Reader Questions: Paper Cutter Recommendations

Reader Jodi has a question that I thought I would pose to all of you.


I’d like to get a paper cutter to save time on cutting coupons, especially the internet ones.  I looked around on-line and saw a lot of different ones – brands, slider vs guillotine blades, etc.  I was wondering if you or any of the other couponers have used paper cutters and if so what you recommend.

So, let’s see if you guys have any recommendations for Jodi.  I don’t have a paper cutter, but how about you?

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  • Rachel I.

    Sorry, I don’t have a paper cutter… I cut mine out while watching TV so I feel like the cutting is making an otherwise unproductive time more productive. 😀

    • Amy

      I don’t have one either. I clip mine while watching TV too.

  • Alicia C

    Hi Jodi,
    I have a paper cutter, and it just dawned on me a few days ago that it might be easier to use it to cut coupons. It definitely does the job a lot faster. I got mine at Costco maybe two years ago for about $20. It has a handle cutter and a sliding cutter which can snap off to be used separately or stay connected for cutting larger objects using the measurements/guidelines. It even came with some extra cutters (squiggly lines and dotted lines/perforations) – well worth the money. The brand is Purple Cow I believe. It’s the “1040C 2 in 1 Combo Trimmer”. Hope I was able to help you.

    • Brandi

      I have this same paper cutter and LOVE it! Its great for internet printable coupons. Get investment– cheap price. Unfortunately not all Costcos carry this paper cutter!

      Youll still need to hand cut out your inserts.

  • Mark

    We have one at my office that I just recently started using. It has cut down the time to cut my internet coupons by 75% at least. It’s so easy to use, it’s the guillotine type. I plan on purchasing one for my home as well.

  • ueen

    Ohhhh, I don’t have a paper cutter but I have kids who cuts my coupons for me 🙂 Training them young.

    • Annie

      I have an adorable 4-yr old paper cutter, too 😉 She loves it and it is good practice, too!

  • Jil

    Your funny Ueen!hahahahaha I have a slider one. Used it at first but have reverted back to scissors. I think I just like the old school method. Problem I had was that I miscut a few coupons that were aligned differently, by accident, they got mixed in the wrong pile 🙁 After that I went back to scissors.

  • I have a guillotine type cutter, I don’t know how much I paid for it, I bought it at least 12 years ago, the worst part is I don’t even know what for, and I’m sure I paid top $ for it. Ah the joys of being young and carefree…. Any how it only recently (2-3 weeks ago) dawned on me to use it, I came across it when my hubby was clearing another shelf in the closet for my stock pile. And I got so excited!! I told him I forgot I even had that! It has a new space and it’s parked in a more convenient location.

    As for which type I’m not sure but my hands having been thanking me and my husband for the last 3 weeks.

    It’s much easier to stack pages, of like coupon sites and cute, all together, all smart source together, all red plums together, just watch if you do to many together they shift a little when cutting (I have an old guillotine and it probably needs replacing)

    • I meant to say as to which type you should buy i’m not sure

  • audra wilder

    I used a ruler – so easy and you can easily do multiple pages at a time. I have a 6″ plastic ruler that I love – it is almost the exact length of the internet coupons. I think it is easier than a cutter since you can easily rotate it and cut the other side…..

    • Julie

      I use a ruler too! Works great.

      • What do you mean by “use a ruler?” Not sure I understand what y’all mean by that.

        I just stack all like coupons together and clip the with scissors while watching TV.

        • Julie

          I do it at the table, stack my coupons on top of each other that are the same size, line up the ruler with an edge, and pull up. Quick, clean edge. Then I just go around the other three edges!

  • Angela E

    I used to have a teeny one from Pampered chef. It was only a few dollars. It would only cut through one sheet of paper and was great for clipping coupons from the sundy paper….However, I think it ended up in the recycling since it was so tiny! lol It was kind of like an exacto (spelling) knife but much safer and smaller….I think it was slightly smaller than credit card size.

    Its called I-slice and is 3.75 at Pampered

  • Maddy

    Hi Jodi,
    Since I started the couponing I used my paper cutter. And it’s very precise and easy.. And it’s really worth it. I bought mine 2years ago at staples for my scrapbook. And I think I paid around $15-$20. I use it to cut internet coupon and inserts. And I should say it doesn’t takes a lot of time. And I usually put all the same pages together so it wont got mixed up and cut it wrong. I highly recommend the paper cutter ,but it’s always your decision, whats work best for you! hope my reply helps.

  • Paige

    I have one that is the slide type for scrapbooking and it works great for coupons. Wait until you can get one at Michael’s with a 40% coupon. They are only about $19.99 full price.

  • Melissa

    I have a cutting mat and a rotary cutter (for sewing/quilting) and it saves an unbelievable amouny of time! I can cut several layers at a time even!

  • JEN C

    I have the Martha Stewart Paper Trimmer. It’s compact and works well. You can see through the guard to minimize mis-cuts. It sells for about $20, but like Paige said, you can get it at Michaels with a 40% off coupon.

  • Donna

    I need to get me one. I have been getting numbness in my thumb after cutting coupons with scissors and it lasts for several days. Ouch!

  • Eileen

    I tried the scrapbooking type slider cutter and I didnt really like it, seemed like it took longer than scissors…Id be curious to try a mat and a rotary cutter (like a pizza cutter. I dont like guillotines too dangerous and sometimes the papers slide as it comes down

  • Olya
  • Andrea

    I still dont understand the ruler thing?

  • Andrea

    Hey someone explain the ruler method…I am very confused and tryed it and nope it didnt work?

    • Julie

      Not very high tech and I’m sure the paper cutters work better, but I just line my coupons up, have a good steel ruler and lay the edge of the ruler along the edge of the coupon. Then pull up and rip the coupon along the edge! Works okay, but nowhere near as good as a paper cutter.