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About a week ago I posted printing problems with the New Mac OS X Lion upgrade.  Reader Ryan was not able to print from since upgrading and it seems that after I posted, a lot of you were commenting that you were having issues as well.

Well, responded and stated that they have released an update that will support printing on Safari 5.1.  Here was their comment.

we’re sorry to hear about your trouble printing. An update has been released to support printing on Safari 5.1 browser in native 64bit mode on Mac OS X Lion. You should also be able to print from your Firefox browser. If you have previously installed the Coupon Printer and cannot print coupons, please uninstall the Coupon Printer and reinstall it from this link to get the latest version. We hope this information has been helpful, please let us know if you continue to have issues printing by sending an email to Thanks for your support and cooperation

Hopefully that will help with any issues you are having.

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  • elaina

    i am able to print coupons using mac lion and using safari or firefox. how ever, my problem is that the coupons that are from print really small. i dont have this problem with coupons from smart source. since they print so small the bar code will not work at the store and the cashiers wont take them saying they look fake.

    • ethel

      I’m having the same problem too elainaa…I was wondering if you were able to fix it

      • elaina

        i am still having this problem. i keep uninstalling and reinstalling and using firefox and safari. still no luck. the coupons from are still printing to small.

        • SR

          Got the same problem here.

          Anybody found the fix?

          • Tabitha

            I haven’t found the fix for it. I, too, am getting coupons (and redplum coupons) that print 25% of their size. My smartsource coupons print regular size. I’d love to find the fix for my Mac OS X 10.6.6. They print tiny in both Safari and Firefox even after uninstalling the coupon printer and reinstalling. 🙁

            • Mark

              Has anyone found a fix for this? It’s getting really annoying and no one seems to know that the issue is. I’m running OSX 10.4 and an HP printer.

              • Mitchell J Laurren-Ring

                Mark, are you seeing the issue with the coupons printing too small?

                • Jen

                  I’m still having trouble with this.., mine print small on safari or firefox… please help!!!!

                  • Mitchell J Laurren-Ring

                    If you have an Epson printer and your coupons are printing small, please contact tech support at They have a “fix” script that you can run to correct the problem with Epson drivers.

                    Email and be sure to include a description of the tiny print issue, their OS, and printer make and model.

  • Sue

    Doesn’t work! Same blank white screen as before.

  • Nonna

    Nope…..didn’t help me….still can not print! 🙁

  • Michelle

    Same for me not working! : (

  • Amy Delmanto

    I also have the new mac and I had to have the Geek Squad come to fix mine. I was able to print from the site but not from when it is an individual coupon like through Facebook. The Geek Squad fixed it so that I can print those but only when I go to the site through Firefox not Safari. The fix that is sending out doesn’t work for the individual coupons.

  • Alexandra


    I am running Safari Version 5.0.2 on a Mac OS X Version 10.5.8 operating system, and I cannot print any type of coupon (i.e. from their site or from facebook). When I try to print from Firefox, I have no luck, as the program freezes.

    Any tips or pointers on how to fix this would be most appreciated. Thank you!

    • Lisa

      Alexandra, or anyone else, I have had this same problem since the release of Lion. I can print from, but not bricks coupons. Has anyone figured out what the fix is?

  • Susan

    Still does not work. I have same mac version as Alexandra above and Safari version 5.0.6

  • Susan

    Also, in case it matter, I use a canon pixma mx850 printer.

  • Kristy

    The fix didn’t work. Still get a blank screen. Any other ideas?

  • Kristy

    Still having problems. Just a blank white screen.

  • Jackie

    I got a new Macbook Pro and i install and it keeps telling me it wasn’t stall. I did it like 5x and still not working. Any help?

    • Maddy

      When did you bought your Macbook Pro? Just curious. Because my DH bought me to last July 2nd and I got the Mac OS Lion for FREE!!!!

