Target Coupon Match Ups for the Week of 2/20/11

Here are some Target deals that are new and ongoing.  Make sure you check out the Target Coupon Policy if you have any questions about then stacking coupons or even price matching.


NOTE:  These prices may vary from store to store so please be sure to check your prices before heading to the registers as they may differ from those posted here.

(Thanks For The Mommas, myfrugaladventures, passionforsavings & Jessica!)

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  • Bridget

    I cant find the target printable for seventh generation? cleaning supplies is my next thing to stock up on 🙂

    • Bridget

      never mind, found it under personal care.

  • Taryn

    It’s under household. I can’t find the target Bertolli coupon…

  • Dawn

    yea I cant find the bertolli coupon either…

  • Adriane

    The math is off for the wolfamg puck soup, after q’s it’s free and the bertolli is .87 cents ea after q’s

  • Donna M

    I can’t print the wolfgang coupon and I can’t find the target bertolli coupon. Can anybody help me ???????

  • Alicia P

    i found the bertolli coupon on redplum – it’s a target coupon though!

    • Donna M

      Thank’s Got It. I was looking on the target site, never thought to look at redplum.

  • Shaliece

    I had a horrible trip to Target today. I picked up 4 Seventh Generation Lavender Dish Soaps, 1 bag of Halls, 1 Up & Up Mouthwash, 1 Up & Up toothbrush, 2 Up and Up Floss and 4 Up & Up Dryer Sheets (40 Ct.).

    I had 4 Seventh Gen. Manuf Qs and 4 Sev. Gen. Target Qs, 1 Halls Manuf. Q and 1 Halls Target Q, 4 Up & Up $1/1 Oral Care and 4 Up & Up $1/1 Cleaning Product Target Coupons.

    Sounds like a quick and easy checkout right? No! I couldn’t have had a worse experience. I handed my Qs to the cashier and her face immediately changed. she frowned and looked over the Qs at least 4x. I asked her if everything was okay and she didn’t answer. She then looks at me and in the loudest tone possible without yelling says, “You are trying to cheat the store.” I said no please explain what you mean and she then tells me that I can’t use so many coupons. I pull out my target coupon policy and ask her to show me where it says that. She then with Qs in hand grabs my cart with the merchandise in it, along with my one year old baby and pulls it over to another cashier. I follow to see what this cashier says and she says the same thing. I asked them both to stop and get me a manager to sort this out. She comes over and tells me that I copied these coupons and that was the problem. I tell her that I printed them out each separately and there was no way they were copied. She then again tells me they were copied because there is only 1 Q that prints per customer. I then explain to her that the websites allow 2 prints per computer and I happen to have more than one computer in my home. She says fine and then begins to redo my transaction. She tells me that the Up & Up $1/1 Cleaning Product Target Qs cannot be used on the dryer sheets because they are laundry products and not cleaning products, I said fine. She also said that the Up & Up $1/1 Oral Care Target Qs could not be used on the floss or toothbrush. I asked why when floss and toothbrushes are as much “oral care” as the mouthwash. She said she that it pictured the mouthwash and only scanned for the mouthwash. I said fine please just void the entire transaction I didn’t want any of the items.

    I take great pride in couponing and saving my family money and I left there feeling angry, embarrassed and defeated. 🙁

    I hope no one else will ever have to deal with such “coupon ignorance.”

    • Jen

      That is horrible! I think you should contact corporate!!!! The entire experience sounds horrific, but to dare pull the cart with your one year old!!!! I know what you mean, about feeling defeated, I think we may have all had a trip or two somewhat like this, but never to such a degree! Just remember, what you are doing for your family and NEVER give up! What Target was this? Absolutely horrible….

      • Shaliece

        I thought about contacting corporate. I think I will do so in the morning, I have both the cashier’s and manager’s first names. I was at the Target in Linden, NJ. I’ll be making a point to go to the one in Edison, NJ from now on.

