Giveaway: $50 Home Depot Gift Cards for Spring Black Friday

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Home Depot Giveaway

Oh it’s my very favorite time of year.  Cleaning the yard, pulling the covers off the outdoor furniture and gardening.  Okay, cleaning the yard is not actually up there on the list, but, I do love how clean and green everything starts to look once it’s down.

And, Home Depot is celebrating spring with their Spring Black Friday events.

Spring Black Friday will be on a market-by-market basis based on climate by geography. During four different weekends in spring, prices on many of the most sought-after spring products will be significantly reduced including: a variety of live goods and lawn care products, outdoor power tools, eco-friendly gardening products, and outdoor patio and grills.

This weekend, Spring Black Friday deals will be available in markets including Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Grand Rapids, Detroit, Chicago … to name a few. Specific deals will be posted on Thursday morning at midnight.  Change the location and/or zip code to download specific deals for your area.

In addition to the store event, The Home Depot will celebrate every Friday now through to the end of May with Black Friday-type offers on their Facebook page.   These special buys will be available on Facebook only and will feature prices that are 50 to 75 percent off regular costs on a variety of gardening and lawn care products as well as patio, cleaning and decor items. All values will be different than the offers available in stores and on

And what does this all mean for us, besides the extra savings?  Yes, there is more!  To kick off their Spring Black Friday events Home Depot is offering a $50 Home Depot Gift card to two  LRWC readers.

Here are the Official Giveaway Rules:

Entry: Place a comment below and let us know what your first project to tackle this spring will be.   You must supply a valid email address. Email addresses should be put in the private field and not in the public comment box.

  • All entries must be left in the comments of this site only. Facebook comments or emails will not count as a giveaway entry.
  • The giveaway ends on Friday, April 8th at 8pm EST.  No entries will be counted after that time frame.
  • All entrants must be at least 18 years old and reside in the United States.
  • Winners will be chosen at random. Winners will be notified within 72 hours of the giveaway ending via email. Winners must respond with mailing address within 36 hours or another winner will be chosen.
  • Be sure to add ([email protected]) to your contacts or check your spam folders at the end of the giveaway.

A big thank you to The Home Depot for providing this giveaway.

724 thoughts on “Giveaway: $50 Home Depot Gift Cards for Spring Black Friday”

  1. Holly says:

    Some of my flower beds in the front of the house need to be bedded with new weed mat.

  2. Robin Felix says:

    The first project we will be doing this Spring is powerwashing our Deck and House!!!

  3. Kristen says:

    OHH!!! Our first project is to build a firepit in the backyard. Ok….maybe that’s my husband’s first project. My first will be to replace all the bushes that were crushed by the mounds and mounds of snow we got this year.

  4. Jennifer says:

    We have to stain our deck. ack! Such tedious work.

  5. Lisa says:

    Our continuing project is to attack the 1980’s art deco wall paper covering the entire first floor of the house.

  6. Alicia says:

    We need to reseed the back lawn with something a little more shade friendly than what was there when we moved in and build a sandbox.

  7. Frieda says:

    Backsplash on my kitchen needs to be re-done…and our small bathroom needs some TLC too!

  8. Sara says:

    My back deck needs some serious stripping, sanding and re-staining.

  9. Pat says:

    My first project is power washing and staining my deck.

  10. kathy f says:

    My first project will be weeding the flowerbed and putting in new plants. I love spring!

  11. suzanne says:

    Building a deck in our backyard so we can actually utilize the outdoor space.

  12. lisa says:

    There is so much to do…I don’t quite know where I’m going to start. Probably move my garden to a sunnier spot to ensure we get some great tomatoes this year!!

  13. Tina says:

    We are constantly updating our home! This is the year of the patio. : )

  14. Mami2jcn says:

    The first project will be planting new grass.

  15. Tina says:

    My daughter and I have been wanting to build a vegetable garden for a few years now. This year we are determined to get it done!

  16. Michelle says:

    This would be awesome.

  17. Karen Duling says:

    Our house is for sale so we need to get it all spruced up! I need to plant flowers, mulch and I really should stain our deck and fence……

  18. Jenn says:

    We will be laying new flooring in our hallway!

  19. Angie says:

    I’m tackling the boys bedroom, it’s the last project I need to complete in the new home. Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. Kristy says:

    Our first job is fixing all the our landscaping rocks around our flower beds that have just fallen or hit by the the snow plow. It’s a tough job but somebody’s got to to it 🙂

  21. Beth says:

    My first project this Spring will be working on our deck – new planters and patio furniture!

  22. Carson says:

    My newest project is going to be somewhat of a surprise for my fiancee. Her birthday is coming up and she’s already expressed that she wants flowers. So I’m decorating our apartment’s enclosed balcony with some lovely flowers a florist is currently growing in specially decorated flower trays, plus adding a full rug for comfort. In addition, I’m gonna grow a small 2′ x 2′ grass patch in a box on the balcony because the cat loves grass. Should be a fun little project, just in time for spring 🙂

  23. sherry grieshaber says:

    I am 8 months pregnant- and this year I want to start a small garden in the backyard. I’m pretty excited about it!

  24. lashawna curry says:

    My first project is cleaning up my flower beds in front of my house and planting new flowers, and putting down new colored mulch.

  25. Kristyn says:

    a few years ago my husband and i cut down a tree to plant a cutting flower garden…unfortunately we never got around to the flower garden…so, my first project is to find some great cutting flowers and get planting!

  26. Emily says:

    We just moved into our first home, so our first projects are painting and planting a new garden!

  27. Nicole says:

    We are planning on building a deck this spring!

  28. Karren says:

    Our first project of Spring will be to build a Square-foot garden. We have limited space and with the rising costs of produce, we feel that it’s a great idea! It will also be a fun experience for our two little ones!

  29. Paula says:

    Our first project will be to clean off our wonderful porch, then repaint the porch furniture.

  30. jennifer says:

    My very first project this spring will be to start some seedling so that my daughter and I can have a small but hopefully very fruitful garden this year. Thanks for all you do on this site… is AWESOME !!!

  31. Marie Molesi says:

    Clear out old flower bed, and build a water fall !!!

  32. Nicole says:

    We have to paint all the shutters on the house! Hope there are no yellow jacket nests or worse bats!

  33. Kim Huber says:

    Our first spring project will be to construct a patio/outdoor living space beside our garden pond

  34. Jessica says:

    My grass is nothing but weeds! Help!

  35. Krys says:

    Spring cleaning and doing some much needed painting!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Kris says:

    Our first project is going to be the deck… we are holding a party out there, so it needs to look great! After that planting some flowers and making the yard look good!

  37. lauren says:

    I am super excited…our first project is a new deck.

  38. Denis says:

    Fixing up the backyard since the dog destroyed it.

  39. Allie W. says:

    Our major first project of the season is to replace our worn out fence, it should have been replaced about 2 years ago but it’s one of those projects that we kept putting off.

  40. Ashley says:

    My first project for spring will be seeding grass since I jus built a house and my whole yard is.nothing but mud…

  41. Becky says:

    I’m going to tackle my parents’ bathroom: scraping, sanding, plastering, painting, and a new light fixtures! Dad has terminal cancer and can’t keep up with the work, so it’s my mission to give them a new bathroom!

  42. Kristin says:

    Our first task is to fertilize the grass and then to re-stain the deck.

  43. Betty says:

    The first project is to dig and turn the yard to grow vegetables. Produce is too expensive!

  44. Ali says:

    Working on the garden.

  45. Cindy V says:

    Our first project will be to replace our roof! It’s scary expensive to have it done, so hubby is going to take a few days off and do it himself! Hopefully the temperamental spring weather cooperates! Thanks Cindy Livesey and Home Depot!!!

  46. Casey says:

    My husband and I are making settlement on our 1st house within the next 5 days. We are looking forward to putting in a vegetable garden and a patio for our grill so we can enjoy our beautiful new enviroment.

  47. Tamara says:

    We’re planning a new deck in the back and we need to repair our fence around the garden. Maybe a new shed too!!

  48. Mariah says:

    Our first project is staining our new deck!!

  49. Jem says:

    Our major project would be to repaint the whole house.

  50. Joanna says:

    We are finishing a room upstairs. That would help a lot!

  51. Lori says:

    Getting the weeds out of the flower beds.

  52. Heather Schreiber says:

    hhmmm….wear to begin! We have been working hard on a complete outdoor over haul (after buying a “fixer upper” and doing an entire indoor over haul!) This Spring our goal is to grow grass (no grass at all right now) and start a vegetable garden! Keeping our fingers (and toes) crossed…lol!

    Happy Spring!

  53. Debbie says:

    We need to build a new shed that will replace the one that collapsed in one of the winter snowstorms this past winter!!

  54. Julie B. says:

    Our first job to tackle is to replace our toilet and kitchen faucet. We didnt realize how much money we were losing until the water bill came. Over $100 more then it should be. Eek!

  55. Lozaana says:

    To paint the house and buy a patio set for the sunroom

  56. Lavender says:

    We are going to be putting up a fence. I can not wait to be able to have the kids and the dog play in the back yard. Our whole family is so excited.

  57. Donna says:

    The flower beds need to be weeded and new mulch put down. And this year I’ll be using Preen as well!

  58. LG says:

    We bought our first house and we are living as wisely as possible, using coupons for everything we purchase but we would like to take it one step further and start a vegetable and herb garden, to cut back on our produce spending. We have perfect yard with perfect sun for it. $50 would help get us started building our garden.

  59. Adrienne says:

    We will be starting our first larger scale vegetable garden. Looking forward to saving some money and just having my own home-grown food.

  60. stefanie says:

    Weeding and planting my spring salad!

  61. kate says:

    First project is to declutter everything we’ve piled into the second bedroom.

  62. shannon says:

    Would love to get a start on a patio cover!:)

  63. Amy says:

    Our first outside project is to redo our flower bed. It needs mulch and add lattice work for some climbing flowers.

  64. Dawn Metott says:

    Can’t wait to get started on putting in our pond and fountain. Then on to planting the garden, flower beds, and so so so much more!

  65. Jenn says:

    We want to powerwash the house and pool deck and need to buy a new powerwasher.

  66. Michelle says:

    I need to get my back porch ready for a family get- together over Easter weekend. (cleaning, new flowers, spring decor. )

  67. Nicole says:

    Our first project is to build a deck around our pool.

  68. Lorraine says:

    We have a a lot to do. First I want to finish my kitchen. We just replace all the sheetrock and we are about to paint. Next we want wainscoting. My daughter wants her room painted. We have to paint the living room. Them we will head outside and fix the back yard that my dog ruined by digging holes.

  69. Opie says:

    Find a way to spruce up the concrete patio!

  70. Natalie says:

    Sooooo many projects, where do I start?? I think I’ll start with grass seed in the back yard, where shade and high traffic have left the yard very spotty!!

  71. Kim Westcott says:

    1st project will be to fix the deck that is in need of extra supports. 2nd project will be to clean up the flower beds (getting rid of weeds & mulching).

  72. Tammy R. says:

    First project…ugh! mine is to finish Project Leaves from last year!

  73. Andreea says:

    I have to get my garden ready for planting! I will plant only herbs this year!

  74. Edna says:

    My first project this spring is installing a new fence in the backyard.

  75. Taya says:

    My first project of spring will be to cut down the tree that fell on my fence a few weeks ago, repair the fence, & get rid of all the twigs & branches scattered across the yard.

  76. Diana R. says:

    First project will be to help build a new deck so the family and friends can have a nice place to relax on those warm summer nights and BBQ :]

  77. Karen says:

    Have to get my flowers for my window boxes!

  78. Sherothy says:

    I need to get grass seed an fertilize the yard..My son is allergic to these weeds that grow on our front lawn..So im hoping we can get rid of them before it starts to affect him>>I love home depot

  79. Erin says:

    Well, I plan on ripping up the flooring in the basement, and attempting to install a different flooring myself. I have never done this before, but I have been watching a lot of HGTV and DIY! hahaha We will see how it turns out.

  80. Patti M says:

    That’s easy!! I’ve wanted to tile my terrace for a long, long time. Beautification will be underway if I’m lucky enough to win!

    Thanks forhaving another great giveaway, Cindy!

  81. Karen says:

    Spring=kitchen facelift! Paint, new countertops and new flooring!

