Reader Shopping Trips: Rite Aid, Walgreens, Target and ShopRite

Oh my, Reader Jennifer was busy!! She went to Rite Aid, Walgreens, Target, ShopRite, made a pitstop at Dunkin’ Donuts and ended up with a movie rental from Redbox! I’m tired just reading all that she did!! 😉

Hi, Cindy! I got my son off to school this morning and then headed out to do all my weekly shopping! My goal was to get it all done by lunch time. With the help of your site, I had all my coupons ready for the various stores I was heading to so I could head out first thing this morning. Thanks!


My first stop was Rite Aid.


6 bags of Reese’s PB Eggs – 2.44 each
2 single Reese’s PB Eggs .79 each (10% discount)
(these don’t seem to have made it home in my bag. hmmmmmmm… I just
don’ know how that could have happened)
2 single Cadbury Eggs .79 each (10% discount)
2 Hershey solid milk chocolate bunnies – 1.79 each
2 Scunci hair bands 1.99 each
tax = .17

Coupons used:

$3/15 survey coupon
$1/3 Hershey Easter candy
$1/3 Hershey Easter candy
$1/2 Hershey “centerpiece” candy
.50/2 Reese’s video values
.50/2 Cadbury video values
NEW TOTAL = $18.53

Paid with $16 UPR and $2.53 OOP
Received $17 UPR ($10 candy, $1 candy, $1 candy, $1 candy, $1.99 Scunci, $1.99 Scunci)
I also received another code for a $3 /15 survey!

Then I headed down to Walgreen’s.


(4) plastic Easter cups $1.34
(4) Nescafe instant coffee 7-packs – $4.00
(2) Crayola on the go Color Wonders – $3.00
tax .26

Coupons used:

(4) .50/1 Nescafe
(2) $1/1 Color Wonder
$4.00 RR from Reach

Received $4.00 RR from Nescafe

Next up, Target!


Lawry’s garlic salt – 1.99
Purex Crystals – 2.99
(2) Wishbone Salad dressings – 3.20
(2) Olay facial cleanser – 9.98
(nothing taxable)

Coupons used:

$2/1 Purex Crystals mq
$1/1 Purex Crystals target q
$2/1 Olay facial cleanser mq
$2/1 Olay facial cleanser mq
$1/1 Olay facial product target q
$1.50/2 Wishbone target web q
NEW TOTAL = $8.66

Paid with a $5 gift card from the Glade scented oil deal a few weeks ago and $3.66 OOP.
Received a new $5 gift card for the Olay.

At this point, I was parched (and needed to use the bathroom). So I made a pit stop at Dunkin’ Donuts for my free Monday iced coffee!! Yummmmm!


Last stop, my favorite store, SHOPRITE! Unfortunately, I had to actually PAY for my groceries this week since the Dollar Days coupons are over. *sigh*


(2) Minute Rice ready-to-eat – 1.67 each
Ronzoni jumbo shells pasta – .99
(2) Texas Toast croutons – 1.50 each
(4) Nutrigrain bars – 2.00 each
Shoprite cottage cheese – 1.99
1/2 gallong of milk – 1.85
(2) Aunt Jemima frozen pancakes – 1.99 each
(3) Gorton’s frozen fish fillets – 2.64 each
(2) Digiorno pizzas – 3.99 each
(2) Chore Boy sponges 1.79 each
(4) International Delight Coffee creamers – .99 each
tax – .16

Coupons used:

$2.00 off instantly for buying the 3 frozen fish products
(2) .50/1 Minute Rice (doubled to 1.00)
(2) .75/2 Nutrigrain (doubled to 1.00)
(3) .75/1 Gorton fish (doubled to 1.00)
1.00/2 Texas Toast croutons
(2) .55/1 Chore Boy (doubled to 1.00)
(4) .55/1 International Delight (doubled to .99)
$2/2 Aunt Jemima
Canvas bag refund – .35
NEW TOTAL = $26.29

Plus I qualified for my free ham today, having spent about $50.00 OOP!

After that I grabbed a quick FREE Redbox rental from my text message this morning (the box is at the exit of Shoprite) Phew! I’m totally exhausted! But I’m happy to have gotten all that shopping done with! Now I just have to fill up the plastic eggs I brought home from church yesterday with the candy from Rite Aid so I don’t eat it all!!

Be sure to check out the Rite Aid, Walgreens, Target and ShopRite for this week.

If you have a shopping trip you want to share, stay tuned for the new $100 Store Gift Card Giveaway.  There is even more in store for this month. 🙂

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  • Annie

    What a fun morning! Sounds so similar to mine, free iced coffee, free Redbox at Shoprite, trip to Rite Aid & Target. Good job:)

  • Lisa R

    lol I love the way you laid it all out. What a great down (bowing to you)

  • Lisa R

    and that would be great day not down lol

  • Pamela

    What is the free Monday Iced coffee promo? Not familkar with this but I’d sure like to be ;)!
    Can someone pls fill me in on the detail??!!
    Thank you!

    • Jennifer K.

      It was a postcard that came with the Redplum mailers a few weeks ago. It had a punch card to cut out for a free iced coffee each Monday in April. I marked it on the calendar each week so I wouldn’t miss a single one!

      • Melinda

        Do you know which week’s Redplum it was in? I’m shocked I missed this!

        • Julie

          Me too! I have to go back through mine and look. Maybe it wasn’t in all of them?!

          • Paulette

            Jennifer, you mentioned a Red Plum mailer? Is that different from the Sunday newspaper inserts? AGH…am I missing out on some coupons??!! 😉

            Great shopping trip!

      • Pamela

        Thanks for the info!
        Must have been regional b/c I know I didn’t get that mailer 🙁

  • Laurie M.

