Tangled DVD/Blu-ray Coupon, Rebates & Deals Updates

Tangled DVD/Blu-ray Coupon, Rebates & Deals

Here are the latest updates for Tangled DVD coupons, rebates & deals.  The Tangled DVD is scheduled to be released tomorrow, 3/29.  It looks like the only Target Tangled Coupon that is available is a coupon from the Target Sweet Deals Mailer.  I did not get this mailer so I can’t give you any more info then that.  There is a link on the Target sight for a coupon however it goes directly to the same coupon on the Disney Site (which is the coupon I have posted below).

The best deal for the DVD/Blu-ray Combo Pack is: Target
The best deal for the DVD is: Target.  Online is at Amazon.  If you have a Stop & Shop, that is not too bad either with the free Mattel Toy.

Tangled DVD/Blu-ray Coupon:

Tangled DVD/Blu-ray Rebates:

Tangled DVD/Blu-ray Amazon Deals:

Tangled DVD/Blu-ray Target Deals:

  • Tangled DVD Blu-ray 4 Disc Combo Pack $24.99
    $5/1 Tangled DVD/Blu-ray Coupon
    and use $5/1 Disney Blu-Ray Coupon, exp. 4-23-11 (Target Sweet Deals Mailer)
    Pay: $14.99
    Submit for any Rebates listed above
    and get a Free Tangled Little Goden Book with purchase
  • Tangled DVD Blu-ray 4 Disc Combo Pack $24.99
    Disney Classics: Bambi, Beauty & the Beast or Snowwhite $29.99
    use $5/1 Disney Blu-Ray Coupon, exp. 4-23-11 (Target Sweet Deals Mailer)
    Pay: $49.98
    Get a $10 Target Gift Card wyb by Tangled Combo Pack & 1 Disney Classic
    $19.99 each after coupon & gift card
    Submit for any Rebates listed above
    and get a Free Tangled Little Golden Book with purchase
    Note: You can not use the $5 Tangled Coupon from the Disney Site when doing the Gift Card Deal
  • Tangled DVD $15.99
    use $5/1 Disney Blu-Ray Coupon, exp. 4-23-11 (Target Sweet Deals Mailer)
    $15.99 after coupon

Tangled DVD Drugstore Deals:

  • CVS:
    Tangled DVD $19.99
    Get a $3 ECB
    $16.99 each after ECB
    Submit for any Rebates listed above
  • Walgreens:
    Tangled DVD $17.99
    Get a Free Crayola Color Wonder ($9.99 Value)
    Submit for any Rebates listed above
  • Rite Aid:
    Buy Tangled DVD $19.99
    Buy Nexxus Hair Care Item psa $2.49
    Get a $10 UP Reward wyb both
    Submit for any Rebates Listed above

Tangled DVD Grocery Store Deals:

  • ShopRite:
    Buy Tangled DVD $19.95
    And get Basics by Revlon Hair Dryer for $4.99
    Submit for any Rebates Listed above
  • Stop & Shop:
    Buy Tangled $16.99
    Get $5 off any Mattel Toy
    Submit for any Rebates Listed above

Tangled DVD/Blu-ray Deals at Walmart:

  • Tangled DVD $14.99
  • Tangled DVD/Blu-ray $19.96


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  • Is there’s anyone with the Target sweet deals mailer who’s not getting this movie but is willing to send it to me in a SASE? My daughters loved this movie and I’d really like to save an extra $5!

  • Misty

    Hi! Thanks for the updates. That coupon is only if you buy the 4 disc pack? Or am I reading it wrong…I only want a dvd not the whole blue ray pack. I think other times the coupons have said dvd or blue ray on them.

    Thanks 🙂

    • Cindy

      yes the coupon is only for the combo pack. That is all they have this time.

      • Misty

        Thanks…bummer though 🙁

  • evonne

    ANYONE know what kmarts price is, you get the free doll but i didnt see the price listed in my ad

    • jill b

      expensive, bring the kmart ad to walmart n get it there. (i think the price is $35.99 according to the website. print the walmart price match guarantee in case you get hassled

  • Larrina

    When is/did the sweet deals mailer come out?

    • Annie

      I got mine about 2 weeks ago.

  • Rissa

    The Target $5 from the sweet deals mailer can only be used on the 4 pack, it says on a Disney Blu-Ray $24.99 or higher.

  • Nicole

    Price Chopper also has a deal with a coupon in their circular. It’s save $5 on Tangled when you buy Rayovac Batteries (which are on sale for $5.99). So you get the batteries for $.99 and the DVD for $19.95 but if you mail in the rebate with Success Rice it’s $14.95!

  • Annie

    I bought the Tangled DVD at RiteAid today with a Nexxus product at $2.99 (I think it was mousse). The UP reward did not print, and I think it’s because the small Nexxus product was considered a trial size product, and the ad excludes trial size. So, if you plan to do Tangled at Rite Aid, be careful not to buy trial size.

    • jill b

      i was at rite aid today and my up didn’t print, I returned it right away. And I apologized for the hassle but I don’t want it for $20 bucks I wanted it for $12.99 if you count the nexxus. I’m heading to wags later that seems to be the next best deal for the movie… sad to not get it for 10 bucks tho 🙁

  • jill b

    is it possible to buy tangled at walmart with price guarantee for the free color wonder??? hmm, I’m gonna try cuz I want to see the movie after all this fuss about it.

  • sue

    i’d like to know where your wal-mart is. i just went to wal-mart today the 4disc blu-ray combo was $34.99, blu-ray/dvd was$ 24.99 and the regular dvd is $19.99

  • kassandra e

    i went to walgreens the other day and got the 17.99 tangled + free color wonder & used the $5 off coupon even though it says 4 disc. combo.. the lady said if it takes it then it works.. and it took it 🙂 thats my fav transaction yet. i paid 18.70 total for 56 dollars worth of stuff! woot

  • Nancy

    I would love it if fullscreen were available, but widescreen always comes out first. Anyone know why fullscreen is more money everytime?

  • The Target in zip code 08043 has the Tangled DVD on sale for $13.99!!! I saw it online in their weekly ad.