ShopRite Stores that Fully Double Coupons – Let Us Know Your Store

ShopRite Stores that Fully Double Coupons

Master list is complete.  Now you can see which ShopRite stores fully double.

ShopRite Stores That Fully Double

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  • Ashley

    I really wish mine fully doubled. The one in Newark, DE just does the regular double. 🙁

  • Bree

    ShopRite of Lyndhurst, NJ = Fully Double

  • Anonymous

    Peekskill,NY fully doubles but does NOT give overages

  • melinda

    Neptune, NJ store and Belmar, NJ both fully double.

  • Aileen C

    Hamilton, NJ and Hamilton Square, NJ = fully double

    • Jen W

      Only up to the cost of the item….

      • Patricia B

        really? I shop at the Hamilton square once and my cuopons didn’t fully double 🙁

      • Aileen C

        Right, but that’s how it is everywhere. If the item only costs .99 regular price, they aren’t going to take 1.50 off if you have a .75/1 coupon.

  • Michelle

    East Hartford, CT – Fully Double

  • Succasunna, Flanders, Chester (NJ) all fully double.

  • Dawn

    Shop rite in galloway nj , doubles up to a dollar in value total .75 = 1.00
    I have always been confused when people say its cheeper than it really is , Actually i never knew of any shoprite that fully doubled ?

  • keri

    Shoprite of Vailsgate in NY fully doubles

    • mandee

      Newburgh NY , Middletown NY ,Poughkeepsie NY, Fishkill NY, Monticello, Montgomery NY, and Newpaltz NY

      • mandee

        fully doubles

        • Sara

          Hello fellow local couponers!

          • Susan

            Hi! We so need to start a Hudson Valley coupon exchange!

            • mandee

              some of us are just starting a coupon train and we are going to have a coupon face book up soon I will come back on this posting in a few days and reply with the link you can join. and LRWC will be one of the first friends.

  • jenn

    Shoprite on Knorr Street in NE Philadelphia doubles to a 1:00. Would love to find a SR in Philadelphia that fully doubles and lets me do more then one transaction. I can only use 4 coupons per order and one transaction per day, BOO!

    • Anonymous

      Jenn, that’s my local shoprite too. Do you mean 4 coupons for 1 like item? I went there yesterday and they took more then 4 coupons from me. But I only had 2 for each item. It does stink about their doubling policy. But shop-n-bag at Mayfair mall advertises that they will triple 6 coupons per customer on certain days. Not sure if it’s up to a dollar though. Something worth looking into.

      • jenn

        Hi, there, yes I meant 4 coupons for each item and they do not allow you to break up your orders if you have more then 4 coupons per item. I try to find a young guy cashier because they aren’t sticklers like the older ladies that have been there forever. I love the store but just wish they allowed us to do more then one transaction.

        I’ve been to that mayfair shop n bag a few times if i was int eh shopping center already and needed milk or something. I see that their prices are a lot higher and their sales aren’t as good. Maybe if we just went their for 6 items with coupons it would be worth a trip.


    • Bridget

      I’m sure you mean 4 coupons per item. I shop here, and I have done more then one transaction in a day. I was aloud to use my free milk Catalina the other day, immediately after buying the cereal 🙂 , I was surprised she let me.

  • Brittany

    Bellmawr, NJ doubles up to $1.00, not full (also does not accept coupons b/c they do not have a website on them, also hit and miss using online coupons). Clementon, NJ has been hit or miss lately about doubling coupons, some won’t double, if they do double it is up to $1.00 not fully double.

    • Yasmin A.

      Brittany – I’m in Bellmawr too! Let me know if you find any supermarkets that double and I will do the same. I think Acme (in Audubon) double’s up to $1.50… but I have to double check that one.

  • Kim

    West Deptford, NJ just does the regular double. I guess something is better than nothing!

  • shoprite of brick nj fully doubles!!

  • deanna

    Franklin, NJ (07439) -Fully doubles

  • Jessica G

    Ewing, NJ
    Hamilton, NJ (mercer mall)
    FULLY double 🙂

    Mt Laurel, NJ
    Laurel Hill, NJ
    Chews Landing, NJ
    Cherry Hill, NJ (near Routes 70 + 73/Kohls)
    Double up to a dollar.

    um… I think this means I have a shoprite problem huh !! haha

    • Jen W

      LOL Jessica!

    • Lisa H

      Thanks so much!! I always go to Mt. laurel or Delran…I may be going to Hamilton now!!!

    • bmedici

      ShipRite of Lawrenceville NJ (not Hamilton) is in Mercer Mall (on US 1) and, as stated, fully doubles. ShopRite of Hamilton Square (on Rte 33) fully doubles. ShopRite of Hamilton Marketplace (on US 130) fully doubles. ShopRite of Ewing (on N. Olden Ave), as stated, fully doubles. Also ShopRite of East Windsor (on US 130) fully doubles. These five ShopRites are all Saker ShopRites.

  • Michelle

    Old Bridge, NJ and Marlboro, NJ fully double.

  • Amber

    Delran, Cinnaminson and Mount Laurel, NJ are Regular Double stores. Wish they would chg the policy but still thankful for the savings! : )

  • Shell

    Marlton, NJ is a regular double up to a dollar.

    • Shell

      Oh, Marlton is the one that Jessica meant by Cherry Hill in the previous post.
      The cherry hill shoprite is on evesham rd and also a regular double.

  • Hammonton, NJ – regular double to $1.00.

  • Melissa B.

    Bordentown, NJ = Fully Double
    Hainesport, NJ = Regular Double
    Medford, NJ = Regular Double
    Mt. Laurel, NJ = Regular Double

    • Melissa B.

      I believe, but this would need to be confirmed that the Shop Rite in Manchester, NJ Fully Double’s but that was hearing it from another person. I have only went there on one occasion before my knowledge of couponing lol~

      • Jen W

        The stores owned by Wakefern fully double…Manchester is a Wakefern owned store. I believe Wakefern owns most of Monmouth, northern ocean and some of Burlington County (Hamilton Marketplace, Bordentown) 🙂

    • Amber

      Hi Ladies, I have a question for you. Since these stores fully double, am I correct in assuming that a $1.00 coupon will double to $1.99 or is there restrictions? Any help would be appreciated. Bordentown isn’t far so I may travel up Rt295 to shop on my big hauls!! : )

      • Cindy

        Only coupons ups to $0.99 will double. $1 coupons do not double at all.

        • Amber


      • Jen W

        Bordentown rarely has stocked shelves and I have gotten bad deli meat a few times there as well. I travel to Hamilton Marketplace (not that much further) for a much more pleasant shopping experience. I go to Bordentown on a “do I have to” kind of a trip! Their CS isn’t great either…they don’t know the policies and like to make them up as you go

  • christine

    Brookfield, CT – fully doubles

  • PK

    Stanton, DE – regular double

  • Inga

    Southington, CT= Fully Double Store

    • Julie

      I’m from Southington, too!!!! I noticed that it has always fully doubled, but last week it did not fully double and give me overage from the International Coffee creamers! Wondering if it changed its policy? I’m going today to test it out!!

