🙂

      • Adriane

        Thank you!

      • Heatherlyn

        How does that work? I have some but I never see them being used. Isn’t it automatic?

        • Aileen

          You have to click on them to add them to your card. If you don’t, they won’t be taken off when you buy the item.

          • Amy G.

            I tried to use mine for the first time tonight. I added the Pillsbury cresent roll one to my card. When I got to the reg, it took the mfg coupon off, but not the cellfire one. On the bottom of my receipt it listed all the cellfire coupons I had on my card, and stated that I can use them on my next shopping trip! What happended?

            • Lisa C

              Amy, the cell fire coupon gets taken off right underneath the item…not at the end with the other coupons. I believe that there is even a CF to the left of teh deduction to indicate it was a cell fire coupon

            • Larrina

              They are supposed to come off automatically and will show CF next to them. I have had this problem also. So I just gave up on them BUT in recent weeks I have seen mention of having to wait for them to be activated to your card. Meaning go in for your regular shopping order and seperate your order into 2 transactions. Do a small first transaction… one that doesn’t require CF coupons to come off. Then at the bottom of your receipt you will see the CF coupons listed. Then they are ready to be used and should come off your next transaction. I have had them come off accidentally before so I would imagine that this scenario would work. It can’t hurt to give it a try I guess.

              • Larrina

                Lisa— Just wanted to let you know I tried my scenario of doing a small transaction requireing no CF Q’s before my big order and it worked like a charm 🙂 Wish I would have done this sooner!

        • Eileen

          it is automatic, all you need to do is load your card by going to the site and clicking the offers you want, then when you use your card it automatically will give you the discount if you purchase a qualifying item, it will only come off of one of a specific item so if you buy 6 of that item you will only get the cellfire discount for one of them
          and make sure to go back to the site each week to reload it

  • Tricia

    The Vlasic Dill Pickle Spears printable coupon is not there 🙁

    • Rachael

      Tricia, if you go to the smartsource site and put 90210 in you will find the $.55/1 vlassic

      • Tricia

        THANK YOU! 🙂

  • Brandon

    Two questions:
    – Will the reuseable bags as part of the deals be at the cashiers or do you have to grab one while shopping and preent it to cashier (where it should be free)?

    – Are you able to do multiple deals in the same transaction (different manufacturers)?

    • Susan

      My store already had the bags displayed in the bagging area last night.

    • J

      Wow! I was so excited about the deals, and catalinas…i totally forgot about the bags! Great question! Does anyone know a catalina prints out for the bags….or do bring it while ringing up and get it free????

      • kc

        the last time they ran this promotion, a catalina printed for the free bag

      • Vicki

        Last time you got a catalina for the free bag .

        • Shelly

          I took advantage of 3 offers and rec’d 3 catalinas for 3 free bags.The coupons are only valid 3/6 -3/12 only.

    • Heather D.

      I received the catalina for free Shoprite shopping tote but only use between 3/6 – 3/12. I was able to do the cereal deals x2 and Ragu in the same transaction and got 3 of the $12 catalinas to print as well as 3 free Shoprite shopping tote. Note though that the catalinas have 4 different weeks of use dates, so in my case I need to spend $9 a week for 4 weeks to use those catalinas I just did 3 transactions.

      • Heather D.

        I forgot to add 3 free one-gallon of milk catalinas printed for me, the value up to $3.75 (Lactaid was $5.99 for a gallon this week in ShopRite Warrington, PA). There was not many one-gallon milk to choose from.

  • Aileen

    I used my points at Recycle Bank to get more $2/1 Kashi coupons.

    • Susan

      Me too! Also if you don’t want to do the catalina on the Kashi, my ad had the Kashi oatmeal for 2.99. //.99 after coupon

  • Barbara A

    Kashi $2 coupons for 50 points on Recycle bank

  • Lisa

    the link for the Kashi cereal doesn’t work…

  • Shell

    I have a $1/6 coupon for breyer’s yogurt that was under one of the lids making these really cheap!

  • Laurie M.

    When I put my zip code in for the Mama Rosie’s coupon, it won’t let me print it. Says there is no store within 50 miles. Anybody have better luck?

    • Cindy

      Laurie, try 07039.

      • Laurie M.

        Thank you, that worked!!

    • Donna M

      I used 47265 and printed 2

  • Laurie M.

    Is the Cinnamon Burst Cheerios incluced in the General Mills Dollar Days Cat?

    • staceypunk

      I also would like to know if the Cinnamon cheerios are part of the dollar days cat…

      • Cindy

        No they are not. Just Total, Golden Grahams, Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Cheerios.