    LOVE it!!!
    Question – where did you find the Crayola Wonder on the Go in Walgreens? I didn’t see them today and wonder if they are somewhere else away from the arts supplies section (where the full size Crayola Wonders are)??

    • Jennifer K.

      I found them hanging up in the Easter section. I looked around for a looooong time for them and had almost given up. But then they jumped out at me.

      • Laurie M.

        I guess I’ll have to go look again. Thanks!

    • Amy

      I got mine in the front of the store not with all other arts and crafts.

  • Pamela

    LOL familkar = familar (-k) !! hehe

  • Jennifer K.

    Wow, Cindy! Thanks for posting this! It was fun taking photos each step of the way. 🙂 I want to add that I forgot to put my ground turkey into my Shoprite total. So I spent about $3.00 more than what I have listed here.

    • Cindy

      It was an awesome series of pictures and deals. Loved it and I knew others would too. Thanks for sending it in. You looked like you had fun gathering up your deals. And, I loved the Dunkin Donuts!! 🙂

  • Catherine Bennet

    I should do that on Saturday. I think I will have a good run Saturday. I hope to start out early because I know it is going to take me a while.

  • Ueen

    OMG, I like how Jennifer took pictures before reaching home. Love it. Great job. Wait, please dont forget to pick up your son from school. JK 🙂

    • Jennifer K.

      Ha! I didn’t forget him 🙂 It was a quick Shoprite trip because I am SO well-stocked from the past several weeks. I’ll need to go back later in the week for produce, but there is really VERY little we need.

  • I was just looking at receipts and LOL’d when I saw that I had “earned” my free ham. I don’t know exactly how much OOP I spent, but I know it sure wasn’t $300!
    I am chuckling at the thought of you taking pictures of your cart in Shoprite!

    • Jennifer K.

      I looked for a relatively empty aisle to take the picture in. And I was using my iphone to take the pictures so I just pretended like I was looking at my shopping list. 🙂

  • Jena

    I liked the pictures……in your reusable Shoprite bags! and the view looking in! Love it! I did my rite aid and CVS deals this week need to hit Shoprite and Walgreens! Got my coffee too! and going to make a second stop at Pathmark!

    • Jennifer K.

      I got 14 of those bags at Shoprite during the Dollar days. Ahhh… the good old days.

  • Jean

    Sounds like my marathon Fridays while my boys are in school! It’s exhausting but then everything is done in 1 day and it would easily take twice as long and with many more headaches if the kids were with me.
    Way to go!

  • Jill

    I loved your post. I thought it was interesting how you took the pictures of everything in the bag ! I have similar days like this too, where I run from Pathmark to Rite Aid to King Kullen to CVS for all the different deals. It takes time to prepare for them and then do them, but it is so rewarding afterward. I am a stay at home mom and I consider part of my job as a homemaker to spend as little as is necessary to provide food and other essentials for my family, so we have more money for other things. My husband works 5 days a week to make money to provide for us, I feel it is my duty as his partner, to “work” too, making that money go as far as possible. Sometimes I don’t understand why a lot more “stay at home moms” are not shopping like we do. Does anyone else feel like I do and think it should be their “duty” to spend as little as possible of their husband’s hard earned money on food and health and beauty items?

    • Maria

      I’m not a stay at home mom, I work 40 hrs and my husband works a swing shift. I have a son in college and my youngest will be joining him in the fall. It’s more then a hobby, I put in a lot of time looking for the best deals and mm that make sense for my family. We have saved so much money and the best part is that my pantry is full, freezers are also full and we have a nice stockpile so after this weeks sales I think I’m going to take a little break and get back to the gym.

      • Jill

        That’s great Maria! I too spend a lot of time researching and preparing for the best deals. I can’t imagine doing all that and working full time too. I think all people should shop this way, but I just think it’s even easier if you don’t work. I see so many woman who I know do not work, go to the stores and just buy what they want, regardless of price and just swipe their credit/debit card and go home. That sure is nice and easy, no research, coupon cutting, match ups, trips to different stores, etc,………but they are just throwing their money away. I feel if their husband is out working hard, they should be working hard as well.

        • Jennifer K.

          I agree with you to a certain extent. My “job” is running our household – making sure each person is where they need to be when they need to be there, making sure the cupboards and closets are stocked with the things that we need, making sure that the clothes are clean and the dishes are clean, etc. For ME, part of that is making our money stretch so that we can live the good life while spending less money. But just because another woman doesn’t consider that to be an important part of her “job description”, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t work hard. I think that we, as women, need to build each other up and not put others down if their values and choices are not the same as ours.

          • Jill

            You are right. I agree with that. I don’t mean to put them down, I guess I just feel bad for some of the women I know that say they are struggling financially and they won’t consider incorporating this into their “job” of running their household. I know from my own experience how much money it would save them and help them with their finances.

  • Jo-Ellen

    Thanks for the post! I gathered my coupons at lunch and hit just Rite Aid before picking my son up from daycare. I was able to pick up the Scrunci’s AND the candy. I had a $5 off $25 from KidStuff book, so I ended up spending less than $2 on candy (6 bags, 2 bunnies, and the pack of mini Cadbury Eggs) for everyone this Easter adng got myself some new hair ties. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the post!!

  • Jules

    I’m a very visual person, so this was so fun for me!!! Thanks and keep up the good work everyone! I cant believe the difference in my life, and also that living this way I can actually afford things i once considered a luxury( which are sometimes FREE).

  • Patti M

    I’m getting no Red Plum/Dunkin’ love in Bergen County. 🙁

  • Michelle

    That’s some good shopping! I love seeing what people buy and save – it’s motivational 🙂