ShopRite Deals for the Week of 4/3/11

ShopRite Deals for the week of 4/3/11

All coupons $.99 and under are doubled in these match ups. If your ShopRite doubles differently, please adjust the final price accordingly. Also keep in mind that these coupon match ups are based on insert coupons found in the NJ, NY area. Other areas may have additional or different value coupons. Only the best value price coupons have been listed here. Make sure to check out the ShopRite Coupon Policy.

Do Not Double Coupons: All coupon match ups below are shown as doubled. Some coupons will state “Do Not Double” on the coupon. This is a YMMV situation.

How to Create Your Custom Shopping List:

  • Click on the box next to the item you would like to buy at the store
  • The item will be placed in your shopping list.
  • The list will appear from the right bottom of this site
  • Once you are done, click print.
  • Note that if you leave this post, you will lose your list.
  • If you would like the store name on your list, click on the first box labeled ShopRite

Click the link below to see the entire ShopRite Match Ups for this week and to create your own shopping list.


Most Catalinas are based on the shelf price of the item when calculating the price. Please be sure to check your shelf prices as they may vary from the ones listed here. The deals shown are only suggestions to get you started. These deals have not been confirmed so you may want to check back in the comments to see if anyone has been successful doing them.

::Select Cleaning Products: Buy $20  get a two $5 Catalinas

You will get 2 – $5.00 catalinas to be used 4/10 – 4/23 as follows:

  • $5.00 catalina toward purchase of $5 or more Scott Towels Mega roll, 10 Pack  or Via Towels Giant Roll, 6 pack
  • $5.00 catalina toward purchase of $5 or more Windex Trigger, Scrubbing Bubbles Fantastik or Pledge


::P&G: Buy $15 Get a $5 Catalina


NOTE: If  your catalinas do not print, the best thing to do it to contact Catalina Marketing.  Their info is: 1-888-826-8766 or via email

The links in the post above may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.
  • Lana

    Is there a specific zip code we have to use for gordon’s grilled and string cheese?

  • Fury

    I see the chinet plates are on sale still, i wonder if the napkins and the cups will be as well

  • Laurie V

    I don’t do facebook very well and can’t seem to figure out how to get the coupon for the Ritz Crackerfuls. can anyone figure out of there is a direct link we can use? Thanks

    • Fury

      just click the link, then click the giant part of the picture that says save .75 now Download Coupon. Dont even need to have an account or sign in.

      • RoseAnn

        I don’t see the coupon. All I see are recipes. I don’t even see it on the left hand side that says LINKS. Maybe they discontinued it???

        • Fury

          It not on the left hand side. When i click the link a giant picture pops up on the facebook page. The top righthand corner of the picture is clickable with the coupon.

      • Laurie V

        Thank you Fury! I got it now.

        • Karen

          it prints with a “Do Not Double or Triple” above the picture :/

  • Brandon

    Any directions on how to get the Diamond nuts coupon, I tried ast week and couldn’t find it either (I did find a coupon for Breakfast item though – not nuts).

  • chris

    Where is the coupon for Emerald Nuts. I played the game and no coupon came up and I don’t see a link to get a coupon.

    • Sarah M

      chris, after you play the instant win game, there’s a black box that appears and it says “Get Valuable Coupons” in the lower right hand corner with a link to Emerald and a link to Kettle Brand. You have to turn your pop-up blocker off to get the link to work correctly.

      • chris

        Thanks, was able to get it.

  • Nicole

    I can’t find the string cheese coupon either…

  • Stephanie

    Anyone come up with any extra deals for the triple coupons?

    • Rose

      Where are there triple Qs

      • mary

        Triple Q at Carmel, Croton, Bedford Hills, White Plains, Cortlandt Manor, Scarsdale, New Rochelle, Tuckahoe Road, Yonkers.

  • Ari

    Thanks for the matchups!

  • Patti M

    There are two other deals on my list for this coming week that are in my circular:
    – Newman’s Own Salad Dressing (love the lime one !) $2.99 use $1/1 Q RP 3/20/11
    – Dole Fruit Crisp 2/$4 use $1/1 Q SS 4/3/11


  • Thanks for the matchups Cindy!

    • chris

      Yes, thank you!!