  82. RaeAnne says:

    Our first long awaited project is to complete a patio in the back yard. This project was put on hold waaaayy too long. Can’t wait to BBQ and enjoy the outdorrs!

  83. RaeAnne says:

    Our first long awaited project is to complete a patio in the back yard. This project was put on hold waaaayy too long. Can’t wait to BBQ and enjoy the outdorrs!

  84. Kaycee says:

    My first project is to clean out all the flower beds and put down new mulch and some new flowers. I love Spring!

  85. KW says:

    I was just looking at my flower beds the other day….it’s time!!!

  86. Tammy Hayes says:

    We are finishing the basement….HUGE project! We are painting the house as well! We need all the help we can get with these projects!!!!

  87. Evelyn says:

    We need to fix the gutters that blew off in one of those winter gusts!

  88. Erin says:

    Well, I plan on ripping up the flooring in the basement, and attempting to install a different flooring myself. I have never done this before, but I have been watching a lot of HGTV and DIY! hahaha We will see how it turns out!! Hopefully I won’t have to call in professionals!

  89. Lala says:

    our first project is to reseed our backyard lawn

  90. liesje marie says:

    MY first spring project was raking the yard of dead leaves and grass from where snow sat too long, now I need to get treatment for grass and weeds to get my nice green lawn back

  91. Mayra says:

    Our first project unfortunately is levelling our home. Our foundation has settled. We can no longer put it off. It is a big overhaul. The entire downstairs including the garage has to be empty and completely gutted out. Wish us luck. We will need every bit of it.

  92. Pat says:

    We have some bare patches of grass in our front yard that need reseeding.

  93. Susan Combs says:

    would love to get started on a patio for the back yard….maybe the easter bunny will install one for me

  94. Sarah says:

    I live in a small apartment so space is my biggest issue, currently we are working on adding some shelving into the closets that we have so that we can make more space. Also I am working on my daughters room. They are growing out of that baby stage and into the school aged stage so their room needs reworked.

  95. Sheila says:

    Finish my basement to give my husband and my daughter a place to play!

  96. caroline says:

    Our first project this spring is building a patio off our back deck. 🙂

  97. amanda lawrence says:

    we went to hd last weekend and got the flowers that were .58. We also made the craft that was a flower crate. My son and daughter have their own with their own flowers in them. We had a great time
    in the sunshine.

  98. Mike B says:

    Gotta get to weedin and mulchin and seedin!!!!!! Spring is here,,,,lets get outta the house!

  99. Natalie says:

    Our Master Bathroom. It NEEDS help!! I can’t wait to dig into it! 🙂

  100. Janet says:

    Our first project this spring is to knock down the chimney on the side of the house so we can have a window in the kitchen and finalize that project from LAST year! This is going to be a tough one to tackle — my handyman is getting too old for these projects. *retirement*

  101. Colleen says:

    we have definate landscaping issues. bushes and trees need to be replaced and their locations need “fixing.” our entire front yard is a giant weed, i’d love to put grass there! haha!

  102. amy says:

    We need to fix up our deck. Replace boards and stain.

  103. Chris says:

    I will be cleaning out flower beds and my veggie garden. Planting new flowers and veggies. Also need to work on the grass to get it looking good.

  104. Dawn says:

    Our first project is probably a tie between painting inside and cleaning and organizing the garage.

  105. Vivian says:

    So many projects..! Where to begin??
    1st project is to paint my daughters room! Yes – this is a spring time event since the warmer weather allows us to open windows for ventilation.
    Moving outdoors – much to tackle:
    1. Lawn maintenance ( fertilizing / seeding )
    2. Garden beds need sprucing up
    3. GOAL – build a garden path & include a new arbor at the front
    Of course, my green thumb works all season long, so always planting!

  106. Marisa says:

    I NEED GRASS!!! 🙂

  107. Ted says:

    My fence is deteriorating very bad. The wind knocked a few sections out, and parts are starting to rot. My first project is to get post repair kits/ or new posts, and some lumber to mend the rotted out sections.

  108. Yolli says:

    Lawn will be my first project. Weed and seed is First and foremost

  109. Laura says:

    We need to work on our garden!

  110. AnnMarie says:

    I definitely need to spruce up the yard…grass, flowers and a new fence! 🙂

    Thanks, Cindy!!


  111. Helen says:

    So much to do. Not sure where to begin. Just moved into a new place and it needs a lot of work. Need to get a fence installed for the pooch. We plan on spending loads of time outside together. Weeds, mulching, flowers, patio. Boy, this is exhausting… lol

  112. Jen says:

    After the heat we had last year, 6 of our beautiful bushes had to be pulled as they did not survive. It was so sad. So we are planning on replacing them, in addition to our regular landscaping that needs to be done! SO much work to be done, but like you said it is fun!!!

  113. Gina says:

    I a already attacked the weeds a few weeks back on the first warm day – so they would have a harder time overgrowing the flower bed. Our first big project is building a deck. We got the banister on clearance at Home Depot . Once we get the rest of the material paid for we are ready to go…

  114. jeanne says:

    Our first project will be to repair our roof where an ice dam developed from all the snow and ice this year which caused a hugh leak into our front entryway!

  115. Amy says:

    We live in a 200 year old farm house. That should explain it! 🙂

  116. Michelle Faber says:

    Love spring, last weekend we started to do som lanscaping. We had to pull a ton of weeds,vines, and a ton of leaves. We plan to do a rock boarder around this one area which is 30x30x20x40 area, there is also a small pond so we pland to boarder that odd as we. Plant new flowers, and put a small patio table out in there for sitting and viewing nature. A $50 giftcard sure would help out, thanks Cindy for such a fun giveaway

  117. Knoll says:

    Yard clean up and getting the garden prepped for spring planing!

  118. Ann says:

    I need to organize my sons room & garage!

  119. Winnie says:

    Preparing the garden for the season and cleaning out the garage.

  120. Brooke D says:

    Our first project would be adding flowers or shrubs in the front to replace the dead plants that died during the crazy cold snap here in the south!

  121. Katie says:

    Refinish our craigslist kitchen table! Put up a fence…start a garden…so many projects!!

  122. Joyce says:

    We always go to Home Depot for our potting soil and plants (veg./flowering) that we spread over our 1/2 acre yard beginning in the spring.

  123. Heather says:

    I would use this to buy some gardening supplies to spruce up our yard! Thanks 🙂

  124. mona p says:

    We have LOTS of painting to do!

  125. Stephanie says:

    We will be cleaning off all the kids outdoor toys and putting some new sand in the sandbox!

  126. wendy says:

    our first project will be to begin landscaping around our new home…probably in the front yard.

  127. Amy says:

    First project…..Replace shudders and paint front and side doors to match. A quick facelift for an otherwise dull front yard.

  128. Chung L says:

    I want to paint the bedrooms.

  129. Tina says:

    Just bought a home and it needs real help. The place is thousands of $ worse than I thought! New floors, lights, windows, counters, grass….. ugh!

  130. Holly says:

    Painting my front porch floor and railings. Also planting flowers and some grass surrounding the porch.

  131. Christina says:

    We need to build a safe area around our kids new swingset. Railroad ties and playground mulch are expensive!!!

  132. Shauna says:

    Our first project will be to start gardening and growing our own vegetables.

  133. Theresa McGinn says:

    We have a new puppy that just loves digging up the yard..We need GRASS!!!!

  134. Deidre says:

    My first project is to clean out the flower beds– get rid of everything that didn’t survive the massive snows we had this winter and get them ready for new plants as soon as danger of frost is over!

  135. Leah Allard says:

    We have been living in our house for 7 years and still cannot use our sliding door to the backyard because it drops off outside. We hope to finally install a Trex deck this year!!!

  136. Sheena says:

    My 1st project is to make my yard pretty! Right now, its lookin a little rough…………

  137. Lisa says:

    This would be a great help to start one of our projects on our new home!

  138. Jamie says:

    Rake that yard and put down some mulch.

  139. Jessica says:

    My first spring project is stripping wallpaper off plaster walls, scrubbing off the 100+ years of wallpaper glue, patching them, and then painting. With any luck they will turn out spectacular!!

  140. The first Spring project I will be tackling will be pulling weeds and turning over my gardens in preparation for my vegetable garden!

  141. Nancy J. says:

    This Spring we’d like to improve our backyard by creating a patio in one corner. Then we’d love to add a firepit!!

  142. Shari says:

    First project of the spring???? Just to get motivated how about a good deck powerwashing and some flower basket planting? Then on to yard and patio furniture clean-up, backfilling some dirt and then mulching….that’s a good start! Whew! I need a good BBQ and margarita now.

  143. Julie says:

    We had a new deck installed a few years ago by a terrible contractor that has since gone out of business. We need to stabilize a big part of it and need materials to do so. Also, it is made from a Trex type product but gets VERY hot in the full sun. With 3 kids running around the pool, I need new outdoor carpeting for it to protect their little piggies. Word to the wise – ALWAYS check references on any home projects.

  144. Emily says:

    New windows….long overdue and can’t wait for the final outcome.

  145. Ginger says:

    Our first project is to finish our outdoor shower. Also, we need to start working on our garden. My children (6 and 4) are amazed at watching the veggies grow 😀

  146. Anonymous says:

    Organize my garage that looks like a tornado ripped through it, and fix my garden that my dog Cody has decided to trample on lol.

  147. ashley says:

    we are preparing to replace all of our windows and cedar siding with hardie board! aaaa! and some new flowers in the flwerbed wouldnt hurt! 😉

  148. Vicki says:

    We really need to fix up our lawn and gardens, this winter was terrible. The plows ruined a lot of our lawn and gardens. Need to paint the outside of the house also. The ice falling from the roof removed the paint 🙁

  149. Jo Ann says:

    I have to rebuild a dock!!!

  150. Elizabeth says:

    I need to get rid of the stump in the yard from the tree we lost last spring. I’ve lost 2 mowers over it already 😉

  151. Kristy says:

    Hey, Cindy!

    My husband and I just purchased our first home last month and the first thing we need to do is PAINT the entire house! It is a beautiful 2,400 square foot home, except it has dark mustard yellow walls! This Home Depot gift card would be exceptionally helpful to go towards to paint supplies we need for this project.

    Thx! 🙂

  152. Laurie H says:

    I would love to get new flower boxes, flowers, and clean up the yard in our new house!


  153. Debra Wible says:

    I will by trying my hand at gardening vegetables for the first time. With the economy the way it is I am looking for every way to save money. I am excited finding about the the Home Depot Sale through your site as I have been talking about this gardening project for a few months and I am anxious to start. I plan on going to the library for books on growing your own vegetables as I have never done this before. Any tips would be welcome.

  154. Holly Banff says:

    My first project is the flower beds…they need mulch and weeding first and then flowers!

  155. Kathy C says:

    This is my first spring in my new place. I will be planting some colorful flowers and preparing a nice big vegetable garden!

  156. Jill says:

    First project: We need to weed and remulch our huge vegetable garden and cut down some trees to make sure there is enough sun for the vegetables to grow.

  157. Cindy says:

    Clearing brush to extend the yard, and power washing everything. Want to start the spring with everything looking fresh and clean. Once it warms up I only want to see the inside of the house at bedtime.

  158. Shaun J says:

    We need some major landscaping work at our house! Deck repair, new grass seed and shrubs!

    Thanks Cindy!

  159. carrie says:

    I am determined to grow some grass this year!!!!! We need lots and lots of seed!

  160. Jennifer says:

    My dog and this very snowy winter has ruined our lawn so it looks like this is going to be our first big project of the spring. Guess I better get those arm muscles in shape!

  161. Mary Beth H says:

    I would love to plant a garden this year! 🙂

  162. Tranea Watson says:

    In desperate need to weed and feed our lawn

  163. Jil says:

    My first project is definitely preparing and planting the veggie garden! I love being able to feed my family fresh produce and its a wonderful savings too.

  164. M Chapman says:

    Wow, great giveaway!! Now let me count the ways I could put it to use!!!

    1) Paint every room in my house – that is first on the list! Working on the upstairs currently 🙂
    2) Plant garden, need a new hose and seeds.
    3) Add annuals to landscaping and replace mulch.
    4) Complete bathroom for my daughters bedroom – Need shower, fixtures, paint, lights and flooring.
    5) Sometime this year, I would love to replace the patio with a nice new TRex deck!
    6) Sealer for the driveway.
    7) Add a few more trees and bushes to my growing fruit orchard.
    8) Add cabinets to my laundry room.
    9) Epoxy sealer for the garage floor.
    10) One weekend I would like to just browse Home Depot and find new ideas for when I get my current honey do list completed 🙂 Headed to the basement next!!

