Pathmark Coupon Matchups 6/10 – 6/16

Pathmark Coupon Match Ups 6/10 – 6/16

All coupon match ups below are shown as doubled. Make sure to check out Pathmark’s Coupon Policy.

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  • nuri

    if i close my eyes and hold my breathe, will pathmark do another double/triple event?

    • Anonymous

      Lol I will join you maybe it will work then 🙂

    • Lady J

      Aside from a short 3 minute trip = I haven’t been to PM since last triples. I miss triples.

      • Patti

        I hope they bring it back… they didn’t even do a 1 day sale this week 🙁 The manager at our local store told me during the last triple coupon weekend they were doing it thru July and then the next day they announced they weren’t doing it for May… wonder what will happen.

  • Eric

    Just Curious… There’s a catalina listed for shoprite that has $4 back when you buy 4 solo items.

    Are the catalinas given at ANY location so long as they use the catalina system?

    • Cindy

      Some times they are only good at a few locations and some times they are at most locations. I haven’t heard anything else about the solo catalina except at ShopRite.

    • Lady J

      If you were going to try it anyway – the SR Solo cat deal ends this weekend (don’t remember if it’s Sat or Sun). But the Solo product is still on sale for $1.99 anyway, so if you have SR – just go there. And if you don’t see what you want ask at customer service. 85% of the time, they have it in the back and will bring it out for you.

  • Jahna

    wishing for another triples/doubles event at pathmark- soo glad im not the only

  • Janelle S

    Where is the Ellio’s Pizza Coupon Link…..these are all my kids eat and I usually spend alot on them…….Anyone know what zipcode its under???????

    • Janelle S

      Forget it I found it…….thanks anyway

      • kIRSTEN

        Can you tell me which zip code you found it under because i could not find it

        • Janelle S

          Zipcode——–15133, I was able t print out a few of these between all of my computers……My kids love these pizzas…..HTH

  • karnisha

    How is that Gillette going to work out as a MM? My calculations isn’t adding correctly

    • Anonymous

      They are on sale for $2.99. You can use the $2/1 Gillette Body Wash and the $2/1 Gillette Body Wash Zavers coupon.

      • Janelle S

        Is the Gillette Body Wash Sale listed in the circular???????…..I was just at PM and didn’t see a sign for it being $2.99 mine is just regular priced….but I’m gonna go and price check it tomorrow to make sure..

        • Michelle

          The Gillette wasnt marked on sale at my pathmark either, but then i realized why, the ad says up to 12oz. but the one they had on the shelves were 16oz. so that might have been the case. this makes me very upset because i really wanted to get these.

          • Vanessa

            Michelle, I also went to PM and found only the 160z bottle in the bodywash aisle. I was so disappointed. But when I was leaving, I saw the 12 oz bottle at the front of the store in a separate area. I almost missed out on the great sale thinking they didn’t have anymore. So hopefully that is the case at your PM.

            • Monica

              My Pathmark said that they didn’t carry it at all. They had one of yellow signs where it should be. I still got one, between the $2/1 q and the ezavers, it cost me $.49. I’ll take it. Granted I would have liked the money maker better.

  • Christina


  • TM

    Just thought I would share this:

    So, I went out on the prowl to PM for these Gillette body washes on sale this week. At the PM in Weehawken, NJ they are actually priced DOWN at $2.45 (not the listed $2.99, great savings!).

    I went to check out, and the cashier informs me that I would have to CHOOSE between the B1G1 coupon OR the $2 off coupon. Basically, telling me that I cannot use both. I told HER that I refuse to ever choose between coupons, and asked for the manager who cleared by sale and told the cashier she was wrong.

    Moral of the story: never choose between your coupons. always ask for the manager. and get to that weehawken pathmark!!

    I bought 8 body washes for just under $2. GREAT DEAL!!

  • Enalyn

    Renuzit Solid Air Freshener – $0.79
    B2G1 Free from the 6/12 RP
    $0.52 each after coupon

    I’ve noticed that this item wasn’t with a green check mark,I wonder if this is NOT a good price to stock up unless its typo.

