New $1/1 Hellmann’s Coupon – For ShopRite

Hellmann’s Coupon

Update: For some reason, a bunch of people are having issues printing some of the new coupons.  This is probably temporary and will adjust sometime during the day.

Woohoo, ShopRite shoppers, we have our own Hellmann’s Coupon.  And, just in time for a double dip catalina deal.  The coupon is for $1 off Hellmann’s Mayonnaise and was found at zip code 07039.  The coupon does say “redeem only at ShopRite”.

Hellmann’s Coupon

ShopRite has a Unilever catalina deal this week.  Plus there is a double dip with a Hellmann’s Catalina.

  • The Unilever catalina is buy $15 Get $5 Catalina good toward your next non-foods purchase
  • The Hellmann’s Catalina is Buy 2 Hellmann’s Mayo (16.5 oz or larger) and get a $2 Catalina – UPDATE: THIS CATALINA IS ONLY WORKING FOR CERTAIN PRICE PLUS CARDS.  NOT ALL WILL RECEIVE IT.

Here is the deal I had posted on the ShopRite Coupon Match Ups

Buy 2 Hellmann’s Mayo ($4.68) $3.88
Buy 3 Ragu ($1.99) $1.66
-(2)$1/1 Hellmann’s Coupons
-(1)$1/2 Ragu from the 5/22 RedPlum insert
Pay: $9.74
Get a $5 Catalina good toward Non-Food Items
Get a $2 Catalina (Hellmann’s) only for select price plus cards

UPDATE ON THE HELLMANN’S CATALINA:  The Hellmann’s catalina is only working for select price plus card holders


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  • Fury

    If i just buy 4 hellmans I should get 2 $2 cats right. I dont need more pasta sauce after all the rinaldi deals 🙂

    • Cindy

      I believe so, I had started to post that scenario and I stopped as I wanted to try it myself because Ragu is not my favorite. Here is what I was going to try:

      Buy 4 Hellmann’s $3.88 (sale price meets the qualifying purchase)
      -(4)$1/1 Hellmann’s
      Pay: $11.52
      Get a $5 catalina (non foods purchase)
      Get 2 – $2 catalinas (hellmann’s)
      $0.63 each after coupons & cats

      I probably can’t get there till tonight to try it. If you try it, let us know if it works.

      • Ann_123

        hi Cindy i just came from shoprite and bought 2 hellmann’s mayo, 2 ice tea, 1 tea bag, I didn’t get the Hellmann’s mayo catalina at the same time the $5 catalina. So I went to the customer service and they were able to print me the $5 catalina but for the hellmann’s mayo I didn’t bother to ask because there was no tag for a buy 2 get $2.

        • Cindy

          Hmm, someone had gotten a print out for the Hellmann’s which is how I found out about it. Maybe if someone has the printout they can email it to me so I can post it up

          • Ann_123

            Do I need to contact catalina about it? Also, I checked the yourbuck’s offer on couponnetwork and I couldn’t find the hellmann’s mayo offer.

      • Karen

        The Hellmanns Catalina didn’t print for me. I got the Unilever cat., but not the Hellmanns. Do you think I should contact catalina?

  • kc

    Anyone else having a problem printing the hellman’s coupon? I tried from 2 computers and it won’t print (but other coupons will)

    • Anonymous

      I think the site is very busy…I had trouble too (with the Hellman’s), and eventually could print it.

      Here is another link for $1 off coupon

      use zip 07039 and choose either store that comes up as “your store”

    • Patti M

      Yup, kc, me too…thought it was my computer/printer so I rebooted and tried again but nothing. I can print other things so it’s not my equipment. Will try again, later.

    • LANA

      Im having the same problem!!!! i cant figure out why it isnt printing for me! i put the check mark, click print, nothing….!!!!!

      • Melissa

        Same here, I can’t print the Hellmans coupon, Dove Deo, or Listerine. But I was able to print the MorningStar Farms Q. Weird! I will try again later 🙁

        • Jen W

          Ok, I have tried everything, uninstalling and reinstalling the printer apps they require you to have, and it just wont print…I wonder if it’s “there” but not available yet…like they are still loading it since it just appeared this morning?

          • Michelle B

            I am having the same problem 🙁 Lemme know if any of you get it to work. Also the ocean spray coupon is no where to be found.

  • Michele

    OK that answers my question about printing. I thought it was my printer. lol FYI it’s only so far.

    • Jannel

      Well, at least I know I am not the only one. I thought it was my printer!

  • Nancy

    having same problem

  • michele

    glad i checked the comments. having the same problem & just getting ready to pull my printer apart. i guess the hellmann’s coupon is broken. 🙁

  • Julie won’t print through Chrome for me at all. Says the printer was installed but nada. Tried through IE but no Hellmanns either. Really frustrating!

  • Patti M

    A reader posted on the Shop Rite Matchup page that the Q is for 30 oz+ only. (?) If anyone is able to print would you pls confirm…TIA

    • Jen W

      According to the wording on the website it’s $1/ANY Hellmann’s

      • Jen W

        I just printed 6 of these and it is off ANY (not the 30oz or larger) size…

  • kc

    I have tried safari and chrome – nothing!

  • Kimberly

    Hellmanns didn’t print for me either. It spooled for forever and when it finally did print, everything except the Hellmanns printed.

  • Christina Mathers

    The Hellman’s coupon didn’t print for me either.

    • Chrissy

      Same here, I even tried “clipping” just the Hellmanns one, and instead it printed a $1.00/1 Sara Lee Meat coupon lol…very weird.

  • Anonymous

    Same here, I tried from Firefox and IE, it isn’t printing. I sure hope this doesn’t count as my 2 times! I’ll be bummed if it does.

  • John

    I used for the Hellmann’s $1/1 coupon. I printed two of them just fine and they worked at Shoprite. Just use zip code: 10512 at the page under coupons.

  • Barb

    This site also worked for me: for the Hellmann’s $1/1 coupon. I printed two of them just fine ( zip code: 10512). Mine printed in color (even thought the site said it would print in black & white) and it is good for $1 of any 1 Hellmann’s Mayo 30 oz. or larger.

  • Nina

    The Hellmann’s coupon on is now printing today.