Reader Shopping Trip: Walgreens


Ashley made a bunch of great transactions at Walgreens today!  And, I love that she is looking over her transactions and finding even more ways to get great deals in the future.  That is how you learn.  Try it and experiment with different deals and scenarios.  You’ll be surprise what you can score.

First let me say thank you for everything you do! I totaled my overall savings for the last 2 months today and it came to a whopping $999.38!!!! thats insane!! Idk how I could have ever done it without you! Anywho, I went to shoprite, walmart, walgreens, and cvs today. Only spent around 10 oop on about $250 worth of items thanks to you! And the help of my one year old sleeping in my arms. lol. This last trip to walgreens really blew my mind so I’d like to share it! Here it goes…this is my first time doing this so bare with me if I mess up a little!

Transaction #1 Bought:

1 Gillette Fusion Proglide-9.89
1 Colgate 360-2.99
1 Nestle Crunch-.39

Coupons Used:

-(1)$4 proglide
-(1)$1 360
-(1)$2 RR from last week

OOP: $7.17
+$5 RR
+$2 RR

Transaction #2 Bought:

1 Blistex for men-$2

OOP: $2
+$2 RR

Transaction #3 Bought:

1 John Freida Shampoo (clearance) $1.79
1 John Freida Cond (clearance) $1.79
1 Garnier Gel (clearance) $1.09 x’s 2
1 Finesse sham- 2/$7
1 Lysol Toilet Gel $2.99 BOGO
3 Nestle Crunch .39 (3) Just for fillers

Coupons Used:

-(2) $2 off john freida product
-(2) $1 off garnier product
-(1) $1 off 2 lysol + add in the paper
$5 RR

OOP was $1.04!!!
and received a $5 RR for next time

This transaction has been my best at walgreens so far. Now that I’ve gone over it I can see I could have done things a little better. But for being completely unprepared…this was awesome! Either way I had blast all day couponing. Thanks so much for what you do!

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