Reader Questions: Addressing Couponing Ethics with Friends & Family

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An anonymous reader has a question about Addressing Couponing Ethics with Friends, Family & Co-Workers


How do you handle it if some of your friends, family members or co-workers are bragging about their unethical couponing.  And, they continue to so  even after you have advised them that what they are doing is wrong.

Well, I think this is a great question and I would love to hear how some of you have handled these situations.  I know that sometimes people honestly don’t know the error of their ways however, once they are informed that what they are doing in wrong or unethical, they immediately stop.  However, sometimes that is not the case.

So, if you have friends, family members or co-workers that are copying coupons or intentionally using a coupon on a different product or even buying products, returning them and keeping the Register Rewards/Catalinas, how do you handle it?

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