Giveaway: New Huggies® Little Movers Slip-On Diapers

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Giveaway:  New Huggies® Little Movers Slip-On Diapers

Got a squirmy baby? Diaper changing got you standing on your head trying to change a diaper while your little one tries to wiggle away? Well, Huggies has a BRAND NEW diaper coming out that will change everything.

It’s the Huggies® Little Movers Slip-On Diapers that makes changing a squirmy baby fuss free with just a catch, slip on, release.

Here are some of the new features in the Huggies Slip-On Diapers:

  • Stretchy sides for a fuss-free fit
  • Trusted Leakage Protection
  • Sides open for easy removal

And, guess what…we’ve got 4 packs of these new, not even in the stores yet, diaper to give to 4 lucky winners.  Each winner will get 1 Jumbo Pack Huggies® Little Movers Slip-On Diapers (Size 5) to try out.

Here are the Official Giveaway Rules:

Entry: Place a comment below and let us know the funniest place you had to change your baby’s diaper.   You must supply a valid email address. Email addresses should be put in the private field and not in the public comment box.  Note: Do not check off the notify me of follow up emails box or your email will be filled with entries.

  • All entries must be left in the comments of this site only. Facebook comments or emails will not count as a giveaway entry.
  • The giveaway ends on Sunday, July 31th at 10pm EST.  No entries will be counted after that time frame.
  • All entrants must be at least 18 years old and reside in the United States.
  • Winners will be chosen at random. Winners will be notified within 72 hours of the giveaway ending via email. Winners must respond with mailing address within 36 hours or another winner will be chosen.
  • Be sure to add ([email protected]) to your contacts or check your spam folders at the end of the giveaway.

A big thanks to Huggies  for this giveaway!

430 thoughts on “Giveaway: New Huggies® Little Movers Slip-On Diapers”

  1. Becky says:

    The funniest place I had to change my babies diaper was in an airplane bathroom. We all know how tight an airplane bathroom is….just imagine a blowout and trying to change a diaper in that cramped space while moving.
    Its funny now…..wasn’t funny then.

  2. Miranda says:

    With two boys 3 and under I have changed many diapers ( the 3 year old has refused potty training so far). So I have had to change his diaper on an airplane. Yep, right there in the seat with him standing up. And moving all over the place of course.

  3. kristin says:

    at the table at a red robin because they didn’t have a changing station in the bathroom… i know… ewwwww…

  4. Katrina Hess says:

    The funniest place I had to change a diaper was in a packed van. We were stuck in traffic just sitting there and the little one needed a diaper change. No one wanted to be in the van at that point. LOL

  5. KATIE says:

    Many times I had to change my son’s diaper in the back of our SUV (think Target parking lot, etc…)! Good thing he is young and doesn’t know any better! 😉

  6. CC says:

    The funniest place I had to change my son’s diaper was on a beach chair. Between sand, wind, sun, and limited space it was disastrous!

  7. Linda says:

    I think any improvement would be great, how do you change a baby when it’s moving around and around…for me older siblings just hold down a hand and I got the feet….it was always so funny..some babies just hate that diaper change…

  8. Kristin says:

    The funniest place my husband and I have changed our twins was in the front seat of our car.. it’s such a cramped space that makes wiggling around tough to get a diaper on!

  9. Debra LaBarre says:

    The funniest but not so sanitary was on a fast food restaurants bench. They didn’t have any changing tables in the bathrooms what else was I to do. The funny part the crew member asking me what I was doing? Really cause I am sure if you look you can tell. LOL

  10. Elizabeth Kelly says:

    On a bench in the middle of the park during a festival. There wasn’t anywhere else around.

  11. Brenda Haugen says:

    We would sooo love to try these. Thanks for the chance 🙂

  12. Kerry Richards says:

    I had to take my car in for a Recall!and ofcourse a two hr wait!And in that two hrs of course my daughter poo poo’s!come to find out there was nowhere to change her!So I had to use the mgr’s desk while someone else held a blanket up!Oh what fun while my daughter was screamimg and wiggling all around!Iam sure after that they just may put a changing station in!!!LOL

  13. Laura henn says:

    Public library. The bathrooms were broken, so I tried to find the most hidden place. I ended up under a study desk in a far corner. I went in superspeed and managed to get it done before anyone found us.

