ShopRite Matchups 2/6 – 2/12

All coupons $.99 and under are doubled in these match ups. If your ShopRite doubles differently, please adjust the final price accordingly. Also keep in mind that these coupon match ups are based on insert coupons found in the NJ, NY area. Other areas may have additional or different value coupons. Only the best value price coupons have been listed here. Make sure to check out the ShopRite Coupon Policy.

Do Not Double Coupons: All coupon match ups below are shown as doubled. Some coupons will state “Do Not Double” on the coupon. This is a YMMV situation.

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  • Also, look for the heart at the end of the match ups for deals that I love (stockpile prices).

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Quaker: Buy 5 Get a $5 Catalina
Note: The $5 Catalina is only good for Quaker Products
(Thanks Donna!)


NOTE: If  your catalinas do not print, the best thing to do it to contact Catalina Marketing.  Their info is: 1-888-826-8766 or via email

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  • Emily

    My store doesn’t double coupons at all. 🙁 So, there are pretty much never any good deals. Also, my deals are always a little bit more. In my ad, the quaker hominy grits and the other ones are 1.29, instead of 99 cents. I pretty much can only buy groceries there.

  • Christine

    There is also a .75 coupon for Coffee-Mate here:

    I know you love your creamer, as do I, especially when it’s FREE!

    • Cindy

      Christine, did you get that one to print. I thought it was not working anymore. I’ve already printed that one so I couldn’t tell.

      • Christine

        yes, printed two!

      • Jody

        Thanks! I got it to print for me only one time.

        • Patti M
      • Glen

        just printed 2….bricks coupon

    • Aileen

      Doesn’t work for me (so I don’t think it has reset since the last Coffeemate sale).

  • karen

    with the quaker catalina deal….can I buy 5 quick oats (0.99) and get the $5 and $3 catalina or is there a limit to how many you can buy of them? I see you have a limit on the grits, so I wasn’t sure about the oats.

    I would love to use some of these for donation and home 🙂

    • Cindy

      The $3 catalina is only for the Instant Oatmeal.

      • karen

        Thank you!! I used that coupon a few weeks ago when it was on sale. Guess I’ll have to settle for just getting the items free instead of making money on the deal 🙁

  • Chris

    For the coffee-mate, if you go to that flavor page where you tried to get the free coffee-mate yesterday they are letting you print $1 coupons. I see 4 free coffee-mate in my future.

    • Chris

      Forgot to add that I was able to print 2 coffee-mate coupons from the link that Christine provided.

    • Sabrina

      The only $1 coupon I see is for 1/3. I did get the .75/1 though. I wish I could have had the 1/1 and the .75/1 as I need to stock up again. I didn’t get any the last time they were on sale.

  • Pat C

    In my flyer it’s the Quaker Quick Grits that are on sale, not the Quick Oats.:(

    • Cindy

      Oh I meant to correct that. Sorry, yes it is the Grits not the Oats.

  • Julie

    For the quaker deal for these items (Quaker Breakfast Cookies, True Delights Bars, Fiber & Omega 3 Bars, Chewy Granola Bars, Granola Bites, Oatmeal to Go or Simple Harvest Granola Bars (Must buy 2) – $2.50) it also says in fine print that additional quantities (after 2) will scan at $2.99.

    • Julie

      Also just read that it says (limit 4 offers). Seems to contradict itself. Any ideas??

      • Aileen

        It’s limit 4 per variety.

        • Julie

          But then why would it say after 2 they will be $2.99?

          • Cindy

            Julie you just need to buy in quantities of 2. With a limit of 4 offers. If you buy 3, 2 will be at $2.50 each and 1 will be at $2.99. If you buy 4, all of them will be at $2.50 each. You can buy up to 8 at one time and get the $2.50 price.

            • Julie

              Thank you! Couldn’t quite figure out that one!!!

  • Andrea

    Does anyone know if the Francesca Rinaldi sauce is on-sale this week? I don’t get the circular until tomorrow. If anyone has the sale price please let me know! Thanks!!!

    • Larrina

      Yes it is on sale for .99… I can’t seem to find my circular so I’m not sure if it’s a 4 day sale or all week but I think it’s all week. HTH

    • Bridget

      Im showing it in mine on sale for the full week @ .99 cents 🙂

  • MillburnLaura

    The catalina has to be used on Quaker items as well. So I guess its a five dollar initial investment for as many times as you can bear to rinse and repeat…once per visit…

    • Lisa

      The ad does say limit 1 offer though….

