Skim Plus Coupon Update

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Skim Plus Coupon Update

Earlier today, I posted a coupon for a FREE half gallon of Skim Plus milk from Farmland Dairies.  I received emails from a bunch of you saying that you spoke to Farmland Dairies and they claimed the coupon to be fraudulent.

Well, of course, I know that can not be true since the coupon is hosted on the Farmland Dairies website and I’m very careful as to where I get the coupons links from.

So, I gave them a call myself and spoke to a great representative at Farmland.  We had a nice conversation about the coupon and I can 100% confirm that it is a valid coupon.  HOWEVER, this was a promotion that was run a few months ago directed to specific consumers.  Unfortunately, for Farmland, they left the link up and it’s still active.  And, we all know the world wide web is a very big and scary place where nothing ever really goes away.  Like coupon links that companies do not take down.

They are in the process of removing the link from their site and they have asked me to take down my post.  Which I did.  However, if you already printed the coupon, it is a valid coupon that expires tomorrow and you can use it knowing that it is a valid coupon. I confirmed that with them too.

Hope that helps answer any questions about the coupon. 🙂

For those of you that didn’t get to print it, there is a $1/1 Skim Plus Coupon that is available and still active.