Extreme Couponer in Training – ShopRite Trip Part 2

Extreme Couponer in Training

My daughters did their shopping trips separately this week due to their work schedule.  Up until now, they were helping each other out and shopping together.  But, this time, they went solo.  You can see Megan’s trip earlier in the week.

And, here is Nikki’s trip:

12 Weight Watchers Yogurt $0.40 each
8 YoCrunch Yogurts $0.44 each
2 Wacky Mac Pasta $0.99 each
2 Ronzoni Quick Cook Pasta $0.77 each
3 Bestlife Margarine $1.29 each
2 Bar S Turkey Franks $0.99 each
-(4)$0.55/3 Weight Watchers
(2)$1/4 YoCrunch
-(2)$0.40/1 Wacky Mac
(1)$1/2 Ronzoni
-(3)$1/1 Bestlife
-(1)$1/2 Bar S
-$4 Catalina
Paid: $0.69

The Bar S Turkey Franks rang up correctly unlike Megan’s.  It appears that the Beef franks are not $0.99 each however the circular did say that “Jumbo Meat” were included so they did honor it for her.

I have to say that I am amazed and pleasantly surprised at how quickly the girls have built up their small stockpile.  And, I think they are surprised at how easy it has been.  Each Saturday, the 2 of them are hounding me to find out when the ShopRite post will be done.  It’s actually pretty funny to see their excitement.  Plus, I think they are trying to outdo each other.  Oh, sibling rivalry…don’t ya love it.  It’s like a couponing competition in my house. 😉  But, I love the way they are preparing to be out on their own.


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