      • Cindy

        It will work again on different transactions.

  • will the cat for the grits print if your deal idea #1 only comes out to 4.95?

    • Cindy

      It should. It’s just a Buy 5 Get $5 Offer.

  • Sorry I miss read the Ad…

  • Jenn

    The Pepperidge Farm Cookie coupon link goes to an error page. :o(

  • Jenn

    Nevermind. It worked on the second click.

  • Lana

    I have $1.00 coupon on any two packages of Chock full o’nuts coffee from 1.30.11 SS. Am I looking at the wrong coupon?

    • Kevin

      Chock full o’ nuts is regional coupon. I always get the lame $1/2 q. I use clipping service to get the .75/1 whenever they go on sale.

      • Eleanor

        Kevin, what service do you use? I use CouponDede and all she has is the $1/2. Thanks!

        • MillburnLaura

          When I checked she had both…check the new coupons area.

          • Eleanor

            Thanks – I do see it now. I was using the search engine on the site and you only come up with the $1 coupon that way. Now I know better!

        • Ruth

          eBay also has good prices on coupons.

        • Denise

          Anyone ever try I have a couple of times. Just wondering if there is a better deal out there. Usually $.44 postage and a $.50 handling fee. Depending on the values of the coupons, they cost $.08 to $.30 for each. Check your circular then order accordingly. Printing is good but I just ran out of paper and also had to order $40 of ink! I’ve found some good tips here, thanks!

          • Eleanor

            Ruth, do you find that the shipping is fast enough for you on ebay? I hesitate to go there because I like to order the coupons once I’ve seen the circular and I was never sure i would get them in time with ebay.

            • Bernell

     coupons actually arrive faster when I order from Ebay (especially from amyscoupons and some of the other popular sellers)..they arrive in 2-3 days….
              when I order from Dede–it takes 4-5 days to receive my coupons!:-(

  • JJ

    The fine print on the Beech Nut sale reads (here in Delaware, anyway):
    4-oz jar, Stage 2 (Excluding DHA Plus) or 2.5-oz jar, Any Variety (Excluding meat)

    • Kristy

      Mine here is PA said the same! I’m very happy about that cause I need stage 2 food!

  • Jenni

    The Cottonelle wipes coupons (both links) are coming up with errors when I try to submit them. Anyone else get them to work?

  • Meghan

    Just a heads up …the Shoprite in Warminster PA is having triple coupons again! Crazy right?? They just had it a week ago too. I didn’t get a Cuba e to check restrictions but it was up to $0.99 last time. Happy tripling!

    • Lynn

      I was there first thing Sunday morning and got GREAT deals. Woohoo!

  • spice

    Hi, I’m new to this area & to your site, is Quaker Catalina working in Stop & Shop also…

  • Eleanor

    Cindy, I am having trouble finding the Chex – $0.50/1 Chex Mix or Golden Graham Treats on the Smart Source Site. I see one for the Chex Mix or Chex 100 calorie snack and one for the cereal. I used zip code 07039. Thanks!

  • Mary

    My store is doing triple coupons again this week, love it! (Warminster) Thanks for the match ups, Cindy 🙂

    • Bridget

      Do they triple up to 1.00 or full triple? Wondering if its worth the ride?

      • Lynn

        A 0.75/1 coupon will triple to 2.25. So for the Cinnamon Burst Cherrios, they deducted $2.25 per box, making them 24 cents!

        • Bridget

          Wow, it may be worth the trip! Thanks!

      • Mary

        They fully triple up to .99. So if it’s an 80 cent coupon, it’s 2.40 off! I love it! I got some chicken(Perdue) for a great price too since I used the .75/1(so tripled to 2.25)

        • Bernell

          Thanks so much!!!! I can’t wait to go!!!
          I think I’m gonna drop my son in the kids club while I shop too!
          Has anyone tried it?

  • MillburnLaura

    The back page of my ad as a gift card offer…get $5 ONYO when you buy a $25 visa gift card. Anyone know anything about this? I wonder if there is an activation fee? Otherwise, I would buy the gift card for groceries, and get a 20% savings, no?