      • Cassie

        I noticed the derby, ct store did the same this week.

      • Inga

        Please, let me know. Thanks!

  • Nora

    Shop Rite of Bayonne – fully doubles

    • Nora

      Bayonne, NJ that is 😉

      • Ashley

        SR in North bergen , Nj = fully doubles
        SR in Hoboken , NJ = Regular

        • Ashley

          Also , in North Bergen they only allow ONE free item. -_-.

      • I shop in bayonne too!! 🙂

  • Shoprite of Oakland, NJ fully doubles. And they have really great customer service. I haven’t had issues getting my cats or anything…

  • lisa

    bayshore,ny= fully double

    • Coleen

      Hi Lisa. I am from LI too!!! The one in West Baylon fully doubles too.

  • Lisa

    Freehold & Sayreville fully double 🙂

  • All the Shoprites in Staten Island, NY fully double up to .99 cents. I’ve heard that some stores double above 1.00 but not around here.

    Also from what i remember they don’t double in Brooklyn at all, but i haven shopped there in a while because of that.

  • Julie

    Williamstown, NJ
    Sicklerville, NJ
    Washington Twp./Sewell, NJ
    Berlin, NJ

    All regular double – $0.75 = $1.00

  • Jennifer

    ShopRite of Edison fully doubles.

  • JD

    East Windsor and Manalapn/Marlboro (off of Route 9) both fully double

  • Siri

    East Windsor, NJ = Fully Double

  • Maria

    Phillipsburg, NJ doubles – I usually only have .75 cents coupons but will find out tomorrow when I use my .85 cents coupons on the ICBINB items.

    • Anonymous

      phillipsburg only reg double meaning 75 cents goes to 1.00. thats it and will not do overage and only 4 coupons of the same

  • Brittany

    Glassboro, NJ and Gibbstown, NJ- regular double

  • Fury

    Fully Double:
    Succasunna, NJ
    Byram, NJ
    Netcong, NJ
    Flanders, NJ
    Morris Plains, NJ
    Dover, NJ
    Chester, NJ
    Wharton, NJ
    Parsippany, NJ

    • Lisa

      You can tell where you live! I’ve shopped in almost all of these 🙂

      • Denielle

        Succasunna only doubles the 1st two of the same coupons then it’s just a normal coupon for the other two.

  • Patti M

    Fully double but only up to price of product. For example, if I have a $.55 Q and the item is $.99 then it will double to the $.99, not $1.10. Example would be the International Delight creamer last wk. When the Santa Cruz lemonade was $1.50, the $.75 Q fully doubled to $1.50.

    Rochelle Park

  • Danielle A

    Bayville, NJ – fully doubles

    • Melissa

      Bayville is more coupon friendly then Toms River

  • kelly r

    Phillipsburg, NJ – fully double
    Clinton, NJ – fully double
    Washington, NJ – fully double

    • Anonymous

      phillipsburg does not fully double.

  • Molly

    Fully Double:

    Wayne, NJ
    Bridgewater, NJ

    • Molly

      Sorry, should be Branchburg, not Bridgewater

  • Vicki

    ShopRite in Chester, NY fully doubles up to the price of the item

  • Kim

    Newton, NJ Fully Double up to $.99

  • Suzanne

    Fully Doubles ( up to price of item)
    West Orange
    Springfield ? ( On Morris Ave, across from Kings)

    I wonder if the regular double vs fully double depends on which co-op the store belongs to.

    • Ueen

      Springfield nj fully doubles. Limits to 2 cats. Takes IP Q $1 and below.

  • Jennifer HudsonNY

    Hudson NY Shop Rite is regular double

  • Stacey Sanzone

    Manasquan NJ doubles coupons but not over $1. It’s the same at the TOms River store.

  • Candice

    The Shoprite on Snyder Ave in philadelphia has regular doubles (To $1), and does not accept pdf coupons or any coupons without a website.

    Shoprite of Oregon avenue in Philadelphia also only doubles to $1.00

    This is awesome,
    Thank you Cindy!

  • J Carlson

    West Chester, PA – Regular Double Coupon Store
    Surprised they don’t Fully Double as all their completion Fully Double Coupon and I take that under consideration when I put my list together for the week. I will say that the Shoprite employees are some of the most friendly and helpful in the area.

    • Jessie

      I agree! I love this Shoprite!

  • Saryn

    Edystone, Pa regular double, NOT coupon friendly
    Wilminton, De regular double AND super coupon friendly

    • Tanya

      Oh, how I miss the days of Eddystone fully doubling. They changed within the past year or two. I agree with your notion of them not being coupon friendly. The only cashier I like and hunt out is Diane on evening shift.

    • Ashley

      I love the Eddystone ShopRite, well did when I lived out there.

      Not fond of the Shoprite in Wilmington on 202. The new one in the city is AMAZING!

  • Jill

    Shelton, Stratford & Derby, CT all FULLY double coupons!!! 🙂

    • sarah

      In addition to those, Milford and West Haven, CT Fully double too

      • Odalys

        Also in this area: Hamden, CT Fully doubles but not so coupon friendly.
        Derby, CT is THE BEST! Customer Service is great, coupon friendly, and they even have additional cashiers available to bag your groceries most times (comes in handy so you can enjoy watching the savings as they scan the coupons. LOL!)

        • Dee2

          I’m in Milford and go to the Stratford store because they are soooo much nicer than the Milford store. Good to know about Derby.

      • Lori G

        Norwalk, CT fully doubles…also very coupon friendly 🙂

        • Moken

          New London fully doubles, but doesn’t overage.

          • Moken

            New London CT

            • Elizabeth

              Waterbury, CT and Bristol, CT also fully double. Very coupon freindly also.

  • Jenni

    The 2 South Philly Shop Rites (one at 24th & Oregon and one in Snyder Plaza) both only double to a dollar.

  • Susan

    Montgomery, NY..fully double although things have been screwy a couple of times!

  • Joanne

    The ShopRite in Ramsey, NJ, fully doubles. 🙂

  • Lisa

    I don’t think any Shoprite will double beyond the price of the item (i.e., paying you to take it out of the store) whether they fully double or regular double.

    • My shoprite in Staten Island does. When the Pepsi was 1$ each when you buy 5 They doubled to 1.10 because the presale price is 1.25 I’m not 100% about if the presale price is lower.

    • Jen W

      Sure they do. Cindy posts about overages frequently.

  • rebecca

    Shoprite of Manahawkin fully doubles!

    • Denise

      the Waretown SR doubles up to .99

  • Shop Rite in HAMDEN, CT. I think they r a reg. Dbl. Store, mot positive, b/c some coupons do dbl, ie, .055¢ will dbl @ $1.10, .75¢ dbls @$1.50, so ???

  • Rose

    Shop Rite in Montbomery (206) fully doubles YAY!

    • Rose

      Shop Rite in Montgomery

  • anna

    Nutley, NJ = Fully Double

  • Jennifer

    clark,NJ Fully doubles

  • Barb

    ShopRite in Kingston, NY fully doubles!

  • Josie T.

    Old Bridge, Marlboro & Garfield all fully double

    • Josie T.

      and by Garfield of course I mean Passaic, oops lol.