  • Heather

    I just stumbled across this blog when I googled problems with coupons and Lion OSX. First I made sure my computer and all applications were updated and then I uninstalled printer. Then I re-installed the coupon printer and now it works. I actually had to do this on 2 computers and now they both work. Now I can’t get SmartSource coupons to print because it says I don’t have Java when I know for a fact that I do. Ugh!!! Thanks for the help!

  • Lisa

    Thanks for the helpful information on downloading the JAVA file. I was having problems also and now it works. THANKS!!! Free Expo markers for me now 🙂

  • Jennifer

    Thank you so much. It worked!

  • brandy

    my safari broke in july. mac lion broke both safari & FF coupon printing. i just get the frozen white screen. i have downloaded the lion java, uninstalled, reinstalled, etc. a zillion times!

  • brandy

    btw if the coupon printer is uninstalled then i do not get the frozen screen on FF or safari.

  • Missy

    Here is a detailed explanation of what you need to do to get Lion to print coupons. Please note that you need to totally uninstall the previous version. You also need to make sure java is actually activated (not just installed). It is inactive by default.

    This works great for me

  • brandy

    yes, i activated java. i went so far as to try restarting the computer between each step. i can’t print coupons at all.

  • Julie

    If you have installed/are using Lion and Safari 5.1, and still get a white screen for the website, then you should go back and uncheck the 32 bit checkbox for Safari. Go to MacHardDrive/Applications/Safari click on the “more Info” under the tool/gear icon. You will then see the box where you can check/uncheck “Open in 32-bit mode”. Some of us, including me, had the 32 bit box checked to make work for us when using Snow Leopard. Hope this helps – it worked for me.

    • Very frustrating…. I installed the new print drivers and things SEEM to be working with Firefox, BUT not with Safari. I have Safari 5.1 and thought the new drivers would fix the problem. When going to print from Safari, I get the barber pole that just sits and spins.

  • Sue

    Julie, removing 32 bit worked. I had white screen on Safari 5.1 And now I can print. Thanks!

  • Alissabeth

    Mine works for, but not for Bricks coupons….always errors out on my printer.

  • April

    Using Mac OS X 10.6.8 / Safari 5.1 (COUPONS … SMALL PRINT)

    I have installed, uninstalled the coupon printer several times and my coupons are printing but still print SUPER small. I’ve gone through the previous posts and cant figure out how to fix this. Has anyone had this problem and was able to fix it?
    The only coupons that come out fine are the ones from the Target website.

    • Jen

      I’m having the exact same problem. Coupons print TINY! I have downloaded Java and uninstalled/reinstalled coupon printer and still the same result. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

      • tron

        I have the same problem with Epson Rx680 printing small.

    • Patty

      Oh thank goodness it’s just not me. Starting today my coupons from started printing really small! I don’t know what’s going on. I’ve unistalled and reinstalled the printer and it still doesn’t work. I’m using and Epson stylus nx240 with Mac OS X 10.6.8 and Safari 5.1.

      Has anyone found a fix yet?

      • Holly

        I have a Mac Book Pro with OS X 10.7.2 software trying to use Sarari 5.1 and having the same problem. I also have an Epson Stylus NX420. I’ve had the problem since I got the computer at the first of August. I had just a MacBook that didn’t have the Lion and the coupons printed fine and it is driving me crazy. Have you found a fix? I have tried anything and everything listed on any website. Java, uninstall/reinstall, check this or that box, run is this or that bit mode…

      • Dave

        Check my reply “December 3rd” down near the bottom of these replies… setting your printer settings (Scale) via the Safari print dialog before you click the “print coupon” button should work, and should work for ANY printer since it is a global print setup change. Read my other reply for the full answer…

  • Grace

    What printers are all of you using? It might help out to see what type of printer everyone is using (because the same fix might not apply to all printers).