  14. MIchelle G. says:

    Oh the funniest place I ever had to change one of my kiddos – it was a HUGE mess – there was absolutely NO where to change her – so my hubby held her up under her arms and I used MANY baby wipes and a diaper – mid air 🙂 VIOLA! It felt like a circus act! 🙂

  15. Jamie says:

    We were on a road trip one day when my first baby was about 1. And, all the sudden the whole car stunk. Like it was really really bad. But, we were in the middle of no where. So, I told my hubby to pull over. I took him out of the seat and put him in the trunk. And, I changed his diaper on the side of a busy hwy. It must have looked funny to people driving by… with the hatch to the station wagon up and this crazy lady changing her kid. I took a plastic bag and tied that thing sooo tight.

  16. Jessica Long says:

    I;ve had to change my son diaper on the stands at a wrestling match at the high school. Definally no changing stations there!lol

  17. Stephanie says:

    Aside from airplane lavatory diaper changes, the funniest place I ever had to change my son’s diaper was in one of the baby aisles at our local Target. Yes, yes my 6 month old decide to surprise us with a (as my pediatrician calls it) bucket o’ poop. We were heading for the bathroom when an employee said, they were out of order (and I was holding him when this all went down… oh lord) Thank goodness my Mom was there to help me! 🙂

  18. Diana says:

    A very public park bench since porta-potties don’t have changing stations. lol What a great idea for these pullups-for-babies style diapers!! Way to go Huggies!! 🙂

  19. Brady R says:

    I must say the funniest place I had to change my daughter at would be on my lap while I was squatting – you know you’re good when you can do this type of “mid-air” diaper change.

  20. Jennifer Dietz says:

    I have 3 kids 4 and under and The funniest place I had to change my daughter was in my trunk. I was driving up from MD to NJ without my hubby and my daughter yelled poop..(she’s 2) so i pull in to the delaware rest area and both my other kids were sleeping so instead of dragging them ALL inside to change her diaper. I let them sleep and changed her in the trunk ontop of all our luggage…

  21. Tiffany says:

    Honestly, the funniest place I’ve changed my daughters diaper is probably the actual changing table! Every other odd place like the floor, counter, car, car trunk, in stroller at amusement park, in the air as my husband held her… is just so common that it seems normal, and the few times I’ve used her changing table, seem the funniest to me! Hoping to use it more with the next baby!

  22. Alicia says:

    We have done the front seat in the car quite a few times with our 2 yr old twins. Not fun!!

  23. nina mackrain says:

    I don’t have a funny diaper changing story but rather a diaper fiasco. My hubby put my son down for a nap and he didn’t want to sleep, Hubby soon found out the reason why when he spotted a LOADED diaper go flying across the room, leaving a trail behind, baby tried to rid himself of what was left on his botton with his hands and wiped the excess all over his crib!…Mind you this was the VERY FIRST poopy pants my hubby encountered!

    1. Sonya says:

      Omg, can’t even imagine!!!!! Lol

  24. Cathy says:

    On a boat… not easy!

  25. Janice Ginsberg says:

    I have adopted kids. When I went to Texas when my son was born, i had to stay there for 10 days till i could take him out of state. Being stuck in a motel was horrible so my mother in law and i went to the mall with him. We had no carriage, just a carseat/carrier. When he needed changing, we went into JC Penney’s baby furniture dept. and i used a changing table on display, eliciting strange looks from passing customers….a mom’s got to do what a mom’s got to do! (at least i didnt leave the dirty diaper in the display pail!

  26. Erica says:

    When my mom and I travel with the kids on day trips we frequently find ourselves changing them in the back of her van which isnt too bad b/c it is a good height. But one day I was out with the kids in my hatchback and needed to change a diaper so I opened the trunk, pulled everything out and changed the diaper there. not nearly as easy!

  27. Lauren says:

    The funniest place I had to change a diaper wasn’t really funny at all but very small for a squirmy worm! The front seat of our car in a parking lot at a car show. I was kicked, dropped the diaper and when I finally got it on It was alittle crooked (didn’t realize) and soon after it leaked!

  28. Chrissy says:

    I have to change my sons diaper while chasing him around the house.

  29. Mary Beth Sontag-Earnshaw says:

    The crazy place I have had to change a diaper is in the middle of Gettysburg on in a picnic area while there were all the other tables full with people.

  30. Rita says:

    Wow!! funniest diaper change I’ve done was when I was baby sitting my friends son and she said oh the baby isn’t feeling well so keep an eye on his diaper he should be fine but just keep checking and as soon as she walked out the door, I was in for a huge surprise. Wasn’t funny then but so funny now, never had to use so many wipes ever… That was definitely an experience.

  31. Amy D. says:

    Where haven’t I changed my kids? The funniest is actually in one of our strollers that doesn’t lay completely flat…and the butt hangs over the end…it’s not easy!