      • Josie T.

        and also, Old Bridge Shoprite will only take IP’s valued up to 1.00

  • Annie

    Shoprite of West Chester, PA is a regular double store, only up to $1.

  • Melissa

    Toms River from what I know fully doubles. I have not had a .99 coupon just .75

  • Jean

    The Shoprite on Woodbury Road in Plainview, NY fully doubles…this is new within the past couple of weeks!!!!! They never used to double at all.

  • Zippy

    I believe the East Brunswick store fully doubles ( I also believe it is a Wakefern store)

    • bmedici

      ShopRite of East Brunswick is a Saker ShopRite.

  • Paige

    ShopRite of Lacey-fully doubles up to cost of item & coupon friendly 🙂

  • DianeG

    Shop Rite of Chatham fully doubles.

  • evonne

    Mullica Hill and Glassboro NJ double up to $1

  • mayson


  • Jody

    Mansfield, Flanders, Succasunna, Wharton and Chester all in NJ-fully double.

  • Jenna

    Shoprite at the Festival, Bel Air, MD doubles up to .99 only. If anyone knows of any Shoprites in Baltimore or Harford County in MD that fully doubles I would love to know! 🙂

    • Becky

      A fellow MD! Aberdeen is only to .99, and most of the time printed Q don’t at all (I asked about it, they said if it doesn’t do it, it doesn’t do it, it’s up to the computer)

    • Janice

      It’s so good to meet fellow Marylanders. Are there any in MD that fully double. I go to Festival, but when they had the Allen’s veggies on sale, only one doubles and the rest (3) only took face value. What’s up with that?

  • liz

    The ShopRite in Commack, NY fully doubles.

  • Gloria

    ShopRite of Levittown PA – Regular Double and the only shoprite in at least 10 miles of my house 🙁

  • Suzanne

    Manchester, NJ Shoprite fully doubles and is very coupon friendly 🙂

  • lisa

    ShopRite in Lawrenceville, NJ (Mercer Mall) [zip 08648], fully doubles. : )
    ShopRite in Fairless Hills, NJ [zip 19030] only did a regular double, but I haven’t been there in a long time, though, because after they stopped taking internet printed coupons I stopped going there… maybe they have changed their coupon policies since then. Does anybody know?

    • Lisa

      It’s supposed to be Fairless Hills, PA (not NJ). Sorry.

  • diana

    Nutley shop rite seems to be a regular double store. they always bring in a manager when i go there to make sure i guess…. argh.

  • Oni

    Glen Burnie Md 21061 Fully Doubles (and runs fully triple once every month or two)

    • Ohh Thanks Oni, thats the store I shop at! I didnt know it fully doubles and I have a huge amount of coupons right now. I need to plan a shopping trip lol

  • Michelle

    Shoprite in Millville, Vineland & Bridgeton NJ (Cumberland County) all only do regular double. I have found Millville to be pretty coupon friendly, Bridgeton & Vineland not so much.

  • MR

    Roxborough SR and Germantown Pike SR regular double stores in Philadelphia and East Norriton. Thanks for your SR posts!

  • Tom

    ShopRites that fully double:
    ShopRites of:
    Edison, NJ on Route 1
    East Windsor, NJ on Route 130
    Hamilton, NJ on Route 130 (Hamilton MarketPlace)
    Hamilton Square, NJ on Route 33
    Ewing, NJ on Olden Avenue
    North Brunswick, NJ on Route 130
    Spotswood, NJ on Summerhill Road

  • Debbie

    Palisades Park, NJ
    Hackensack, NJ
    Little Falls, NJ
    All fully double

    ~ Hackensack is the most coupon friendly out of these three!

  • Donna

    Bristol and Waterbury CT ShopRites fully double but only up to the price of the item.

  • guest

    Fully doubles in Wallingford, CT and Shelton, CT

  • Samantha

    Paramus, New Milford, and Little Falls, NJ all fully double. But, any overages are automatically adjusted down.

  • Sonya

    Shop Rite of Bensalem, PA on Bristol Road-regular double

  • Jamie

    New London, CT
    Norwich, CT
    Clinton, CT
    All FULLY double

  • JoanieS

    Gibbstown, NJ – regular double
    Mullica Hill, NJ – regular double
    West Deptford, NJ – regular double
    Brooklawn, NJ – regular double

  • Mary

    Brooklawn, NJ – regular double. Most staff are SUPER coupon friendly. As usual, it’s the older ladies that want to give you trouble.

    • Brittany

      For me all cashiers have been unfriendly with coupons lately. Had to switch Shoprites. they won’t take coupons because they don’t have a website listed on them and accused me to photocopying coupons even though they all had different expiration dates (some had the same “offer ID” yet different pin number and they wouldn’t take them b/c they said they were copies!) I explained to them I use 2 different computers -.- but oh well I like my new shoprite better super coupon friendly and always in stock!

  • Chia

    Galloway, NJ
    Egg Harbor Township, NJ
    Somers Point, NJ
    Absecon, NJ
    All regular double

    Only ACME and Genuardi’s are fully double

  • manny

    Shop Rite of Perth Amboy fully doubles. No overages though

  • Shop-Rite fully doubles
    Garnerville, NY
    Tallman, NY
    Stony Point, NY
    New City, NY

    • Jessica

      Also Fully Doubles
      West Nyack, NY
      Pearl River, NY

  • Rita

    Shop Rite of Jackson, NJ fully doubles.

    • Brandon

      It will fully double, but adjust if the item is less than the double from what I have seen in all cases.

  • Glory

    Manchester, Ct.
    West Hartford, Ct.
    Fully double!

  • Michele

    Hackettstown, NJ is a fully double store

  • ok i go to 3 sometimes 4 shoprites first gloria there is a shoprite in bensalem about 5 miles from the fairless hills one ok from what im reading and this is always what i thought peensylvania doesnt double fully thats why i go to the ewing and hamilton ones as much as i can live in pa and love the fairless hills one all very very nice cashiers and managers stock sometimes isnt great bensalem one is terrible wont let you do more then 1 order ewing one is hit or miss if anyone knows any pa stores that fully double let me know as i wont use 75 cent coupons in pa unless its free because they all only double up to price unlike acme who will go over one of the advantages at acme but not as many good deals except this week acme beat shoprite due to the free mccormick fuze purex and 99 cent lunchmeat but shoprite is the best pound for pound the worst is giant they only double 1 75 cent come on even though i did get 10 philadelphia cooking creme tonight lol if u have a coupon a dollar or more then giant sometimes is gook ok ill stop rambling cindy thanks for all your help as i go to rite aid walgreens cvs might be stopping tho not worth the time except airwick this week rite aid by far is my favorite out of pharmacies and thanks for the great shoprite the only place to go for shoprite deals like the poland spring today only site that had it and cindy will even post when ther eis important acme not bad ones like this week thanks again for all you do I POSE A QUESTION WHATS BEETER SHOPRITE OR RITE AID DUE TO THE FACT THERE IS 5 TIMES THE RITE AIDS THEN SHOPRITES BUT ITS CLOSE I TRULY CAN SAY I DONT KNOW I SHOULD JUST DO THEM 2

  • Sally B

    Lincoln Park, NJ Fully doubles and triples coupons $0.50 and under. No overages allowed. You can only use 20 coupons at a time though. They are starting to get less coupon friendly during the last few months as well.

