Walmart Competitor Catalina Acceptance Policy Clarified

Walmart Competitor Catalina Acceptance Policy Clarified

As you know, Walmart has updated their coupon policy.  Their new policy is a great policy and they have clearly laid out a lot of coupon acceptance policies.  There was one item that they mentioned under “Checkout Coupon” also know as Catalina Coupons.  This was the only item on the list that still needed clarification.  Well, it appears that they have now updated that part of the Walmart Coupon Policy.

The initial thought was that they would take items such as Walgreens Register Rewards or ShopRite Catalinas.  The “Checkout Coupons” they are accepting are actually “Checkout Coupons” that are for a dollar off a product.  Reader Bree did her detective work and spoke with Walmart Corporate Office for clarification.  Here is the email I received from Bree detailing her conversation with Walmart:

OK, after a very lonnnnngggg conversation with corporate (1-800#), it makes more sense now. When WE think of catalina, we think of those wonderful coupons that say “Save $10 off your next order.” When THEY say catalina, they mean the coupons that print from the catalina machine that say such things as “Save $1 off Tropicana” or like the one I got at S&S yesterday, “Save $1 on my next purchase of 5 Dole Frozen Fruit.” It seems that Walmart’s idea of a “catalina coupon” is different than ours.

The catalinas that say things like “Save $3 off your next order”, though say Manu. Coupon on them, are for dollars/cents/percentage off an order which Walmart DOES NOT take [found at the bottom of theWalmart Coupon policy print-out].

So again here’s another example:

You go to SR (ShopRite), pay for your purchases, and get 2 “catalinas” from the machine

  1. Save $2 off your next purchase of Purex
  2. Save $2 off your next order

Going by what I was told from calling the 1800#, Walmart will take coupon #1 but NOT #2. Unfortunatly, Walmart considers Coupon #1 a “catalina.”

So, be sure to print out and read the revised Walmart Coupon Policy.  And bring it with you when you are shopping.

(Thanks Bree!)


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  • April

    I knew Walmart wouldn’t take them, they are so coupon unfriendly. However, the whole Walmart thing made me try RR at other stores and I have used them at Kroger, Meijer and Target in the last couple of weeks. So I will stick with those stores. Thanks Walmart, I didn’t want to shop at your store anyway 🙂

  • Naomi

    Just an FYI… my husband works in advertising and the term “catalina” refers to the coupons that get printed from the register after your receipt.

    • Bree

      Yes anything that prints from that machine is considered a catalina, but when most people think of a cat – they think of “$10 off your next order” not so much “$1 off your next purchase of Purex.” But then again, maybe it’s just me that thinks that way 🙂 I still think the policy needs to be made a bit clearer … Thanks for the info Naomi 🙂

      • April

        Exactly Naomi! That is why the policy still needs to be made clearer. I am not interested in their interpatation of the word Catalina. The simple fact is that it says manufacturer coupon at the top, not store coupon.

  • Anonymous

    I have never had any issue with Walmart taking coupons, in fact, they have been more coupon friendly than my Target. ( I hope me posting this doesn’t jinx me now lol) The cashiers at Target most times are annoyed by multiple coupons even though most of them are Target coupons. At my Walmart I used 8 coupons for cat liter in 1 transaction, no attitude from the cashier. In fact, the cashier told me the new coupon policy will give you cash back if your coupons are more than your purchase. That’s a win for me if in fact they do that now.

  • pat

    I have pretty much stopped shopping at walmart I may go for something that I know is cheaper then anywhere else I am now a Walgreens,CVS and Publix shopper . I have even found that the Walgreens have some wonderful people n the stores that really work with you. Last weekend I had so many different transactions and they even added some coupons to my orders to give me even bigger savings. The Cashier & Mgr on duty were so helpful and very appologitic because most of the coupons & catalinas wouldnt scan they were frustrated but told me several times they were sorry they were not upset with the customers they were upset with the system. I also found out they prefer a couponer to go to the cosmetic counter to check out so as not to tie up the main register. I was so please with these two ladies I will always go back to that Walgreens my total oop was less then $50.00 and total savings was over $270.00. So I say skip Walmart if you can and get better bargains elsewhere. I think Walmart is trying to monopolize anyway then we will all be forced to pay the prices they charge because they have put everyone else under.

  • Connie

    hmmm…the first time I’d ever used a coupon at Walmart, and only one coupon to an item – easy transaction…right? Wrong. The cashier, took my coupon which was clipped from Red Plum…and stared at it for what seems like “forever”!!! I asked, “How much do I owe you?”, he didnt reply…just stared at my coupon….After a little while longer, I asked, “How much do I owe you?” No answer!!! There were people behind me too!!! I even got to know this one guy and had a great conversation!!! Imagine that! So rude and unprofessional! This Walmart was in Renton, WA!!!