Splenda Catalina Deal Update – Possible Money Maker

Splenda Catalina Deal

Yesterday I posted about a Splenda Catalina deal at ShopRite.  Well, I now have more information on the deal and it does include other stores as well.  Here are the full details:

Buy and Splenda Product
4/18 – 5/15
Buy 2 Get $3
Buy 3 Get $4

Stores Participating: A&P, Acme, Duane Reade, Food Lion, Foodtown, Giant Eagle, Giant Foods, Grand Union, Genuardis, Hy-Vee, King Kullen, Kings, Kmart, Kroger, Pathmark, Price Chopper, Redners, Rite Aid, Safeway, ShopRite, Stop & Shop, Waldbaums, Walgreens & Weis

The Splenda deal I posted yesterday was based only on $1/1 Coupons printed from the internet.  But, some of you have been lucky and received a $3/1 Splenda Coupon in your SmartSource insert this weekend.  The coupon is good for 80 ct or more.

If you received that coupon, then you have an even better deal at ShopRite:

Buy 3 Splenda 100 ct box $3.99 each
-(3)$3/1 Splenda Coupon from the 4/17 SS insert (regional coupon)
Pay: $2.97 each
Get a $4 Catalina
free + $1 Money Maker after coupons & catalina

Let us know if you received the high value $3/1 coupon and if you have found any great deals at other stores.

(Thanks Anglea & Holly!)

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  • Donna

    I bought the last 5 boxes at Stop & Shop last night and was surprised to get the 2 catalinas for them. I love making money for shopping!

    • andy

      You bought 2 in 1 transaction and 3 in a separate transaction, not all 5 in one transaction, right?

  • Was not printing at my store but the tag was on the product; store manually printed though!

  • Maddy

    Is anyone try this out at Walgreens??? Next week there’s gonna be a HOT sale of this Splenda 100packets for $2.99. So this would be a nice MM. 😀

    • Lori

      If this is the case I think I will wait until Walgreens and do this next week. I usually don’t shop there but this would be worth it! Will it produce the register reward (or whatever Walgreens calls it!)?
      I was at Rite Aid today, all they had was the 100 ct box and they were priced at $5.29 and I had the price checked at the register.

    • andy

      If this is the case I would avoid the deal at Walgreens like a plague as there would be major beepage of $3 coupon on 2.99 Splenda and while at CVS such problem is usually not an issue and they would adjust the coupon down, at Walgreens it would be a big scandal and attitude.

  • Anna

    This catalina deal is also available at Meijers. (It’s listed on their website under “mealbox”).

  • Dawn

    Spend a anyone to go with out tasters choice coffee. Haha

  • Karin

    I went to Shoprite and got 4 of the 50 ct and 2 of the 80 ct boxes. I bought all 6 together, but only got a 4.00 off next order and another 4.00 off if you buy splenda product between 4/18/11 and 5/15/11. I didn’t get the 3 $3.00 cat. She gave me the 2 $4.00 cpns, but I took receipt to cust service and they printed me out the 3 $3.00 cats. So I made out well with all the splenda.

    • andy

      This is so wrong! You are supposed to get either $4 catalina when you buy 3 OR $3 catalina wyb 2, not both of them! Shame on the customer service too for giving you the $3 catalina. And if you buy 6 you should only get one $4 one for buying 4, so it printed out correctly at the register

    • 0246

      this is inappropriate, and coupon fraud. you shouldn’t brag about it, and should in fact return or discard the coupons now that you have them. this isn’t a place for screwing the system, and people who do so make it hard for those of us with morals.

      • Karin

        customer service and the cashier didn’t know why these printed as the tag read buy 2 get a 3.00 catalina. I didn’t realize til i read LRWC after returning home. I will return when I am there again. I take couponing seriously and don’t think it is appropriate to attack others when it is an honest mistake on everyone’s part. We all have moments when we are not sure why something printed as with a lot of the $3 cats at shoprite last month.

        • Jill

          wow!! such negativity! I am new to couponing and I though Karin would have been right! That is also what i would have done as well. There is a way to correct people without the anger and making them feel like an idiot!

          • DonnaM

            I AGREE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ron

    Egg Harbor Township papers had them

  • jill b

    i wonder what the if there is a limit?… yay for splenda!

  • Diane

    If you buy 6 in one transaction will the two $ 4.00 cats print?

    • 0246


  • The Atlantic City Press Smart Source has the $3.00/1 coupon. 🙂

  • Patti

    Went into my Walgreens Sunday and bought the splenda for $2.99 (with the $3 coupon of course!) Went back today to get some more and they marked it back up to $8.99 – boy was I upset – but it wasn’t in our flyer in NC, so they would not honor the price…

  • Does anyone know how much the Splenda with fiber is?

    • 0246

      $2.99 for the 80ct in Peekskill, NY yesterday.

  • Fury

    This is a better deal if you only bu 2 at a time. Usually cats save more for each one the more you buy. However, this one buying 2 saves 1.50 each and buying 3 saves only 1.33 each. Splitting transactions into 2 would be your best bet.

  • Paula

    Have been to Walgreens everyday OUT OF STOCK. This is the first time I am trying to get one of these deals as I have just started stockpiling, so, anyone tell me how to actually get my hands on the product? The folks at my Walgreens have not been helpful with knowing when they are getting a delivery.

    • DonnaM

      Get a raincheck, this deal is ongoing for a couple of weeks !!!