  • Sarah M.

    Land O Lakes margarine is on sale for $0.99 in my flyer (I assume it is in yours too) and Land O Lakes is offering a $0.35/1 coupon on their site.

  • Kate

    So if I get several catalinas, say one from GM, one from Kashi, one from Motts and I go back on the appropriate week to se them, can I use all three at the same time? For a total of $12 off on that transaction? This sounds amazing.

    • Aileen

      You should be able to. I have not had a problem when using multiple catalinas as long as they have different bar codes.

  • Ana-Maria

    Hi, I’m new to the site and absolutely love what you guys are doing! I have 5 kids 6 yrs and under and your listings have made such a difference in my grocery bill this past month. I have a question, where can I find a kraft coupon book? Thanks

  • Amy G.

    I have TRIPLE COUPONS at SR this week!!! 🙂 Fun times ahead! LOL

    • laura b

      Where is your Shoprite at????

      • Lynn

        Warminster PA has triple Qs every few weeks

    • pam

      so jealous….we “NEVER” have triple coupons anymore … Have Fun..!!!

  • Katrina

    I found a a $1.00 off coupon for Kashi Golean Crisp this morning at

  • pam

    Does anyone know if you can get 2 sets of the Catalina in one transaction? For example… the catalinas prints when you buy 7 items from one category… if you buy 14 items from the same category will it print 2 sets of the catalinas? Last time I delt with this type of catalina deal it was “buy $20 worth of X and get X in catalinas” this is different as the money value is not the issue the # of items is….

    • Mike

      I think it’s just one per transaction per category.

      • Larrina

        My ad states “Limit one offer per manufacturer”. Of course this is probably like thier other promotions and is per transaction. So you could seperate these 14 items into 2 seperate transactions and receive both sets of CATS.

  • Patti M

    At the very top of page 3 of my circular this week there are four what appear to be coupons for “Save $3 on your next shopping order”. Each has a different week # on it (week #1, week #2…etc along with the corresponding dates). Does anyone else see/have these??? Are they SR coupons??? I’ve never ever seen these before. There is no minimum purchase listed on them so I want to be very excited but am skeptical since I’ve never seen this before from SR.

    • Cindy

      Patti these are the catalina that you will get if you do the Shoprite Dollar Day Deals

      • Patti M

        Ahhh, thank you, Cindy! I knew it was too good to be true…no bar code!

      • Patti M

        PS…hope your Grandma continues to feel better and better…

        • Mike

          Aren’t they regular catalinas that you can use on your next order as long as they are for the corresponding week? Also, can you get multiple catalinas for the same category more than once on seperate transactions or is it one deal per customer?

    • Michelle

      They are an example of the catalinas you can get when doing the dollar deals this week. If you do the deals you will get four catalinas for 3 $’s off you shopping orders for the next 4 weeks.

      • Mike

        Thanks Michelle, are you able to do more than one of the deals or is it limited to one deal per customer?

        • Larrina

          My ad states “Limit one deal per manufacturer” meaning you could do all the deals at once and then go back and do them all or some completely again in a seperate transaction or trip. They have never tracked these deals as a per card in the past, like CVS or Rite Aid is able to do. HTH

  • Cindy V

    I just got back from ShopRite, where I did Clorox, Dole, General Mills, Kashi & Pompeiian. It worked perfectly! I got all the catalinas… no problem at all. Whoo hoo!!!

  • I just got back from Shoprite, all the deals worked like a charm. Now, I just don’t know where I am going to put all of this food!

  • Elizabeth

    I went to two SRs this morning… first one did 6 of the cat deals and had no problem. Received 24 3.00 CATS Went to the the second one (who is notorious for having CAT problems) and did the Ragu/Dove and Dole Crisp/Parfaits again and nothing printed.

    Do you think in is one deal per card? Did anyone do the dollar deals a second time and get CATS to print? Gonna be bummed if it is one per card :o(

  • Jigri

    Just got back from SR, and it seems the offers really are one per manufacturer PER PP CARD, period. I tried doing a second unilever deal in a separate transaction, and no cats printed. CS indicated one offer per customer, and the Dollar Days page on the SR website has been changed from one per transaction to one per customer as well. Plus the cats are printing with a PPC number on them, so using cats from house member cards will probably require separate redeeming transactions.

  • Does anybody know if it is one deal per card? Has anyone gone a second time around?


    On the classico at our shop rite there were 1.00 peelies in the ronzoni pasta.

