Extreme Couponers In Training – ShopRite Trip

Extreme Couponers In Training – ShopRite Trip

One of my Extreme Couponers in Training headed to Shoprite this morning where she ran into a reader.  I am jealous because I never run into any readers and she got to meet someone.  So, hi to the reader that Megan chatted with at the Livingston ShopRite.

Today Megan had a $4 catalina to use from the Solo Deal.  Here was the transaction she did today:

4 Colgate $0.77 each
1 Coffee Mate $1.67
3 Wacky Mac Pasta $0.99 each
2 Bar S Hot Dogs $3.29 each **
1 Perdue Thin Sliced Chicken Breast $3.30
-(4) $0.50/1 Colgate
-(1)$0.55/1 Coffee Mate
-(3)$0.40/1 Wacky Mac
-(1)$1/2 Bar S
-$4 Catalina
Tax $0.14
Paid: $4.96

Then she got home and said that she felt like the bill was too high.  Which cracks me up because it was only $4.96.  However, she was right.  The Bar S Jumbo Hot Dogs are advertised at $0.99 each and they rang up at $3.29 each.  So, at my encouraging, she went back to ShopRite.  They just handed her $4 cash.  So, her total for all this was $0.96 out of pocket.

And, stay tuned for my shopping trip.  I did a big one today!

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  • Shaunie

    Woohoo!! Go Megan!

    • Angela

      Good job Megan!

  • Brooke

    Did she get one of the hot dogs for free because they rang up wrong? I am just wondering if all Shoprites have the scan rite policy where you get the first item for free and the rest at the correct price when something rings up incorrectly.

    • Cindy

      I don’t think we have that policy at our shoprite. I just think he couldn’t figure it out and just gave her $4.

      • christina

        My ShopRite has that “scan rite” policy. One of the customer service guys and a manager told me. I thought an item was priced wrong and they said “if its marked wrong or scans in the computer wrong price..you get the 1st item free, and the others at the correct price.”
        I don’t think they advertise it heavily, lol, but ask your SR customer service. 🙂

        • Julie

          I think they all have it!

          • I’m going to have to check the policy, but ours depends on who you get. Sometimes I get an item for free if it rings up wrong, and sometimes they just change it. I’m definitely going to find out though.

  • Kahlilah Adms

    Nice Job Megan 🙂
    I just went to ShopRite in Watchung and got Degree Deodorant for free yahhh me. It was marked down to $1.44 with a $0.75 coupon that was doubles to an additional $0.69. It was freeeeeeee Gotta love it!!!!!!

  • Jen W

    Isn’t Shoprite’s policy that the first item is free and the 2nd item is at sale price when they ring up wrong? I don’t know if the coupon played a part in this though…that aside, your girls are doing well!!

  • Jasmine C

    WTG Megan!! I’m noticing that you have to pay extreme attention to your reciepts and sale flyers. I was in ShopRite in Hauppauge yesterday and had to go back in 2x for adjustments. The girl behind the CS desk was so snippy, I had to request to speak with a manager. I’m sorry, but I hate the way couponers are looked at! We are NOT stealing, we are simply trying to stretch our $$$. I actually got a high five from a fellow sister in couponing (as she called it LOL) Happy shopping all!!

    • debbie

      Shoprite Hauppauge is always giving me problems. I can’t stand the customer service people there. I can’t wait till they open the Patchogue store. Sure hope its not own my the same people. They don’t double internet coupons either

      • Someone

        It will be owned by the same wonderful individuals. Let’s hope that when the Patchogue store opens that the people of Patchogue raise more of a stink about their policies.

  • jessica

    hahah its funny once someone goes shopping with me they are like… oh so that’s why you use coupons… wish I knew this in college!! WTG megan

    Wacky Mac was 89 cents at my store (laurel hill SR) so I got 3 bags for 27 cents!

  • I did a shoprite trip today too… I think I did pretty well. The total saved in coupons was $162 and I spent $110. I did the pampers wipes deal for the $5- catalina and also got a $5- pampers diapers coupon, both of which I used toward my second order of 2 boxes of diapers (also had a $3- manufacture coupon) and that gave me another $10- catalina and $10 from baby points to use toward my 3rd order.