  165. Anju says:

    Plant tulips in my garden.

  166. Alicia says:

    We bought our house in October, so we have TONs of projects to work on still! The lawn needs some serious weed control, we’ve got some minor gutter issues on our garage, we don’t have a ladder yet, and we were hoping to make a vegetable garden to help save on produce costs!

  167. Debbie says:

    I will be buying lots of potting soil and lots and lots of flowers….seems like it was such a long winter….it makes me want TONS of flowers! 🙂

  168. Amy says:

    The kids are desperate to start a small garden in the backyard this year, so getting that ready will be first on the list!

  169. Rose says:

    we’ve lived in our house for 6 yrs now, we finally got grass to grow and we need to do some landscaping this year. We also still have 3 rooms that need to be painted I’m so tired of looking at off-white walls!

  170. Jean hager says:

    I can’t wait to plant some more jasmine and thyme! I also want to work on building a fire pit.

  171. Jo Ann Russo says:

    Laying mulch, getting flower bed and vegetable garden ready for planting AND getting the flower boxes on the front of my house ready for planting! So totally looking forward to all of it!!!!!!!

  172. Erin says:

    I am moving into a new place and need paint to make it look homey! Please choose me!!! 🙂 Ty

  173. cs white says:

    My husband is working on building a walk-in closet for us – yay! Every time he turns around though, there’s one more detail to deal with. A little gc help with this project would definitely give him a boost!

  174. Lori S says:

    We will be cleaning out the flowerbeds and putting mulch down. Planting some flowers too. I think it will make the front of the house look much nicer!

  175. Brittany says:

    Our first project this year will be replacing our backyard-deck. It’s horrible: splinters, loose boards, tiny. The builders didnt even use pressure-treated lumber! We love The Home Depot for all our home needs!

  176. Dollie says:

    We are building a swing set that has way too many pieces.

  177. Lori says:

    Landscaping for sure!

  178. Chana says:

    I would love to get a patio set for our deck! Hope I win.

  179. Sue says:

    Our first project is painting the garage and yard spruce up. Yay spring!

  180. Maura Pierce says:

    I want to use flowers to make the Phillies ‘P’ on my front lawn to show our support for our home team! ….I also need to paint my railings, and hang some more shutters around the windows. And that’s just out FRONT of the house! I would also like to set up a mini garden in the yard, but it would have to be in an elevated flower box.

  181. Jacklyn says:

    My big project will be painting my living and dining rooms! Can’t wait for the warmer weather so I can open up the windows, roll up my sleeves, and start painting!

  182. jen says:

    We will be scrubbing all of the kids outdoor play stuff. It’s a yearly tradition to get buckets and sponges on the first warm day. Thanks for the chance!

  183. Kristina says:

    We will be replacing our windows and hopefully air-sealing the attic.

  184. Domingo says:

    I plan on working in the yard to plant a vegetable garden and lavender.

  185. Kami says:

    Our first project will be cleaning out our garage.

  186. Dawn says:

    We are doing an emergency revamping of our front steps. Turns out they weren’t set up correctly and now it’s sinking & a TON of ants have decided to make their home there! EVERYTHING needs to be redone! A Home Depot gift card would really help out. 🙂

  187. Kelly says:

    Take down the rickety old green house and replace it with a storage shed.

  188. Jessica Heissenbuttel says:

    I already started!! My whole front lawn is dirt…so I determined to grow grass this year..all 3 flower boxes I have are dirt so I really want to get some shadt plants in there so it looks good!!

  189. Amy says:

    I need to replant my flower beds and work on my sidewalk and driveway.

  190. Lue says:

    Time to get some gardening done.

  191. Michelle Spiess says:

    We are currently working on tiling our kitchen…by we I mean my husband. It’s all laid and now he needs to grout. Then paint the entire downstairs and put up baseboards. Outside we will be putting sod in the front and putting in new plants in the flowerbed. I don’t think the to-do list for the house (inside & out) ever ends…there is always something that needs to be done…thanks for the great giveaway!!

  192. christina says:

    My first project is to start an herb garden and plant up some flowers, can’t wait 🙂

  193. Renee Skaggs says:

    Our first project will be to paint our new porch, and add lattice and landscaping to finish it off!

  194. matthew says:

    Our first project will be installing a new storm door.

  195. Shira Kessock says:

    We just bought a house and could really use it!
    Love your site.
    Thanks Cindy!

  196. Cindy says:

    Our big project this year is to clean out a front section of our flower bed and install a pond! Too many years of fighting with deer to keep from eating our pretty flowers, so we are going in another direction. Thanks for the heads up on Spring Black Friday!

  197. michelle says:

    our backyard needs help like woah! i can’t wait to start planting some shrubs and get some fencing!!

  198. Jessica says:

    Flowers!!!! I want to also start a veg. garden too!!!

  199. Cheryl Larson says:

    Take care of 2 yards, both with weed issues in the grass areas. Large garden that has to be tilled and ready to plant. Trees that need to be sprayed and bushes. Pine straw has to be put into beds around house. Lots of spring work to do…..

  200. Jessica says:

    I would really like my husband to build us the deck I’ve been dreaming of to entertain comapny!!!!

  201. Sarah O'Brien says:

    We are removing bushes, trees and replacing with grass and low laying bushes that don’t spread!! There is so much to do there is no way I could list it all!!

  202. Christina says:

    Can’t wait to start planting my new garden this spring!

  203. Jill says:

    We will be building a swingset and starting a garden 🙂

  204. David says:

    Oh this is so awesome that you are giving away GC’s to HD. Next to the grocery stores, Home Depot is my favorite store on earth. I am so in need of patio furniture!!!! I hope I win so I can get my backyard ready for summer bbq’s and late night parties. Whewwwwwwwhoooooooooow, I can’t wait for the SUN!!!

  205. Cathy says:

    We bought my son a wooden swing set at the end of last summer. We will be putting that up just as soon the weather calms down a little.

  206. Mel says:

    Powerwashing! and replacing the shed.

  207. Marie says:

    Pull out the weeds in my flower beds and put in new bedding plants.

  208. robyn says:

    My whole yard needs to be revamped–shrubs are dead/dying, fence needs to be repaired/painted, etc, etc, etc. This would come in so handy–thanks!

  209. KAREN says:


  210. kelly says:

    Where to start? We will be doing a lot of yard work, and some bathroom repairs/ upgrades.

  211. Kellyk says:

    I want to revamp my son’s train table. It’s a mess but a little spray paint and it should be good as new!

  212. Lisa says:

    We just finished replacing 1,000 sq ft of flooring in our home so now we need to decorate and get rugs.

  213. JEN C says:

    Our first project is adding some landscaping to the front yard. We put in some plants a couple years ago, but it’s not looking full enough.

  214. Shannon says:

    We are planning to extend our backyard and to redo the flower beds…

  215. Kristin says:

    I need mulch, and lots of it =)

  216. TerriAnn says:

    The backyard and veggie/fruit section. I even have some tomatoes and blueberries in containers waiting to be planted but we first have to replace a whole layer or two of soil!

  217. Justyna says:

    Paint my bedroom!!!!!

  218. Jenn C. says:

    Get my new home’s garden ready for planting!

  219. Al says:

    I need to buy weed killer

  220. MONICA VAUGHN says:


  221. Libbie says:

    Refinish furniture!

  222. Diana says:

    flower pots

  223. Heidi Morrison says:

    Become the house on the block everyone envies! We have just purchased a home in Michigan. After much debate on whether to invest in this wonderful, beautiful state we gave it try. However we had no clue how much work this yard needed! I have so many plans in my head but no money in my hands to do it…..any gift card will help.

  224. Ruth Oslick says:

    tear down the old shed outside and build a new wooden one!

  225. Ben says:

    Removing massive bushes, and then installing a fence and patio! We’ll be at HD many times for sure.

  226. Sadie says:

    Cleaning up the flowerbeds is first on my list

  227. Lori S. says:

    Repairing our ceilings and floor which were damaged when ice dams in our gutters caused water to come in through all three floors of our house!

  228. Nancy says:

    Cleaning up the back yard (weeding, gardening, etc.) so my five children can enjoy the great outdoors!!

  229. Bridget says:

    New front screen door, and painting the railings 🙂

  230. Marisa says:

    We can’t wait to add new flower beds and a swing set in our backyard for our sweet little girl. She loves the outdoors!

  231. Vivian says:

    Paint my master bedroom!

  232. planting our huuuuuuuge garden!! so ready after this awful winter 🙂

  233. Nathan says:

    I want to remodel around the outside this year and home depots are the place for the best materials

  234. Autumn Caraluzzi says:

    So many to tackle… first would be the yard (spring cleanup, grind some stumps, plant some seed and put down weed killer), then the garden and lastly the landscaping before heading indoors for more work!! We have an infant and I want him to learn healthy eating and the enjoyment of playing outdoors! 🙂

  235. Katie says:

    We need to replace the dripping faucet in the bathroom!

  236. Jamie says:

    Add two extra bedrooms to our house so we don’t have 3 kids sharing one room anymore!

  237. James says:

    We have a nice 13′ deck area and last year it suffered. Would love to rebuild it this year to look fantastic again!

  238. Marie says:

    building an extension on our deck and refsurficing the rest of it.

  239. Dee2 says:

    Plant annuals and vegetables.


  240. Laurie M. says:

    My first project to tackle this spring is decluttering the basement/garage and having a yard sale!!

  241. Jessica says:

    the broken shower fixture!

  242. Doreen says:

    Mulch, mulch and more mulch!

  243. Robin says:

    Could really use $50 towards the replacement fence we need to put up this summer. Keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed 🙂

  244. Kelly says:

    Mine would be my garage. We have no room for our car with all of the kids and outside things in it.

  245. Rachelle says:

    We need to power wash and re-stain.

  246. David says:

    First project is the lawn now that we removed the trees and our yard will actually get some sunlight!

  247. Daleene Fox says:

    My 1st job to tackle this Spring is to buy some Cabinet Kits from Home Depot to put in my garage for my stockpile. I am running out of room in my house. 🙂

  248. Debbie says:

    First year gardening this year!!

  249. Sel says:

    Well this summer my husband and I are renewing our vows and we are going to have a small reception in the backyard. So we are going to start a lot of landscaping and gardening!

  250. Shani says:

    I love to paint my deck and put out flowers in the spring. It makes my deck look brand new!

  251. olivia says:

    I have been thinking about starting my own garden and due to the snow I have half of a bush (the other half being on the ground still attached) outside of my window that will need to be fixed or replaced with flowers.

  252. Christina says:

    I have tons of weeds to pull in my flowerbeds.

  253. Dena says:

    My first project this spring: paint the entire interior of the house. No more white walls!!

  254. Jennifer says:

    This is so great! Money is tight and we have many projects to do! This would help alot! Some projects include, putting in 2 more vegetable gardens, fixing out duck pen, finish our pond project and spruce up the landscaping as well as fixing up the outside of the house, cracks and such!!!

  255. Julia says:

    The first project for me is always sharpening the edges of the garden and planting the vegetables.

  256. EDGARD DOMENECH says:

    I have too many projects in the next few weeks. But my priority is to fix a water leak from the room in my back porch and it will be nice to win the GC to get the material needed

  257. Pamela M. says:

    I have no storage in my bathroom, so a new linen closet or shelving is much needed!

  258. Melanie says:

    We need to add mulch and fill in some bare spots in our flower beds.

  259. nikki wilson says:

    We have a long list, but the backyard landscaping and the bathroom floor are a MUST this season.

  260. Matt says:

    Time for mulching and fertilizing!

  261. Amanda says:

    We are newlyweds who have moved into our first house. The previous owners did not maintain the yard at all! Due to this, we will be spending the spring cleaning up our yard before the summer under growth. This involves the removal of grape vines from trees, killing poison ivy, raking, and planting grass.

    Once all this is done, we need to re-build the back porch as it is rotting and unsafe for any future children.