  • Lori G

    One deal per card, period….and redeeming cats from 2 different accounts will need to be done in separate transactions. I had a problem with the cat from last week (Quaker/Propel). Did it once on Sunday (got my $10 cat ), went again yesterday and did the same deal…no cat…I went to customer service and they did give it to me, but said it is going to be one offer per CARD from now on, not per Transaction. Also asked about the 2 different cards and was told about the redemption needing to be in separate orders…

    • Cindy V

      thanks Lori G. Good to know.

  • Jennifer

    The cellfire .50 coupon on betty crocker fruit snacks is no longer available. ii tried to use it and it said they were out of it.

  • Stephanie

    Hi, I just wanted to let you know that you should remove the link for the $1/2 Nestle Water coupon because there isn’t one there 🙁 It just takes you to the Nestle site. I looked around, but no such offer.

  • p

    for the clorox deal the circular says the glad cling wrap is 2 for 3 but addittional or lesser quanities will scan for 2.39? If that only if you dont have multiples of 2? just want to make sure you can do 6 cling wraps ($9) + 1 press n seal plastic wrap ($2) for $11. Thanks

  • Sara

    @P–I did the recommended Clorox deal 6 cling wraps + 1 press n seal and it worked! But you do have to buy a multiple of 2 to get them for $1.50.

  • Laurie M.

    I did the Kashi, Pompeiian, Motts, Dole (got an extra $.75 cat from Dole) and General Mills Deal. I only got 4 sets of the $12 cats. I did get the free milk. I got ONE General Mills cat for $3.00 for buying (5) fruit snacks. Apparently, there is a separate cat from GM for buying Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks.
    This is from 2/20 – 3/20. Buy (3) get $1.00, Buy (4) get $2.00 or Buy (5) get -$3.00 – Makes the deal buying fruit snacks even better.
    Not sure what I did wrong or how to go about figuring out what I did wrong and if it’s possible to rectify it. Any advice??

  • Kelly

    The catalinas say the deal number like 4a so you can compare the catalinas that printed to the flyer and see which ones did not print. Hope that helps.

  • love couponing

    I did the unilever deal and worked great.
    4 ronzonni garden delight .74
    4 dove deodorant 2.49
    1 degree deodorant 2.49
    2 wishbone dressing 2/4.00
    4 1.00/1 ronzonni garden delight (gave me overage)
    4 2.00/1 dove
    1 1.00/1 degree
    1 1.00/2 wishbone
    oop was $ 6.09 recieved $12.00 in cats

  • Carrie

    Hi, Do you know what zip to look for the totino’s pizza coupon? Thanks!

    • Donna M

      I used 07036, but I printed mine last week.

      • Carrie

        Thanks, I just tried it and they weren’t there : ( Oh well…

        • Donna M

          I just went to the totino’s site and they have a 50/2 coupon to print in the meantime. Hope this helps

          • Carrie

            Thanks. I printed that one! It says do not double so I’m not sure if my store will do it – depends on the cashier!

  • Stephanie M

    I found in the 01/09/11 SS a coupon for Splenda B1G1 Splenda sweetener up to $3.99. Sweet !!!! 😉

    • michelle


  • Michele

    My ad says $1.59 for the Mott’s applesauce but the store was tagged $1.50. Woot!

  • Ms. Walker

    Also, make sure to check out the Dial NutriSkin Replenishing Lotion. They are new and are $2 at Shoprite this week. In the 2/20 Sunday Redplum insert, there was a $2 off coupon for this lotion making it absolutely free. I was able to get 3.

  • karen

    Everytime I try to print the Kashi $1/1 for the cereal it sends me to a page that says “thank you for printing your coupon, you may close this window now” I have not printed the coupon and I have tried the link from 2 different computers. Am I doing something wrong or is this the wrong link?

  • Carrie

    Has anyone tried doing 2 offers in 1 transaction? Looking to do 2 unilever offers to get 2 $12 cats. Also, can you use 2 of the same cats in one transaction? ( 2 $3 cats from unilever each week) Thanks!

    • Mary

      You wouldn’t be able to do two Unilever (or any other manufacturer offers) unless you have more than one card. Doing them in separate transactions won’t work, either, unless you have more than one card.

  • brittany

    there is a 2.00/1 clorox color booster stain fighter cooupon at this sight instead of the 1.50/1 coupon listed

    • Donna M

      I tried to get this coupon, but when I tried to sign up they asked for a canadian address and zip. How did you do this???

