Walmart Coupon Match Ups 5/25

Walmart Deals for the week of 5/25

Here are your Walmart deals for the week thanks to Passion For Savings.

Make sure to print a copy of the Walmart Coupon Policy to bring with you to the store.  And remember, prices do vary so please check your prices at your store before purchasing.

Mahatma Rice, $1.24
$0.75/1 Mahatma Whole Grain Brown Rice printable
$0.50/1 Mahatma or Water Maid Rice, exp. 8-31-11 (RP 05/01/11)
As low as $0.49 ea. after coupon!

Kikkoman Soy Sauce, $1.42
$0.55/1 Kikkoman Product printable
$1/1 Kikkoman Product printable
$0.55/1 Kikkoman Soy Sauce, exp. 12-31-11 (SS 05/15/11)
$1/2 Kikkoman Soy Sauce, exp. 12-31-11 (SS 05/15/11)
As low as $0.42 ea. after coupon!

Wishbone Salad Dressing, $1.42
$0.50/1 Wish-Bone or Western Dressing, exp. 6-19-11 (RP 05/22/11)
$1.50/2 Wish-Bone or Western Dressing, exp. 6-19-11 (RP 05/22/11)
As low as $0.67 ea. wyb 2 after coupon!

Bar S Hot Dogs, $1
$1/2 Bar-S Franks or Bologna, exp. 7-3-11 (RP 05/22/11)
$0.50 ea. wyb 2 after coupon!

Borden Single Sensations, $1.88
$1/1 Borden Singles Sensations, exp. 7-10-11 (SS 05/22/11)
$0.88 ea. after coupon!

Q-Tips Travel Size, $0.97
$0.30/1 Q-Tips Cotton Swabs, exp. 6-19-11 (RP 05/22/11)
$0.67 ea. after coupon!

Degree Deodorant, $0.97
$0.75/1 Degree Anti-Perspiration & Deodorant, exp. 6-19 (RP 05/22/11)
$0.22 ea. after coupon!

Suave Deodorant, $0.97
$0.50/1 Suave Deodorant Product, exp. 6-19-11 (RP 05/22/11)
$0.47 ea. after coupon!

Scott Naturals Bath Tissue (4 Ct.), $2.68
$1/1 Scott Naturals Bath Tissue printable
$1.50/1 Scott Naturals Bath Tissue printable
$1/1 Scott Naturals Bath Tissue, exp. 5-29-11 (SS 04/17/11 #2)
$1/1 Scott Naturals Bath Tissue, exp. 7-3-11 (SS 05/22/11)
As low as $1.18 ea. after coupon!

Cutter Insect Bite Stick, $2.98
$1.50/1 Cutter Product, exp. 8-31-11 (RP 05/22/11)
$1.48 ea. after coupon!

Brillo Pads, $1
$0.55/1 Brillo Soap Pads, exp. 7-24-11 (RP 05/22/11)
$0.45 ea. after coupon!

You can check out the rest of the Walmart deals here.

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  • deanna

    just wondering if there are any Super Wal-marts in NJ. Coming from VA I find it strange they don’t have full grocery sections around here.

    • liz

      yes there is a super walmart in secaucus and north bergen.

    • Sharon

      Were in NJ are you? There is one in North Bergen and one in Secaucus.

  • Lady J

    Are there any in central jersey? I’ve never seen any. I would love to find a walmart with a full grocery section like they have when I go on vacation.

    • Michelle

      They’ve recently expanded and remodeled the Walmart in North Brunswick. They have a larger grocery section but still not a full grocery like the Super Walmarts 🙁 Better than before, though.

  • Michelle

    There is one in Neptune NJ

  • Amy

    just to let everyone know to make sure and check and prices do vary – but the 16oz of BarS hotdogs which the coupon is for – was $1.48 at our Walmart. A local grocery store though had them for .99 and they price matched it for me 🙂

  • Nicole

    My walmart has the Bar S for .88 each making them 38 cents a pack!

  • Jacy

    My WalMart had them for 75 cents so I paid just 25 cents for them!!!

  • Ronnie

    My Walmart annoyed me today – I had four $1.00 off any Nexcare item – and got the Nexcare bandaids for $1.00, making them free – also got four Suave deoardarant for 22 cents each after my 75 cent off coupon – they told me I could not use the $1.00 off the Nexcare b/c the value of the item didn’t exceed the coupon – WHAT? So I called the manager and they still gave me an issue – I told them it specifically says “ANY – Nexcare item and if they scanned it and it was not valid it, the register would beep – and of course they scanned it and it worked – I hate that I know coupon policies better than the employees….actually I don’t hate it lol 😀

  • April

    My sister in law told me that Ronzoni was on sale at WalMart this week and you could get it for $0.08 a box with coupons.

    I haven’t gone in to see yet, if someone could confirm that would be great.


  • Sanjita

    There is a WalMart in Flemington, NJ that sells groceries/produce and has a deli and bakery.

  • Aimee

    I live in sussex county nj and there are NO super walmarts around. The only one I found that is close to one is in Mt Olive, nj and they have pretty much everything but produce and meat. I live in newton nj and that walmart NEVER has the food that are in the match-ups on here. It’s annoying. I go there mor for HABA items because they seem to be cheaper sometimes. For the most part I shop at ShopRite, Stop & Shop and Weis!

    • Deanna

      @Aimee The one in Franklin is just awful. I like Newton better but with the price of gas it’s just to far. So yeah, if it’s not at ShopRite or Weis I go without. LOL