  • Mary

    Shoprite of Perth Amboy NJ fully doubles the man. coupons HTH

  • woodbridge nj fully doubles

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Jersey City, NJ fully doubles but no overage

  • Shaliece

    Carteret, NJ
    Woodbridge, NJ

    Both fully double but no overage.

    • melissa

      I am confused? Does fully double mean if I bring a coupon that is $1 off two boxes of cereal that I will get $2 off?

  • bmedici

    “The following ShopRite stores are owned and operated bySaker ShopRites”
    ShopRite of Aberdeen
    ShopRite of Belmar
    ShopRite of Bordentown
    ShopRite of Boundbrook
    ShopRite of Branchburg
    ShopRite of Bricktown
    ShopRite of East Brunswick
    ShopRite of East Windsor
    ShopRite of Edison
    ShopRite of Ernston Rd
    ShopRite of Ewing
    ShopRite of Freehold
    ShopRite of Hamilton
    ShopRite of Hamilton Square
    ShopRite of Hazlet
    ShopRite of Lakewood
    ShopRite of Marlboro
    ShopRite of Mercer
    ShopRite of Middletown
    ShopRite of Montgomery
    ShopRite of Neptune
    ShopRite of North Brunswick
    ShopRite of Pennington
    ShopRite of Piscataway
    ShopRite of Wall
    ShopRite of West Long Branch
    ShopRite of Woodbridge
    Most of these, have already been reported to “fully double”. Do you know of any exceptions?

  • Joanna

    I’m surprised to see my West Milford, NJ, (Inserra) store has not been mentioned yet! They fully double there!

  • bmedici

    Bernardsville (Somerset Cty)
    Bound Brook (Somerset Cty)
    Brick (Ocean Cty)
    Chester (Morris Cty)
    East Brunswick (Saker: Middlesex Cty)
    East Windsor
    Edison (Middlesex Cty)
    Garwood (Union Cty)
    Hamilton (Mercer Cty)
    Hillsborough (Somerset Cty)
    Jackson (Ocean Cty)
    Jersey City — FIRST coupon only
    Lawrenceville (Mercer Cty)
    Little Falls
    Long Branch
    Manchester (Ocean Cty)
    Marlboro (Saker)
    Montgomery (Somerset Cty)
    Neptune (Monmouth Cty)
    North Brunswick (Middlesex Cty)
    Parlin (Middlesex Cty)
    Parsippany (Morris Cty)
    Piscataway (Middlesex Cty)
    Somerset (Somerset Cty)
    Stirling NJ (Morris County)
    Toms River (Fischer/Bay)
    Union City
    Watchung NJ (Somerset Country)

    Bay Shore
    Bedford Hills
    West Babylon
    Yonkers (Tuckahoe Rd)
    Yonkers (Prospect St)



    The stores above have been reported elsewhere (Fat Wallet) to fully double. Are there stores listed that should be removed from the list??

    • hallie

      Wayne store fully doubles
      Oakland fully doubles

      Lincoln Park Triples up to .50 and fully doubles, but there is a limit of 20 couopns per order.

    • Terry

      shoprite in Brodheadsville Pa, double coupons, I wish Fully double

    • Lori S.

      Canton, CT store full doubles. (but only up to the price of the item, no overage)

      • Crystal

        Jersey City full doubles all coupons (not just the first one)

    • AQ


      The stores in Mercer Cty – Lawerenceville, Hamilton, Ewing only does regular doubling (up to $1.00) 🙁

    • Eddystone, PA does not fully double

    • Kierstin

      Middletown only doubles to $1 =(

  • DANA


  • Valora Palmer

    Glen Burnie, MD….. fully doubles

    • Oni

      And triple coupons fully this weekk

  • Doreen

    Hackensack and Palisades Park, NJ fully doubles

  • Carson

    As far as I know, the Shoprite stores that fully double in my area are in:

    Hamilton, NJ
    Ewing, NJ
    Bordentown, NJ
    Pennington, NJ
    Princeton, NJ

    • Denielle

      Which Hamilton Shoprite fully doubles? My Dad shops at the one in the Hamilton Marketplace on Rt. 130 and he said they only doubled to $1 and recently stopped doubling all together! He might have to change to Toms River, Bordentown or Jackson now since they fully double!

      • bmedici

        As of 2 weeks ago, Hamilton Marketplace was fully doubling for me. I hope that they still do! Sometimes coupons fail to double because of a processing error. I’ve had a number of “5” coupons not double lately, and have had to be reimbursed by CS.

      • Jen W

        Marketplace still doubles, but only up to the value of the item, no overage. To travel from Marketplace to Toms River seems a bit extreme for a doubling coupon lol…That’s got to be at least a 40 minute drive, of course, I don’t know where he lives 🙂

        • Denielle

          Luckily my Dad lives in one of those in between areas so going to Toms River, Bordentown, or Jackson are all about the same distance so if its only going to take 5-10 more minutes to save more money he will definitely do it! 🙂

    • AQ

      I shop at these stores all the time… they only double to $1 for me. Should I say something?

  • Michelle

    Toms River does fully double – with no overage

  • Rebecca P

    Shoprite in Washington, NJ fully doubles.

  • Lisa

    Southbury, CT fully doubles.

  • Kristie

    Fair Lawn, NJ – fully doubles up to the cost of the item.

  • Denise

    Brodheadsville PA – Regular doubles…. 🙁
    makes me want to move back to Jersey! LOL!!

    • Denise

      no issues with IP Q’s

  • eden

    Enfield, CT fully doubles!

  • Dee2

    Milford, CT
    Stratford, CT
    West Haven, CT
    all fully double…

    LOVE $.75 coupons!

    • Dee2

      … up to the price of the item. No overage.

  • Jen

    New London CT and Norwich Ct fully double!

  • Patricia B

    Medford and Hainsport NJ only up to a 1.00 and they don’t allow overage at all!!
    it seem to me by the comments that northen NJ is better! I may take my shopping to one of those store next time I visit my MIL!!! 🙂

    Thanks Cindy for all you do!!!

    • Hi, Patricia-I shop @ Medford mostly, and I am also jealous of all those awesome Shoprites!

  • 0246

    ShopRite of Bedford Hills, NY fully doubles, though they are not what I’d consider coupon-friendly, particularly when it comes to printed internet coupons.

  • Alaya

    Essex Green,NJ & Brookdale,NJ fully double

  • Emmy

    Carmel, New York fully doubles. Am I the only one that shops there…lol???

    • Susan

      I shop in Carmel, feel like I am there every other day! In fact, I will be there later! They are very friendly, and customer service is great!

      • Ali

        I go there also sometimes but they are a pain when youhave more then a few coupons. Always takes me like 30 minutes to check out.