  • Melissa

    Does the Livingston Shop Rite double internet coupons? The Kearny one no longer doubles internet coupons.

    • Cindy

      Yep they double Internet coupons

    • Nic

      The Lyndhurst one doubles Internet coupons.

  • su


  • Gwen

    She should have actually gotten $4.60 back which would have brought her out of pocket to only $0.36, good job though!

  • Mark

    The Colgate sale is a Price Plus so if you do the coupons before you scan your card, you get an .11 overage on each Colgate.

    • Julie

      My cashiers make me do the card first, and now self checkout has tape over the coupon machine. They have to do your coupons. AND they now limit to two like coupons!!! Ugh…

  • Theresa

    That is awesome – I just saw at my shoprite in Stirling, NJ I used the 0.50 coupon off for colgate and it didn’t double to the $1 instead it was for the 0.77 – Is this all the time? So we cannot make any money toward other groceries 🙁

    • Mark

      You have to scan your coupons before you scan your price plus card. If you do that, the coupon doubles to whatever the price it is pre-scan and doesn’t adjust after you scan the card.

  • Ashley

    I had the same problem with the Bar-S! I went to customer service and they informed me that the $.99 sale price was for the chicken and turkey hot dogs; the all beef ones were not included in the sale. Lucky that she got the price adjustment! I ended up just having to return mine =(

  • Jessica M.

    I went to Stop & Shop yesterday, here in the Bronx. I bought $385.77 worth of groceries, and only paid $230! Saved a total of $155.77. Not bad for my first time.:) Thanks for all the postings that I’ve read and learned from.

  • I have been trying to have my coupons scanned first, and then hand over my Price Plus card and this woman wouldn’t do it last week. She said she wasn’t allowed and that she had to scan my card first. She was NASTY to me about it. Is there a policy about this?

  • MillburnLaura

    I had to get a price adjustment today as well, for the Suddenly Salad. Problem is, I bought 8 boxes last week as well, and didnt notice that they were ringing up at $1.99 instead of .99 until today!

    • Maria

      Hey millburn Laura…do you do ems in millburn??

      • MillburnLaura


  • Maddy

    Great Job. I wish we have Shoprite here in WI…im so jealous!!

  • great job! Have any of you encountered the policy at Shoprite, only 4 coupons of the same kind per transaction…….I liver in NY and LOVE Shoprite

    • Julie

      Mine now does TWO like coupons in CT.

    • Kahlilah

      I thought the policy only allowed for four like coupons.

  • jackie

    Good for you. I

  • emily

    that was me!! i was so excited to meet megan.

  • marie

    Good job everyone. Where do you get the Colgate coupons?

  • Anonymous

    When the scanrite policy started where I live I was overcharged for something and went back in the store and the woman in customer service said to me,”You want me to give you something for free?” And I pointed her to the window where the policy was. She still didn’t believe it and I had to wait for the manager. Since then I haven’t had a problem. However, if the issue is with the price using your price plus card they won’t give the item for free. It has to be the actual price being wrong.

  • Liz

    Cindy – can’t wait to see your “big trip post”. It’s so helpful when you post your trip early in the week so the rest of us can “mimic” relevant parts of it ourselves! Great job and congrats on the couponers in training. Great life skills to have!

  • Meli

    I went to shoprite yesterday and gave my coupons first then the price pluss card. None of my coupons doubled…. i went to the manager since it was late customer service was closed. She told me i have to scan my card first to make it double, i did get my 10.20 back after she adjusted my reciept. Has anyone else had this problem?

    • Cindy

      I gave my price plus card after the coupons were scanned yesterday and all the coupons doubled.

  • Emily

    At the Hackensack Shoprite if u get a scanrite , you will get the item for free, I understand that Shoprite belongs to different owners, but the should all the same policy.

  • Sexysiren

    is this the reason why some of my coupons such as the colgate of 0.35c nor the 0.75c didnt double, because the lady scanned my shoprite card first before my coupons? 🙁 @ cindy do you think you can look at my receipt to tell me of any errors? I go to shoprite here at jersey city marin boulevard.

  • violet

    WooHoo. Great Job Megan