  32. Kelly M. says:

    The funniest place I had to change a diaper was in the truck of my car with a very squrimy baby!! Not to mention it was a messy one….yeah very fun and tmi I know 🙂

  33. Michelle says:

    After three children I don’t think there is a place I haven’t changed a diaper! I theach my little one’s to do a standing diaper change, when not very messy. I think pull up diapers are a great idea!

  34. Kara says:

    What a great giveaway! Anything to makes diaper changes easier is definitely an improvement. The funniest place I ever changed my baby was the backseat of my car at a park. It was funny because he was so interested in being back there while not in his carseat that all he wanted to do was wriggle away from me and explore. I was trying to put on his new diaper while he was trying to climb over the seat 🙂

  35. Michelle says:

    The funniest place and obviously not the cleanest was on the speedline!! We were going to a car show with my son and of coarse he had to have a complete blow out! The ones where its up the back and out the sides. Omg theres no bathroom and no where to get away from people so there My husband and I were changing our son on the speedline. We laugh all the time about it. Really A+ on these type of diapers would be awesome to trasnition into potty training! Go Huggies!!!

  36. chris says:

    Nothing like changing a stinky diaper right on my mother-in-law’s bed. Ha!

  37. Mary says:

    While holding her up in the air!

  38. stefanie says:

    standing up in his car seat (parked, of course). He was jumping up and down and laughing at his sister.

  39. Sallie says:

    Hands down, the funniest (and definitely most memorable) place I ever changed a diaper was with my now 2 year old boy. This past summer I took my high school students to Germany, Austria and Italy. Of course, my hubby and two boys came along! He had a diaper that needed to be changed and the coach bus couldn’t stop b/c we were on a tight schedule. The bathroom in the bus was filled with luggage and water that the driver sold, so I was stuck with the steps in the middle of the bus! After doing this a few times, some of my more gentile students stood with their backs facing us to create a more private baby changing area!

  40. Zahra says:

    Do I have to pick one?
    We took our daughter to NYC when she was 8 months old, and while we were trying to navigate our ways through the subway system, I noticed she’d pooped! I took her out of her carseat and placed her as flat as I could on her stroller so I could change her in the middle of the NYC chaos!
    I’ve also had to change her on my lap in the back seat of the car several times! We travel a lot to see our families and it’s just easier and faster to do that than lug everything into a rest stop.
    Lately, though, she’s been fighting diaper changes. She literally rolls all over and sometimes escapes me. She’ll run over to the other end of the room and giggle while she’s got pee running down her leg!!!

  41. vedahanks says:

    in the trunk of my car a few times!

  42. Christine G says:

    At a brewery in Cape Cod! Of course no changing table, so right there in the gift shop!

  43. Alli says:

    I don’t know if I would call it funny, but I also recently had to change my son’s diaper in an airplane bathroom. We hit turbulence while we were in the TINY bathroom, which made things even more difficult!

  44. betty baez says:

    ive changed plenty of diapers with a 4,3, and a one year old, and in the oddest places airplane, beach, in the trunk, but the funniest one was when we went to the park i had no stroller or car with me so i just laid my little one right on the slide while i changed him.

  45. Danielle says:

    Not really had that funny of a place. There always the back seat of my small car were there is no room at all. There was the floor of the Chinese restaurant that decided not to have changing table. That was more ewwww then anything.

    Can’t wait for these diapers to come out for my little wiggle worm!

  46. Theresa says:

    The not so funniest place i had to change a diaper was in a restaurant that did not have any changing tables. I went into the handicap stall and had to balance my daughter on one arm, wipe with the other hand, then throw her over my shoulder to try and keep the new diaper still enough in the front while trying to fasten the back. It really wasnt fun:-( Another restroom didnt have a changing table and so i placed her between the sinks to make it work. 😉

  47. Amy says:

    The funniest place I’ve had to change one of my boys was on a picnic table in the middle of a family reunion. It was hot too, so everyone was under the shelter and I just had to do it and hope nobody was offended!

  48. Lauren says:

    On the grass behind one of the vendors at our local strawberry festival. I was not about to change him in a porta-potty!

  49. Chistina says:

    With four children 5 and under I have had my share of funny diaper changes! A great one was with my son standing up in the middle of a party! Luckily with so much practice I was able to accomplish this in about thirty seconds!

  50. Ashley says:

    I’ve changed my son on the floor of a coffee shop bathroom. I was totally freaking out from all the germs, but I had no choice! I spread out my mat, and thankfully he wasn’t mobile so he didn’t try to grab anything. I wiped off the mat and washed it when I get home.