    • FlemingtonG

      Hello MillburnLaura,

      I checked these out over the weekend as well, but yes, they DO have a $5.95 activation fee which means you are payinig $1 over the value of the card. It seems standard for AMEX cards since it is written directly on the packaging and not a store fee.

  • liz

    yoplait greek yogurt $1 each
    .60/2 in the 1/2 GM
    .40 each after coupon

  • Mary

    The Spike’s salsa is still on sale at my store today for 99 cents, which is nice because I missed picking up some last week. With the 35 cent coupon, they are 29 cents each.

    • liz

      thanks mary! 🙂

      • Patti M

        Thanks for the heads up, Mary! I was hoping someone would post this! 🙂

        • Lisa C

          My store didnt have the Spikes on sale for .99, they had it on sale for 1.49

  • Bridget

    anyone know of any coupons for “Pictsweet”? Bags of veggies on 4 day price break @ .99 cents.

  • Victoria

    Anyone know of a SR around south jersey, washington twp. that carries the spikes salsa?? TIA!

    • T

      Glassboro carries it. As of last night they only had a few mediums lt, so call first.

      • T


  • Bridget

    FYI – Yoplait Greek Yogurt is on sale 10 for 10, there is a .60/2 coupon exp. 2-26-11, sorry dont know what insert it came out of.

  • Kim

    Does anyone know if the Spikes Salsa is on sale this week again too? I missed out on last weeks deal for $.29 after coupon.

    • Victoria

      Yes it is!!!!

      • kim

        thanks!!! I’ll add it to my shopping list!

  • Fury

    Mentos .50/1 in2-6 SS DND-5
    they are 2 for 1.oo at SR this week = 2 free

    Airheads .50/1 in 2-6 SS DND-5
    these are .99 in SR = free

    • Jim

      My airheads coupon says $.50 off 1 (6) pack of airheads. Are the 6 packs on sale??

    • Eleanor

      Fury, my eyes are definitely not what they used to be. I didn’t see that in the circular. Did you see it in the store? Thanks so much for the info!:)

      • Glen

        didnt go to store, i use the shop online to check prices versus my Q’s that look like would be good doubles.
        Soft Chewy Candy – Out Of Control Assorted

        6 Count
        3.00 oz

        SKU/UPC: 073390020620
        listed as .99 cents, I will buy tomorrow to confirm

        • Eleanor

          Just got back – they are .79 at my Shop Rite (Garwood), so my coupons made them free! Yea! Unfortunately, my Shop Rite does not carry Mentos. Thanks for the tip – I will definitely check out the Shop Rite website now.

          • Jim

            got the airheads and and mentos FREE thanks Fury. Mentos were $.69 but still got 1 free.

  • T

    What happened to our friend George?

    • dawn

      I was wondering that too!

      • George

        I am still here, Don’t worry I am not going anywhere, I have not shopped in about 3 weeks, I am just taking a break, That is the best part about having a stockpile, I am still donating, plus working on a coupon class I will be doing for my local food bank. (you know, give a man a fish and he will eat tonight, teach him to fish, and he will eat every night or something like that, I cannot remember the exact quote.). This is going to be my 1st teaching experience and I am very excited about it. This site inspired me to do this class. I still visit this site everyday and am watching in amazement how good all of you are doing. This is an awesome site, as you all know. Cindy is the best. My stock pile of course will dwindle and I will be back in full swing shortly. But in the meantime thanks for asking, I really appreciate the fact that you are checking on me.

        Thanks George.

        • Bernell

          I was wondering the same thing….
          George you still rock and your deals helped me more than you’ll know!
          Can’t wait to have you back!

          • George

            I will be back shortly, rest assured, Thanks for your thoughts. George.

            • Joanie S

              Good luck with the class! I teach couponing classes at local libraries! It’s a lot of fun!

  • Melissa

    Does anyone know if the Quaker deal rolls? Or if you use your Quaker Cat on a second transaction will it prevent a new cat from printing? Thanks

    • Lori

      They can be rolled – I did it twice yesterday and had no problems!

  • Bridget

    Nutella is on sale for 2.99 this week, here is link to 1.00 coupon. On bottom right, I was able to print 2 🙂

    • Bianca T.

      Thanks! You’re awesome!

  • mahal

    The blue bunny coupon for this month is on Novelty cartons, can I use that coupon for the Ice cream which is on sale this week at Shoprite?

    • Eleanor

      I used it this morning with no problem.