  • Laura

    It seems most Shop Rite stores in south jersey regular double:(
    Stores in Sicklerville, Sewell and Williamstown all regular double. Wish they fully doubled b/c I’d be saving some serious cash! Does anyone know of any Shop Rites near south jersey that fully double b/c I’d be willing to travel! Thanks!

    • Lori

      me too!
      stores in Marlton, Cherry Hill and Voorhees (Evesham Road) – regular double.

      • Michelle

        West Berlin, NJ only regular doubles as well.

        • Anonymous

          These shoprites are owned by Steve Ravitz. I’m going to write a letter suggesting they consider fully doubling. I think if they get enough letters, maybe they will fully double. There is so much competition in south jersey! I don’t understand why they don’t.

          • Laura

            Sounds good. I’ll do the same. It’s so weird, it seems as though all the North Jersey stores double fully.

          • Jen

            Does any other grocery stores fully double in south jersey?? It’s so frustrating that no stores fully double here!!

            • Christen

              I also shop at the Evesham Road SR. I will write a letter as well.

        • If Bordentown fully doubles as Carson says, I may take a few trips up there!

      • felcia

        I living in willingboro and they regular double, looks like I’m going to start driving to get better deals!

    • Arleen

      We had one In Vineland, NJ(Lincoln & Landis Ave), but I believe they are stopping. The computer fully doubles, but the cashier have been instructed to put the double up to $1 in by hand. Last week my 75 cents Smuckers were only good for buck.

    • Megan

      I’m a little farther south and mine around me only regular double as well. I shop at Mullica Hill or Gibbstown (NJ). They are owned by different families too.
      Acme fully doubles, but isn’t worth going to unless there’s a great catalina deal.

      • Jen

        Which Acme fully doubles??

        • Maura

          yeah! which acme fully doubles?! 🙂

  • Dawn

    Shoprite in Thornwood, NY Fully doubles

  • Andrea

    SHOP RITE of Flemington, NJ fully doubles but up to $.99. They will double a $.75 coupon to $1.50 but not a $1.00 to $2.00. Also there is no such thing as money makers. They double only until the cost of the item is free-no overage.

    • Katie

      How do you know what days each Shoprite does double coupons or is it every day?

  • Ginny Conway

    ShopRite in Long hill/Stirling fully doubles but almost all of the cashiers there give coupon using customers a hard time. Each Internet coupons gets inspected by the manager and checkout is usually about an extra five-10 minutes.

    • Denielle

      thats how the shoprite in Morris Plains is. I only go there when I have very few items and coupons to grab on my lunch break from work. Also, you cant use coupons on the self-checkout lanes either.

  • Adrienne

    Commack, New York Shoprite Fully Doubles. I have had no problems with any internet coupons either.

  • Kimberly

    PHILLIPSBURG ONLY REGULAR DOUBLES and WILL NOT GiVE OVERAGE. A manager is called and your coupon will be called to fix the value to make sure it doesn’t

  • Mary

    Shoprite in Manchester, NJ and Toms River, NJ fully double!

  • Jennifer C

    South Philadelphia: 24th and Oregon, and Front and Snyder both double up to $1. Front and Snyder will take competitor grocery coupons (for ex, Acme coupons but not Target)

  • Paige

    ShopRite in Manahawkin, NJ and Waretown, NJ both fully double any coupon up to $0.99.

    • Eileen

      waretown will fully double q’s with a face value up to $0.99 BUT only up to the price of the item-no overage

      • Irene

        I am in Waretown too… are you two ladies the ones who clear the shelves before I get there? lol

  • Amy

    Shop Rite of Wharton and Shop Rite of Rockaway NJ fully doubles but max value of a doubled coupon 1.50.

  • Sandy

    Shoprite of Branchburg fully doubles.

  • Beth

    ShopRite in Sicklerville, NJ, and Williamstown, NJ, both do regular double only.

  • Claire

    Shoprite of Aramingo in Philly is a regular double store

  • 1bets1

    ShopRite of Rochelle Park NJ fully doubles.

  • Elaine

    Shoprite of Poughkeepsie and Fishkill NY FULLY double

  • Katy

    Bernardsville fully doubles. I had a problem with them not doubling internet coupons, but after contacting corporate about it, they are going to be refunding the money.

  • Carrie

    Shop Rite in Clinton, CT

  • michelle

    shoprite in parsippany fully doubles

  • marilyn

    Chatham ShopRite fully doubles

    • Pamela M

      Not Chatham NY they don’t have a Shop Rite

  • felcia

    The two shoprites near my house only regular double.
    Willingboro, NJ
    Delran, NJ

    I’m military and new to the area, so if anyone knows a fully doubling shoprite that is close to me, please let me know, I love to save money!

  • Kelly W

    ShopRite – Wilmington DE on 202 – just regular double 🙁

  • Gayathiri

    Shoprite of Woodbridge , Middlesex County , NJ

  • Gayathiri

    Shoprite of Woodbridge, Middlesex County , NJ . The shop also has excellent CSR. If in case you need say EVOO that has catalina attached to it & it is not available at store they recommend to buy some other thing like Light Olive Oil that has the same catalina , get the catalina & to come & return it the next week & get whatever we need. That is so nice of them

  • Michele

    ShopRite of Morrell Plaza Regular doubler
    ShopRite of Roosevelt Bvd regular doubler-no Smartsource. Very strict on coupons.

  • Susie

    My store is in Brookfield, CT and they fully double!!!

  • kathleen

    fairless hills, pa doubles up to $1…

  • Julie B.

    Does Bordentown, NJ or Hamilton, NJ Shoprites accept internet coupons without a problem?

    • Heatherlyn

      I shop at the Bordentown SR on 206 and they take the internet coupons fine. Just be sure that the site is listed.

      • Julie B.

        Great! Thank you! 🙂

  • Ellen S

    manahawkin Nj fully doubles

  • Kristen

    Morris Plains, NJ
    Parsippany, NJ
    Dover, NJ

  • Patty A

    Someone mentioned the Phillipsburg SR does a regular double. When I shop there (a LOT) they have with few exceptions (such as DND) fully doubled,
    up to the value of the item, no overage usually. So 99 cents doubles to 1.98,
    75 cents to 1.50, assuming the item costs that much or more.

  • Jennifer K.

    Shoprite of West Chester, PA only doubles to $1.00.

  • Johnna

    West haven,CT and Wallingford, CT both fully double with no problems….Wont take IP buy 1 get 1 free coupons though 🙁

  • SK

    The Hoboken store fully doubles!

  • Carolyn

    Thanks for this post. This list above is helpful. South Jersey areas that I shop at tend to only go to a dollar . You will catch me at Sicklerville which only goes to a dollar 🙁

  • Rebecca

    The New London CT store doubles up to the value of the item. Ex. Item costs $0.99 and coupon is $0.55 they will double $0.44, but not always $0.55

  • Denise

    The Shoprite in Aberdeen fully doubles 4 of the same coupon for the same transaction. After the 4th the 5th, 6th, ect will be taken at face value!

  • Heidi

    Millville only regular doubles. So, I’m assuming Vineland is the same way, as they’re both owned by the same family.

  • Dana

    Daleville, PA – regular doubles

  • Beth G.