      • Brittany

        I googled a canadian zip

        • Brittany

          Y1A 1A3 is the postal code for yukon canada and i used my home street address

          • Brittany

            uh oh this is a no go, they are mailer coupons 🙁

            oops Someone in yukon canada should be expecting some great coupons soon lol

  • I don’t know if this has been mentioned yet, but the Splenda 50 count boxes are working for this deal. They were tagged in my store so I gave it a try.
    3 Boxes of 50 count Splenda packets $2.89 each
    Use (3) $1/1 printables
    Pay $5.67
    Get $12
    Final Price: $6.33 Money Maker

    • Mary

      The 50 count boxes of Sun Crystals are similar as part of that same deal (but not in the flyer)–on sale for $3 each. I used three $1 coupons, which are available on the Sun Crystals website, so I paid $6 for three boxes and got the $12 in catalinas.

  • Brandon

    For the Pompeian deal, you wouldn’t be able to use 4 coupons for the oil and 4 coupons for the vinegar? Your deal only lists 4 coupons used.

    • Brittany

      you can only use 4 like coupons per transaction….so unfortunatly for us no

    • Gina

      If you plan on buying oil you can certainly use the 4 additional coupons.
      There are just are no coupons available for the cooking wine in the proposed deal.

      • Stephanie

        I wanted to know if you have to purchase the 5,6,8 whatever items to get the cat in one transaction? If not you could buy 8 Pompeian Vinegars or whatever you need more than 4 coupons for and separate it into 2 transactions and on the 2nd one your cat would print? Would that work?

        • Gina

          No, that would not work. It has to be in one transaction for the catalina to print.

          • Brandon

            I didn’t use the coupons for the Vinegar when I guess I could have. I understand I couldn’t use 8 coupons that were the same for the olive oil, but I bought 4 oil and 4 vinegar; so I guess I could have used the .50/1 for each of the 4 oils and cost me $4 ouch – live and learn I guess – should have used them and got rejected by the cashier (which it seems wouldn’t have happened).

            So I guess the coupon policy is 4 of the same coupons, but could use additional coupons if the other items are different type even if from the ame manufacturer.

  • Larrina

    Cannot find the cinn toast crunch coupons anywhere

    • Laurie M.

      I couldn’t either. I think they’re older and not available anymore.

  • Kristin

    I went to Shop Rite tonight and did the General Mills deal (bought 15 cereals) printed coupons from the sources above and the store would not honor some of them. They said all needed to say veri-FI on the side. Some of the Smart Source ones about did not say this. Eventually the supervisor put in some complimentary SR coupons for the ones that werent working. Has anyone else had this problem?

    • Nancy J.

      Kristin, which SR is this?
      I’m hoping I don’t have the same problem tonight when I go shopping. I’ll be using some SS coupons. I wish all the coupons would print the same. Sometimes it’s such a guessing game.

  • there was a $0.40 off 1 16oz or larger coupon for wishbone, when you signed up for the newsletter, not sure if it’s still available I have 2 🙂

  • Joy

    Has anyone done the Shop at Home online ordering? I know it’s a $10 fee but I could take my time and only get what I need as opposed to being distracted with other purchases and I don’t have time this week to do the shopping kid free.

    It says online that I can still use coupons and sales apply. I’d still get the catalinas right? Thanks, I’m new to SR!

    • Bree

      Joy –

      I tried it once when they had a promo for first time orders, so there was no fee. I personally did not like it because they didn’t get everything on my list even though it was in stock and some of the items were flat out wrong (ex. asked for Cheerios, got Corn Flakes, etc.). When it came to the produce, I felt as if they threw it in the cart without even checking for bruising, firmness, etc. It was such a hassle in the end that I had wished I just did the shopping myself. But again, this is my personal experience and I’m not saying yours will be the same.

      If you are a picky shopper who likes things “just so” I would say the service probably isn’t for you simply because … you’re not doing things to your liking – someone else is! I like to bag my groceries a certain way and am quite meticulous (sp?) picking out my meat and produce. So, again, the service just isn’t for me personally but if you’d really like – give it a shot! Use it as a learning experience 🙂

      • Alicia

        I used to do it when my kids were first born and then got fed up with it. everything was out of stock and then i’d have to sit on the phone approving things. The girls working there were rude and didn’t want to bring things out to the car either. But my store had just started it at that point.
        I just did it again last week after a year of not doing it and the service was perfect! everything was bagged perfectly and everything. also our store does $5 off the fee every week so it’s only $5. it does really help with couponing too. except you don’t know sometimes if something is really included in the sale when it isn’t listed online.

  • Bree

    Got back from SR a little while ago and did 6 of the deals (Unilever, Dole, Kashi, General Mills, Clorox, Pompeian) all in 1 transaction. For Kashi, I purchased 5 of the single serve Kashi cups instead of the full-sized boxes. All of my cats printed no problem, though it did take a little while. Lol I just kept praying that the awesome little Cat machine didn’t run out of paper in the process!

