A Conversation in My House – Explaining a Deal to My Husband

I thought you guys would get a kick out of the conversation in my house this morning.

Now, just so you all know, I did not plan well this week and my to do list is way behind, so I do have to still shop for a gift for my dad for Father’s Day.  And, my husband has been kind enough to offer to pick something up for me.  What a good man!

Anyway, here was the conversation this morning…

Pat:  I’ll get something for your Dad today if you are busy.

Me:  Awesome, that would be great.  Did you have something in mind.

Pat:  I was thinking maybe some golf shirts

Me:  Oh nice!  Does Sears have nice golf shirts?

Pat: I can take a look.  Why is there a good deal there?

Me:  Yes, you will have to go to Stop & Shop…

Pat: Go where?

Me: Stop & Shop.  Buy a $50 Sears Gift Card…

Pat: Okay this should be good

Me: Yes, it’s a great deal.  Buy a $50 Sears Gift Card at Stop & Shop and you get a $15 Stop & Shop catalina.  Then, go to…

Pat: Wait, let me guess.  I have to go to Walmart or something.

Me: (laughing) No, then go to Sears, use the $50 Gift Card to buy my dad his shirts.  Then you will get a $25 Gift Card for spending $50 in men’s apparel.

Pat:  Oh wow, so, that is like getting everything for $10

Me:  YES!  Isn’t that awesome.

Pat:  Yeah, good deal.  Can I use that $25 to get something for myself?

Me:  Yep, Happy Father’s Day…hehe!

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