  • Jeff

    I am using an HP c4140 Photosmart printer

  • April

    Epson CX5800F

  • Jen

    I’m using an Epson Stylus CX7400

  • Elizabeth

    About 2 weeks ago my husband updated our Mac. And of course I am having the same problem as everyone else. I am going crazy trying to fix it. My husband is being a great supporter & also trying to help. He found your site & has helped me calmed down in the spot of knowing now I’m not the only one out their w/this issue. We have also tried uninstalling & reinstalling the coupon printer, unplugging the printer, tried to see if we could fix the image settings on the printer, updated everything we could think of. I have contacted about the issue several times. But they also send me the same generic email. They won’t admit if they are even trying to update their software to be compatible w/Lion. I am at a loss & going crazy, because their are coupons I want to print & can’t! I can print from smart source but thats it. I wonder how long will let this go??????

    • April

      @ Elizabeth … are your coupons not printing at all or are they printing super small? And were you able to print coupons ok before installing Lion? I know it’s driving me crazy too. My coupons are printing super small. I can only print off of the Target site. My son updated to Lion when it first came out but for some reason our mac ran super slow then he uninstalled it. I only started couponing after so who knows what the problem is? All I know is that huge deals are passing me by! ….. ugh.

      • April

        I guess I can print coupons off of Smart Source too .. Thanks

  • Tanya

    I have a Mac OS X. I have Firefox 6.02. My printer is an Epson Stylus cx9400 fax. I cannot print a darn thing. I have uninstalled and reinstalled so many times and I am just frustrated. It says that it printed on the screen but nothing printed out from the actual printer. Why is it that the user has to come up with all these creative ways to make something work when it is supposed to work for everyone. I am really pist off that I am missing out on all the great deals just because will not take the time to fix their product so that it is easy and accessible for all. I am about to cry I am so frustrated.

  • Havala

    Ok . . . I was unable to print coupons since about late July due to an automatic upgrade from Safari 5.0.5 to 5.0.6. I even took my Mac to Geek Squad, who told me that for a fee they could try to fix it. Whatever! I am new to Mac, but not an idiot.

    Here is my solution:

    Go to Macintosh HD & search “coupon”. There should be only files related to the coupon printer & installer.

    Trash all files related to the coupon printer, EXCEPT for: Coupon Safari Plug-In & Coupon FireFox Plugin. If you cannot see the plug-ins, trash everything and re-install the coupon printer and delete all files, except for the plug-ins.

    Open up Safari and try it out. My Firefox still locks up, but Safari will load the page and print the coupons. After a few dry runs and non printing, I realized that my printer was set up on wireless mode. So I re set the mode and attached the printer to the Mac & VOILA it works. Wireless printing does not work with the coupon printer.

    • Mick

      We’re you having the small printing problem?

  • Steve

    In addition to installing Java I also had to do the following:

    Right click on Safari in Finder (not in the Task Bar) and select ‘Get Info’. Select ‘Open in 32-bit mode’ – there should be a check mark in the box beside this line.

    I am now able to print coupons!

  • Momma C

    Thanks I was so worried about what was going on. Got it all fixed now =)

  • Steph

    Has anyone found a solution to the coupons printing too small? I’ve tried everything and they still print tiny from

  • Patty

    I uninstalled and reinstalled my printer and it seemed to work fine after that.

  • Dave

    Have any of you tried to set the “default” printing size (Scale) to 120% through the print dialog before you print? Before you click “Print” on the coupon site, go to the top menu bar while in Safari, click “File”, select “Print”, which will give you a printer settings drop down menu. Now type in 120 in the “Scale” box, and then go up to “Presets” and “save as a preset”. Then select that preset as your current setting. That ‘should’ fix the “printing too small” issue….

    • Dave

      ….and if 120% doesn’t work for you, retry at larger numbers until it works.

      • mike

        The scale setting doesn’t save and doesn’t print the coupons larger. Any other ways to adjust the scale?

  • Mary Jo

    Worked for me! Thanks!