      • Karen

        Did you get one or two? Was wondering if they beeped if you got two because they always say limit one coupon per purchase.

        • Eleanor

          Yes, I used 2. I did not see that on the coupon but I did not really read all of the fine print. Do they just mean, 1 coupon per one Blue Bunny purchase? Mine did not even beep.

  • Fury

    The santa cruz juices are still on sale for 1.50 if anyone missed the deal last week, the .75 coupons are still available via print. 2 per computer

  • Fury

    French’s Mustard – Spicy Brown 18oz is still on sale $1.49 for those who missed last week. .75/1 in the 1/23 SS = FaQ (free after coupon). Yeah we need some more coupon jargon =)

  • Lynda

    Hey has anyone gotten a cataloina for buying boboli pizza crust? (BIMBO BAKERY) I bought 8 and got 2 $4 cats. Is it still good for this week?

  • MillburnLaura

    I got 10 canisters of grits today for the foodbank…thinking that might be enough!

  • Nicole

    Cheap Raisins…

    Sunsweet Premium Varietal Jumbo Red Raisins 12.00 oz – $1.99
    use Sunsweet Dried Fruit $.75/1 (12/5/10 SS)

    • Rachel

      thanks!! I was JUST looking for a sunsweet Q!

  • Nicole

    Does anyone know if the Afrin coupon beeps? My store pretty much refuses to adjust down 🙁 TIA!

    • Mary

      Yep, mine pushed it through.

    • Lisa

      Yes, it needed a manager override, but that wasn’t a problem. It’s totally legitimate coupon.

  • Fury

    Are the quaker q’s region specific? I checked all my RP from 1/2 and i dont have any in there. Even the coupon clipping sites dont have them listed. I only see them on ebay and they are too much $$$.

    • Aileen

      I’m having the same problem.

  • michael

    For the Quaker deal, my SR has some small (not trial size) Quaker items for a $1. They have oatmeal packets (4ct), quick oats (~6oz), cereal (~6-8oz), chewy bars, etc. Does anyone know if I bought 5 of these items would the cat print?

    • Cindy

      I believe if you buy the $1 Oatmeal packets you will get the Instant Oatmeal catalina not the Quaker catalina. And, you can probably use your $1/1 coupon for it to make it a money maker.

  • Brooke

    I went to a different Shoprite today and it was a big mistake. The cashier took her job very seriously. She checked all of my coupons with a fine tooth comb and then made a point to walk around to my cart to make sure I got everything out. It took way longer than it would have if I went to my regular Shoprite. Never again!

  • PK

    Our SR flyer has coupons for free milk, pretzels, etc with a $75 order. Does anyone know if that is on shelf price or after prize plus discounts?

    • Cassie

      I don’t have the same flyer as you, but if they’re store coupons, it will definitely be after price plus discounts. The cashier needs to see that your total is $75 before ANY coupons go through. HOWEVER, what happens next depends on the store, and even the cashier. Some will require your total be $75 BEFORE your manufacturer’s coupons, some will require your total be $75 AFTER your menufacturer’s coupons. Hand your stack of coupons to the cashier with the SR coupons on top & sometimes that helps.

      • Rachel

        I always hold all my Qs in my hand and hand the cashier any Qs I want to be first ($5/$50, etc) HTH!

  • Debby

    Where are the Quaker Instant Oatmeal coupons – I can’t find them!

  • Anne

    Even though I only had (1) 1$ coupon for the Quaker oatmeal, I still decided to do the first deal (4 of the instant oatmeal at 2.49 ea) and ) 1 instant grits. The total came out to be just under 10$ and it printed me a 5$ catalina. It didn’t print out a $2 catalina for the instant oatmeal. 🙁 It still comes out to be about a dollar per item though which is really cheap. Can I write to catalina about the missing 2$ one?

  • Erika

    For those of you, who dont buy the newspapers so dont get the insert coupons i found .55/1 land o lakes buttery spread coupon, Makes the Land o Lakes Buttery Spread .19 after doubled coupon.

    • Bex

      thanks, Erika!

  • Brittany has a $3.00 off any 1 k&Y product and shoprite has them on sale one for $3.49 making them .49 each

    • Shell

      what’s a k&Y product?