      • Johnna

        Thanks Cindy..Love your site 🙂

  • Jenni

    I believe the .35¢ Colgate coupon is a DND9. At least mine is 🙁

    • Rose

      Mine too, Colgate is cheap with my coupons

  • Julie

    Whatever I do, i can not get Smart Source coupons to print for me. My husband even looked at it and can’t figure out what is wrong. If I click print, the tab closes, reopens and says this tab hhas been recovered and nothing. Any ideas? I HATE to miss the great deals – missed $1 Herr’s chips today because it wouldn’t print.

    • Debbie

      I have problems printing Smart Source coupons too! I get the message that I don’t have java installed. I hit my “back” button and magically they start printing! … Don’t know why but as long as it works I’m leaving it at that. Maybe it will work for you too. If not, maybe pressing F5 will help. Good luck

      • Fury

        try a new browser. I have been using google chrome lately. Also, smartsource uses java, go to and get the newest version.

      • Mary Jane B

        I found that it takes quite a while for the Smart Source coupons to print. I click it to print and then go away from the computer and do something else. I’d say it takes 10 minutes to print. Give it a try. Hope it works for you. Maryjane

        • Lady J

          Oh so it’s not just my very old second computer that does this? I thought it was maybe because the internet was wireless on that computer (or like I said the computer was old).

          • Jen

            I had a pc that had this problem apparently something was blocked on my firewall, never figured out what. But I was able to print it through aol’s browser on that pc.

    • rosanne

      try ‘right click’ and ‘open in other window’ – sometimes works for me.

    • Diane R

      About 3 months ago Smartsource coupons stopped printing for me on Firefox browser. Don’t know why. They always printed for me in the past. I have the latest Java and the latest Firefox versions installed. So now whenever I see that a coupon is a Smartsource coupon, I just close down Firefox, open up Internet Explorer and then the smartsource coupons print just fine. I wish more companies would use Bricks instead of Smartsource. Bricks coupons always seem to print with no problems.

      • Jill b

        Yea, totally. Fire fox just won’t print smart source, I do have try try the back button! Luckly Internet explorer prints them otherwise I’d be crying. Coupon network won’t print coupons on my old laptop can’t seem to figure out why. And my cousin can’t print from targets coupons, she can’t figure out why. I share my coupons with her after I’m done with them tho. So it’s not that bad for her, lol

        • Patti M

          Maybe it’s the security/anti-virus software (Norton, McAffee) settings? I never have a problem printing from FF.

    • LizP

      I can’t print Smart Source or Coupon Network. Maybe because I’m on a Mac? Won’t do it from IE or FF. Can’t do individual ones like the Aunt Jemima either. So frustrating!!

  • Josie T.

    @Chris – I didn’t see the Emerald coupon at first either, but after you play/skip the game, if you look at the bottom of the black box that comes up saying “sorry try again,” it says “valuable coupons” and there’s a yellow circle that says emerald next to that which brings you to the bricks coupon

    • chris

      Thank you, was able to print up two. Maybe I should start wearing my glasses.

  • Josie T.

    I can’t find the Frigo coupon on either, but you can print a $0.40/1 coupon from their website:

  • deanna

    Cindy I printed out a coupon a few days ok for 4.00 off of 2 digiorno pizza and cookies. My ad say variety (excluding stuffed crust and ultimate) so I am thinking that the pizza with cookies should be on sale too making them 2 for 3.98. Also has anyone tried to freeze the containers of best life before?

    • Cindy

      I’m hoping that it is

    • Lynn

      I freeze it all the time, It freezes great=) I have it on my list today!!!

    • Lynn

      I think I replied to the wrong post! OOOOPS:/ Deanna it freezes great=)

    • giggleblue

      they told me today that the digiorno pizza and cookies were not included in the sale, even though the ad says no stuffed crust or ultimate and the pizza and cookies is within the weight limit listed in the ad.

      should we ask for a manager?

      • fury

        none of the pizza + sides are on sale, they are all 8.99

    • Victoria

      I have put the best life in the freezer with no problems at all. Just make sure you give it a full day or so to thaw in the fridge! I love their butter!

    • Lisa

      the ccoupon worked for me, I used it on four vheese pizza and it worked

    • Lisa

      Hi just got from shoprite bought two digoirno four cheese rising crust pizzas and used my $4 off 2 coupon and it went thru no beeps no problems.

