Today’s Printable Coupon Round Up

Here are some of the new coupons from the day.  Some are new and some were already posted throughout the day:

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  • Liz

    I used 2 of the .75/1 Fisher Boy tonight. Got 1 of the .99c-12 count free, and bought the 48 count (at $3.99) on a hunch that if I bought a more expensive version of the product, both coupons would fully double — and they did! The overage from the small pack carried over to the large. So, 60 fish sticks for $1.98. Yes, I know I could have gotten 24 for free, but my kids like these fish sticks so getting this much for this little was worth it to me!

  • Ueen

    Fisher boy 6 oz fish sticks is on sale for .99 cents. Not sure when this sale price ends. Yay free fish sticks.

  • Rebecca

    the quaker coupon is not loading. Anyone else having trouble?

    • Melanie

      I am having the same problem. Hopefully this will be fixed soon! I want it for tomorrow’s Shoprite deal!

    • Anonymous


    • Jen

      I thought it was only me but I have been having trouble since yesterday. I ‘m hoping it can be fixed so I can stockpile on oatmeal.