    Needless to say, we have a lot of work to do and no tools to do it with. Home Depot is literally at the end of our street, and we will be spending a lot of time (and money) picking up tools and supplies there!

  262. liz says:

    We’re going to put in a new walkway in the front and some landscaping in the back.

  263. Allison says:

    I’d like to finally finish our bathroom!

  264. Christina says:

    the first thing we need to do is put a storm door up. We need to keep the cold out in the winter and the cool air in in the summer. Plus, our puppy loves to sit at the window and watch the world go by this would give her another place to sit.

  265. Jenn says:

    Our first project will be to paint our living room. We’ve been in our home for 4 years and it’s still white, ugh!

  266. Jessica says:

    We need to take down the old chain link fence and put in a fence with a little more privacy!

  267. jade says:

    Need lots of mulch and top soil plus more annuals

  268. Kathy says:

    we’re building our own shed!

  269. Ashley H. says:

    I’m going to paint my kitchen this spring.

  270. Katie Ralston says:

    We’re moving into a new house! I don’t even know where to start 🙂

  271. audra wilder says:

    oh where oh where to start! My first is my front steps and walkway!

  272. Christina N says:

    I will be doing maintenance on my landscaping.

  273. Mike S says:

    I will be putting in a new paver stone patio in my backyard…and mulching my gardens!

  274. Ann says:

    My first projects are to clean out my flower boxes & get them ready for flowers & to clean the deck off. Need to get a new umbrella for the table this year so a girft card would help alot with that 🙂

  275. carolyn catona says:

    My first spring project is to ‘bomb’ my house for ants and other little crawling critters. Living in a Rowhome is not fun. Then I am re-configuring my kitchen and the dreded window cleaning. And this is only in my first weekend!!

  276. Andrea Henriques says:

    New wood floors in for the entire downstairs. I tired thinking about how hard this is going to be.

  277. Mary says:

    We’re going to be mulching our flower beds.

  278. Cindy H says:

    to tear down our old falling apart shed and replace it with a new one

  279. Melissa B. says:

    We would love to clean up our yard a bit. We hate having sandy soil but I guess it comes with our choice of neighborhoods. We would love to spruce up our outside. I know my husband would love to try to get the grass full and green!

  280. Dave says:

    The roof….the roof…..the roof is being replaced! Yikes then septic install, landscaping, painting, tear down an outbuilding, I could go on and on! I need a 365 day summer to get it all done!

  281. Liz says:

    Time to add some beautiful flowers to our home!! 🙂

  282. Lorri says:

    I’ve been to Home Depot 3 times in the past week. We replaced all of our bathroom fixtures and shower heads. I also picked up paint to touch up our kitchen walls….and my husband is busy with outdoor painting/staining. The next project is our garden!

  283. Melissa "green-thumb" Rogers says:

    We bought a new house and we don’t know where to start in the yard. Help! The list includes- fertilizing the lawn, putting up a shed, powerwashing the siding, planting our garden, installing a sprinkler system and small patio. We’ll be in Home Depot all summer!

  284. Jennifer R says:

    I want a new bistro set for my front porch

  285. Kim Stewart says:

    We need to seed the front yard. All the neighbourhood kids play in our yard so it has taken a beating!

  286. Nancy L. says:

    I will be extending my patio..and also will be adding a new grill! Don’t forget the flowers too 🙂

    Thank you Home Depot!


    Nancy L.

  287. Cathy says:

    My first spring project: Fixing the yard. You name it, we need it. New grass, flowers, even dirt to even it out.

  288. An says:

    I need to beautify my front and back garden. Also looking into outdoor seating.

  289. Tonya says:

    Fixing yard fence and purchasing new lawn mower!

  290. Dana Eckstrom says:

    I think my first project this spring will be to actually put astro-turf in this “concrete yard” we have in our South Philly home. I say it every year that I will do it so the kids have a mini-outdoor soccer field! This year, it’s gonna happen!

  291. Susan C. in NY says:

    Getting the garden going. Ready to plant some tomatoes and cucumbers (going to try to make my own pickles this year!).

    Thanks for a great giveaway.

  292. Alaya says:

    We would spruce up the grass in our front lawn!

  293. DianeG says:

    My first project is the BIG spring cleanup of the yard! We had two trees come down over the winter and lots of dead branches came down too due to the ice storms. And, of course, we have to rake the annual redistribution of the neighborhood leaf piles !

  294. Tanya says:

    My first project is yet to be determined. We are in the midst of being first time home owners. I guess anything would help for any project in store for us!
    Thanks for the chance to win such an awesome prize.

  295. PK says:

    We ABSOLUTELY have to replace kitchen floor. We’ve already picked it out but keep waiting and waiting for a sale (or a windfall of money). The floor is over 20 years old and is beginning to tear.

  296. tara c says:

    we so need this gift card, we live in S.Jersey where there is NO grass, only dirt and sand! Need grass seed for the backyard so the baby can play outside!

  297. marilyn says:

    My yard needs a sprucing up before we host my daughters high school graduation party this July.

  298. Taramarie O says:

    We have an unfinished bathroom that needs tile !

  299. Beth says:

    Going to plant our garden. Want to try soaker hoses this year.

  300. Tanya says:

    We have plans to install a fence this spring/summer, every little bit helps towards the cost of it!

  301. Katy says:

    We moved into our house 3 years ago, and still haven’t painted/decorated our main living areas. Then a week ago the ceiling in our kitchen started to drip (right under our bathroom upstairs). I’m pretty sure we can find some REALLY great things to do with the money! Haha!

  302. Amanda says:

    Yard! Yard! Yard! This would be a great help to start many outdoor projects! Thanks!

  303. Jen B. says:

    Hardwood floors! We’re ripping out 20 year old carpeting and linoleum to put in hardwood floors. So excited!!

  304. Jen says:

    We transplanted our azalea bushes last fall, then had a baby before we had a chance to plant new grass seed. The winter came and our dirt patches were covered with lovely snow…for a long time. First spring project – plant some grass seed.

  305. Sandra K321 says:

    The first project this spring will be the lawn! It is such a mess after the long winter and the shrubs need to be dealt with before they take over everything. The dog does a number on the lawn and since we have to be careful what we put down, it’s a challenge.

  306. Amanda says:

    After my husband got home from Iraq, 6 months ago, we decided that it was time to finally find a place we could call home. We are excited to say that we get the keys in a couple weeks! So our first project will be making our house, our own!

  307. Sarah K says:

    My husband bought me two rain barrels for my birthday last year, so our first big project outside will be setting those up!

  308. Sherry says:

    Our first project is cleaning up the gardens and the lawn. We recently had a new fence put in and boy did it make a mess of the yard. We have alot of dirt around that needs to have mulcj put over it and flowers planted in it.

  309. joan s says:

    what project don’t we have this spring….we need to finish the deck we started last summer, to clear out fall leaves still all over the far corners of the yard, our leaking shed needs to be reroofed, my daughter wants us to build her a new swingset, and the grass, well it just needs lots of love! but that’s just for starters—-do i need to go on, because as any of us with homes know, the list NEVER ends….

  310. sam s says:

    topsoil, grass, mulch and fencing….lots to do!

  311. Kristin says:

    Hmmm my big priority this spring is to build a good fence around my veggie garden. Last year the bunnies and groundhogs ate up all my lettuce! No more freebies for them this year!!!

  312. Jill L says:

    Our first big project this spring is going to be tackling the outdoors. There’s so much to do…plant our garden, plant a new tree out front with flowers and weeding and mulching… the list goes on and on. 🙂

  313. Denise Sauser says:

    The first tackle is the garden.

  314. Rachel F says:

    Buying shelfs and putting them up for my stockpile…LOL. I don’t have a stockpile yet, but I soon will with all the savings from this site.

  315. Barbara A says:

    Time to get the garden ready for planting.

  316. KATHLEEN L BODARY says:

    Landscaping. Long overdue:)

  317. Molly says:

    We just moved a month ago. The projects are endless!

  318. Randy says:

    re-do my patio

  319. Michelle says:

    Work on my flower gardens… I want to put some new plants in and move some I have around to different areas.

  320. Jillian says:

    My project would be finally getting my homemade composter built and setup by the garden. I bought the plastic barrel 2 1/2 yrs ago when I was pregnant, but since the little one has come about and I have been laid-off, I have not purchased the wood and metal hardware still needed. It would be nice to put my garden scraps into the composter and then put the compost back into the garden. One day….!!!

  321. Kris I. says:

    Our spring project is our landscaping!! My yard needs it.

  322. Heather Minton says:

    We have a big section of our backyard fence that is in desperate need of repair and is on the “to do” list this summer.

  323. Heather Minton says:

    we have a big section of our backyard fence that is in desperate need of repair. It is on the “to do” list this summer.

  324. Clarissa says:

    So many projects! Baby on the way! Inside spring cleaning and out. Woo hoo!

  325. Tracey Bridges says:

    I’m going to try to touch up the paint on my baseboards and put some flowering plants on my deck.

  326. Sarah says:


  327. Maria says:

    our roof – we have a huge mess because of multiple leaks 🙁

  328. Monica says:

    I bought mhy home last year. I wanted to jump into the yard work before the winter blast came, but I was not able to get it done. I plan to build an outdoor room/deck at the far end of our yard. I can’t wait to get the table and chairs cleaned and setup on the deck with a new grill next to it! Before any of this can happen The yard must be cleared of the brush and dead trees!

  329. Kim says:

    My front lawn! I have tried over and over again to grow grass but still have patches everywhere!!! I am determined this spring to have a beautiful lawn!

  330. Laura says:

    I have to power wash the deck and seal it. Then paint the front porch and mail box post. I’m tired just thinking about it!!!!

  331. April says:

    Our half bathroom is in need of a major redesign!

  332. Denine says:

    My first project for the fall is outside, replacing the broken pickets from front and back fences and repainting.

  333. Shell says:

    I really need to clean up all the clutter in my house!

    1. Vikki Hansen says:

      checkout she will help you with that clutter!

  334. Georgia says:

    Spruce up the lawn & bushes. Plant flowers around the pool & power wash the deck.

  335. Coreen says:

    Our front yard! We live amongst lovely trees which has created a great environment for growth, the wrong sort of growth. The grass is out of hand and the flowerbeds are overgrown with weeds. We plan to begin the battle of taking over the yard.

  336. Susan says:

    Between the heavy snow and the hungry deer this winter, we will be replacing several heavily damaged shrubs!

  337. Gail says:

    Our barn collapsed with all the snow this winter, so it looks like we will be building a new barn. Also, we have big plans for our garden this year!

  338. Jessica says:

    my first project this spring will be gettting the new garden area ready. We moved in when winter started and i am excited about getting everything rolling for spring!!!!

  339. Stu says:

    First project will be to take care of the lawn. It took such a beating after a hot summer and a snowy winter. It’s a complete mess.

  340. Marlene F says:

    I’m a first time home owner- a condo with a patio. I love the outdoors and want to make this space my go to area when the weather permits. Lots of other projects to take care of, as well.

  341. Candice says:

    My fiancee and I just bought our first house! I would LOVE to have some extra home depot cash to help renovate and decorate! Thank you Cindy!!

  342. april kleck says:

    Well…last winter my bathroom tub overflowed…thanks to my 12 year old wonderful, loving son!!! You guessed it….it leaked thru down into my dining room and ruined the floor in both the bathroom and dining room, along with the ceiling of the room…..It could have been worse…someone could have gotten hurt!!!! Soooo…we are going to be “diggin in!” Need to repair flooring and the ceiling. I can think of many other things I would rather do with the card but that would be the smart thing to do!!!!!!!!!!!

  343. Thabal says:

    We are planning to do some painting next month. Would buy painting supplies with the gift card. Thanks for the giveaway.

  344. Danielle says:

    My project is moving out of my townhouse, in to my mom’s house, and hopefully finding a new home to move into very very soon!!

  345. terri says:

    We are doing our attic this spring. Major organizing and throwing away all the junk that is accumulated up there. Also insulating and building storage area up there.

  346. Cindy says:

    My first spring project need to be something to combat the mud outside my back door! A walkway of some sort I’m thinking….

  347. Jennifer Brewer says:

    I am going to retexture and paint the walls in my bedroom. They are in horrible shape!

  348. Paulette says:

    Just bought our first home this winter! Our first of many projects this spring will be to fix the rain gutter that is creating a waterfall over our front steps…though we love waterfalls…the location of this one isn’t ideal. Of course this will lead into cleaning out and fixing all of the gutters!

