Extreme Couponing Tip: Don’t Be So Extreme

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Extreme Couponing Tips

If you have been watching the Extreme Couponing Series on TLC, you know that some of these shoppers walk away with a ton of groceries for next to nothing.  Lot’s of questions  pop up like, where do they get all their inserts, can you use that coupon on that product, etc.

This week’s tip is:

::Don’t Be So Extreme

I understand that the name of the show is Extreme Couponing, however, to me, Extreme Couponing has a different meaning then buying 100 Free bottles of soap in 1 shopping trip.  There is no need for that.  Really there isn’t. To me Extreme Couponing is the ability to save 75% or more on your grocery bill.  And, you can do that if you picked up 4 -8 (depending on your family size) of those same Free bottles of soap.  Not 100 bottles.


I talk a lot about building a stockpile.  Having a nice stockpile is one of the key ways to be able to save at the grocery store. The reason for building a stockpile is simply so that you do not have to go out and buy something at full price.  If you purchase several of the items when they are at their lowest price, you do not have to purchase them until they go on sale again.

Why will 4-8 bottles be enough?  Well, it’s simple.  Sales usually run in cycles of about 3 months.  So, if you see a great deal on bottles of soap this month, most likely you will see a great deal again in about 3 months.  Just in time for the 4-8 bottles in your stockpile to start to be running low.  Honestly, it could take us about 3 weeks to go through 1 bottle of soap.  For me, 100 bottles of soap would be over 5 years worth. Buy what you need for your family and for donations and nothing more.  Please don’t turn your home into one big stockpile.

Don’t overwhelm yourself

Watching some of these couponing shows may have you thinking you are not as good at couponing as you thought.  Or that there must be something wrong because you are not buying $2000 worth of groceries for $50.  Don’t second guess yourself.  If you are saving a good amount by using coupons and working some deals, then you are doing a great job.  And, don’t try to do every single deal.  There are way too many and if you do, you’ll burn yourself out.  Step back, take a deep breath and say, I’m not doing that deal because I just don’t need to right now.  It will make for a much better, long term, couponing experience.

Enjoy Couponing

Couponing should not take over your home or your life.  It  should be a fun activity that brings you great joy and satisfaction that you are saving your family money.  If deals don’t work or you forgot a coupon, brush it off.  There is always the next deal or coupon.

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