  • Diane K

    ok people check your cats! yesterday I had hit shoprite for the last of the deals and I got alot of the “coupon cats”, you know the ones that spit out with the $19.95 oil changes ect., normally I shove them in my pocket and weed them out at a later date. But 2 cought my eye. I got 2 Scott tissue or paper towel cats 1 for 1.50 off 2 or more rolls and the other $ 4.oo off 4 or more rolls. well I tried them with my mega roll deal and they both worked! So I got one mega pack 4.77 and the other for $7.27! with the 2 fantastic products I spent “$20.00” and got my two $5.00 off coupons for scott and fantastic. so oop I spent 12.54 and got $10.00 worth of cats!

    • andy

      …and got 2 *$5 of worthless catalinas – each one is only good on purchase of 5.00 or more of stuff we don’t need as we got it for free or moneymaker already.

      • James

        Free money is never worthless. If the products you have to buy can be gotten for free with manufacturer’s coupons, you can put that $5 towards something else. You only need to purchase $5 in those products for shelf price. Anything you save after that is free money.
        Example: I had the Purina cats from Feb/March for $5 off. Then I had $1/1 Purina dog treats. I bought 4 Chew-Eez (1.19) totaling $.80 after coupons and was free to use the other $4.20 on something else. Don’t tell me you would pass up receiving $4.20 for free!

  • Mike


  • Emily

    Yay! I have aorund 9 leftover $4 off any digiorno pizza from my house party, so 9 free digiorno pizzas!!!!

  • Stephanie

    Anyone buy the Gorton’s fish items? Just wondering if the 2.00 savings worked when you buy 3. 🙂

  • Lynn

    Thank you for the matchups Cindy!

  • Anonymous

    there’s still a $1 off folgers coffee Q on (if you didn’t get the $2 one)

  • MillburnLaura

    Gortons fish—$2 savings came off at the register

    • Cindy

      Awesome. What a great deal!

      • Lorraine

        Hi Cindy..what zip code is used to get the Gorton’s $0.75 coupon. When I click your Gorton’s link I cannot find the coupon. Thanks.

        • Cindy

          it was under 07039. I’ll have to check around and see if it’s still there. The hot coupons go quickly though.

    • andy

      Did you use 3 0.75/1 Ips and did they all double?

      • Ueen

        I did the 2.49 gortons deal used 3 .75/1 ip q and they all doubled.

    • Fury

      The grilled shrimp are listed for 4.99. The ad says 1/2 price, are these really $10 normally?

  • Nancy L.

    Does anyone have a good zipcode to find the Starbucks coffee drink coupon?


  • Colleen

    I can’t find the coupon for Frigo String Cheese .. there is no coupon for them on and not on there website either

    • Josie T.

      There is a coupon on their website (top left corner)

      • Mary

        Warminster store has had the coupon machines with 1./1 for awhile, maybe your store does too?

  • Fury
  • deanna

    In last weekends coupons I found a $2.00 off smart balance milk making it .99 cents

  • Fury

    Digiorno Facebook will be adding a NCAA Championship coupon sometime Monday. Keep an eye out on their page. I will update when its posted.

  • Jo

    When I was at Shoprite last week I found a peelie coupon for $1.00 off of 2 5lb bags of Gold Medal flour on the Hersheys semi sweet chocolate chips. The flour is on sale this week for $1.88 each so with the coupon it would be $1.38 each. Not too bad.

  • Cindy V

    Sent hubby this afternoon to buy some cleaning products… and he did this deal:

    Buy 4 Shout ($3.15) $2.50 each
    Buy 4 Fantastik ($2.50) $2.00
    -(4)$0.55/1 Shout
    -(4)$0.75/1 Fantastik
    Pay $7.16
    Get $10 in catalinas

    Only the Shout .55/1 coupons doubled… all four of the Fantastik coupons did NOT double. Looks like I’ll be visiting customer service to get my $3.00 later this week… ALSO, most importantly, the catalinas DID NOT print. He went to customer service and they told him it was based on sale price, not shelf (nothing new here) and they made him buy extra before they’d print off the catalina coupons. He did buy 2 Windex (2 for $5) and they gave it to him.