  349. Marion says:

    I will plant flowers and then enjoy the smiles they bring.

  350. Caroline says:

    Our first project this spring has to be painting! We moved into our home 13 years ago and desperately need to update our paint in almost all of the rooms. Our three little boys have left many nicks, chips, and fingerprints on walls that are already so tired. New paint will freshen up our home and make a big difference in every room.

  351. Jon Leonard says:

    Well, I’ve always wanted to start a vegetable garden. That could be a money saver right? Though I should probably replace the leaky toilet. Decisions, decisions.

  352. Marian says:

    We are adding a 10′ by 15′ raised bed to our back yard for fresh veggies!

  353. E. Fern says:

    I am going to be mulching my front and back yards (Thanks to Home Depot for the great sale on mulch!!) and planting flowers in my deckrail boxes.

  354. sarah says:

    We are painting all the kids’ bedrooms!!! Should be a blast to do once the weather warms up!! 🙂

  355. Jenn says:

    My daughter and I are hoping to get done a little container gardening on the deck. 🙂


  356. Jennifer says:

    I’m planning on planting a garden for the first time this year! Once the weather turns around, that will be my first project for spring :0)

  357. Lisa says:

    Need to remulch everything and starting a new garden. Growing fruits, veggies and all sorts of pretty flowers! Just bought a fig tree at Home Depot. Just waiting to plant it outside!

  358. Becca says:

    My #1 project is the yard. I’ve lived in my house for 1 1/2 years. In those 18 months, my nemesis has become crab grass. Half of my front yard is infested and it just looks awful! Half nice and green, and half brown, in the beginning of Spring. This year, I’m going to beat the crab grass if it kills me.

  359. Jenn H. says:

    We are in the middle of re-landscaping our backyard as I type. Sod goes in tomorrow! So excited to be done with DIRT. Would love the gift card to buy some new plants and flowers! 🙂

  360. Jenn K says:

    Fixing our deck! I don’t think another coat of paint will hold it together for another year!

  361. Bethany says:

    I’ll be getting the garden ready. The massive snowstorms ruined the fence, the beds, everything.

  362. Cassie says:

    We’re going to put in a garden this year, so we can grow our own organic fruits & veggies!

  363. JoAnna says:

    We were finally able to move from a rented lot to our own lot at the end of last year and we are looking forward to planting some bushes, border grass and sprucing up the front porch with some colorful plants and flowers!!! It is truly hard for me to believe a landscaper lived here before us! There are no shrubs or any landscaping. I hope he didn’t bring his clients to his house!

  364. Krista wilcox-borsher says:

    The bathroom!

  365. staceypunk says:

    Sealing the driveway!

  366. stacey says:

    Getting a truckload of compost delivered next week, and starting the tomatoes!!!

  367. Susan says:

    Our first project will be power washing the patio and setting out the table and chairs so we can sit and look at all the yard work that needs to be done!

  368. Leanne says:

    I’d actually give it to my mom…she’s been doing various projects around her house and the next room on her agenda is painting the living room!!

  369. Teri says:

    Paint my kitchen!

  370. Christina says:

    My first project would be to clean up my backyard! My husband and I have been ill for quite some time and the kids outgrew their swingset so we donated it to some neighborhood kids and now I would like to just clean up all the trash that has accumulated back there.

  371. anya says:

    I am planning on expanding my veggie garden this year since we couldn’t afford the CSA again 🙂

  372. Jennifer P says:

    I am already working on widening my flower bed.

  373. Julie U says:

    landscaping for our backyard

  374. Kristen says:

    We want to organize our garage this spring.

  375. Judith says:

    My garden. You can never have enough flowers and veggies.

  376. Tracy Robertson says:

    My first project for spring is definitely to build a disaster preparedness kit.

  377. Donna says:

    We will be replacing some very old and tired looking bushes in the front of our house with several Burning Bushes.

  378. Jodi says:

    Oh, we have so many projects that need to be done. One of the most important is to put a fence out front for the safety of my younger kids and my dog. So nice of Home Depot to offer this giveaway:-).

  379. Karem says:

    Planting an organic garden for the 2nd year! Can’t wait to get outside to dig in the dirt!

  380. Joe says:

    Where do I start! New landscaping is first on our list!

  381. Rebecca says:

    Our first project will be to (hopefully) finish removing the 7ft deep wall of bamboo on the side of our house!! We would like to replace it with a patio. Last year we were able to take out about 6 feet. And it was not an easy task!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  382. Cynthia S says:

    Our yard needs alot of work! The grass is no longer there. Need Help!

  383. Rae Garzone says:

    We have started to redo our home , 1 room at a time. Everything is old. We have to start the kitchen soon. My husband in 60 and I am 55 , still do almost every thing our selves . Is a little harder but we do it.

  384. Lena says:

    There are lots of projects for both inside the house and outside, but let’s start with the yard and the garden this spring. A lot of trees and bushes to trim (I already got blisters doing it yesterday) and tons of more soil and mulch is needed! We’re going to plant a decent amount of potatoes this year since our modest attempt last year was pretty successful.

  385. Susan Salerno says:

    I definately need to do some organizing projects. Shelving, totes/baskets, and kitchen organization are all on my list.

  386. Rebecca says:

    I plan on buying some perrenial flowers, cleaning out my flower beds, planting the flowers, and then starting to prepare my vegetable garden for planting as well. Hopefully this weekend will be a great time to start!

  387. carmen says:

    the first project i’m going to tackle this spring is starting a container garden. i got some big empty kitty litter bins from Freecycle and now just need to go buy some potting soil and seeds!

  388. Laura says:

    My first project will be to repaint my bathroom! Can’t wait!

  389. Angela says:

    I plan on finishing my kitchen, lighting, painting, flooring….it’s been waiting on, err, finances, so to speak to find their way back into my pockets in order to continue! Thanks Cindy!

  390. allison says:

    cleaning up my flower beds and prepping my veggie patch! 🙂

  391. kristina k says:

    Finally this spring/summer I will be busting up all the old, cracked, and uneven concrete patio in my backyard. I am going to be replacing it with some decorative pavers. Also tilling up the mud hole that is located behind my patio and planting sod and some shrubs. I have been wanting to do this for 5 years now. I just can’t stand the sight of it anymore!!!!

  392. Amy says:

    My first projects will be to enlarge the garden and put down grass seed on the bare spots in the lawn.

  393. Rita says:

    My first project will be the garden. Preparing it for new veggies once it gets a bit warmer here.

  394. Bobby F says:

    I’m going to renovate my bathroom. It was built in the 50’s. Its long overdue!

  395. Jamie says:

    My first project this spring is to make a compost bin, in which I can place all of our lawn clippings, etc. into and, in turn, mix into our ever-growing garden!

  396. Amber Sellers says:

    I can’t wait to clean up my backyard so that I may have my annual cookout..yupeee My girls want to start there first garden and we have already made many trips to Home Depot.. Spring is here!:)

  397. Amanda W says:

    I would like to paint the living room.

  398. Jennfer says:

    Painting our little baby girl’s room!

  399. Vikki Hansen says:

    I am redoing my 1923 living room – complete overhaul from floor to ceiling. It has not seen love in many many years!

  400. amanda s says:

    this would really help out with planting some flowers for spring to make the yard pretty. thank you for this giveaway!

    pokergrl8 at

  401. Julie L says:

    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂 Our first spring project is reroofing the shed and painting it

  402. Dwayne Hamilton says:

    Every little bit helps! This spring brings a few remodeling projects, new bathroom and family room!

  403. Christiana Drayer says:

    Looking forward to creating a raised garden!

  404. My first spring project will be to repair the front lawn where grubbs have attacked and destroyed the grass and have left a large bare spot.

  405. Lina says:

    My first job to tackle this spring is to build some shelves for my garage.

  406. Marla says:

    My first project this spring is to get my pond rebuilt.

  407. amber p says:

    our first project is to get our veggie garden space ready for planting

  408. shirley says:

    We need to paint first year before anything else.
    [email protected]

  409. kolpin says:

    fixing my ac
    kolpin4680 at gmail dot com

  410. Ali says:

    We just purchased a new home and we need to desperately paint all of the rooms and knock down a few walls.

  411. Rachelle R says:

    we have to paint our living and family rooms. can’t wait to get started!

  412. Lindsey London says:

    We are going to start a vegetable garden with the kids.

  413. Samantha C. says:

    Our first project is to replace the massive pine tree we just removed, with something a little smaller of course 🙂

  414. Jenny says:

    My first Spring project will be to get our raised beds ready in our veggie garden for planting. Can’t wait!! NOTHING beats home grown veggies. =)

  415. caroline says:

    i’d like to plant some flowers or fix the deck

  416. Terri L says:

    I need to install an exhaust fan in my bathroom.

  417. Robyn A. says:

    getting rid of all my weeds in the back and front yards

  418. Kelly says:

    With the weather getting warmer, the next project (we already started the powder room) will be outside. Update the pond area with a Magnolia tree and lots of pretty flowers. We moved into this house May 2010, so we are excited!

  419. Krista C says:

    a container garden on mydeck!

  420. Sandra says:

    My first project in weeding and planting flowers in existing beds.

  421. carrie Le Chevallier says:

    Raleigh, NC
    My project is getting my raised beds in shape to get our family vegetable garden started!

  422. Beth says:

    First project is to get my vegetable garden planted.

  423. Cyndi C. says:

    This would be great to have….

  424. Julia says:

    new sunroom!

  425. Jessica Rohrer says:

    Hi – we are going to be doing hardwood floors ( living room and dining room) and ceramic tile ( kitchen and foyer ) in our house. I’ll be working getting my supplies to start at the end of April.

  426. Amanda says:

    Our first project will be either the front flower beds or organizing the basement and garage.

  427. Nicole McKeon says:

    restain/paint the deck!

  428. Jennifer G says:

    flower bed in front of the bay window! 🙂

  429. Melissa says:

    We are planning to plant our garden and some new flowers. Then plan to stain our deck.

  430. Lisa Thiesen says:

    I’d like to replace my plant that all died when I when back home during my husbands deployment. I miss the pretty colors in the yard:)

  431. Our first project would be to get some mulch and to, finally, after 7 years get some flowers in the bed out front. 😀

  432. Tara says:

    Our first project this spring will be to clean out the fish pond out front!! I have 13 fish in a 100 gallon pond that will love having clean water again 🙂

  433. Valerie h says:

    Would love it for paint and paint supplies or dirt and mulch!

  434. cheryl manna says:

    Finally putting steps on to our side porch!!!!

  435. Renee Hurff says:

    This is wonderful, my son just asked if we could plant some gardens this year, it would really help us!

  436. Shannon says:

    Our first spring project is tarting in the front garden, after all this snow this past winter, My garden needs soe serious help 🙂

  437. Rochella Ransom says:

    Spring is in the air and have 2 projects to start out first bathroom remodleing and landscaping a small area of yard by pool.

  438. Kimberly says:

    So many things need to get but I’d replace the fans in the bedrooms. It will be a necessity once the heat gets here!

  439. matthew dominick says:

    the first project i will be doing is to repair my house from the storm that just past last monday

  440. Amanda Reed says:

    Our first project will be replacing our fence.

  441. Amanda rials says:

    I’m working on getting my yards in order and I’m doing a craft project on an existing cleaning fan to make it shabby chic!

  442. karen says:

    I want to start a vegetable garden this year. I’ll need some lumber, dirt and seeds to get that going though 🙂

  443. Heather says:

    Great giveaway! Our first project will be to get an area ready for a garden! This will be our first ever!

  444. Jennifer says:

    With my daughter now old enough this year to help me plant flower, I am soo excited for Spring! a Home Depot gift card, will help so much!

  445. Liz says:

    My first big project this spring will be converting my side porch into a greenhouse!! Doing this will provide me with a great place to grow my flowers and veggies as well as conserve energy by helping to heat and cool that side of my house!!

  446. Andrea says:

    would love to have some extra to spend!

  447. Victoria M says:

    My first project to tackle this spring is to refinish my deck and clean the gutters. The backyard fence also needs some repairs. It’s going to be a busy Spring!

  448. Deanna Petersen says:

    We want to create a small patio area in our backyard, so of course I will need to purchase, some flowers, flower pots and patio furniture.
    Thank You.

