Rite Aid Match Ups 3/20 – 3/26

Rite Aid Deals for the week of 3/20/11

Make sure to sign up for your Rite Aid Wellness+ card for even more savings.

You can take a look at the following:

Also, print a copy of the Rite Aid Coupon Policy to have with you at the store.

How to Create Your Custom Shopping List:

  • Click on the box next to the item you would like to buy at the store
  • The item will be placed in your shopping list.
  • The list will appear from the right bottom of this site
  • Once you are done, click print.
  • Note that if you leave this post, you will lose your list.
  • If you would like the store name on your list, click on the first box labeled Rite Aid.

NOTE: Don’t forget that there is a LONG ad and SHORT ad for Rite Aid – be sure to check your ad first. You may not have all the deals listed.

Click the link below to see the entire Rite Aid Match Ups for this week and to create your own shopping list.

If you are reading this in a reader or email, you will need to click onto the site be able to print your list.


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  • Donna M

    I just started the whole rite aid thing, went 3 times this week, store empty from any deals, asked cashier, she said good luck unless I am first at the door not happening, and they do not restock!!!!

    • Rita

      You can always ask for a rain check for the item and then go back the following week. I do this sometimes because your right they sell out fast.

      • Donna M

        Thanks Rita, I forgot to get rainchecks, but I also wanted the soft scrub deal which wouldn’t work this week.

        • Victoria

          how do they handle rainchecks when an Up reward is involved? Thanks!

          • Kelly

            My RiteAid gave me the value of UPR off the price as well when I got a raincheck for the Lysol Soap Dispenser.

          • Eileen

            when they write the raincheck they write the price and the up reward amount, IF the item becomes free they can handle it two different ways, (when you come to redeem the raincheck) either they can override the price of the item to make it free, OR they can have you pay for the price of the item and then issue you the UP+ amount on a giftcard (which is also how it is done if the UP+ amount EXCEEDS the purchase price).
            however it sounds like the employees in your store werent very pleasant….I am lucky I live close to (5 min) 2 very nice Rite Aids and not that far (15min) from 2 more RiteAids….
            in a GOOD store they will be willing to preorder tems for you, they will tell you what day the truck comes in, etc…

            because they CAN write the raincheck with the UP+ included on it, you arent missing anything if you have to wait till it comes in…
            ALSO if you have a coupon, that will expire, they can indicate that on the raincheck as well, and you can staple it to the raincheck, and they will honor it…

            • Jodi

              I only have 1 Rite Aid near by and they were out all of all but 1 of the 7 deals I went in for last week. The clerk said they only get deliveries once every 2 weeks! Is this typical for RA? How can they stay in business with such infrequent deliveries? He did give me rain checks, but for the soft scrub deal with 2 different UP+ he said he could only write in the one that was in the weekly ad. Hopefully they have them in stock before the end of the month and I can both deals. It was very frustrating.

              • Eileen

                my rite aid gets definite weekly deliveries (tuesdays) and possibly another during the week not sure…

                there are some employees that are more helpful than others, try calling corporate and asking if you can have both UP+ reward deals written on your raincheck…
                I dont know if they will say yes or no, I dont know the corporate policy on rainchecks having up+ rewards written on them

                • Jen

                  I have several rite aids near me and one store in the city is a small store they get delivery once every 2 weeks, then they have medium size stores that get delivery every week, there are also larger stores, not sure there delivery schedule though.

                  • Jen

                    One other thing I heard that delivery date moves up a day with every Holiday( I am assuming major Holidays) so if your delivery day is Tuesday next Holiday it will be on Wednesdays until the next Holiday etc.

  • Cindy V

    I don’t see the Claritin D Rite Aid printable. Is it a video values? If so, I don’t see it there??

  • Jay

    Snickers Marathon Bar is not a candy bar, it’s a powerbar.

  • LK

    Are you sure the Reach toothbrush is part of the heart healthy promo? I’ve checked the heart healthy list and I can’t find toothbrushes listed anywhere.

    • Mary

      I can absolutely confirm that the Reach toothbrushes qualify for the heart healthy deal. I bought them today, that’s all I bought, and got the extra +UP. I wasn’t sure it would work as it’s not on the list but it did.

