ShopRite Coupon: $5 off $40 from Recyclebank – Very Limited Areas

There is a ShopRite Store Coupon for $5 off $40 available on Recyclebank for a very limited area.  However, you might want to try your zip code to see if it comes up for you as I couldn’t test all zip codes.  I did find this coupon when I search by zip code: 08002 but please note that this coupon is only good for certain stores. Also, you need 50 Recyclebank points to get the coupon.

Here is are the locations where you can use this coupon:

Offer limited to one reward per household per month. Offer only accepted at participating locations: 67th and Haverford; 24th and Oregon; 2946 Island Ave; 25 E Germantown Pike; 2385 Cheltenham Ave; 547 S.Oxford Valley Rd; 2200 Bristol Rd; Rt 130 and Browning Rd; 6901 Ridge Avenue; 1575 N. 52nd Street.

Let us know if you found it available at a different location.

(Thanks Bridget!)

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  • Bridget

    I was thinking of sending shoprite an email, maybe they will add mine on there 🙂 I could run to Bristol, but with Gas prices as they are, Id probably be losing money!
    FYI – for anyone who frequents recyclebank. They have a 5.00 off 10.00 printable for Modells ( 50 points). Modells sells 10 packs of Wilson socks 2/10.99. So 5.99 for 2 packs of 10! Pretty nice deal, and very nice socks!
    Happy saving 🙂

  • Dee2

    For my zip code (o6460), there is a $10 off $50 at Big Y for 100 points. Sadly, no Shoprite.

  • Jim

    These are all Browns Family owned stores. Luckily brooklawn (rt 130 and browning rd) is my store. The rest are in the Philadelphia Area. These come with no experation dates. With all the catalinas I havent needed to cash it in yet.

    • Jenny

      Woo hoo. I shop at rt 130 and browing road and my parents live in 08002 LOL. They have recyclebank and let me “use” all their points.

      • That’s my Shoprite too! I just ordered my card, but the order summary says it expires 3/15 (that’s today). I’m new to recyclebank…do you know does that coupon expires 3/15 or is it the exp date to order the coupon?

        • Jenny

          Patti.. I dont know about that. You do know that the Brooklyn store takes ALL competitors coupons for dollars off. I use Acme, Genardis and all other supermarket stores too. There are even ones in the Entertainment book that they will accept. I LOVE their coupon policy and the front end managers are SO nice.

          • Jenny, I didn’t know they took competitors coupons…thank you so much! I used to go to the Cherry Hill ShopRite off Rt 70 (I’m half way between each one) but Brooklawn is a nicer store and yes the front desk staff are very nice. Happy Shopping!

  • Jen

    None for New London CT either but did have one for Big Y

  • Patti M

    Nothing for 07601.

  • karen

    I made an account, but how do I see what rewards are available for my area? Once I’m on the rewards page, what do I click? TIA!

  • karen

    Oh my gosh. I’m so thick-headed. n/m, I found it.

  • Melissa

    I got it for 19120 (North Philly). Unfortunately the Cheltenham store isn’t as good as the Oxford and Levick store that I usually go to, but I’ll take it!

  • Candice

    Wow! This is like the one time I am lucky to live in Philadelphia! I usually shop at the one on Snyder avenue (much better store in my opinion) than the shoprite on Oregon ave, because they are more strict about their internet coupon policy. What a great find, Thanks Cindy!

  • cris

    You should check with your ShopRite, they advertise that they accept any ShopRite coupons! I used one from a store in Glassboro at one in Cherry Hill with no problem!

    • Bridget

      Hmm, Im gonna ask my Shoprite if they will accept it. fingers crossed

      • Shirley

        I just called my Shoprite – they said they would honor it even if it states it for another Shoprite location.

  • Stacey

    I love the West Philly locations! They always have the sale items I want. I think cause no one else is buying them there, ie…4 pkgs Excedrin PM.

    So, let me see what recycle bank is all about. I don’t live in Philly so I don’t participate in the program there.

  • Ted

    It came up for the Northern Delaware stores in my area! I always do small transactions though, i’ll have to start doing larger ones to use this.

  • Nancy L.

    Yes.. My Shoprite location in Medford NJ.. and Marlton NJ honor all Shoprite coupons no matter where they are to be redeemed… I think most Shoprite adhear to this policy..

    FYI… I ordered these $5 off 40 q’s from recyle bank over a month ago and still have not received them.. I wrote to recyclebank last night to resolve and find them.. I sure hope they show up!!

    Nancy L.

  • jenn

    has anyone tried using this at the shoprite on Knoor Street in the northeast?