Giveaway Winners: Ice Cream Coupon – 20 winners!

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::The winners of the Ice Cream Coupon Giveaway are:

  • Comment: Bree says Oh my favorite is watermelon; I just love how when you cut it open on a hot summer day, it just sweetens the air.
  • Comment: Annie says My favorite summertime snack is a Good Humor Toasted Almond bar. Yum!
  • Comment: Su says My favorite summertime snack is still anything chocolate; however, my family LOVES ice cream(and snowballs).
  • Comment: Silvia says I love Strawberry Ice Cream
  • Comment: Joanne says Nothing beats ice cream! I love those vanilla and chocolate ice cream cups that come with the little wooden spoons. Yummy!
  • Comment: Tiffany says Ice cream with rainbow jimmies is my all time favorite summertime snack! I love ice cream in a cone, in a bowl, on top of a waffle, soft serve or hard, on a stick, between two cookies, I could go on and on, I love it anyway I can get it!!!
  • Comment: Kristen says Phillies Graham Slam Ice Cream!
  • Comment: Kim says Watermelon!!
  • Comment: Marilyn says My favorite summertime treat is an ice cream sundae with hot fudge and brownies. (OK I lied it’s my favorite year round treat.)
  • Comment: Brenda says Ben and Jerry’s fudge brownie Ice cream … Ice Cream and more Ice Cream.. Yummy!!!!
  • Comment: Kristin says Although ice cream is wonderful I have to say that my fav summer snack is a cucumber sandwich (best with the cucumbers from my garden!): sliced cucumber, tomato, salt, pepper & mayo on bread. I don’t eat it in any other season =)
  • Comment: Melyssa C. says I love double chocolate snack cake with fresh berries! My mom and I always make it and the summer brings us the perfect berries to top it off!! Yummy!
  • Comment: Lori says My favorite ANYtime snack is definitely ice cream … but it’s even better in the Summer! Who doesn’t love a great tasting ice cream on a cone on a hot summer day!?!
  • Comment: Melissa says Rita’s with a pretzel
  • Comment: Callie says Easy one! Drumsticks!
  • Comment: Sue K. says MMMMM I love nothing better than cold watermelon sherbet !
  • Comment: Michelle P. says I love watermelon on a summer day
  • Comment: Karren says My favorite Summertime snack is ice cold watermelon!!
  • Comment: Debbie says My favorite summertime snack is fried oreos! Mmmmmmmm…
  • Comment: Liz says Definitely the Nestle crunch klondike bars.

The winners have been contacted via email.  Thanks to everyone for entering.

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