  • jas

    Thanks, Cindy. This worked for me!

  • Susan

    Bricks coupons have not printed for me on my Mac in forever and I finally figured it out. First uninstall your printer and remove all instances of the coupon software. Then empty your trash. Check your trash to make sure it was really uninstalled. I had emptied my trash, but there were two coupon printing applications in there that would not go away. I finally clicked on one of them within the trash, right clicked, and told it to empty. Then reinstall your printer and then reinstall the coupon software.

    I was not even able to go to in Firefox—the site just would not load and now it will load and I can print from Bricks and I guess I need to check smartsource next, lol.

  • Alyse

    Did anyone find a fix yet? This just happened to me today and I’ve searched everywhere to see how I can print the coupons at the right size, but no luck so far. I am even downloading new drivers for my printer in case that’s the problem.

  • Yvonne

    I am having the same problem everyone else is having with my mac. Very frustrating. Please fix the problem and help us all. I have done everything that they say to do. HELP. What good is if we can not use them.

    • Mitchell J Laurren-Ring

      If you have an Epson printer and your coupons are printing small, please contact tech support at They have a “fix” script that you can run to correct the problem with Epson drivers.

      Email and be sure to include a description of the tiny print issue, their OS, and printer make and model.

  • Vanessa

    I have a MacPro and my coupons print very small Does anyone know how to make them print larger. There is no way to fix the settings. Once I hit print there is no option to enlarge the coupons.


    • Mitchell J Laurren-Ring

      See my comment below

      • an

        i just email them…hope they will reply soon

  • Mitchell J Laurren-Ring

    Sorry, meant to post this to the whole thread:

    If you have an Epson printer and your coupons are printing small, please contact tech support at They have a “fix” script that you can run to correct the problem with Epson drivers.

    Email and be sure to include a description of the tiny print issue, their OS, and printer make and model.

    • Megatron

      I emailed they emailed me a script to fix my Epson printer and its working now. Thanks for the tip @Mitchell J Laurren-Ring.

      • SR

        Same thing for me: it Worked!

        However, I had to change my computer language from Franch Canadian to English in order to make the script worked. The script seem to rely on english characters only and does not take well accentuated characters in the response of the scripts.

        So if your computer is not set to English, change it to that language to run the script and revert it back to your native language (if you want too) :o)

  • Candice

    Thank You, Thank You!! I’m a regular follower of your blog and I didn’t need this post at the time because it took me a really really long time to finally update to Lion. I was doing searches for fixes with and Lion and I came right back to here! And the best thing is that it was the only thing that worked that I tried. Thank you again for EVERYTHING!!

  • Griff

    I am running Mac OS 10.4.11 and have a canon mp470 printer. When i select a coupon to print from, the printer tries to print, but every time I get a blank page. The printer acted like it was printing but did not actually print anything. I have the printer set to print in B&W by default. Any idea why I can’t print coupons?

  • Justin Cypret

    This is relates directly to Epson printers running on Lion / Snow Lion. After browsing all of the comments I finally figured out how to get things working. All you need to do is go to the applications folder, click on the coupons folder, and then open the “fixEpson.command”. After running that file, everything works perfectly.

    • A Smith

      Thanks that works perfectly!

    • Happy Camper

      I had this site set up to email me when there was a new comment. I’ve been “following” it for a year and nothing has ever worked but this did!! So happy. Thanks so much!

  • Wcoupo

    If you have an epson printer using mac lion, I tried the following and it fixed my problem about printing small coupons.

    Open Applications folder-> Click on coupons folder -> double click on fixepson.command

    One you double click on it it should start running the script. It will open a terminal window. Click enter if it asked if epson is default printer. (make sure epson is your default printer)

    That should fix the problem

  • laura Reaney

    i stuggled with the coupons printing too small until i found the fix, i used the fix in terminal and now my coupons print gigantic!! getting fed up with it now. any suggestions?? thanks

    • Mick

      What is the manufacturer and model of your printer?

