Free Iced Coffee Day at Dunkin Donuts – 3/21

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Free Iced Coffee Day

Tomorrow, 3/21, is Free Iced Coffee Day at Dunkin Donuts.  You need a coupon to pick up your free Iced Coffee.  So make sure to check your Smart Source insert from this weekend’s (3/20) paper. Coupon is good for a Free small Iced Coffee (16 oz).

The coupon in my insert is valid for the following areas:

Metro NY, North and Central NJ, Orange and Rockland Counties and Fairfield, CT only.

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  • Jill Surprenant

    Anyone else find this coupon in the MA area? Don’t see it in my insert 🙁

    • Michelle M

      🙁 i didnt see it in mine either in eastern ma

  • Maddy

    Off topic , I just want some information about the Walgreens Spring Beauty Booklet, is it normal that the barcode doesn’t have any number???

  • Jenni

    Got one in my SS good for south eastern PA, south Jersey and parts of DE.

  • Jenni

    OH and I should also say that our coupon is good for a free iced coffee every Monday for the next 5 weeks. You bring in the Q and they punch out the date. Then you can bring it back the following week and they punch out that date on it.

    • Ashley

      May I ask what paper you got yours from? I am in southeastern as well and did not receive any in my paper (Delco Times, Sunday News Journal). I did buy a Lancaster paper and received a coupon in the insert from there.

      • Jenni

        I found it in the Philadelphia Inquirer

        • Jenni

          Or you know what, now that I’m thinking about it, I think I actually received this particular coupon in my pack of store circulars that gets delivered to my door here in Philly. The Red Plum insert also gets delivered in this as well.

          • Ashley

            Ohh, thanks for letting me know! I live in Chester County, we don’t get inserts delivered in the mail (although I wish we did LOL!).

        • Ashley

          That’s weird, I get the Philly Inquirer delivered to me and no coupon. 🙁 Boo!

  • Ashley

    I bought 3 different papers, and received this coupon in one of the papers (Lancaster paper). Thanks for pointing this out, Cindy!

  • Julie

    Not in the paper in CT 🙁

  • Angela E

    I know it’s kinda late for coffee but, I wanted to let everyone know that you can use 1 coupon for every person in the car. I gave a few away to teachers at my daughter’s school and I ordered 3 telling them I had 3 coupons. They said I could use 3 if I had 3 people in the car. One thing that disappointed me was that the coffee was VERY light and weak!!!! I’m wondering if it was the employees being jealous of my free 3 coffees and their having to do 3 seperate transactions. I’ve had iced coffee from DD before and it was very good. I def. would NOT be going back to buy another based on the iced coffee I received today!

  • Susan

    Got mine today, too bad it was snowing and freezing in NY! Happy Spring lol!