    • Lori G

      For several months now, my CT Shoprite cat deals have only worked on sale price, not shelf price. I am also having issues with random coupons not doubling. FYI, my Stop and Shop deals will also only work on sale price. I guess someone in CT is wising up…

      • Alicia

        I am in CT too and it’s always sale price 🙁

        • Joy

          I’m in CT too and can never get the coupon booklets. Can anyone else?

  • swathi

    Hi Cindy

    I appreciate for all your hard work for matching up coupons. Thanks but a small request, for new couponers like me its overwhelming to see all coupons and sales. It would really help us if you could highlight your favorite deals in another color. So that we would know its the best price for a good deal. Hope you consider my request.


    • Angela E

      I’m no exert but, I think Cindy only posts the VERY best deals here. There are many more sale items not on her website.

      Maybe someone could confirm this though…I’m not sure: Perhaps these are ALL the sale items that ALSO have coupon matchups?

      • Cindy

        It’s a mix. I try to post the best deals but I also include other sale items that have coupons that can be used to make a good deal. I do this because, what is a great price for one may not be a great price for others.

        For instance, someone may love to use John Frieda Shampoo and be willing to pay $1.00 for it. While others, may have so much shampoo that they won’t get it unless it’s completely free. So, stockpile prices will really vary from person to person.

        • Paulette


          Perhaps I’m missing it, but you used to make a notation next to prices that are really great…was it a little heart or something?? That was helpful to me! I do understand everyone’s stock pile prices vary, but it’s so helpful to have someone who has been couponing for a long time let us know what they think 🙂

          Trying not to ask too much of you b/c everything you do is already so helpful!!!

          • Cindy

            I was adding the heart but I think some browsers weren’t seeing it properly and it was coming up as a weird symbol or something. I will try again and see how it goes

            • Paulette

              Yay! Thanks Cindy 🙂

  • Ali

    For those of you doing the triple coupons this week, just to let you know that you need to watch the coupons as they scan because there are apparently 2 bar codes and one will not triple or even double, it will only give you the value. The manager had to come and she realized the error and had to rescan all of my coupons. I got over $200 for $53 after the coupons. I need to make another trip.
    Also, you can only use up to 4 of the same coupons (which was fine for me only having 4).

    • Marcia

      Where are they doubling coupons??

      • Ali

        They are tripling in Westchester County this week only. I went back today and got $40 worth of stuff for $9.

        • 0246

          what deals did you use, Ali?

          • Ali

            I got a bunch of cleaners (scrubbing bubbles, shout etc) and frozen items. I match them on their website flyer, add them to my list when I match up the coupons I have that I know will double and then go to it.

  • mahal

    I had a problem last week with the kellogs frosted flakes coupon which i printed from the coupon On the coupon it says catalina marketing and doesnt have any website link on it (ex:, or….).
    The shoprite manager in bergen county said that they wont be accepting coupons without a website link on the coupon.
    So i ended up paying the full price the kellogs cereal last week.
    Does anybody experience the same problem or is it with my shoprite in bergen county?

    • Patti M

      Mahal, this has been my experience at the Paramus, Lodi & Rochelle Park locations.

      • lana

        in passaic county, they check all ip coupons, if they have the same one in their binders up front, then your allowed to use it. if not, then you cant use it. i had a problem with the mintue maid, and called customer service, they sent me out 2 $ shoprite coupons instead…

    • Dee2

      I’m in Milford, CT. Both SRs near me check every coupon before they start to scan items. There must be a web site on the coupon for them to take it. Recently they started refusing all Smart Source IP coupons because they haven’t been getting paid.

  • Anonymous

    I was told the same thing in Brooklawn too.

  • Cat

    Can someone who shops at the Commack NY store let me know if there are any super coupons in the ad for this week. I usually pick up the next weeks flyer when I shop but they didn’t have them in last Wednesday. Thanks!

    • Anonymous

      Super Coupons for Commack NY:
      Boars Head Turkey 5.99lb
      North Atlantic Salmon Fillet 5.99lb
      Skirt Steak 4.99lb
      2lbs shrimp 14.95 frozen
      2.5lbs cooked or cleaned shrimp 19.95

    • Jill

      I shop there too and they mail a flyer directly to my home because I am outside the area. I actually got mine in the mail today. If you go to customer service you can fill out a form to have a circular mailed to you every week. No good super coupons this week. Just the ones mentioned below (or above, not sure where this will post)

      • Anonymous

        Jill – thanks for mentioning the possibility of Shoprite mailing you a circular. That would be great if I could get them to do that. I’ll try it. 🙂

        • Cat

          It is going to be a rough week without the dollar day certificates and not so great super coupons! Last week I filled out the form to get the ad mailed to my house but it didn’t come this week. Thanks for the coupon info.