  449. Liz Brandon says:

    There are too many projects to count. $50 would be great!

  450. Carrie says:

    Our first project will be to go to Home Depot & get some supplies to clean the yard and plant some grass and flowers! ☺

  451. stacey says:

    my first project of the spring is redoing my living room. need to paint. redoing a shell of a house is not easy.

  452. Danielle says:

    Flowers, flowers, flowers! I’d like to start a container garden on my patio.

  453. Shannon says:

    Our first spring project is starting in the front garden, after all this snow this past winter, My garden needs some serious help 🙂

  454. wendy says:

    Wow, thanks for this giveaway, sure hope i get lucky!! I am in desperate need of a dishwasher, but still short on money….I have never had a dishwasher, there are 6 of us in my family, im 36, we have 4 boys and I can only imagine the luxery of such a machine!!
    Keeping my fingures crossed!! 😉
    Thanks again,

  455. Jenny M says:

    My 6 year old son told me he wanted to do a vegetable garden this year. All other gardening is put on hold til I make a special vegetable patch for him. 🙂 After that, I want to plant some flowering bushes in my yard. We need some color. 🙂

  456. Christine Alvarado says:

    This single mom can use this give away to put towards a new dishwasher!

  457. Lorraine says:

    Our first project is reseeding and planting in the backyard. We purchased the house last year and hopefully soon it will be the way we want it.

  458. tina says:

    So much to do…drywall the livingroom and bedroom. Insulate the kitchen wall. new carpet in entire house.

  459. Pat says:

    We are going to enclose the deck so our dogs can go out and not jump off the 9ft to the ground. A home Depot gift card would help get that done.

  460. Tammy Mason says:

    I Have wanted to do a kitchen backsplash

  461. julie MacKinnon says:

    My backyard needs a lot of tlc. If I win the 50.00 gift card, I would buy plants to make my garden beautiful and seeds for my vegetable garden.

  462. Lynne says:

    Our first spring project is cleaning up the debris in our yard from the winter and cleaning out the flower beds! Can’t wait to get out and play in the dirt!

  463. Terry says:

    I want to redo our front lawn and flower gardens, Last fall we installed a handicapped ramp and had to tear up the flower beds. Now time to fix that up with bushes and flowers.

  464. Marianne says:

    Our first project is to finish the lattice work under our new deck and then paint the deck. After that the flower boxes and pots have to be filled.

  465. judy wildberger says:

    Install some safety bars in our hallway and bathroom

  466. sue jones says:

    I need to revive the flower gardens in the front of my house. Sue

  467. Jaime says:

    We would like to create a play area in my yard for our daughters. Thanks for the opportunity!

  468. Jennifer C. says:

    Our first spring project will be taking back the backyard! For years it has been the kids and dogs playground – this year we hope to be able to grow some grass and plant some flowers. We enjoy the deck, but we’d like to have something nice to look down on!

  469. Heather Masso says:

    Gardening/flowers/mulching etc. Spring is in the air!!

  470. Charlene Hammons says:

    I would love to start the veggies and of course the kids pumpkins this year.

  471. Stephanie Wolf says:

    i would use the gift card to buy some flowers for my yard

  472. Veronica says:

    We are currently building a cedar fence on our one acre property and we got all of our supplies from Home Depot. We really want to stain the whole fence once it’s up to keep it looking great. Every bit helps, it would be great to win this!

  473. Lauren M says:

    I would love to plant some flowers behind my college apartment. 🙂 Thank you for this opportunity!!

  474. Karen Brown says:

    The first thing I must purchase is the gazing ball and stand that was stolen from my yard on New Years Ever. I will then start cleaning the flower beds and getting them prepared for the annuals to be planted.

  475. Kim says:

    I want to try my hand at a veggie garden this spring. I’ve never lived anywhere that had a backyard & this is my first chance to try. Wish me luck!

  476. Leona says:

    My 1st project is storage for my pots and pans.

  477. Sergio says:

    First things first.. Tackle the weeds..

  478. Robyn N says:

    Finishing our bathroom remodel, and maybe a shed out back 🙂

  479. Lauren says:

    A big thank you to The Home Depot for providing this giveaway. We plan to up the wow factor in the vegetable garden by surrounding the raised beds with lots of color with new flowers and a few bushes! Can’t wait, come on warmer weather!

  480. Brenda says:

    The first project that my little girl Piper and I have planned for this spring, is to clean up all the flower pots and the garden of all of the twigs and old plants from last year. We had so much fun planting the flowers together last year and she is excited that it is almost time to do so again. We will be needing some potting soil and flowers and vegetables to replace the ones from last year. Can’t wait to get started and to see her little eyes light up. We also saw some nice looking berry bushes in yours store the other day, so maybe we will try our hands at some of those.

  481. rena says:

    our backyard has wasted space with large rocks, we ar going to put a patio, with a firepit . It would be a great help towards our project. thank you, Rena

  482. Kim F says:

    My first project is to get soil and plants for the garden I started in the fall. The wall is up – now I need the plants 🙂

  483. Nina says:

    My first project is gardening!

  484. Susan S. says:

    After the storms rolling through NC the other night, we will be taking down what is left of our 20 year old Bradford Pear tree and redoing our front yard from the damage. It would be a blessing to have the $50 to put towards the cost.

    Hope I’m the lucky one!

  485. Gayle Denney says:

    What a great giveaway! My first project of the spring is to get some flowers planted outside around my house. I want to bring some color to our curb appeal! 🙂

  486. Connie says:

    I would love to win the $50 gift card to make our Marine Corps Base house not look like all the other houses!! I would like to add mulch to the front yard and put some plants on my porch as well as in my screened in patio. Thank you LRWC and Home Depot for this chance to win!!!

  487. Aileen C says:

    Lots to do outside! First up is weeding the garden beds.

  488. Samara says:

    I will be clearing out the flower beds and raised gardens, raking up the yard, and then fixing the soffits and fascia. Then I’ll really get started!

  489. paula says:

    my first project would be to repair a wall that has water damage

  490. jessica says:

    we will be buying a new shed to replace the ones that the snow took out.

  491. mary says:

    My first project will be painting the cement walls on the house and painting the stoop and flower beds.So we can plant flowers in front of our home.This would help us out. Thank you very much to give us a chance to win this Giveaway.

  492. Buffy says:

    YaY Spring!! So many projects I wanna start…would like to add more veggies to my container garden that I just started. Actually would like to build a stand for my container. The list does go on but that would be the first thing! BTW..Good luck all!

  493. Barbara Geiger says:

    My project will be working in the yard. I have plants to repot, weeds to pull, decorations to bring out, scrubbing to be done. I cant wait I so love a nice yard, plus I love playing in the dirt its a great way to relieve the stress of all that everyday stuff. Plus you are outside enjoying nature and the sun.

  494. Andrea B says:

    My landscaping needs some serious help. 🙂

  495. Susan Haggett says:

    Our first spring project will be to fix our lawn which has ruts in it from a bucket truck taking down a tree last fall. We also want to paint the garage and build some raised planting beds for a vegetable garden! I love getting outside and digging in the dirt!!

  496. gwen says:

    starting a garden!

  497. Denise Jo says:

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.. Can’t wait to get some flowers planted and maybe some veggies too…

  498. Kimber Goshert says:

    One of our first projects will be to landscape around our new house. Looking so forward to doing it.

  499. Tabatha says:

    Thanks for the great giveaway! This would help tremendously in getting all the stuff we want for our balcony! 🙂

  500. Amie Margosiak says:

    My first project will be to get my lawn back into shape after this rough winter. Will be picking up many tree braches, and then fertilizing and reseeding the entire lawn…………..Hope to have green grass this year. Then onto the flower beds!!! Yeah Spring, Finally…… 😉

  501. mary says:

    My first project will be painting the cement walls on the house and painting the stoop and flower beds.So we can plant flowers in front of our home.This would help us out. Thank you very much to give us a chance to win this Giveaway.

  502. Sherry says:

    Love getting my garden ready! Will be needing some peat moss and such!

  503. Cindy B says:

    My Yard! Because of the extreme winter. My yard needs so much work!
    My husband would just love this 🙂

  504. Carla says:

    I need to fix pavers in the backyard and would like to plant flowers as I do every year

  505. Mary says:

    My spring project includes replacing the kitchen sink and faucets as well as replacing the showerhead with a water saver usage.

  506. Lorie says:

    Working on landscaping. Never had a flowerbed until last year. Got a lot of plants on clearance last fall but still have more to go. Need to buy mulch before summer comes.
    Thanks! 🙂

  507. Nicole says:

    My 4 year old son wants to plant a garden to grow his own strawberries!

  508. Jennifer says:

    We will be spreading new mulch in all of our flower beds.

  509. carol says:

    My unemployment just ran out and I love to
    plant flowers every spring on my tiny patio.
    This would help me have a beautiful little
    porch this year 🙂
    Thank you!

  510. Danielle Clukies says:

    We have a long list of projects for this Spring. The first is painting all the bedrooms.

  511. Katie H says:

    We just moved into our first house a few months ago so we have LOTS of projects to do….. finishing planting our garden (or possibly replant if this cold front freezes everything :(, build a shed to store our outdoor tools etc, finish the retaining wall and plant on the hill….. and thats just the start of it!! $50 would help out a lot – thanks for the great giveaway 🙂

  512. Elizabeth Guilbault says:

    Now that all of our inside renovations are finally done on our first home, this spring/summer it’s time to give the yard the TLC it deserves!!!

  513. amber torija says:

    Finally moved into a military housing that allows us to paint the walls…would love for our first spring project to he paint the living room and the kids room something besides blah white

  514. Chris H says:

    I need to build a fence around our pool equipment and do LOTS of planting around the house (not to mention the weeds)…. Thanks!

  515. Lacey says:

    In the past year, we bought our first house (with boring plain white walls EVERYWHERE!!), got engaged and then married!!! and brought home a new puppy!
    My house needs color! I would LOVE for my first spring project (first EVER project!) to be to paint the walls of my home… it needs some life!

  516. amber torija says:

    Finally moved into a military housing that allows us to paint the walls…would love for our first spring project to he paint a color besides blah white

  517. Meghan says:

    We’re putting new hardwood floors in and remodeling kitchen! ( now that is warm enough to grill every night for dinner…haha)

  518. Lyndsay Brunner says:

    Our first project is remodeling our bathroom.

  519. Patricia D. Simpson says:

    My first project I will tackle is laying plans and constructing an above ground garden at the school where I teach. Hope I win!!

  520. Debbie W says:

    Patio flower pots!!!!!! Can’t wait to do those and my herb garden!

  521. Vicki Johnson says:

    First project for spring is fixing our fence that got wasted by the high winter winds.

  522. Katie C says:

    We are putting up a fence, so as long as we can get those tree down on the property line!

  523. Kathy says:

    Planting flowers and trimming back bushes. Our yard is a mess!

  524. Tina Silvers says:

    How nice of you Home Depot. I would love a gift certificate. We have finally after 3 yrs figured out exactly what flowers to put where that won’t die before the end of summer. So we are so excited to get it just right this year and the $50 would be a great help to make our home beautiful ALL summer;)

  525. Kristine Twardy-Todd says:

    Our project is fixing our 2 leaky faucets and getting flowers for outside…started some already!

  526. Angie Scivally says:

    Thanks for the opportunity. My first project to tackel this spring will be my yard!! It is in a mess since last summer!

  527. Pamela M. says:

    My spring project is indoors…must get a linen closet or shelving in my bathroom, since there is nothing at this time.

    1. Lora L says:

      Need to finish bathroom and kitchen cabinets.

  528. Sara T says:

    I just bought my first house and I am really looking forward to planting flowers and growing vegetables to bring some color to my outside!!

  529. Jinnie says:

    My first home spruce project is painting my house! Its in desperate need of paint and I’m ready to tackle it!

  530. Connie says:

    $50 would sure help in patching the hole in the roof that keeps leaking!

  531. Kim G says:

    So many projects – I think I’ll start with replacing carpeted entry stairs for nice wood ones in my split level home. Four dogs can sure make a mess of carpet!

  532. Kelley Young says:

    Our first project is planting a raised vegetable

  533. Ken says:

    We need a new kitchen sink.

