ShopRite Nestle/Purina/Dial Catalina Info

ShopRite Nestle/Purina/Dial Catalina Info

For those of you that are unsure about the Nestle/Purina/Dial Catalinas working this week, here is the ad  from last week.  You can see that it states the deal works from Sunday, May 1 thru Saturday, May 14, 2011.  There is a Limit of 1 offer per customer, per week, during the 2 week promotion period.  I saw posters up in the store as well.

Remember, if you believe that you have met the qualifications of the promotion, and your catalina did not print, you can contact Catalina Marketing.  They will be able to check your receipt and tell you if you qualified or not.  And, if you did qualify, they will send you your catalinas.  Since these deals are run by Catalina Marketing and not ShopRite, contacting Catalina Marketing is usually your best bet versus the customer service desk in the store.

Their contact information is as follows:

  • Phone:1-888-826-8766
  • Email:

You can check out all the ShopRite Coupon Match Ups which also include these deals as well as an update on the Nestle Double Dip Catalina.

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  • Bonnie


    You are amazing for doing this all the time! It has really helped my family save money. Thank you!

    I just had a question: where do you find out about all the Catalina deals that aren’t in the store ads? Last week I tried to do the double dip for the Clairol Natural Instincts and only got one of the $3 cats. I tried to tell customer service, and they questioned where/why I thought there should be buy 2 and get a $3 cat and I didn’t know what to tell them because it wasn’t in last weeks ad. I contacted Catalina Marketing, but was just curious where you find out about the Catalina deals.

    Thanks again!

    • Cindy

      A find them from readers emailing me when they receive a checkout coupon with an announcement on it. Also, Coupon Network, which is owned by Catalina Marketing, has some of them posted and I monitor that. As soon as I see one, I post it and put it on the catalina Deal page.

    • Ueen

      This may be out of topic but let me share anyway.

      I too got only 1 $3 CAT last week when I purchased 4 natural instinct. I called Catalina Marketing last week and got my 1 $3 CAT in the mail yesterday.


  • Anonymous

    I was able to do the Purina deal yesterday. It worked just fine.

  • Lisa W

    I did the Nestle deal last week and it did not print my catalinas. I went to the customer service desk and they checked my receipt where it was clear that I purchased what was listed for the deal. They were able to print the catalinas right on the spot for me. Thank goodness!

  • Andrea

    I thought I qualified and when we went down the reciept I realized I had forgotten an item, so the front end manager let me purchase the missing item and then they printed off the catalinas for me. They have special codes to print them off, for instances like mine, so give the front end manager a try.

  • The Nestle deal worked for me today as well. JUST FYI…if you go on the shoprite website and register your card with the Shoprite Family promotion, your can accumulate points towards rewards certificates…ie…$$ off your next shopping order. The new Cycle just started May 1 and ends July 30th. Nestle is a participatant in this promotion…so all of your nestle purchases count towards your points….plus…your $5 coupon that you use over the next 4 weeks will count towards your point value as well….100 points gives you $2 off your next shopping order…it gets loaded right onto your shoprite card. Works like Cellfire. From what I can tell…points are based on shelf price. The more points you earn…the more the $$ reward you earn. And considering I’m going to be buying alot of Nestle products in the next few weeks…it is a no brainer. I racked up 32 points today alone….and I’m going back later in the week!

    • Lori

      Thank you Denise! Just signed up. I wish I had signed up earlier. Better late than never.

  • I love these catalina deals, just be sure to read the fine print. Some of them require your purchase total to be met AFTER store discounts and coupons have been applied. This Shoprite Purina/Nestle etc.. catalina deal is one where you have that stipulation, however, during that same sale week they had a catalina in the Health & Beauty section where you didn’t have to worry about using coupons and reaching the total. All in all, be sure to read the fine print to get the best deal with the least headaches 🙂

  • both the purina and the nestle worked for me. i had coupons for all i bought too. just an fyi in case anyone wasnt sure the $20 does not include coupons but does include price plus card price. i bought 4 bxs lean pockets with two $1.25 coupons, 2 bxs stouffers french bread pizza with a $2 coupon and DiGiorno Pizza & Wyng with a $1.25 coupon. happy shopping!

  • Jigri


    I had an unfortunate experience with Catalina Marketing. I sent them my receipt and info on the Nestle deal (did it on May 1st, no cats printed). They responded that the UPC codes for Nestle Baby Ruth Fun Size bags were not included, even though they are clearly included in the ad. I sent them the ad page in a pdf, but they just restated that they were not included and to contact the store for further questions. Kind of frustrated that they can just blow it off even though I had hard copy evidence that the item was included.

    Have you had such an experience with Catalina Mktg before? They generally seem to have positive feedback from you…

    • Cindy

      Wow, that is a first. I’m not sure what that is about. I and so many others have always had such a positive experience. I’m sorry that happened to you. I know how disappointing and frustrating it is when you are expecting something and it doesn’t come to fruition.

    • Jen


      I had the same problem with the catalina marketing dept today. I purchased everything on the Dial list and no cats printed. They were great with a quick return phone call but in the end, they were no help at all. The customer rep had to call me back 3 times today because he didn’t even know about the dial catalina. He then told me that the UPC was wrong for the soft scrub I purchased and since I used coupons for my order for the Purex, that I did not qualify for the amount. I told him I brought the exact soft scrub which was in the circular and my other catalina deals (Nestle and Purina) printed even though I used coupons. He just kept insisting for me to contact ShopRite because the UPC was not the one on sale. I told him that the circular doesn’t advertise UPC codes, but at the end, I still had no cats. I wonder if this is why so many people had problems with these catalinas.

  • Sara

    Before I go to do my second round of purina/nestle cat deals, can anyone tell me if I can roll last weeks $5 cats for nestle and purina deals into this weeks?

    • Ueen

      Check the CAT’s dates. I think the first set of CATS can be used on 05/15/11.

  • Kristina

    I just got the $20 Nestle Catalina from Shoprite and I have a question..
    If I pick up a $.50 nestle crunch bar and no other nestle product, will it still take the full $5.00 off of my bill? Or does it have to be $5.00 in Nestle products?

    • Anonymous

      I have previously bought only one product with no problems.

  • Kim in NJ

    Attempted the double dip on the nestle/frozen foods last week. No cats printed. I have to call them today. Does anyone know if it’s easier to call or email?