& Mac OS X Lion Printing Issues & Mac OS X Lion Printing Issues

If you have a Mac and are considering upgrading to the new Mac OS X Lion (version 10.7) you might want to read what reader Ryan has to say about his issues with it and printing coupons from

I wanted to share a story that recently happened to me and may be useful for yourself and/or your readers who are using Mac computers.

I’ve been able to print coupons from for quite a while without a problem. I upgraded to the new Mac OS X “Lion” (version10.7) that was released yesterday by Apple.

Today, I tried to print from and I was prompted to install the coupon printer… I thought this was strange since I know it’s been installed and was working without a problem yesterday. I installed it again and now it’s giving me and error about my printer settings (that I know are right).

I sent a message via their support center earlier, but it didn’t specify if they respond to those messages or not.

If you are having issues with this or any other printing issues, you can contact Print Help for further assistance.

Also, you can check out their help pages for Printing Help for Windows or Printing Help for Mac.

(Thanks Ryan!)

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  • Michelle

    This also happened to me yesterday when I installed the new Lion. I sent a message yesterday and haven’t heard anything. I am soooo upset that I can’t print any bricks coupons. If anyone finds out how please let me know. Thank You,

  • Brittany

    I’m hAving the same problem. Let us know your response.

  • I’m having the same problem. URGGGGH. It’s SO frustrating! I’m glad it isn’t just ME though!

  • Dawn

    I have also had this problem out of noplace . I have contacted and yet to be resolved

  • Sheila

    Both my husband and I upgraded to Lion and hit this unexpected issue. I filed an issue with the site and hope they get it updated soon.

  • April S

    Thanks for the heads up, I haven’t upgraded yet.. Maybe I’ll hold off now. 🙂

  • how are you able to print to PDF? I’ve tried to do that but software would not allow me to do this.

    • Jen W

      You can’t print coupons to PDF…they must go directly to your printer because of the security within the installers…

  • Jim

    I had this problem as well, but have found a fix… Lion does not come packaged with Java (which is needed to print the coupons)… Do a google search for “java osx lion” or something similar and download the installer. Restart your computer and everything should be back to normal. At least it worked for me. I print in Mozilla normally over a network HP.

    Hope this helps!!

    – Jim

    • Terri

      I had problems printing last night, too, after I upgraded to Lion. Then I switched from Safari to Firefox and it worked fine. Will try the java download, though, to prevent future problems. Thanks.

      • michelle

        Terri did you do anything special in Firefox because it won’t let me print. I click print and then the screen is blank.

        • Terri

          Michelle, I did not do anything special in Firefox, but I do have Java enabled in the preferences. I was able to print both Bricks coupons and from via Firefox, and then I went back to Safari and still could not print from Safari. So, Firefox I will use!

          • Ryan

            I’m having the same issue, Terri. Coupons won’t print using Safari (when they used to work perfectly prior to Lion), but they will print using Firefox. Very frustrating.

            I left a voicemail on Friday for, but haven’t heard back from them yet. I’ll post an update if I hear back from them.

            • Brian

              I had the same problems; Updated to Lion, Safari 5.1 and Firefox 6.1 and would print with an error from and not at all from It would just spin and give a Java Error. I fixed this by going to to download Java for Os X 10.7 as it does not ship with Java anymore, then go to to enable the java applet. Once you click on Enable, restart your browser and it should work in Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc…

              • Gina

                Thanks Brian! Worked like a charm. 🙂

  • I have ALWAYS had issues printing in Safari. So, I downloaded FireFox and now can print just fine.
    The only problem I have is with printing SmartSource coupons. Those I have to open up Safari and print from there. They won’t print in FireFox on my MBP.

  • I always have issues printing from with Safari. I’ve been able to fix them by printing in either Firefox or Chrome most of the time. Give those a shot.

  • Maddy

    try using firefox as browser when printing coupons. I just upgraded mine the other day and it’s working fine ….

  • GM

    I have not downloaded Lion, but I did install an update on my Mac. The update switched me to a newer version of Safari. Now, I cannot print coupons from I had no problems printing coupons before installing the update. Glad to know it’s not just me. Hopefully, the problem will be resolved soon.

    • amanda

      I’m having the same issue after installing an update, not Lion.

      • Anonymous

        It was the update for Safari that caused it. I installed the old version from a backup and can now print coupons again. I also had to go to an older version of Java to be able to print Smartsource coupons.

  • Megan

    Thanks for the post-I have been stressing out because I thought I was doing something wrong. Since upgrading to Lion, I also haven’t been able to print Target coupons- aagh!

    • Terri

      Megan, I just realized that I cannot print Target coupons either!!! Frustrating!!! I tried both Safari & Firefox, no luck. Please post if you get it working.

      • Derrick

        Hey guys… I figured it out! Go to this site: Make sure to click on both links. It works for Target coupons.

        • Megan

          Thank you! I have been driving myself crazy trying to figure this out. I had already installed java, but when I ran the test it said it was inactive? Don’t know what that’s about, but it’s working now, Thanks!

  • Cori

    Same problem here. Just reinstall the coupon printer!!! Worked for me 🙂

    • Jodi

      I have re-installed the printer many, many times and it still says I don’t have it. I am using Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and use Firefox. This is very frustrating.

  • Adrienne W

    I found that using Firefox 5.01 with the add-on /plugin Coupon Inc, the printing for and other sites work using Mac OS X Lion.

  • Ryan is notorious for having problems when updates come out for Mac OS X. That said, they are also pretty responsive to questions if you *call* their support line and leave a message (650) 605-4600. They recently told me that everyone should be able to print using 10.7 Lion using firefox. They know there is a problem with Safari and they are working to fix it. If you can’t print using firefox then call them–they usually call back the same day or next.

    • Ryan

      Thanks for the info. I left them a voicemail on Friday, but haven’t heard back yet. If I do, I’ll post an update. I was able to print using Firefox during the weekend, but have been having some issues today. Hopefully this all gets sorted out soon.

  • Support

    we’re sorry to hear about your trouble printing. An update has been released to support printing on Safari 5.1 browser in native 64bit mode on Mac OS X Lion. You should also be able to print from your Firefox browser. If you have previously installed the Coupon Printer and cannot print coupons, please uninstall the Coupon Printer and reinstall it from this link to get the latest version. We hope this information has been helpful, please let us know if you continue to have issues printing by sending an email to Thanks for your support and cooperation.

  • Jennifer S

    So, I had an upgrade on my mac, not Lion…BUT I just learned that if you download the newest version of Adobe Flash, uninstall your coupon printer…then reinstall it it works!!! So it couldn’t hurt to try it!!

  • Connie

    I had the same issues and found a SOLUTION today. I installed the previous version of Safari (5.0.5) from my Time Machine backup just prior to updating to Lion. I did the same with the Java (went back to 10.6) and SmartSource prints also. Now I can print coupons again!!!

  • Anonymous

    This happened to me too 🙁 My bf loves technology but I love my coupons!

  • DF

    Here’s what I did…

    Was having issues printing coupons after installing Lion 10.7…

    – Installed Java (as other posters mention)
    – Ran all the latest updates
    – Uninstalled the coupon printer
    – Reinstalled the coupon printer

    Now I can print again from HTH.

    • DF

      Worked on Safari, but not through Firefox.

  • Karen

    I upgraded to Lion and I can print out from but I can’t print from smart source. Its says Java isn’t installed and no matter how many times I reinstall it, it still says its not there.