      • Brittany

        (k&y personal lubricants)

    • Joe


  • jamie

    One the Johnsonville Bratwurst Links – $2.99 the printed coupon is for Johnsonville Italian Sausage. WIll this coupon work or am i printing this incorrectly? Thank for the help

  • Bernell

    Just thought of another deal..not sure if it will work

    so Cindy already posted this deal
    buy 5 grits- 4.95
    get $5 cat- free
    you can keep rolling this deal as many times as you want

    but if you have those $1/1 quaker coupons—this is $8 moneymaker
    even if you don’’s still a $3 moneymaker
    buy 5 quaker express cups—$1.00 each
    purchase $5 in other products (meats, produce???)
    use the $5 quaker catalina
    use 5 $1 quaker coupons
    get the $3 cat-on any products
    I’m going to test this out and see if it works! I’m crossing my fingers!

    • Karen

      I believe they’re implementing the policy of only accepting 4 of the same coupon per order.

      • Bernell

        Even if you only use 4 coupons, it’s a $7 moneymaker!

    • andy

      Who has the cups at 1.00? I scanned one and it was 1.89. Are there larger and smaller cups or that’s it?

      • Bernell

        Hey Andy,

        I haven’t tried the deal yet, but I read this from the above comments.
        So I assumed the cups and other smaller size items were $1.00.

        “For the Quaker deal, my SR has some small (not trial size) Quaker items for a $1. They have oatmeal packets (4ct), quick oats (~6oz), cereal (~6-8oz), chewy bars, etc. Does anyone know if I bought 5 of these items would the cat print?”


        Cindy February 8, 2011 at 11:00 am
        I believe if you buy the $1 Oatmeal packets you will get the Instant Oatmeal catalina not the Quaker catalina. And, you can probably use your $1/1 coupon for it to make it a money maker.

  • Mary

    Not sure if it’s been mentioned yet, but there is a .55/1 coupon for the LOL butter Spread on their site.

  • Emily

    Got a great deal on the eggs in additon to the coupons mentioned I added a .55 of two dozen eggs- any brand- (it was a coupon from the smart a few weeks ago) .

  • Mary

    I just found out that they changed the rules of triple coupons, grrr..And of course, I found out after I had a shopping cart filled with items I only bought due to the good deal with coupons! They only triple the first coupon of like items and they do not double at all during triple coupons. I am so pissed. There is nothing stated in the store that I saw regarding this 🙁

    • Lynn

      ACCKK! I was just about to head over there. They printed their new policy in the circular 2 weeks ago, but it everything was tripling as normal, so I thought I misunderstood the fine print. This really stinks.
      So this means if you want more than 1 item with a triple coupons, you have to run separate transactions, correct?

      • Mary

        That’s right, Lynn. 🙁

        • Bernell

          Thanks for the heads up ladies! I was heading there tomorrow!

        • Bernell

          Thanks for the heads up ladies! I was heading there tomorrow! I may be better off going to my Shoprite in Pennington where they fully double!

        • Lynn

          All right, well I guess they have a business to run and need to discourage folks from clearing the shelves in one transaction. Even though I’m frustrated, I still think I can get some great deals there, even if I have to pop into the store more than once a week to run separate transactions. Thanks for posting–you saved me a headache today. I’m sorry that you found out the hard way 🙁

  • Radmila Haviland

    My ShopRite doesn’t have a Huggies special this week–only Pampers. Also, the coupon for the Spike’s Salsa is no longer available.

  • Michele F

    I’m confused I don’t see Simply Asia instant soup in any of the ads in any of the towns near me. It must be only certain stores?

  • Melinda

    My Spikes Salsa is $1.50 at my store…could this be a regional sale? Is this advertised in the circular?

  • Anna

    I tried to do the Kellogg’s, Keebler, Sunshine, or Famous Amos buy 8 get $12 in catalina coupons at the Eddystone PA Shoprite on 03/03/11. I bought 8 boxes of Cheez-it. I went to customer service when my catalina coupons didn’t print . The lady at customer service called over her supervisor for help. The supervisor said, “Did you pick this up off the floor” (the ad with the pictured product and correct sale price) “this doesn’t belong up, somebody stuck it here”. I’ve been shopping a lot of years and never been accused of any wrongdoing! This was advertised on page 2WL of the FEB 27/MAR05 flyer. I returned my 8 boxes of Cheez-it for a refund. I’m sort of sorry that I have all these other catalina coupons for this market. I’m not looking forward to going back.