New $0.55/1 Fiber One Bread Coupon

Fiber One Bread Coupon

There is a new Fiber One Bread Coupon available.  The coupon actually for $0.55 off any variety Village Hearth Bread but there are other brands shown on the coupon.  Village Hearth is owned by Pan O Gold Baking which includes the following bread brands:

Country Hearth, Lakeland, New England, Village Hearth, Holsum, Family Choice, Kid’s Choice.

Since the coupon has the Fiber One logo on it, I see no reason why it can not be used for that brand or any other of the brands I listed (if your store carries them).

Fiber One Bread Coupon

The ShopRite has the bread for $2.50.  I believe this might be the regular price.  But, still a good deal after coupon especially if you need bread.

Here is the deal:

Fiber One 100% Whole Wheat Bread $2.50
use $0.55/1 Fiber One Bread Coupon
$1.40 each after coupon


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  • Kaitlyn

    Stop and shop has these on BOGO free at my store this week!

  • MD

    Fiber One Bread is BOGO at Stop & Shop this week!

  • Arielle

    As MD and Kaitlyn said, Stop & Shop has Fiber One bread on BOGO sale. However, it appeared only the breads regularly $2.99 (Multigrain, Honey wheat, etc.) were available for the BOGO sale: each of those loaves had a “BOGO” sticker on them, whereas the more specialty breads regularly for $3.99 did not.

    I had a coupon (clipped, I don’t keep record of from where) for $1.00 off one loaf of Fiber One bread, so I picked up two loaves of bread yesterday for $1.99–that’s $1.00 each!

  • Mark

    Here is a direct link to Fiber One Bread $0.55 off 1.

    • hanna

      Thank you so much!!

  • Diane R.

    If I get 2 loaves at Stop n Shop (BOGO), would I be able to use 2 coupons or just one?

    • Jennifer

      You can use 2 coupons. I got (2) 2.99 Multigrain breads and it came out to $1.00 for both!

  • Kaitlyn

    Had problems at stop and shop with is coupon, just a heads up.

    • Kate

      Me too, my two $.55 off coupons wouldn’t work at self check out. I was buying 4 loaves. The woman even tried to push it through for me but couldn’t. She sent me to customer service desk and they gave me cash for them.

      • Diane R.

        Which coupon did you have problems with…. the one that Cindy posted that says “village hearth” breads or the one from Mark’s link which is specifically for “fiber one” bread?

        • Kaitlyn

          Yes I had problems at self checkout and they made me pay for the bread in a separate transaction and the coupon still beeped.

          Also I did not receive my instant savings for the Lipton Iced tea So I was already headed up to CS anyway. Needless to say not a great trip to Stop and Shop.
          I really prefer Shoprite and I remember that almost every time I go to Stop and Shop.

  • Rita

    Tried to buy the Fiber One bread at S&S and both coupons beeped. The one from the link and the one Cindy posted. Cashier came over and said I cannot use two coupons on a BOGO deal. Is this correct? I checked the coupon policy for S&S and this is not noted anywhere. I don’t want to bring this to the store manager if it isn’t correct.

    • Diane R.

      Today at Stop n Shop I used 2 of the Fiber One bread coupons on the BOGO items, and I also used 2 of the Entenmanns Mini Cakes coupons on the BOGO items. So I think it must just be up to the cashier if they want to be nice about it or be crabby. I had the nicest young girl today who had no problems with any of my coupons. My Fiber One bread coupons (from Mark’s link) did beep, but she just put them in manually. I thought I might have a problem using 4 of the Free Lipton iced tea coupons at one time, but she put them right thru. I bought an additional 3 teas without any coupons to qualify for the Buy 7 Get $3.00 off deal. Worked perfectly, so I ended up getting 7 teas for free!! It is such a pleasure to shop when you get a really nice checkout person!

      • Melissa

        how much are the entemanns mini cakes?

        • Diane R.

          They are $3.99, so getting BOGO and using 2 $.50 cpns, it comes out to $.99 each.

          • Rita

            I will try again tomorrow. I have read on other sites that it helps if you scan the coupons before you scan your S&S card. Hopefully I can get the Entenmanns deal also.