    Flanders, NJ doubles fully no overage

  • Susan

    My Shoprite in Broadheadsville, Pa does regular doubling.

  • Maria D.

    I didn’t see the Peekskill/Cortlandt Manor, NY listed.

    They fully double and the cashiers are very friendly and aware of the coupon policy. They are very helpful and I love shopping there. I drive 20 minutes to get there and drive past at least 4 other supermarkets. Did I say how much I love shopping there? Shop Rite also has the best everyday prices.

  • Stella

    Hudson, NY store fully doubles.

    • Pamela M

      Hello Stella I shop at this store, we might bump into each other sometime. I have the big grey duct tape box.

  • Lucy

    Green Brook, NJ fully doubles
    Piscataway, NJ fully doubles
    Watchung NJ fully doubles

  • Pamela M

    Hudson, Ny fully doubles

  • Pamela M

    I might have missed it by Shop Rite of Kingston, Ny fully doubles also

    • Shelissa C

      Yes they do! I’m there WAYYY too often! Maybe we’ll bump into eachother!

    • Anonymous

      Pamela M.
      I will be looking for you & your duct tape Box (?) @ Kingston ShopRite. That’s my home away from home .LOL I carry a Johnny Depp Tote Bag. ( He’s my “secretary”! )

      • holly

        Shop Rite of New Paltz, NY also fully doubles 🙂

  • Carie

    Bristol CT fully doubles

  • carol mirek

    Shoprite of Clark & Linden, both fully double coupons.
    I have no issue with printed coupons in Clark, not sure about Linden, since I rarely go there. I love my shoprite in Clark!

  • Mort

    The Eddystone, PA store listed should be removed, it does not fully double. It only doubles up to $1.00 max. I went there recently specfically to work the GM cereal deal and it only doubled my 75 cent coupons to $1.00. So as far as I know none of the PA stores around philadelphia fully double. Humm maybe I should move to NJ. 🙂

    • Laura

      Make sure it’s north jersey b/c the south jersey stores only regular double! Lol!

  • The Shoprite in Staten Island, New York fully doubles and I LOVE it!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Shop Rite in Monroe, NY and Lodi, NJ.

  • annmarie

    Clark, NJ (union county) fully doubles.

  • Anna

    Shop Rite in Monroe, NY and Lodi, NJ.

  • jose

    shop rite of perth amboy nj

  • Yesenia K.

    Middletown, NY Fully Doubles (Great Customer service never had a problem)
    Monticello, NY Fully Doubles (Excellent front end cashiers no problems)

  • Ali

    Shoprite in Tarrytown and in Bedford Hills, NY both double up to $.99

  • Jason

    Shoprite @ Shippan Ave in Stamford fully doubles.

  • Stephanie

    Newark, DE only regular doubles. No issues with IP coupons.

    Where I lived until recently:
    Somerset NJ fully doubles and accepts IPs
    Hillsborough NJ fully doubles but seems to change their policy on IPs at the whim of the manager on duty.

  • Amanda

    ShopRite in Aberdeen, MD doubles coupons up to $1.00.
    Ex. a $0.50 coupon would double to $1.00; however, a $0.75 coupon would “double” to $1.00. Boo!!!!

  • SharonD

    North Bergen NJ fully doubles face value up to .99, but they adjust the coupon if there is an overage, i.e. a .50 coupon on a .99 item will ring up as .50 and .49.

  • Cinnaminson, NJ regular double to $1.

  • Melissa F.

    East Windsor, NJ fully doubles, but no overages.

  • Raina

    Chester, NY = Fully Doubles
    Monroe, NY = Fully Doubles

  • Lala

    New Dorp, Staten Island NY – Fully doubles

  • Christine

    Mount Laurel, NJ–Regular Double

  • Brenda

    Southington CT store fully doubles

  • June

    Shoprite of Parsippany and W. Caldwell only double the coupon up to the product value. For example if the cream is on sale for $0.99 and I have a $0.50/1 coupon, it will only double to max $0.99 same as if I have a $0.75/1, it will only take off $0.99 for the item.

    • Angela E

      My Lanoka Harbor, NJ store will do the same thing. I wonder though, if I waited until the end to hand over my PPC would my coupon fully double and then the sale discount would come off when I give my PPC at the end.

  • Angela E

    Lanoka Harbor, NJ fully doubles.

  • Leenie

    Shoprite of Shelton, CT fully doubles 🙂

  • Sharon Ivanauskas

    Flemington NJ fully doubles.

  • Carol

    East Hartford, CT fully doubles

    • Anonymous

      YES YES YES!!!! 🙂

  • Michelle

    North Brunswick fully doubles, but on “do not double” coupons, they manually make them not double. And on self checkout, they don’t let you do your own coupons anymore. (and get cranky if you have a lot) 🙁

    I’ve been trying out different stores in the area, see if I like any better.

  • RoseAnn

    Palisade Park, N.J. (Bergen County) fully doubles

  • anonymous

    Kingston, NY – fully doubles
    New Paltz, NY- fully doubles

    Thank God!

  • Adriane Cieplinski

    Phillipsburg Nj fully doubles….I love that store…

  • Anonymous

    Brooklawn, NJ – regular double up to $1.00

  • Lisa

    Shelton, CT doubles coupons

  • MillburnLaura

    Millburn fully doubles

  • Liz

    I don’t think that the little old Netcong Shop-Rite was mentioned!

  • Lorri

    Mullica Hill, NJ….doubles up to $1.00.

  • Charlene

    Upper Deerfiedld (Bridgteton), NJ doubles only up to $1

  • cindy

    Shoprite in Glassboro, NJ doubles up to $1.

  • Christine

    My Shoprite in Lincoln Park fully doubles coupons $0.99 and under and always fully triples coupons $0.50 and under.

  • Jasper

    Englewood, NJ fully doubles.

  • Renee

    Montgomery NY fully doubles up to the value of the item.

  • Elizabeth

    ShopRite in Brooklyn, New York doesn’t double at all! Boo-hoo! =(

  • Brick, NJ fully doubles

  • Michele

    Warrington PA fully doubles

  • Stacy

    Carmel, NY Shoprite fully doubles coupons!

  • Robyn

    Toms River, NJ Fully Doubles!

    • jamie

      no they dont!

      • Alex

        Yes they do!!!!!!!!! I go there all the time. Manchester, NJ also doubles fully

        • Rosanne

          Alex what days do they double?

  • kristen

    Southbury, CT fully doubles

    • Rachel

      Thanks so much, its hard to find in CT

      • MarciB

        SR in Canton, CT fully doubles, up to 4 like coupons, up to .99. They do not however allow overage, but only double to the price of the product. FD every day, I have never seen this store have a triple coiupn special. It is a great store, I have never had any problems wiht coupons, or customer service (who know me well,mostly when the CATS don’t print, they just check my reciept and print it out for me, or give me a store card with credit for amt of the CAT. I have given up going anywhere in this area other than Shoprite.


  • Lady J

    Piscataway, NJ and the shop rite that is exit 12 off of 287 (not sure which town) fully double.

    • That’s the Somerset, NJ ShopRite off exit 12.

