New High Value $1.75/1 Finish Coupon

Finish Coupon

There is a new high value Finish Coupon available.  The coupon is for $1.75 off any Finish Quantum Product.  You will have to “like” Finish Dishwashing on Facebook to print the coupon.

Finish Coupon

Also, don’t forget about the $1.50 off Lysol Coupon that is also available

(Thanks hip2save!)

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  • Sandy

    Had printing issues but was finally able to print 2 after trying several times.

  • Ann

    FB now says 50% off Q. IS this the same or it should specifically say $ 1.75 off?

  • Lisa

    I got a $1.75 off coupon, but only managed to print one. How did you print two, Sandy?

    • DonnaM

      At first I got a message saying I had already printed them which I did not, so I went back in and hit the coupon button on the left side of the page and printed 2 of each off 2 computers, (the same message came up on my other computer also, just did the same)

      • Laurie M.

        Thank you! This worked for me.

    • Sandy

      Exited out of FB and re-clicked on Cindy’s link till bricks finally spit out another.

      • Lisa

        Got it. Thanks! : )

  • Only was able to print one!

    • Amy

      Viv, click out and reload.

  • Tina

    It does take a couple of times coming off their page and then going back on to get the coupon to stop giving you the already printed message. If it still doesn’t work click help in the bottom right corner of the coupon screen before you hit print coupon and a form will pop for them to mail it to you.

  • Jill

    Thanks! I’m just heading out to RA today and this, combined with the Lysol Qs, will make a huge difference.

  • Nicole

    It told me I already printed it and I haven’t….hmmmmm

  • Thank You! Was able to reload and print the second coupon!!! Keep trying if you are having trouble!!!