Possible Toys R Us Deal: Huggies Diaper & Storage Totes 35% Off

Possible Toys R Us Diaper Deal

Check out this deal that reader Laurie snagged at Toys R Us.  I do not know if this is a clearance price at select stores or a sale.  If it’s a sale, I’m not sure when it ends.  So, please don’t make a trip just for this.  But, I thought it was a good enough deal for you to check out if you happened to be going to Toys R Us or will be near one.

Laurie found the Huggies “Limited Edition Designer Storage Tote” on sale for $26.23 (reg $40.99).  These totes have 124 diapers in it plus 2 travel pack of Huggies wipes.  She did 3 transactions as follows:

Transaction #1:

1 Huggies Storage Tote @ $26.23 + tax =$28.06
-(1)$2.00 MF coupon 06/12SS
-(1) $7.00 Toys R Us coupon found inside the tote
Minus $3.49 off gift card
Total $15.77

Transaction #2:

1Huggies Storage Tote @$26.23 + tax =$28.06
-(1) $2.00 Manufacturers coupon
-(1)$7.00 Toys R Us coupon
Total $19.06

Transaction #3:

same as transaction #2
Total for 372 Huggies Diapers and 6 Travel Wipe Packs Plus 3 Winnie the Pooh Storage Totes was $53.89

Let us know if you find this deal at your Toys R Us

(Thanks Laurie!)

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