Walgreens Deals 2/13 – 2/19

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  • David

    Fo the Reach Total Care Toothbrush or Floss, can I use the $2 RR to rollover into another Reach Total Care Toothbrush or Floss puchase right afterwards? I have four $1/1 and four $2/2 coupons. Will I ge two $2 RR for buying two at the same time with two $2/2 coupons? Thnx-David

    • Cindy

      No you can’t roll at Walgreens. If you use the RR for the next purchase of Reach, you will not get another RR.

  • Suzanne

    I stumbled across French’s French Fried Onions, a small can ( maybe 4 oz — size of a soup can).. on clearance at Walgreens. I remember I had printed a coupon from the Frenchs site, and dug through my purse to find it. It was 50 cents off Any French’s french fried onions. The clearance price was 31 cents so I bought two .. Apparently the coupon wouldn’t scan ( I knew it was likely because the coupon value exceeded the item price. ). Anyway, the cashier, just kept scanning it, and it eventually accepted the 50 cents off. Total bill for 2 cans — 15 cents.

    Went to the Campbells Kitchen site, and printed two more coupons!

  • JJ

    FYI about the Walgreens in Delaware:
    I bought the Lysol no-touch thingy that was on sale @11.99; used a $3/1 mfc; paid $8.99 oop, got $7 RR. Good:)
    HOWEVER when I tried to do the Vicks deal (buy $20/get $10 RR) the register would not take my Vicks coupons (4x$1.50/1) AND the $7RR.
    According to the store mgr, although the RR is good only at Walgreens and has Lysol printed on it, it is considered a MFC and CANNOT be used with ANY OTHER mfcs. Not so good 🙁

    • JJ

      O yea, the $10RR that prints for the Vicks deal has caveats:
      It is NOT VALID on P&G products.
      It is considered a MFC and CANNOT be used with ANY OTHER mfcs.
      Is it just me or is Walgreens trying to make couponing harder? O well, more reasons to shop at Rite Aid….

      • Cindy

        It’s not just you JJ. I hardly shop at Walgreens anymore because of some many issues. Rite Aid is just too good and so much less aggravation. Beats Walgreens hands down IMO

  • David

    BAD MORNING: Wed., 2/16
    First went to the shoprite, no children carts anywhere for the 4 month old and 2 year old.
    It’s blowing so hard in the parking lot that the truck door shut on my back.
    Get eight borden cheese, when I get to the register to pay, one is missing.
    Clue, two year old is inside the cart (no kids cart remember). Somewhere on the store floor or shelf is a borden cheese. Get back to the truck and 2 year old has a dirty diaper, change it in the front seat and the door once again hits me in the back (remember, very windy morning).

    Second, go down the road to Rite Aid to get two more free Gain softener, left coupons at home.

    Third, go across the street to Walgreens to get free toothbrush.
    Buy one toothbrush but it doesn’t print out the $2 Register Reward receipt.
    Cashier has no clue so she sends me to the cosmetics counter for a return.
    Go to another counter and another girl with the ‘I don’t care’ attitude helps me. After about 5 minutes (register ink ran out so she has to call for a new cartridge), she then prints out the RR receipt. Walk about five feet and realize it’s only for $1 RR, not $2 R as advertised. Go back, same girl, (remember ‘I don’t care’ attitude), ‘ how much is it for?’ she ask. I was just there two seconds ago…….’pay attention here people, it’s not rocket science!’ She proceeds to print out another $1 RR.

    I say to myself, “hey, go buy a battery for the scale so your wife can weigh herself today.” Figuring that the battery will be $3-4 and with the two $1 RR, the toothbrush will be free, with only the cost of the battery. Sounds very simple, no rockets required, right? Noooooooooo…. the register will only accept one RR per item, not the two I had b/c ‘returns’ made a mistake and printed two $1 RRs instead of one $2 RR. The cashier tells me………..now get this, a lot of intelligence was put into this thought………’ just buy something else so you can use the RR”…………………..How is this saving me a dollar?

    The manager comes over and can’t override the register for $1. He then tells me “just buy something else, like a candy bar”. That did it! I said to him, “it wasn’t my fault that I was given two separate RRs instead of one. Just void everything and give me my money back on the toothbrush.” He tells me that he can go look into why it’s not printing, I say no, just want my money back.
    Here’s another intelligent question, “do you still want to buy the battery?”………………………wow!

    He then gives me back cash for the toothbrush transaction at which this time the 4 month old is crying……………………..fatboy hungry, fatboy wants food…rrrrrrrr. I grab the cash and change without looking and start heading towards the truck. The original charge was for $2, that included a $1 coupon I used. He gave me back $3 cash, the original cost of the toothbrush.

    The moral of the story if you want to make a buck…..literally one dollar……go to walgreens I went to this morning and follow the steps I went through above (don’t forget to bring children) and after nearly thirty minutes and aggravation, you too will earn an extra buck!

    I love saving money!

    Btw, in the afternoon I went to another one north of me and within 5 minutes I came out with one free Reach toothbrush and one battery….OOP 4.98 plus tax…..no children this time 🙂

    • Cindy

      You should get that published in Reader’s Digest. “All in a days work” 🙂