My Trip to CVS Headquarters: News, Coupon Policies & Your Feedback

Last week I was invited up to CVS headquarters in Rhode Island.  There were about 20 bloggers and site owners that were invited to get a peek into the inside of CVS.  We were presented with some new and exciting additions as well as their philosophy on using coupons at CVS.

Extra Care Bucks New Look

I am so excited to report that CVS is truly a coupon friendly organization.  They could not stress enough that they want you to use coupons.  They want you to use those Extra Care Bucks and not throw them away.  As a matter of fact, they want you to use your Extra Care Bucks so much that they have an entire ad campaign done around using your Extra Care Bucks.  And, they have revamped the look of Extra Care Bucks so that they are easier to notice.

Here is a preview of the new look for the Extra Care Bucks.  Some stores are already producing these.  If yours is not, they will be soon

More Emailed Deals

I was at CVS Headquarters when the Pepsi Coupon issue was in full swing.  Trust me when I tell you that they were scrambling around that day and realized their mistake in not making the coupon clear in the email that it was meant for specific card holders.  It was far from their intention to make some of you unhappy and frustrated that you did not get the coupon when you scanned your Extra Care Card at the Red Coupon Machine

But, they were open with us and said they learned from their mistake and will be making some changes to how they distribute the coupons.  And, they also let us know that we can expect to see more coupons like the Pepsi one.  Of course, with a change in how they distribute it

So, be sure to register your email and card on the site so you can be sure to be on their list.

Print Your ECBs Online

Another way for you to not loose those Extra Care Bucks is that you can now print them online.  Make sure that you are registered at and have your Extra Care Bucks registered as well.  Then you will just need to log into your account and you can view all the outstanding Extra Care Bucks.  And, you can print them as well.

Additional Red Coupon Scanners

Slowly, CVS will be adding another Red Coupon Scanner (aka The Magic Coupon Machine) so that each store will have 2.  This will be great for those of you that may run into the problem of the paper not being replaced or a machine that is not working.


CVS is now affiliated with SavingStar.  SavingStar is a very simply way to add a “coupon” to your Extra Care Card.  Once you purchase the product at CVS, using your Extra Care Card, the “coupon” amount gets credited to your SavingStar account and a given to you like a rebate.  This is on top of your manufacturer coupons, store coupons and ECBs.  So, it’s a great way to take advantage of even more savings.  Make sure to check out all the details about SavingStar.

New Cosmetics Line

CVS has also launched a new cosmetics line called Nuance from Selma Hayek.  This is actually a CVS brand so if you have a coupon for CVS Cosmetics or Skin Care, you will be able to use it on that line.


They had asked us to give them feedback from our readers and we did just that.  They were very, very open to hearing what we had to say from the all the things that each one of you have expressed either through an email to me, on the LRWC Facebook page or through comments on the site.

Here were some of the points we talked about and almost every one of the items we discussed they took very seriously and will be considering and discussing in the coming weeks.  So,  you’ll be happy to know that your voice has been heard.

  • Raising the limits on some of the ECB deals
  • Keeping more stock, especially for ECB deals that have coupons along with the ECB.  These tend to go quickly.
  • Providing us with a Coupon Policy (this one should be coming soon!)
  • Keeping each store educated on the coupon acceptance policies


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