Extreme Couponing Show Series Premiere – Wed, April 6 at 9/8c on TLC

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Extreme Couponing Series Premiere – Wed, April 6 at 9/8c on TLC

I think by now most of you already know that TLC’s Extreme Couponing Series Premiere begins on Wednesday, 4/6.  I have received a lot of email from you guys asking my opinion of the show and how it will effect us using coupons, store policies, etc.

Here are some of the emails I received:

From Jennifer:
Are you concerned with the new reality show that is coming on soon about couponing that it might cause any issues with manufactures and/or stores and the current process’s of couponing? More people will be exposed to the strategies and more people may try to abuse the system and cause negative consequences.

Just wondering what your thoughts were on this.

From James:
I’ve been curious to ask someone else who coupons their opinion on the TLC series Extreme Couponing that is starting April 6th. Do you think its a bad thing? I’m really worried for a few reasons. The biggest being the stores and/or manufactures seeing the show and changing the way they distribute and allow coupons to be used because of it. Secondly every week the show is on more and more people are going to be doing what we do, making it harder to find things (example being reach toothbrushes…I can’t find them anywhere!).  I’m afraid it is going to have a negative effect.

First, I’m going to say that I was actually contacted to be on the show.  But, after much thought, I decided that it was not something I wanted to do.

Yes I do teach you guys “extreme couponing”, however my version of extreme couponing is walking away with $100 worth of groceries for $25 or less.  Buying and stockpiling what we need for our family and making donations to food banks and shelters with the excess.  My goal is to get you to look at sales differently and to be a strategic shopper.  To buy things for free or cheap when you don’t need it so you will have it for when you do need it.  To show you ways to make purchases with catalinas on items that you can stockpile so that you can use them to purchase meat and produce.

So, when I was contacted, I thought, will I be shown as a strategic shopper or will they show me in a negative light?  I wasn’t sure so my gut told me not to do it.

But, I do know that a lot of you are concerned about the kind of exposure that will come from the show.  Do I worry about it?  A little.  But, I remember that this level of couponing is not for everyone.  And, I can tell you, from my own experience, that not everyone understands it nor has the desire to do it.  So, will there be more interest?  Probably, but my guess is, interest will spike and then die down.

As far as the stores and manufacturers changing their policies or coupons,  well, time will tell what happens there.  But, I am honestly not worried about it.  We are always facing new and revised store policies and when they do make changes we just move on and adjust our strategies.

What are your thoughts?

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