  534. Abbie Gerard says:

    I’d love a gift card! I would like to plant grass seed and spruce up my home! Every little bit helps~!

  535. Shannon W says:

    First project this spring is to get a rental house we are moving to ready. It currently has no bathroom and we are due to move in by the 30th. Wish i could hold on to my house, but I am not out of the game just yet, just pulling in my players for a new inning.

  536. Karen S. says:

    Our first project will be weeding the gardens, checking the gutters and redoing our family room. Thanks for the contest!

  537. Perica L says:

    Plant Flowers!! after the winter that New Jersey had, I can’t wait for some color outside.

  538. cathy says:

    well, since we already started the yard work, bought seed and fertilizer, next job is replacing the stockade fence with vinyl fencing.

  539. Kelly says:

    I want to work on my yard this year, plant pretty flowers and have the place everyone wants to come too. Sitting outside with a nice glass of Lemonade and just enjoying nature would make me happy.

  540. lisa says:

    Gotta redo my pond that I dug and did up just last year.

  541. Lisa M says:

    We are planning a family project….to build a vegetable garden. This GC would come in so handy to help offset the cost. Can’t wait to spend quality time together and eat some yummy veggies…..

  542. Melissa M says:

    My project would be painting my living room and dining room, they need new colors.

  543. Kristan says:

    It would be great to win! The $50 would help put in the the perennial border along my sidewalk! Need some mulch and trim to name a couple items!

  544. belinda says:

    My bathroom!!! Yes MY very own bathroom. Finally after years of waiting for all the kids I have my own bathroom. Painting my choice of colors and decorated the same!!!

  545. Ruthann says:

    My first project is going to be cleaning up and trying to dig up my bag yard.

  546. Martha Thomas says:

    Our first project of the spring is to put up a permanent fence to replace the temp one we put up last spring

  547. Becky Bonnell says:

    I’m very anxious to plant my garden and start enjoying some fresh vegetables!

  548. Kim W says:

    edging and mulching my flower beds

  549. Treasa says:

    My first project this spring will be to paint my porch and stain my porch swing!

  550. Jenn says:

    I want to put shelving in the basement for my ever growing stockpile of groceries 🙂

  551. LisaAnne Foglia says:

    My first project will be cleaning out the fish pond and planning the new landscaping around it.

  552. Kimberly says:

    Would love to buy garden items at Home Depot, oh, there are so many ideas coming to my head. Thanks for the opportunity.

  553. Sherry C says:

    I will be buying a new tree for my son. His tree didn’t make it and he is upset because his sisters trees are blooming.

  554. Paula K. says:

    We would love a chance to enter for this gift card…we have been putting off painting our bedroom and living room and this would help tremendously. Thanks!

  555. diana says:

    Our spring projects will include to continue to add annuals & perennials to our newly self-landscaped 15 x 10 mound garden that we started last year. Also to replace our existing deck with Trex Decking. Winning the gift card would help since my husband in currently unemployed.

  556. eschella says:

    It”s the only store I can get my hubby in without rushing me out especially when he has a project or the Apple store otherwise I am on my own, but, I love the plants and the projects I have taken there its fun and you meet really nice people

  557. Shelagh says:

    I am planning on planting some new bushes in my backyard near my deck as my first spring project. Maybe some forsythia.

  558. michael mantlo says:

    I am getting ready to build a patio in the backyard of my new house. I would love to create a Mexican-styled patio to make my beautiful Mexican bride feel more comfortable in her new country! That $50 GC would be a HUGE help(lol)!

  559. Lillian says:

    This spring, my first project (that I have already started a little) is to get my yard beautiful again! When my husband and I bought this house, our decision was largely based on how much we loved the yard here. But after my husband got cancer and I got pregnant, we just didn’t have the time or energy to maintain our landscape. After 6 years, the lawn is in sad shape. But this is the year that we will regain control of the yard, re-seed the lawn, re-plant the flower beds, and prune every last bush and tree on the property.

  560. Christine says:

    Planting flowers in the baskets along my fence. It’s the first thing everyone sees, and it really brightens up my house.

  561. melissa says:

    We will be adding a black chain link fence to our yard. We also want to add tire mulch to the area around the swingset.

  562. Christine says:

    We need to spruce up our home for the spring. We have to paint 2 rooms and give the front yard a little more curb appeal.

  563. Sheryl says:

    We have 2 projects that we would like to do, plus planting all the flowers. First one, front porch and foyer. The floor needs leveled and new walls put up. Second one, upstairs bedroom. The kids are gone so it’s time for a make-over. The $50 gift card would be put to good use.

  564. Ruth Nagle says:

    I can’t wait to do some yard work and planting flowers. Also staining the deck is on the list this spring.

  565. holly says:

    Planting flowers and mulching will be forst on my list.

  566. Barb says:

    I would actually give the gift card to my mom and dad. They have been going through some very difficult circumstances. A gift card would give them a chance to plant some flowers in their yard and hopefully cheer them up a bit.

  567. Sarah says:

    We are thinking about demoing our basement….this will be a long endeavor.

  568. Shannon says:

    Where do I begin? My lawn, cleaning up from the removal of a tree late in the fall, mulch and the list seems to go on and on….

  569. Lisa Narbert says:

    We just bought a house and got married so we are going to try to paint a few rooms and I would like to fix up a little garden in back to save on produce!!!Thank you for your awesome posts!

  570. Jennifer Adams says:

    My first thing I want to do is plant several pots of herbs. Maybe even a garden.

  571. Sarah says:

    I will finish the painting I started last fall and also just can’t pass up the flowers.

  572. Nayra says:

    We are cleaning the closets before moving to another state
    thanks for the giveaway!

  573. tracey says:

    without a doubt it will be the lawn and spring cleanup, especially since we left our landscaper go this year. $50.00 would be great to go towards a new lawnmower.

  574. Jean Gauthier says:

    I start with the garden, fixing the boxes and something for the tomatoes to climb. The rock that surrounds the garden. Needs a longer season for outside!!

  575. VD says:

    To start it would the hummingbird feeder I found and to get the hummingbirds to come… would be the feed and some beautiful flowers to show Spring has sprung 🙂 Good start?

  576. Regina Sumner says:

    The first project is build a new fence, then onto the flower beds.

  577. Julie R says:

    I’ve got a BIG list but my first project will be fixing my fence. After that I’ll be planting flowers down my driveway. Can’t wait for the nicer weather.

  578. cris says:

    My project will be trimming my rose bushes, planting pansies to go along with the tulips/hyacynths, and mulching the gardens to prepare for more planting. Also, want to make a garden path and plant border trees along my fence line.

  579. Rachel says:

    My first project will probably be painting, though the garden needs mulch. Possibly both at the same time!

  580. JoBeth says:

    My 1st project this spring will be planting my 1st garden since I was a little girl. I am really excited and can’t wait should be great.

  581. Aileen Perez says:

    Oh where to start!!!!! Well, my paint is peeling off my house, so we are gonna break out the ladders, scrapers, and paint brushes and make the abode just a little bit more presentable….. then by the time out outdoor list is finally done….(in a few years) we’ll have to paint all over again. I love being a homeowner.

  582. Yvonne says:

    First project will be painting two rooms which I have been putting off for a while

  583. Nancy says:

    My first project this year will be to clean the siding and windows. Then we will work outward from there, weeding and mulching and everything else “spring!”

  584. magaly says:

    50 dollars would help me to buy a new lawn mower for fix my front and back yard it almost seeems like a jungle

  585. Eva Bernaola says:

    My first proyect for this spring is finally fix me a flower bed and fill it with beautiful lilies, dalias, gladiolus, caladiums ….. Thanks Home Depot for this giveaway.

  586. Jennifer Rey says:

    I would finally finish painting and decorating my son’s bedroom and he’s now already 4 and I haven’t had the money to do so yet.

  587. Carol V. says:

    My first project will be to paint a very ugly rusted shed and power wash the deck so I will be ready for making planters. Then I will move on to mulching and attempt to grow grass in a high traffic area of the backyard. Great contest…good luck everyone!

  588. Renni Wooden says:

    I would love a $50.0 gift card….Please consider m for this giveaway.

  589. Marnie says:

    We could get plants for our garden and some lovely flowers!

  590. Francesca says:

    I hope they have Aerogarden kits, because that’s all I can have in my apartment :/

  591. Barb says:

    I am in dire need of a new ceilling fan in my bedroom. The old one bumps and bangs when its on. Looking forward to a peaceful night sleep 🙂

  592. carmen says:

    the first project for spring that i will tackle is planting my container garden.

  593. Tina says:

    This is so nice of Home Depot! We’ll be planting a vegetable garden again this year with the kids so we’ll need supplies for that. I’d also like to get some more flowers for the front and some paint 🙂

  594. Kathy says:

    My first spring project will be building a chicken coop. Love having fresh eggs for breakfast and hearing a rooster wake me up in the morning!

  595. jorasmom says:

    I will be doing yard work, planting and home fix-up at my 95-year-old grandmother’s house and my mother’s house first. Then, after a couple of days with Ben-Gay, I’ll be turning to my own house and laying a tile floor on my interior porch. 🙂

  596. Meg S says:

    Working on our yard and painting some of our rooms! Busy spring!

  597. Tracy says:

    Plan to get ready to grow tomatoes, to plant my annual container herb garden, and to go geranium crazy! (Also, this year, my little girl is finally old enough to help, so marigold seeds for her!)

  598. Karen Biggs says:

    The back of my yard along the fence has been left undone for years now. I plan on making a veggie garden back there to enjoy all the veggies of summer!!!

  599. kristy dalrymple says:

    i’m trying to buy up stuff for my new house hopefully a small farm i’m looking 2 buy b4 the end of summer we’re starting with nothing so we have A LOT to get b4 we start getting that house payment.

  600. Kim says:

    My first project is getting top soil for my brand new garden, and starting the seedlings.

  601. sherri maughan says:

    I am going to tackle a new landscaping project when we put up our new pool. the entire yard needs revamped!!

  602. Mari says:

    We are tearing down our old shed and building a new one. We are also going to revamp the garden.

  603. Nicole Madensky says:

    Putting together a raised bed (filled with veggies) and a rain barrel with my ten year old sister to show her the importance of stainable/ low carbon impact living, just two people can do.

  604. irma g says:

    Wish to add a garden and fix back yard

  605. Martha says:

    Our first project this spring will be landscaping. We have lived in our home for over 8 years, and we do not have one single shrub or tree in our yard. I know our neighbors wonder what is up, but we just have never had the extra money to do this. We are planning to put 5 shrubs across the front. I think this will vastly impove the looks of our house!

  606. Jenn Mackety says:

    plant some veggies to show the kids how to live off the land.

  607. Lisa R says:

    really need to clean up the flower beds and add some new mulch to them

  608. Chelsea Walters says:

    I want to reinvent my bedroom and bring the colors of spring in with new molding.. new blinds and new carpet..please help me.. thanks

  609. Alison Howe says:

    My dream project for this spring is to install a free form koi pond with a waterfall off my back patio! 50 won’t go very far, but it sure would get the ball rolling!! I wish everyone luck, Alison

  610. Beverly Warren says:

    I need to build a shed to store my horses feed & tack in.

  611. Anonymous says:

    We will plant some flowers!

  612. We will be cleaning up some brush and rebuilding our walk way to the front door. Our front porch needs to be painted too.

  613. Heather Eicher says:

    We are planning a stone patio off the side of our deck

  614. Michele Holden says:

    We are going to tackle the yard!!! We have no landscaping so we will be starting from scratch!

  615. Molly says:

    We will be building a shed and landscaping around our new home.

  616. nicole smith says:

    Getting married, this would be awesome to win.

  617. Summer says:

    We will plant some flowers outside

  618. Jamie says:

    We could really use this!! I want to do a nice little garden in our backyard this year and I always plant several flower gardens around our house. We love THE HOME DEPOT!!!

  619. Liz says:

    My children have food allergies which makes shopping more expensive with having to buy organic all the time. My hubby and I would love to put a raised garden in our backyard so the squirrels, rabbits and groundhogs cannot get to it. This would be a great incentive to start it now!

  620. Stephanie says:

    Need to build a playground for the kids!!!!!

  621. Ginny S says:

    I want to start an herb/vegetable garden.