      • LK

        Thank you!

      • ahuva

        …If u don’t mind, what is the heart healthy deal?

    • Kelly

      I got it as well and it was all I bought today.

  • Nancy

    Butterfingers coupon is spitting out different items.

    • Jenny

      Yes. I got other coupons when I clicked the butterfinger coupon.

  • Michelle

    Anyone know if the Purex 3 in1 sheets are printing out the $5 up rewards?

    • Sara Negron

      I bought 4 and got a $5 up reward in a NJ store today 🙂

  • Donna M

    I found tresemme coupons in my smart source today.

  • Elizabeth

    Just back from RA… bought the Doctor’s Classic Nightguard. Used the 5.00 coupon and rang up 6.24. Spent 1.24 and 15 ups printed!

    • Cindy

      Elizabeth, could you post the UPC on that product. That might be a clearance item which would be awesome. Thanks a bunch.

      • Elizabeth

        04203779221 Make sure it is CLASSIC and not Advanaced

        • LK

          So the deal is just buy one Doctor’s Classic Nightguard and get 15 UPs? Or is there something else we have to do?

          • Cindy

            Yes buy 1

        • Cyndi

          Isn’t the coupon for $5 off the Advanced though? or does it work for classic too? Maybe I have the wrong coupon.

  • Elizabeth

    Here is the link for the 5.00 coupon

    • Ueen

      that is the coupon for the advanced not the classic.

      • LK

        Is there a coupon for the classic? Where can I find it?

        • ueen

          there is no coupon for the classic. 🙁

  • Michele F

    What is the $3.00/$15.00 Survey coupon on the Huggies deal?

    • Paulette


      Check the end of your past receipts for an offer to take a survey online and receive a $3.00/$15.00 coupon. I’m not sure when this started, but I received one on my receipt from 3/12. 🙂

      • Jules

        Michele, You can go back to old receipts and take the survey as well at the bottom within the last 2 weeks! i found one from 3/15/11 and just printed out the coupon!

  • Julie

    MIR for the Senokot is only good for Senokot 20 tablets, or Senokot-S 10 tablets. One on sale is Senokot 5 tablets.

  • Charlotte

    I am new to this. I am trying to figure this out. If the crest whitestrips are 10 dollars off the regular retail price with wellness card can I still use the 10 off mfr coupon? What if the item hypothetically speaking were $17? Could you do it or not?

    • Sandy

      Yes, you can use mfg. coupon with a sale price. If item is cheaper than coupons combined they will adjust your mfg. coupon to a lower price.
      Heads up: Crest Whitestrips are expensive at RA – $49.99/45.99. Amazon always running deals in the $22 range.

  • jill b

    does anybody know if there is a limit to the +ups for the nightguard? I am able to print 4 coupons, but don’t want to bother if I can only get 1, lol, my son informed me that tomorrow WILL be a snow day and that’s my shopping day I don’t want hassles returning stuff with both kids with me and it snowing (Yea, I know, what a lucky girl I am, it seemed like every wed of winter in new england it was a snow day…)

    • Jay

      Limit is one, yes.

      • Jen

        How can you tell the limit on the number of times the UPS will print for each item? In the flier I think I only remember limits on rebates.

        • Sandy

          Jen – sometimes it’s just trial and error. Othertimes they will list it either in the circular or a sign by the product. Read comments and updates often to get a feel for what’s going on.

  • Sandy

    Airwick Freshmatic 1/2 price @ $4.99

    $4 mfg. coupon
    $1 RA Video Value coupon

    FREE! Ends. Saturday.

    • Donna M

      Were you able to get any ????? Can I get a raincheck, because at my store that’s all I end up getting RAINCHECKS !!! They should have a loudspeaker outside with the announcement, GET YOUR RAINCHECKS HERE!!!!!!!

  • Sandy

    ALWAYS get rainchecks! This week I got them for the Nutra Nail which I have the coupons as well, the Reach toothbrushes which I have BOGOF coupons for and the Got 2 Be BOGOF deal which I have 2 mfg coupons and VV coupons coming out tomorrow! All of the above either free or MM just because I got the rainchecks! And yes, I did get 2 of the Airwicks FREE! 🙂