  • Danielle M

    On my trip to Shop Rite in Cinnaminson there was a tear pad $1 off/1 crackerfuls which are on sale for $1.99.

    • Kristi

      Can someone tell me how to get to Emerald Nuts coupon? I must be missing it on the site, which I have visited at least 5 times… THANKS!!

  • went to sr today and got 2
    Viva Giant Roll Towels 6 Pack and used 2 – 85 cents off and it doubled fully. Paid 14.14 and got two $5 cat

    • Melinda

      what insert are these viva Qs in?

  • Ann

    Can anyone find the Farm Rich Snack Q?

  • bmedici

    Deal Idea
    Buy 4 Shout ($3.15) $2.50 each
    Buy 4 Fantastik ($2.50) $2.00
    -(4)$0.55/1 Shout
    -(4)$0.75/1 Fantastik
    Pay $7.16
    Get $10 in catalinas

    I did the deal above and got the Catalinas, but the second time I did it on my Price Plus Card, I didn’t. I was told by CS that my purchase didn’t add up to $20, but I wonder whether the system imposed a limit of one deal per card. If you’ve received, or attempted to receive, more than one set of these Catalinas per card, please post your experience.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi!
    Not sure if anyone mentioned this yet or not, but there is also a coupon for $1/2 Ajax in the 2/27/11 SS, making it $1.38 for each bottle of Ajax.

  • Hi!
    Not sure if anyone mentioned this yet or not, but the Beech Nut coupons are expired – each page says, “Sorry, this offer has expired. This coupon is no longer available – Thank you for your interest.”

  • Andrea

    Shoprite has Rayovac batteries (4 pk) on sale for $1.19 per package. There is a coupon for $1/1 in the 3/20 SS insert. Also, you can “like” them on FB to get additional $1/1 coupons.

  • Andrea

    Also, my Ritz Crackerful coupon doubled even though it says “DND”. I only paid $.49 per box.

  • tam

    Today I have only 4 coupons doubled at check out. I asked the cashier for others which are not doubled, she keyed in manually for me.

  • Mary

    I didn’t read through posts, but wanted to say that on specially marked boxes of Nutrigrain bars, there are 5. worth of coupons inside. Included are 1./2 nutrigrain bars.

  • Shira


    Re: the Season Sardines, you menton using an in-ad coupon plus a regular mfr coupon. The only coupon in my ad says mfr coupon on top. Is there another coupon somewhere that I don’t have?

    • Cindy

      Oh bummer. I think when I posted that I was getting confused with other stores that had store coupons for that product. Sorry about that. I’ll correct that post.

      • Shira

        ah ok. Thanks.

  • 0246

    What do you do when SR makes up bogus policies when you’re in the middle of a transaction? Today I was making a purchase with multiple coupons (1 per item basically) and my store is running triple coupons this week. NONE of my coupons tripled, so the cashier called for assistance, and together they called for MORE assistance, and that person then called for the store manager, who made up all kinds of reasons why they wouldn’t triple my coupons: because the computer didn’t do it automatically and they’re at the mercy of the computer, because they don’t triple coupons on sale items, because my coupons were printed on the internet … you name it, they gave it as a “reason” for not tripling.

    Their policy doesn’t say anything about the computer, sale items, or internet coupons (it does say that coupons printed with smartsource on the label are not to be tripled, only doubled, and that WebBucks coupons are only not to be tripled, only doubled – but none of my coupons were SS or WB.

    What can I do?

    • Paulette

      Contact customer service?!

    • mary

      The Shoprite on Tuckahoe rd is the worst!. they always seem to give me such a hard time with coupon policy. No one there knows what ther’re doing. I have gone to other shoprite’s, they are very nice and they never give me problems…

    • Ali

      There are 2 bar codes on internet printables. They need to scan the one on the far left corner. It will triple. Mine had this issue and they finally figured it out.