  622. Evann says:

    Finishing my newborn son’s nursery, my hubby started this project when I was 9 months pregnant and now our son is 11 weeks old and still no nursery. Finger’s crossed hope it will be done soon 🙂

  623. Elizabeth Brennan says:

    I would soooo love to win this! My husband and I are expecting identical twin baby girls due in June (we’re thinking they will arrive in May). Needless to say, we need to get their Nursery in order! This would help so much with paint, and shelving, etc! Fingers crossed!!!

  624. Rosa Castillo says:

    We are going to fix up our garden this would be great if we win. Thanks for the chance!!

  625. Build a new porch/deck… this one is just unsafe and not handicap accessible at all..

  626. Elizabeth Callaghan says:

    I will be giving my kitchen cabinets a facelift, new sink, and countertops to match…… So excited it’s been years of planning and finally once the weather breaks I can start tackling :0)

  627. angela urquhart says:

    my first project is getting a new fridge in the house

  628. Diana says:

    I would like to repair the fence around my vegetable garden and clean up flowers beds.

  629. Mary says:

    We need to fix the fence around the pool!

  630. Joanne says:

    redoing our bathroom

  631. Dara Nickerson says:

    We are finishing out our basement! AND building on to an existing deck! BUSY spring/summer for us! LOL

  632. Bonnie Ridenour says:

    We’re putting in a little pond in our front yard and finish painting our house 🙂

  633. Sarah S says:

    My first project of the Spring season would be planting a veggie garden and landscaping the front and backyards.

  634. Carol says:

    I need to revamp the front garden.

  635. Lisa Chesney says:

    Making my garden more accessible for my wheelchair.

  636. Karen Cofield says:

    Need to tear down a fence and put up a new one…and clean up my garden

  637. Leah says:

    Fixing the yard from all the snow, salt, and water run off damage…. hate bad winter.

  638. loretta says:

    Cleaning out the closets… really cleaning them and installing new shelving for them. I have bins of clothes I haven’t used in years, so it’s really time to donate it.

  639. David Bostedor III says:

    The first project of the year will be a survey of our property lines and the installation of a fence.

  640. Lori Jarvis says:

    Need to put up new windows and siding!

  641. Jennifer Trillich says:

    My husband and I bought a 150 year old farmhouse which we are completely gutting. The $50 gift card would surely help with any one of our numerous projects.

  642. JenP says:

    I hope I win!! We could definitely use the money.

  643. Michelle says:

    To build up and fix my garden so that it doesn’t flood again this year… 🙂

  644. Going to try to dig more lawn out to plant more veggies this year so I am able to can this year. Also putting in a clothesline…have to get wood to raise the veggie beds and topsoil…the economy being what it is, its time to be more self-sufficient.

  645. Kayla Cummings says:

    I will be planting flowers in the beds in the front of the house…then on to the ones in the back! 🙂

  646. nancy says:

    My first job this Spring will be finishing the painting of the inside of my home. It’s a challenge for this “little old lady” but I am going to get it DONE

  647. YMadden says:

    remodeling the kitchen … anything helps

  648. Amy Young says:

    I am working on my back splash now, next is painting.

  649. Nicole says:

    Build a deck so we can enjoy the backyard a little more!

  650. ann says:

    I will be cleaning and replanting some flower beds.

  651. Patty Poland says:

    We plan on updating the kids play area. New mulch, fix the wall keeping the mulch in, may be get a new playset if the kids are lucky, and of course a new patio set so I can sit, relax and watch my kids enjoy the backyard!

  652. Rachel Rost says:

    We’re fixing our front porch and redoing the landscaping out there! Along with other various gardens and projects through out the house 🙂

  653. Amy Giesler says:

    Would love to remOdel a bath that desperately needs a new stall shower!

  654. Melissa says:

    Tilling the garden getting it ready to plant yummy veggies and fruit!!!!!!!!!

  655. Melynni says:

    Need some quickrete with the $50 gift certificate. Making some mosaic blocks to use as a patio under my table in my garden. It’s going to be beautiful!

  656. Ganit says:

    The big thing we plan to do is patch up the roof– it’s a little trickly up by the smokestack!

  657. Maria says:

    Would love to get some more storage racks for my stockpile – I’m running out of safe and I just starting couponing last October.

    Thank you so much for all your help

  658. Lisa acosta says:

    I would fix our cement steps that lead outdoors. I don’t know if it’s all the snow/salt this past winter or just it’s an older house but we have huge ankle twisting holes in each step! I also have plans for a veggie garden and a rain barrel. Thanks!

  659. Shannon says:

    This past winter did a job on my garden!!!! Need mulch and flowers to spruce up my yard!!!!!! Can’t wait to shop! 🙂

  660. nikki says:

    going to build a MONSTER sandbox for kids to put a swingset in!!!!

  661. Lori says:

    We’re starting a top-to-bottom remodel on our houseboat. It just went in the water last week, so we’re ready to go! Our first project is hanging and painting all the beadboard then we’re ready to buy and install new kitchen cabinets!

  662. Gina says:

    Still trying to finish up our 2nd bath. We really need it now that our little girl is starting to use the big girl potty.

  663. Amanda Quayle says:

    My next project to tackle is remodel of the whole bathroom and redoing the kitchen floor.

  664. Dana Mayfield says:

    My first project would be to tackle my YARD. It needs help. Then I would move right on into the house, which also needs lots of renovations!!! Hope I win.

  665. Amy Camassar says:

    I am going to stain my deck. I took a beating this winter with all the snow!

  666. Janet Robinson says:

    I thought I was going to do some painting but then….the bottom of my sink in the bathroom rusted through so I have no choice but to start on the bathroom.

  667. Sharon says:

    I have a ton of raking and general clean up to do in my yard.

  668. barb says:

    rebuilding after we had a flood a month ago!!!

  669. Christine Lynch says:

    Need to replace and fix both of our bathrooms.

  670. Jen Shuart says:

    We are going to replace some fence panels that were ripped apart by the high wind and ice storms we had this winter. Don’t need to have the neighbors staring while I sunbathe!

  671. Brenda Jones says:

    I will be putting in a raised bed garden and cleaning out and organizing the shed.

  672. Kim says:

    I would use it on an herb and veggie garden! Yummy!!

  673. Marguerite says:

    We will be planting some flowers and building a ramp for my son’s wheelchair!

  674. Jane Sharp says:

    We need new windows!!!

  675. Jessica P says:

    The first project I plan to tackle this spring build a raise bed so I can grow some veggies!

  676. Christine Bailey says:

    back splash for kitchen!!!

  677. Christi says:

    Paint the eves and Facial Boards.

  678. Rachel says:

    Fixing up my children’s playhouse!

  679. Kim Hauck says:

    My first project would be some plants for frontyard landscaping…love your website …keep p the GREAT work…Kim

  680. Gayle says:

    Our projects are many this summer. Landscaping, finishing the basement includes sheetrocking and painting, the if there is time and money, adding a bathroom.

  681. Bowling Green Savings says:

    Complete the patio: Landscaping, Gazebo and place new grill on permanent foundation!!

  682. Jenn says:

    We have quite the list of spring projects, including enlarging our garden to be ready for planting, creating new flower beds to create a “barrier” between our yard and our neighbors’ and building a deck.

  683. Gail Higgins says:

    I would like to give My card to a Habitat For Humanity recipient for landscaping their new home in my hometown of Newnan Georgia.

  684. Coreena Detrich says:

    We have GOT to replace our screen door to the kitchen.

  685. Donna M says:

    Would like to replace the bushes in front yard that were destroyed by the all the snow we had this year.

  686. Edward says:

    I could definitly use one of those cards, seeing as I am about to move.

  687. Kathleen says:

    We plan to build a tree house together as a family!

  688. Kari says:

    We are moving in two weeks so there will be lots of painting in my future!

  689. Amy Wright says:

    Our home has the worst curb appeal on the block, so I would start there–new porch light, new edging for the flowerbeds and mulch, perennials that would bring color to our doorstep, and paint for the eaves and trim to brighten our house’s “smile!”

  690. Monica says:

    SPRING CLEANING!!!! I would like to clean, paint, and plant 🙂

  691. Robin says:

    Ripped out all the bushed in front of my home in the fall…overgrown & just plain ugly. I need to re-landscape the front of my home.

  692. Gail Higgins says:

    I will buy landscaping products such as flowers, soil, small shovel etc and donate these items to a local Habitat For Humanity recipient or the Habitat For Humanity Re-Store in Newnan, Georgia to go to the family of their choice

  693. Jenn G says:

    We are turning our yard into a self sufficient garden/micro farm. We just built a chicken tractor for our three hens. Anything helps to further our quest to be self sufficient gardeners and improve our poor soil conditions!

  694. Lisa Wormuth says:

    We are trying to redo our bathroom with new tile and paint. Then start the outside of the house parging and doing some much needed landscaping.

  695. Jennifer Church says:

    We are planning on re-doing our gardens and flower beds! 🙂 This is our second spring in our new home! Last year we waited to see what “popped up” before we took anything out! Now we plan on putting in our own stuff!

  696. Mary Ann Swingle says:

    Putting up a new tree swing, cleaning up the tree limbs which came down this winter, and adding some new flower beds. Can’t wait for the weather to break!

  697. Lori Shave says:

    Plant flowers, of course! Make my yard beautiful!

  698. Jeannette Gorham says:

    We need to work on our lawn and get started with planting.

  699. Deb says:

    I will planting a garden for the first time ever. I can’t wait to get started and watch it grow. I was going to have the kido’s help so they can see how we can grow our own food.

  700. Chimeria says:

    I’m excited about doing a garden. We (the kids and I) have started seeding inside. We are excited about the garden. Its going to be a great project while they are out of school. Our next step is getting the backyard ready. Being military we might have to fit more back there, lol.

  701. Jill says:

    I am busting out of my apartment! I need storage!

  702. Amy Pilrggi says:

    I am going to redo the front porch….winter took it’s tool and the concrete is crumbling.

  703. Deb Howarth says:

    There are so many projects we need to get done! Right now we are tearing off 4 layers of wallpaper in our foyer. This is an endless job and I feel I will never see the end of it! We still have to pick out paint when we are done!

  704. Valerie says:

    I will use this for all the minor repair needed that happend during the snow storm 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win <3

  705. Erica P. says:

    There are many projects actually, build and plant a raised garden, build a deck, and seed our lawn!

  706. Joyce Wilson says:

    Build an enclosure for the trash cans…no more racoons tearing up the trash 🙁

  707. Elizabeth says:

    I am going to try square foot gardening with my kids as a part of our home school…can’t wait to get started!

  708. Doreen says:

    We plan to put up a new shed, expand our garden, and hopefully remodel our kids’ playhouse (that they are too old for now) into a henhouse so that we can start raising chickens for fresh eggs!

  709. We are going to build a big deck !!!

  710. Noelle Heinrich says:

    Patio furniture and flower boxes

  711. Trish says:

    I’d get paint. I need to paint my family room! Behr paint rocks too! Eggshell is so smooth!

  712. CHERYL says:

    I would purchase plants, mulch, stepping stone, and supplies for my garden to get ready for spring after this long cold winter in New Jersey…

  713. Edward says:

    I am in the process of moving and I am interning to become a pastor.

  714. Michelle C. says:

    I have a naked backyard! So this year after the last 8 with hubby gone being military and he is now retired and working a regualr job we can actual spend time growing a garden! I plan to have a small veg garden and plant bushes,flowers to add some color and life to my backyard. It just looks like a big grass field. I could use some landscape ideas!!!

  715. Suzanne says:

    Painting, painting, and more painting. PLUS planting, planting, and more planting!

  716. Michelle says:

    We need to fix up our house so we can sell it and move!!!!

  717. Nikki Donaghy says:

    My flower beds are in desperate need of some tlc!

  718. Jules says:

    WE LOVE HOME DEPOT!!!!! There are many things we are planning on this spring, We need to replace a column on our front porch and replace the risers on our stairs to start. HOME DEPOT has turned into a kind of “date night” for my husband and I!

  719. I need to landscape the front of my house!! Mulch, plants, etc. HELP!!

  720. Jen says:

    Our list consists of, Fixing the leaky roof, repair the ceiling in the living and dining rooms, and while hubby is doing that, I’ll be doing fresh mulch in the beds, lots and lots of flowers!

  721. Linda says:

    Patio door!

  722. Anna says:

    Building a raised bed flower garden!

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