Hot Walgreens Deal: Post Fruity Pebbles Money Maker

Here is a way to score a money maker on Post Fruity Pebbles Cereal Cups at Walgreens.

There is a catalina deal on Post Fruity Pebbles for:
Buy 3 get $2 Catalina
Buy 4 get $3 Catalina
Buy 5+ get $4 Catalina

Well, apparently you are getting a catalina and a Register Reward when you make your purchase.  So,  if you buy 3, you are getting 2 – $2 catalinas.  Plus, on top of that, the Cereal Cups are only $0.79 with an in ad coupon.

Here are some deals:

Buy 3 Post Fruity Pebbles Cereal Cups $0.79 (with in ad coupon)
Pay: $2.37
Get 2 – $2.00 catalinas
Free + $1.63 Money Maker after catalinas

Buy 5 Post Fruity Pebbles Cereal Cups $0.79 (with in ad coupon)
Pay: $3.95
Get 2 – $4 catalinas
Free + $4 Money Maker after catalinas

Note: You only need to use 1 in ad coupon to get them all for $0.79 each.

And, don’t forget, since it looks like you are getting a catalina as well as a Register Reward, you can use your catalinas at Walmart according to their new Walmart Coupon Policy. I’m still not sure about the Register Rewards yet.

(Thanks mashupmom!)



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  • Leigh

    The in ad coupon says limit 3 except in ID or NM.

  • Linda

    The coupons says that there is a limit of 3 so how does it work to get 5 at that price?

    • Cindy

      It says limit of 3 but it always takes off for as many as you have. It does it automatically as soon as they scan the coupon. I put the 3 scenario and the 5 so you can choose the one you feel more comfortable trying.

      • Linda

        Thanks!! I’m going to give it a try.

        • Maria

          Yes, i just wnt to Walgreens and got a $4 catalina and a $4RR. I got 5 with only 1 in-ad coupon. Love it!!!!

  • mandee

    sooo hold the phone lol I can use the shop rite cats from dollar days at walmart? instead of shop rite? That would be cool.

  • Letty

    I’ve been using my RR’s from Walgreens at Walmart now, and they work fine! 🙂

  • alisa difalco

    No ad in my circular 🙁

  • mike

    We only have Frosted Flakes and Honey Nut Cheerios in our ad. Does it work for these?

    • Cindy

      It lists Post cereal as well

  • Jil

    I was looking at the coupon and it’s for Kellogs, GM and Post cereal cups. Does the deal above only work with Fruity Pebbles? Just wondering because my Walgreens around here NEVER have a good stock on the sales items and I may be scraping the bottom of the barrel so to speak.


    • Anita

      Hi Cindy,
      Will this work for the GM and Kellogg cereal cups as well? What about Honey Bunches of Oats (Post)? My local Walgreens had only 2 cups of fruity pebbles, so I drove over to another store and picked up the last 5 fruity pebbles cups. Thank you so much for such an awesome deal!

      • Cindy

        The catalina is only on the Fruity Pebbles

        • Anita

          oh ok….thanks! will make a trip today and see if they have restocked the shelves.

          • Lori

            Did you do this deal today or yesterday? I was wondering if it is still working today or whether corporate stopped it?

  • Laurie M.

    Just did this deal on my way home. Worked like a charm. Got 5 of them, paid $3.95 and got back (2) $4 cats/RR.

  • Donna M

    HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought you could only use RR at the store you got them from. For instance if I get a catalina for advil from pathmark, can I use this somewhere else ??? Where else can I use my RR from walgreeens???????????

    • Maddy

      With the new coupon policy of Wal-Mart , you can use the RR from Walgreens. Make sure you print the new coupon policy from Wal-Mart and it’s written in their! Hope it helps!

  • Denise

    thanks !! i did this deal just a few minutes ago at my local walgreens… !! super buy !! thanks for posting this !

  • Rebecca

    I did the deal also- got 5 got back 2 $4! Love it! Then my store had clearance on a lot of frozen items so used my free money to fill my freezer!

  • loubna

    hi , i wana buy Similac from walgreens this week it s on seal for 19,99 can i use 3 coupons for that [ in ad coupon+ 5off $ coupon +2 $ off infant care book] thanks thanks

  • Maria

    I did it in 2 separate transactions – 3 at a time and got 2 $2 coupons for each. I need fillers so these really helped. Spent $8 and got $70 worth of stuff plus I have $14 for next week… Thanks for all you do.

  • Jay

    Thanks.. found 3 at one store (zero at the other). They were hidden behind some fruit loops 🙂

  • Jay S

    Normally, I though they catalinas do NOT roll at Walgreens for the same product, but in this case it DID ROLL over. In the second transaction, I bought another 5 Fruity Peppbles along with Morton Salt (on sale with in-store Q for 50 cents) and used the $4 (blue one, not the red one) and got another 2 $4 cats.

  • Donna

    I bought three post fruity pebbles and I didn’t get catalinas or RR. Not sure why this didn’t work. Should I have bought 5 instead of 3? The coupon said limit 3, so that’s all I bought.

  • April

    Is this catalina and RR just this week or all month? I know the in-ad price is done today.