    What made this trip especially good was that my SR (Lyndhurst, NJ) was very well-stocked on sale items.

  • Lori

    I was happy to see the Suave Clarifying Shampoo for $1.49 (and some other varieties of shampoo & conditioner) was included in the Unilever buy 7 get $12 sale. This is the regular (not professional) shampoo. I needed another item and didn’t have any q’s. It was not pictured in the ad, but had a Unilever promo sign on it.

    • robin

      Lori, thank you so much for posting that. I had to search the shampoo aisle to find the shampoos you were talking about. The Unilever signs were so tiny they barely stood out. I never would have noticed them on my own. I bought 7 Suave shampoos and a package of chicken breasts and the catalina machine printed out my four $3.00 coupons and a coupon for a free bag, then it paused for a few seconds and printed out a second set of four $3.00 coupons and another coupon for a free bag! I know the chicken didn’t generate a catalina so I guess I was just lucky and my catalina machine hiccuped and gave me extras. 🙂

  • Oni

    My shoprite has triple coupons going at the same time! I got the cat for the 7 pasta sauces ($1.33 each for 7) (used 2 $1.25 off coupons and 1 store q that made 3 of the $1 each) paid $5.82 for 7 and got $12 back $6.18 money maker. Got free tasters choice coffee instant single serve coffee 7 pack since they tripled they q from this weeks circular. Got 11 bottles of the organic lemonade free. Got a ton of free yogurt after 3xq. 2 free 20 ounce bottles of Diet Dr. pepper, free Ronzoni, Free Mount olive relish, Just got a ton of food (too much to type) and walked out paying $26 dollars and got back $14 in total cats plus a free shopping bag q. Insane!

    • laura b

      Ok where is your Shoprite I wanna do triple coupons….

  • Amy G.

    OMG! Just got back from my trip to Shoprite during Triple Coupon Week. All I can say is there should have been cameras following me! Before card and coupons = $206….after….$101!!! AND I got $23 cash back on my next trip with about 7 cats and a free shopping bag! I got multiple free pizzas, garlic bread, toothpaste, dog food, hefty bags, eggs, soda, activia and NOTHING else was full price. I can’t fit everything in my kitchen!

    • laura b

      What Shoprite do you go to that has Triple coupons…

      • Amy G.

        Right outside of Baltimore, MD. This is the second time they have done it in about 3mths time. I’m not sure if they are doing it because they just opened up about 4mths ago, or if this is something SR does in MD or just the Baltimore area.
        I is SO FUN!!! I hoep they don’t ever stop! LOL

  • Amy

    Does anyone know if Dole Real Fruit bites are working with the Dole Deal? They are supposed to be in the dried fruit aisle. Thanks!

  • Rebecca

    I am beyond ecstatic right now!!! All my deals worked perfectly and I walked out of the store saving $170 and with $72 in cats. No coupon issues and the people behind me in line were wonderful and amazed at not only the savings but the cats that seemed to print endlessly! lol Thank you for this site!!!!! I couldn’t have come close without it!!!!!

  • Giovanna

    Not sure if this was mentioned anywhere however today I checked my email and there was an offer from Box Tops 4 Education for members only, if you buy 10 participating items from there offer list you can submit for either 100 bonus box tops or a $10 General Mills Visa Prepaid Card, this goes great with the General Mills offer at Shoprite this week.

    • Laurie M.

      I saw this AFTER I did the GM deal. 🙁 Plus the fruit snacks that I bought (various character fruit shapes) didn’t look to be included in the box tops deal.

  • Stephanie

    I am livid just left Hauppauge Shoprite and ended up leaving EVERYTHING at the store. First the manager said they would only take 1 Internet coupon per item because it was not possible to get more than 1 without copying it!!!! Then I said I would only purchase items that I had paper coupons for that weren’t part of the dollar days deal such as the wacky mac she said that even though they Do double man. coupons because the coupon said not subject to doubling that they could not double it. I will NEVER set foot in that store again I was there for 2 hours getting everything together it was ridiculous!

  • Melissa O

    Did this happen to anyone else?

    I did the Splenda dollar days deal last week. I went back to the store on Wednesday to pick up some tomatoes and another set of catalinas printed out for me.

    Today, I returned to the store because I needed firestarter logs and I got another round of $12 catalinas. Did this happen to anyone else?

    • Cindy

      Yep, me. Went to pick up a loaf of bread and got $12 in catalinas for the Unilever. Sweet!!

    • Donna M

      Yes, this happened to me twice this week, after the ragu deal!!