  • maria

    There is a coupon for Ajax laundry detergent ss 3/6…$1/2

  • Ana

    Hi! With my large family, I’m planning on purchasing 10 smart balance milks with my $2 off coupons. Does anyone know if it is possible to freeze the milk with no problem with the taste or anything???? Thanks

    • Victoria

      I have frozen it before with no problems!

  • Ari

    just got back from SR – they had family size ground turkey for 2.99 each… sooo happy!!!

  • kristi

    Someone mentioned a Shiprite in Westchester Triples coupons- which one? Is it all the time, or just a current promotion? If a promo, how long does it run? Does anyone know of stores in Orange County that Triple ? Thanks!

    • 0246

      it’s a bunch of SRs in westchester, this week only.

    • mary

      Triple coupons this week only at Yonkers, White Plains, New Rochelle, Scarsdale, Thornwood, Cortlandt Manor, Carmel, Croton, Thornwood, Bedford.

  • Andrea

    Question-when Shoprite has a limit of 4 on something, is that per transaction or per price plus card?

    • Cindy

      It’s per transaction. You can do it again in another transaction even with your card.

      • Mary

        And usually it’s limit 4 per variety. So you could get say 4 orange gatorade, 4 lime and so on. Just an example, of course;)

        • Andrea

          Great! Thanks to you both!

  • Laurie Owens

    I wasn’t able to find the Tyson chicken. Is it an unadvertised sale? I was looking at the bagged frozen variety. Has anyone else had a problem?

  • Jenn

    I just found a coupon for .55 /1 package of Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies on
    Facebook. It allows two prints.

    Here’s the link —

  • Annie

    This is the week to buy Success rice at Shoprite and submit for the $5 Tangled rebate! It’s on sale for $2.39 and there is a $1/2 coupon in the 3/27 RedPlum. Not super-cheap (the total is $3.78 for two boxes), but a fair deal, and I just want to submit before I forget. 🙂

  • Jessica

    Not sure if anyone noted this BUT:

    The nutra grain deal (see below) Look for the boxes with the CARS graphic (bottom right corner) it has MATER from teh movie. You enter 4 codes you can get $5 gas card – or $5 “concession cash” etc… must be brand new as I went to enter my codes and it says its still not ready yet (but its the cars page so you know its coming). So if you get the fully double 4/8$ – (2)/2 .75 doubled = $5 for 4 boxes AND you enter the codes you will get back your $5 in concession cash, gas card or get more codes for more “items” like a cars ball or pen, etc… 🙂 Happy shopping…

    there are also boxes with $ 5 worth of Qs inside. I have bought 3 boxes and each has had 5 different Qs… I looked real funny digging thru the nutra grain shelf looking for cars 🙂

    Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Bars (must buy 4) – $2.00
    buy 2 and use $0.75/2 Kellogg’s Nutri-grain Cereal Bars, exp. 5-1-11 (RP 03/06/11)
    as low as $1.25 each after coupon

  • Patti M

    To note re High Liner Sea Cuisine …my SR (Rochelle Park) has them on unadvertised spcl for $5.49 this week (in orig packaging in the frozen seafood case near the seafood dept). If you, like me, have those $2 Qs that expire in a couple of days (4/11 for me) this could be a good match up…especially if you have some $2 Taster’s Choice cats too!

    Also, a public thank you to the coupon fairly that left two mfr $1 Qs for the Dole Fruit Crisps on the shelf! 😉

    It was a good SR week!

    • Patti M

      OH, PS…the Santa Cruz lemonade is regular price. (probably should have put this under the Santa Cruz post but I’m too lazy to go over there!)

  • DianeG

    Jenn – Thanks – mmmmm! Milano’s

  • June

    I went to Shoprite Wednesday night and did the deal Cindy suggested. I bought 4 fanstastic and 4 shout. I supposed get the $10back for my following trip. However I did not get anything and when I went to their customer service, they said I need to buy more because I only spend $18. Now I have a question, should the $10 print out based on the pre-sale price or the sale price. If it’s before sales, then I already met the $20 requirement, if it’s after sale price then I only spend $18 like the associate said. Everyone’s comment is welcome.

    • 0246

      hi june,
      the requirement is for the shelf price of the item, not the sale price and not after coupons. is the email for catalina marketing, they will help you if customer service was unable to.