  • Anonymous

    Soprite in Monticello Ny and Liberty fully double coupons

  • Jennifer

    Monticello and Liberty ny shoprites fully double coupons

  • Rebecca

    Used a $0.75 cereal coupon today that doubled to $1.00 – so I’m guessing that’s a regular double? This was in Cinnaminson, NJ.

    • Lisa

      If a store fully doubles a coupon a .75 cent coupon will become $1.50 off an item.

  • Nancy

    Clark, NJ and Woodbridge, NJ fully doubles

  • karen

    Vails gate NY Fully doubles

    • Faith

      Meant only double up to $1.00 coupons

  • Anna-Maria

    Scarsdale, NY (Central Ave) and Tuckahoe Road(Yonkers, NY) both fully double.

    • kiki

      yonkers, ny double coupons up to 99cents.

  • Melissa

    Monroe, NY and Chester, NY fully double.

    • H

      Did they change the policy? (Monroe NY)
      Used a $1.00 coupon today. That was it! no more doubled….

      • Faith

        They did not change policy. Only coupons up to $.99 get doubled. $1.00 and up are face value

      • Kathy

        they only double up to .99 and only up to the value of the item

  • Jeri

    West Nyack NY fully doubles.

    • pinkie

      thanks you for this info!!!!!!

    • lori

      what days?

    • Anonymous

      What days??

  • Jessica

    Shop Rite in Enfield, CT fully doubles.

  • Ana

    Yonkers, NY (Greenway plaza and Tuckahoe Road).

  • Bruno

    Anyone know anything about the Elizabeth (NJ) ShopRite?

    • Michele

      Elizabeth, NJ fully doubles so does Kearny, NJ and Parsippany , NJ and West Orange, NJ but BEST of All Shoprite of Lincoln Park TRIPLES up to .50 All the time___I coupon big time but travel for work so I know quite a few.

      • christine

        Love Lincoln park, but they are strict about only 20 coupons per checkout. You have to get back in line for second order.

  • Laurie L

    Milford, CT fully doubles up to 4 like coupons per item.

  • Sabrina

    Glen Burnie, MD Fully doubles.

    • Sabrina

      I forgot to mention that is up to 4 like coupons.

  • Anonymous

    does shop rite-west milford nj fully double?

    • Amy

      Yes. I haven’t tried more than 4 coupons but they fully double 4 at least!

      • Michele

        Actually, all stores in NJ only allow four of the same coupons in one transaction.

  • Eli

    Could someone explain how coupon doubling works? Is it by presenting 2 coupons less than .99 for one item?

    • Jen

      No its using one coupon per item for up to .99 cents and the store doubles the value of that coupon to $1.98

      • Michele

        For example: today I bought 4 boxes of duncan hines brownie mix on sale 4@$5 but had .50 coupons. So at checkout I gave the cashier 1 coupon for each box I bought which they matched personally leaving me a balance of just $1, FANTASTIC!

  • Tara

    Kingston, NY fully doubles.

    • Jessica

      Up to what?… $0.99?

    • Val

      what days?

  • HunterdonCounty

    I live in Hunterdon County, NJ so within 30 minutes in each direction I am surrounded by the Phillipsburg, Clinton, Flemington, Bridgewater and Bound Brook, NJ Shoprites. Each of those stores fully double except on rare occastions such as this week’s Goya ($0.75 off 3 cans coupon). The issue is that each store’s policy reads as a regular double (up to $1.00) so even though they fully double on most items their official policy reads differently.

    • Ginna

      HunterdonCounty.. I’m sorry what does that mean??.. they fully double as in .75 = $1.50 except in cases when its a coupon that involves multiples and then its a regular double due to the way their policy is written?.. i shop at Flemington all the time and its always a regular double regardless so I’m confused.. I thought that either Bridgewater or Boundbrook was the only one in the area the fully doubled.. maybe I’m missing out.

  • Kristy S.

    ShopRite in Passaic,NJ / Lyndhurst,NJ and Lodi,NJ all fully double.

  • Susann

    GlenBurnie, MD fully doubles, and about once a month they have a promotion with tripple coupons where they fully tripple. This week was a tripple coupon week and it was awesome!!!

    • carolyn

      can you please tell me what store in glenburnie doubles and tripples coupons please??

  • Rebekah

    Shelton, CT fully doubles!

  • Kerry

    Hauppauge, NY fully doubles.

  • ashley

    warwick ny and franklin nj fully double

  • Carolyn

    Hoboken, NJ fully doubles

  • Susan

    I previously posted but just wanted to say what an informative and fun post this is! Get to see where everyone shops and who may I may run into at SR Cindy, I vote that you create a LRWC pin that we can wear while shopping so we can secretly identify each other!

    • Denise

      I actually ran into another person who uses this site…the only reason we knew…was because we had the EXACT same products in our cart and kept running into each other in the aisles….LOL

    • Sam

      I would wear that pin!!

  • Katherine

    Montague NJ fully doubles

  • karen

    Shop Rite in Little Falls, NJ (07424) Fully doubles

    • Sam

      I shop there too! Maybe we’ll bump into each other!

      • Michele

        Me too, I’m a daytime shopper though.

  • Christine

    ShopRite in Newton, NJ Fully Doubles!

  • Jaimee

    Anyone down south…in the Cherry Hill, NJ area? Wondering about this area’s policies?

    • Shari

      Cherry Hill,NJ and all of Ravitz and Zallie owned Shoprites only double to a $1.00 so if it’s a .75 cents coupon only doubles to a $1.00 and you can use four like coupons per order.

  • Meghan

    Bensalem PA – regular double 🙁

  • Sam

    The Paramus, NJ and New Milford, NJ Shoprites fully double.

    • Kyle

      when does west milford double? im new to this and i shop there usually

  • Kimberly

    Anyone know about Bottino’s shoprites in South Jersey – do they fully double or regular double?

    • nancy

      Bottinos only regular doubles (up to 1.00). Makes you want to drive north a bit, huh? lol

  • Ruth

    English Creek, NJ – Regular Double. Anyone know about the other shoprites in this area (Absecon, Galloway, Somers Point) which fully doubles?

  • Aberdeen, MD regular doubles. Don’t know about Edgewood/Bel Air.

  • Rebecca

    Marlton ;Cherry Hill; Cinnaminson; Mt Laurel; Glassboro; Williamstown; Laurel Springs; Delran and Mullica Hill are all regular double. It seems in NJ only the North Jersey stores double…very jealous looking at all of you with fully doubling stores!

    • Anonymous

      I didn’t realize Mullica Hill was regular double until this morning. I called West Deptford and they’re regular, too.

  • SouthjerseyShopper

    I didn’t read all the replies, but the Manahawkin NJ Shoprite fully doubles. The Hainesport, Cinnaminson, Willingboro, Mt Laurel (Ark Rd) & Delran: regular double w/ limit of 4 like coupons.

  • D

    Maryland stores are only regular doubling. 🙁

  • Christina M

    Eddystone, PA Shoprite does not fully double 🙁

    It used to fully double and triple a couple of years ago, oh how I miss that!

