Walgreens: How to Roll Your Register Rewards This Week

Walgreens:  How to Roll Your Register Rewards This Week

Here is a great way to roll your Register Rewards this week so that you can get the lowest out of pocket possible.    There are many ways you can choose to do the deals and your deals may vary depending on your coupons and the products that you need.  This is just an example to help you get started and get you thinking about your own deals.

Remember, if you already have a Register Reward from last week, you can include that in your first transaction.  These ideas are done as if you have no Register Rewards to start with.

Transaction #1:

Buy 1 Reach Toothbrush Miltipack $2.99
-(1)$2/1 REach Toothbrush Multipack from the 5/8 SS
Pay: $0.99 + any tax
Get a $2 RR

Transaction #2:

Buy 3 Dove Men+Care Body & Face Bar 6 pack $6.00 each
Buy 1 Arizon Tea or Drink $0.50 (with in ad coupon) filler
-(3)$4/1 Dove Men+Care Body from 6/26 RP
-$2 Register Reward from transaction #1
Pay: $4.50 + any tax
Get $6 RR

Transaction #3:

Buy 1 Reach Floss $2.99
Buy 2 Carefree Liners $1.99 each
Buy 2 Stayfree Maxi Pads $1.99 each
Buy 2 Twizzlers $1.50 each
Buy 1 Crystal Light $1.99 (with in ad coupon)
Buy 2 Crayola Posterboard $0.33 each (with in ad coupon) filler
-(1)$1/1 Reach coupon from the 4/17 SS
-(2)$1/1 Carefree coupon from the 5/8 SS
-(1)$3/2 Carefree Walgreens Coupon
-(1)BOGO Stayfree from the 6/26 SS
-(2)$0.75/1 Twizzlers Coupon from the 6/26 SS
-(1)$1/1 Crystal Light from the 6/12 SS
-$6 RR from transaction #2
Pay: $0.11 + any tax
Get a $2 RR (Reach)
Get a $1 RR (Twizzlers)

Final Result:

1 Reach Toothbrush Multipack
3 Dove Men+Care Body & Face Bar 6 packs
1 Arizona Tea or Drink
1 Reach Floss
2 Carefree Liners
2 Stayfree Maxi Pads
2 Twizlers
1 Crystal Light
2 Crayola Posterboard

Paid: $5.60 + any tax
Have $3 in RR for next week or to buy Newspapers

Make sure to check out all of the Walgreens Deals for this week and for all the coupons.  Also, if you are new to Walgreens, be sure to check out the Beginners Walgreens post.

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