  • Laura reaney

    Its an epson stylus s22 i think

    • Anonymous

      Laura: try downloading and installing the newest version of the software. You should be able to find it at

  • Matt

    All Coupons does is keep spouting the same, we fixed it BS. I just tried again with all updated software and it does not work with the Canon mx890 on a Mac computer running 10.8. They are not going to fix the issue obviously.

    • Mick

      Hi Matt:

      Are you getting the issue with coupons printing very small? Can you verify that the version of the Coupons installer you are using is 1.5.7? Try reinstalling and, once the install is complete, show the install log (Window menu in the Installer). Change the popup to “Show All Logs” and look for the words “Printer name is”. There should be some information about trying to change the default resolution after that.

      Note that you must make the Canon the default printer prior to running the Coupon Printing Software.

  • Tina Gist

    I am still not able to print coupons after doing this – 32 bit mode fix…HELP!!!! this has been going on for 2 years..???? WOW…. HELP

  • kiemberlee

    I have uninstalled, reinstalled, tried firefox, tried safari, fixed plugins, checked printer, and prayed to the coupon godess. Nothing is working (she must be busy shopping right now). Now, several of the websites will not print the coupons I want saying “This coupon has already reached it’s maximum printings for this computer”. BUMMMER

  • Joseph Wheeler

    Coupons printed small from my wireless Canon printer from my Mac. I tried everything and gave up. I contacted via email in their “help” section. They replied and gave me this solution. Now, I am able to print coupons at their normal size, FINALLY!!!

    SOLUTION: Make sure that your printer is NOT an “AirPrint” type of printer. Go to your settings, go to Print & Scan (or Print & Fax) and delete the printer from the list by clicking ‘-‘ on the bottom of the list. Then click ‘+’ to add a printer, click once on the printer you see that comes up, DO NOT choose that. Go to bottom where there are options for types of printers, change from AirPrint to Canon XXXX or whatever wireless printer you have. Do not use the bonjour one, instead use the exact name of your printer and for the type of printer as well. The ‘AirPrint’ type is what is causing the tiny small scale of prints from

  • Joseph Wheeler

    Yes, the problem is probably that you are using a Mac to print your coupons and in the printer settings, your printer is listed as an ‘AirPrint’ type. Make sure that you remove the printer from the Print & Scan settings, and add a new printer, and choose the other type other than ‘AirPrint’. AirPrint is the culprit of the small prints. Choose the type of printer from the drop down menu that matches the name of your printer. Read my comment posted in this discussion. Hope this helps. 🙂

    • Me

      This works! Thank you!

    • Nadine

      worked for me too! thanks!!

  • jasmine

    Hi I was wanting to know if you could help me print in black and white on my mac. When I click to print coupons it dose’nt give me the option to print in black and white it just prints in color. I looked all over the printer settings to try to change to black and white but cant find it. Thanks

  • JustMe

    Issue: Coupons printing too small to used from a Mac.

    Solution: Change your screen resolution prior to printing.

    Current Settings: 64-bit iMac running 2560×1440 screen resolution.

    1. Click the apple icon in the upper left hand corner of the screen.
    2. Click System Preferences.
    3. Click Displays icon.
    4. From the Display tab click the Scaled button.
    5. Change the resolution from 2560×1440 to 1280×720.
    6. Print your coupons.
    7. After printing, change your display back to “Best for display” from the same location.

    It works for me.

    • Brenda

      I have tried all suggestions here and I still can’t get coupons to print out full size. I’m running OS 10.8.5 and I have an Epson Workforce 520 printer. HELP ! ! !

    • Brenda

      I just did a search and found a discussion on Apple’s site where someone from said they couldn’t resolve the issue with Mountain Lion. This is ridiculous that they can’t fix whatever is causing this problem. Here is link to that discussion.