  • MaryAnn R.

    Warwick, NY & Franklin NJ fully double up to the cost of the item.

  • Tera

    Shoprite of White Plains, Ny and Scarsdale,Ny fully double, and even triple sometimes!

  • Theresa

    Shoprite of Westfield, NJ doubles up to a dollar

  • Linda

    Warrington, PA – regular double, only up to a dollar

  • Rosanne

    Does anyone know if Shoprite in Manchester by Whiting NJ Doubles, If so is that every day or just certain days. Thnak You

    • Alex

      Every day.

  • CRiLL

    Does anyone know Palisades Park, Jersey City, and Bayonne?

    • Liz Harwood

      Jersey City and Bayonne FD. Lincoln Park NJ FD and triples up to .50 coupons!

  • Chris

    Does anybody know the policy for Philipsburg, NJ?

    • Adriane Cieplinski

      P’burg fully doubles 4 like coupons…ie….75 c is 1.50…They take printed coupons and check to see if the coupons are copied…(which is a great idea) they are easy to deal with..I’m there all the time….

      • Chris


  • Kathy

    Yes, Adriane is correct, I just called the other day. Since I am relatively new to couponing, can anyone tell me how to really save at ShopRite, when you can only use 4 like coupons???


  • angie york

    Does any one know if any places in the upper midwest double coupons. like iowa, illinoise, or misourie. Hove been looking but finding a dead end. Thanks angie

  • Shirley

    Commack store in Suffolk county, NY fully double.

  • Chris

    Update– I visited the SR in Philipsburg. Here’s the skinny: they double all manufactuer coupons that are $0.99 or less. They do not double anything $1 or larger. Also, they told me they only accept two printed coupons instead of four.

  • Chris

    Can any of you couponing experts give me some tips? The way I figure it I should look at the weekly circular and try to match my coupons to the sales to try to get items at a very low price. Is there something I’m missing? Are there ways to use more than one coupon on the same item?

  • T

    Here are a few more to add to the list;
    Sicklerville, NJ (Camden Co) RD
    Vineland-N. Delsea (Cumberland)
    Vineland-Landis (Cumberland)

    Did not know which Vineland (largest city in NJ) was already listed, so I give both here.

    Also, is there a chance the matchups can be done showing the RD prices. There are so many of us out here that would find that option helpful. It can mean the difference between a good deal and a not so great deal. Thanks for all you do.

  • T

    Ooops! Hit that enter key too soon. Both Vineland are RD

  • Brian

    I live in Philadelphia. Anyone know of a shoprite that fully doubles close by?

  • Elena

    The Shoprite in Pearl River fully doubles up to .99 cents as well. I just called them to confirm.

  • Marci B

    I shop at Shoprite, Canton CT. Store. It seems they only double coupons that would ADD UP to $1 or lesss. This doesn’t seem to be in line with other Shoprites. I had a $.75 coupon that did not double at all, same with others for the same amount or $.60. I get doubled on $.25, $.40 coupons but even a $.50 cent coupon only gives me $.99 total.
    I have never gotten any coupon total over $1.00. The coupon policy says they will double coupons so I am confused. Anyone else shop here?

    • Shelly

      I occasionally shop at the Canton, CT Shop Rite and this weekend I went with a full arsenal of coupons expecting them to be doubled and not one was doubled. 🙁 Huge let down. I live in New Hartford pretty might dead center between the Canton Shop Rite and the Torrington Price Chopper-Price Chopper is pretty good about coupons, if it’s not too far you may want to shop there.
      I checked their flyer and it didn’t mention anything about doubling coupons and the customer service desk had a line into the produce department–I will call this week though to get the scoop!

  • Des

    How do you find out what day they double coupons in clark shoprite?

  • Liz

    just called warrington, pa, they don’t fully double

  • Pam

    Went to Hauppauge, NY shoprite today. They did not double any of my coupons – from my .50 el paso coupon to .75 silk. Also, most shoprites allow at least two like internet coupons, but Happauge only allows one internet printable.

  • Sam

    Doed the shoprite in west berlin nj double or any other stores

  • Danielle

    Does anyone know about the Shoprite in Montgomery? Do they only double coupons $0.50 and below? And when do they triple coupons, and also how does that work?

  • susany

    when do stores double coupons? or do stores double coupons all the time.?

    • Cindy

      They double coupons all the time!

  • Holly

    Thanks for this great list! Just getting started on couponing and when I ret’d home from Giant today to review all of my awesome “double coupon savings” I was so disappointed…hadn’t read the fine print that they only double to $0.50. I will be heading across the PA border to P’burg next week to ShopRite…Thank you all!!

  • Me

    Bottino’s Shoprite in Vineland doubles ALL THE TIME..

  • Me

    And so does Bottino’s Shoprite in Millville.

  • Y

    Monroe NY – only double to a $1.00
    I expected FD….but it was RD…..

  • Kahyla

    This is awesome! I just moved into NJ and have wondered how coupons work at ShopRite. This helps me as my NJ Couponing begins! Thanks!

  • Does Niskayuna, NY double coupons?

  • JoAnn

    The Shop Rite here in Wallingford, CT does double up to $0.99.

    • JoAnn

      Sorry, that sounds wrong but they fully double

  • Jackie

    Does anyone know of any super markets in the Bronx, that double coupons? also do any of them have constumer loyalty cards? it would be a great help thank you so much.

  • Does anyone know if shop rite in Morris plains,Dover or Wharton doubles?

    • Cindy

      yes they do double

  • caryn

    anybody know if the shoprite in hillsdale nj doubles?? thanks

  • Kara

    Bordentown NJ does not fully double, only doubles up 2 $.99

  • Anya

    So does FD mean if I have a $1 off coupon they won’t double it because the face value has to be 99 cents??

  • Heather

    FD means they will double coupons up to 99¢, and up to 4 like coupons in one order. For example, a 75¢ coupon would double to $1.50 or a 99¢ coupon would double to $1.98

  • Ella

    Does anyone know about the shoprite in stirling nj?

  • Jill

    West Babylon doubles up 99 cents.

  • Lesley

    New Milford, Paramus, and Englewood, NJ ShopRites all fully double. I think Rochelle Park does, too.

  • MarciB

    SR in Canton, CT fully doubles, up to 4 like coupons, up to .99. They do not however allow overage, but only double to the price of the product. FD every day, I have never seen this store have a triple coiupn special. It is a great store, I have never had any problems wiht coupons, or customer service (who know me well,mostly when the CATS don’t print, they just check my reciept and print it out for me, or give me a store card with credit for amt of the CAT. I have given up going anywhere in this area other than Shoprite

  • christina

    Watchung fully doubles

  • Ruby

    I know the Shoprite in West Haven, Milford, Stratford, and Hamden Ct all fully doubles…although the one in West Haven is my personal favorite.

  • annaygu

    ShopRite of Timonium, MD

    FD up to .99

  • annaygu

    ShopRite of Timonium, MD
    FD up to .99

  • dawn

    for the shop rites that are south nj Cheryl hill, marlton. do they offer regular doubles everyday or only certain days?
    also what are the best places to find coupons