Borders Books Closing: Liquidation Sales Start Today

Borders Books Closing

Yes, after 40 years, Borders Books will be closing their doors.   The Borders Going Out of Business Sales will begin today, 7/22.  Gift cards will be honored during the liquidation sales and Broders Rewards Plus members will be able to use their Borders Rewards Plus discounts through 8/5.   All Borders Bucks will be honored until they expire on 7/31.

Let us know if you find any great deals.

(Thanks Diana!)

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  • kristine

    how do we know what boarders are closing?

    • Carla

      I believe they are all closing!!

  • Lady J

    they just closed a bunch in april. don’t know what to do with my erewards now. Between borders closing and blockbusters closing, i don’t think there’s anything left to use the rewards on. it was a good run though.

  • Laura

    No, not all stores are closing. I did a quick google. I think only 4 in NJ

  • Linda-PA

    I stopped in the one in Dickson city, PA and the line was 10 times worst then at Christmas! Cookbook were only 10% off. Didn’t think it was worth it. Signs in the store stated 10 to 30% off

    • Arielle

      Store liquidations don’t actually have great sales right away, that’s the big misnomer. I remember when the Pathmark closed near me the sales were only 10%-30%–and no regular sales worked in the store, so it was all off the full retail price. Depending on their remaining stock and how long the liquidation process will be, the better sales begin two to four weeks from now. But of course, you risk the store having only the last pickin’s of books.

      • Linda – PA

        Thanks Arielle! I will go back in a few weeks!

      • Tom

        Usually, a liquidator buys out all of the remaining merchandise. They have to make a profit off what they bought…so they often sell items at the full retail value, higher than what you would pay in the store! It really is a scam. I’ve been to a number of store liquidations in the past and I end up buying nothing because it really isn’t a savings for the consumer. But people see the signs saying a percentage off, thinking they are getting a great deal, when in reality they are paying a pretty high price.

  • I don’t know about everyone else’s but the one in Annapolis, MD is at max 40% off, but kids books are only 10% off and most other books were 20%. Hope this helps! 🙂

  • Sandjie

    When Waldenbooks was closin by me I got books forbetween $3 and $1. By that point though not much was left though.

    Can anyone tell me if Freehold Borders has started yet??

  • Fiona

    The Freehold Borders closed in March.

    • Sandjie

      Thank you….:( Sorry I missed it….

  • Nicole

    I saw the signs up at the Borders in Eatontown, NJ — said upto 40% off but I didnt get a chance to go in (just way too hott today lol).

  • Suzanne

    When the Livingston ( & Watchung ) (NJ) Borders closed, I got better deals using my Teacher card ( 20 percent off anything) , at the beginning of the liquidation. Towards the end, when stuff was 50 percent off or more, I got good deals. It helped that I’m a school librarian, and can usually find something that my students will like. ( and Yes, I spend my own money for items for the school library) . I was also lucky to be able to purchase fixtures and supplies from the liquidator — got a wonderful deal on 9-10 reams of colored copy paper , many still sealed, for $15 total.

  • Suzanne

    The 40 percent off items ( at the start of the sale) , are typically the non-book items — like the greeting cards, magazines, stationery items etc.

  • lisa

    Lame the email I got was misleading implying that the sale is 40% off right now. Was thinking of taking the kids over on Monday but now I’m not sure.

  • Joanne

    Just back from the Borders in Ramsey, NJ. Almost all the books, games, and toys were only 10% off, although my daughter bought a craft book and we were surprised that it rang up 40% off! Music CDs were 20% off and magazines were 40%. I will go back next week and see if the deals are better. The line was ENORMOUS but moved quickly, so no problem there.

    • Hi Joanne!

      I hope you will get this. I used to work at Borders in Ramsey and I wrote a book about it going out of business! It’s called Sold Everywhere But Borders 🙂 I’m trying to get the word out in Ramsey that it will be out soon because I think ex-customers will get a real kick out of it!

      You can sign up to be notified when it is released at and if you share the link you recieve in your e-mail you could win a free copy!

  • Vercilla

    My children and I stopped in the one on State street in Chicago and it is closing: I am so sad because I used to love to go there and buy my books when I got off work. My children loved Borders and we lived near the one in Oak Park, IL as well. I personally love a paperback book or hardcover and not a Kindle or any other device. As a trained chef, I have a lot of cookbooks that are like my babies. They were crowded and they were only offering 10% off. That’s just clearing our taxes here. We will miss them dearly.

  • John

    End of an era. Visited the very large Borders at Great Lakes Crossing in Auburn Hills, MI Friday. Store inventory was already down about 10%. Sales were UP TO 40%, but most were 20%. Lots of people milling about but they had 5 cashiers so no long waits.

    The trick at this point, at least for me, was to get the latest printing from outstanding authors. For good non-fiction stuff these books will stay expensive for at least another year. Picked up a book recently printed with a bunch of pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope for $16. Came home and checked Amazon and others. CHEAPEST copy was used/fair, $30 with shipping.

    For the older printings, best to wait. Still WAY too expensive at 20% off retail.

  • R Kh

    Not much of a sale – most books are only 10% off when I visited on July 24. Magazines and cards are 40% off. Only a few rare sections like business are 30% off. The prices at Amazon still beats the ‘sale’ or liquidation prices at Borders. It is little wonder they could not survive in the Amazon age.