    • Danielle

      I’m so sorry you had to experience that. It makes me mad as I’m a front end manager for a Target store. I don’t know where cashiers get the nerve, but I will tell you that I had to print out the coupon policy to show to some of MY cashiers to make them believe the coupon policy (for when I was using coupons myself!)

      • Shaliece

        I’m a stay at home mom but in the past I was in the Human Resources field and the thing I always stressed in training was making sure our Guest Services employees were knowledgeable of all our policies and conveyed them in a way that didn’t offend our customers. Shockingly these employees must have never had such training.

    • Natalie

      Definitely contact Target Corporate. That’s ridiculous!!!!!

    • Lisa C

      I started couponing about a month ago, a couple weeks into it I decided to try out Target. I as well had a bad experience and havent been back. They gave me a hard time about using Target Coupons with Manufacturer Coupons, and then told me they do not adjust down, if it makes the item free I cant use it (that came from the manager, not even the cashier). I didnt have the printed policy with me so I couldnt show them that they were wrong. This was at the Manalapan one, I may try the Howell one to see how they are.

      • JJ

        I say post the info for that Target on the board and we can ALL send emails to corporate to complain. Strength in numbers 🙂

  • Jean

    The 4×6 in store digital prints are on sale for 10 cents each and there’s a $1/10 target printable making them FREE!

  • June

    I just went to Target this afternoon with all the coupons I should bring for those free after coupon items. Following are the list for what I bought:

    1 Finish 10ct—on sale for $2.50, after coupon FREE
    use $1.50 off Traget coupon and $1 off mfg. coupon
    1 Dentyne 3 pack—on sale for $1.79, after coupon $0.04
    use $0.75 off Target coupon and $1 off mfg. coupon
    1 Wlfgang puck soup—$1.99, after coupon FREE
    use $1 off Target coupon and $1 off mfg. coupon
    1 Up & Up dental floss—$0.89, after coupon FREE
    use $1 off Target coupon
    1 Up & Up Ibuprofn—$0.99, agter coupon FREE
    use $1 off Target coupon

    So everything above cost me $0.17 because the Tax is $0.14.
    This is the first time I am using all the coupons for all the items. It felt great. It’s amazing!!!

  • Vinny

    Just so everyone knows, the $1.50 Finish Quantum Target coupon is no longer available. Unless they will re-activate it later in the week before the sale is over? My mom tried printing it 2 hours ago from Target’s website, but it didn’t print. I just tried it myself for the first time on my home computer and got the same results.

    • Jean

      I noticed the same thing…got them earlier yesterday from my home computer….trying to print it now from my work computer and you can click on the icon to print it but its not printing. grrrr!

      • Anya

        It has started printing again, I just printed it 🙂

        • Vinny

          I just went to and I’m only seeing the $1.00 Finish Jet Dry dishwasher cleaner and the $1.50 Jet Dry rinsing agent. I still don’t see the $1.50 Finish Quantum coupon on Target’s website.

  • Maddy

    Ok,,,I’m so nervous this morning. I’ve been planning this trip to Target since the other night. I got all sorted out. But still I’m nervous. My husband gonna be with me and that makes me more nervous. :(. I hope everything will be fine, coz this is my first time shopping at Target using coupon. Can anyone tell me please if I can do 3 transactions??? Is that possible at Target??? Thanks for the reply.

    • JJ

      Sure can, just pick a friendly cashier and let her know you have 3 separate orders. Good luck!

      • Maddy

        Thanks a lot guys! Yay just got back home from Target and Walgreens. the cashier I went to is really nice and friendly. And I told her that I’m having 2 transactions. And everything went smoothly. 😀 So happy when I got home except that me and my husband had a little misunderstanding about the time.. LOL..

        • JJ

          A great way to diffuse a testy cashier: if they give you attitude about multiple transactions, just tell them that one is for your family and the other you donate to the shelter so you need separate receipts for tax purposes. Not only do you look like a saint, it makes them feel like crap and they suddenly become more helpful 🙂

  • Helen

    Help I went to print out more coupons from target’s site and a message came up that I had printed all the coupons I am eligible to print. These were for coupons that I had NOT printed before. Please help.