  • Felicia

    I had a big shopping trip today, since I was running low on a lot of stuff. I found a few things I thought was a good deal-

    Smart balance cooking spray- 2.50
    used .75 coupon (off any product) from website
    Total: 1$

    Delmonte pineapple 2.99ea
    used 1.25 coupon from
    2.25 ea ( Not sure if this was good, but I needed it, and it’s better than full price)

    Gerber baby cereal mixes (8 oz): 2.00
    used .55 off 2 (facebook)
    Total 1.45 ea (just starting buying baby stuff, and this has been the best deal I’ve seen, and it printed out coupons for baby food)

    Welches 64oz 100% grape juice- $2.50
    used .75 coupon from I think the 6/5 SS
    Total- 1$ PLUS, if you use Saving star ( , you’ll get 1$ transferred into your paypal, so it’s FREE!

  • Aimee

    I dont see a zavers available for gillette….anyone else have that problelm?

    • laura

      I dont see the Gilette one either!

      • Vanessa

        Me neither 🙁

        • Harsha

          it is under P & G coupons.

          • Vanessa

            Thank you. Got it.

  • Talyna

    what zipcode do you use for the $1 0ff ocean spray. I do not see it on redplum.

  • couponaddict!`

    How often does Pathmark have triple coupon events? And how often do they have a double coupon over $1 event? I am new to this!!! Loving it!!

  • Teresa

    I got some great deals at Pathmark yesterday using my coupons together with my zavers – I know some people have mentioned that there zavers didn’t work with the coupons but mine always come off. So I was able to get an Oral-B battery operated toothbrush that was on sale for $7.50 – used $3 coupon from 6/5 and $3 zaver – I paid $1.50. Olay Regenerist Daily Facial Cleanser $6.99 used $3 coupon from 6/5 and $3 zaver – paid 99 cents. Tampax Pearl tampons 18 count on sale for $4.29 used $3 off 2 coupon and $3 off 2 zaver – paid $2.58 for 2 of them or $1.29 each. Bounty napkins small pack $1.29 used $1 off coupon from 6/5 and $1 zaver – got the 71 cents overage.

  • jksmom

    The Ken’s dressings are $1.99. Not 99 Thanks This is the ventnor pathmark.

  • C

    The LaYogurt is on sale for 12 for $4. I had a coupon for $1.00 off any twelve 6 oz cups from the Red Plum 6/5 insert in Brooklyn… Which made them 12 for $3.00 or $0.25 each!

  • Samantha

    FYI……My Pathmark had Athenos Greek Yogurt on sale for $0.50 ea. …..there is also a tear pad with coupons for B2G1 free……this makes them $0.33 ea. after the coupon…..My mother and I eat these weekly so this is a great deal…….these usually go on sale for around $1.00 so to get them for $0.33 is a great deal…..I am super happy!!!!!

  • jess

    My Pathmark in S. NJ is doubling coupons this week, check to see if yours is too

    • nuri


      do you mean they are doubling coupons $1 or more?
      or they are doubling 50 cent to 1.00 and 75c to 1.50?

      my pathmark always doubles everyting under 1.00, but only doubles 1.00 (or more) on special occaisons

      • Vanessa

        Nuri, you are lucky. My pathmark only doubles on special days 🙁 . My Shoprite doubles everyday .99 or lower 🙂 .

  • Samantha

    Is Dove body wash on sale anywhere??????….just got a coupon from there website and could really use some if there is some on sale

  • Jenn

    I know this is a crazy question to ask all your very experienced couponers, but I have started couponing just a few weeks ago and am still trying to understand it all, can someone explain to me PM Match Ups. I don’t understand..

  • Samantha

    Is the Nestle Carnation Essentials Breakfast on sale for $1.25 or is it just the evaporated milk…..I got coupons for the Essentials Breakfast from there facebook page ($1.25 off/1) making it free…..My kids love the Essentials Breakfast and I would love to get them for free….So is the Nestle carnation Essentials Breakfast on sale of just the Evaporated Milk????????

  • Monica


    Does anyone know if you can use a B1G1 Manufacturer’s coupon with two additional manufacturer’s coupons or how I can work that deal correctly. I am looking to possibly purchase 2 Gillette body washes.

    Thank you,

    • Samantha

      I think you can use the B1G1 coupon with 1 of the other manufactures coupons…..I know for sure that you can’t use two because that would be using two coupons on one product….but I do think that you can use 1 manufactures coupon with 1 B1G1 coupon……HTH

      • Monica

        Thank you for your response. I think I read something but it’s probably store coupon and then the manufacturer’s q. Which would make more sense.

        Thank you.. I don’t want to do anything unethical.

  • Annie

    Hey guys, the driscoll coupon does not double so its only .50 cents off.
    Final price, $1.38