  51. Susann says:

    One day I was doing a cereal deal at Superfresh where I paid $0 for 6 boxes of cereal and got an $8 catalina. The deal was rolling and the baby needed a diaper change, so I did 2 transactions, took those boxes of cereal to my car. Changed the poopy diaper in the front seat, sanitized my hands, and went back in for more cereal.

  52. Jessica Fitton says:

    The funniest (or not so funny) place I had to change a diaper was inside a tunnel at a McDonald’s playground. We were travelling from NJ to FL & stopped at a McDonald’s on the way to let our 3 year old get out some energy. He was at the top of tunnel screaming, “I pooed!”, but wouldn’t come out to let my husband or I change him. So I had to make my way through bouncy balls and screaming children, all while being 7 months pregnant w/my 2nd child, to go up to the top to change his stinky diaper. I can laugh about it now, but I’m sure you can imagine how I felt at the time 🙂

  53. Giovanna says:

    The funniest place I’ve changed my son’s diaper was in the trunk of our SUV, I had to climb in there with him….I couldn’t stop laughing…

  54. Lisa says:

    while standing her up..there was no child changing table in the bathroom ! Pull up style diapers would have came in handy at that time =)

  55. Tania says:

    The front seat of the car – what a challenge it was!!! 2 children in diapers – road trip home. 1st child (the oldest) had pee everywhere! When we stopped to change her I decided to change the baby too – as I lifted her legs to remove her diaper I looked down to find he pooping all over ME!! It just shot out!

  56. Tricia says:

    The funniest place I ever had to change a diaper was the trunk of my car. It was cramped and awkward but a whole lot cleaner than the public rest stop bathroom!

  57. Sarah says:

    Funniest place to change a diaper thus far… in the grass on the side of a hill at a festival.

  58. Susan says:

    Just this week I had to change my daughter’s diaper in the back of our SUV. We were at the cemetery for a funeral and it just started to pour down rain and it was anything but a fun experience!

  59. Rachel Schultz says:

    The funniest was in the middle of a dead stopped traffic jam on a major highway when we were driving home from vacation. There was no way to get to a bathroom and he needed to be changed ASAP!

  60. Matt says:

    At a festival park

  61. Shannon says:

    These diapers look awesome! The funniest place I have had to change my baby was prob on the side of Route 55 on our way down the shore, in the back seat of the van.

  62. Valerie says:

    The funniest place I had to change my baby’s diaper was stuck in traffic coming home from the shore. Hubby was driving and I had to figure out a way to change it in the backseat!

  63. Julie says:

    The funniest place I’ve had to change a diaper was at a football stadium, right there in the bleachers!! It would have been too complicated to manuver past the crowd, so I did it right there!!

  64. All4Savings says:

    I’ve done the front seat of the car about three times not with my 6 month old baby. I have also had to change her in the back seat over my lap since her car seat is on the otheer side. She loves to squirm and look back at the door handles and window controls. Funny now, but not funny when I’m doing it.

  65. Shannon says:

    My daughter will NOT let me change her on a bathroom changing table! So whenever we are out, I always stress about where to change her. Tables, back in the car, I’ve done it all!

  66. Amy says:

    It has been a while but my son and his wife are expecting their first child… I have been reliving some of those fun memories…One of the funniest places I remember was on the hood of the car….not inside because I had locked the keys in the car and had to wait for someone to come and unlock it….course my son was not waiting until someone came along so…..

  67. Mami2jcn says:

    I had to change my baby’s diaper on a ferry boat!

  68. Lisa says:

    Funniest diaper change was definitely at my daughter’s christening. Of couse she would have a blowout wearing her beautiful white dress and there was no changing table in the bathroom. Thankfully it was after the ceremony and I had a “after-party” dress for her!

  69. Heather says:

    I’ve totally changed the kids in the trunk of my car. It was clean, empty, and flat. What more do you want?

  70. Kelly says:

    While shopping at JCPenney, baby needed a change, and since he was so squirmy during changes at the time, I was afraid to take him into the ladies’ room and put him on the changing table. Since I needed hubby’s help, we simply placed him atop a glass table in the waiting area outside the bathroom and changed him there. Pretty gross, but a safety issue, so we did what we had to do… and cleaned up afterwards of course.

  71. apryl says:

    i dont have any funny places i changed my babies. But when we first brought home my daughter she was having tons of breastmilk poop explosions. Well my husband was burping her and all of a sudden she projectile vomited all over. As he was yelling for me to get a rag. She tensed her body and had a big poop. went up the back of her diaper and all over his shirt. Gross. He had poop and vomit all over him. I will admit I laughed at him a little.

  72. Tirzah says:

    We have changed our son’s diapers on the front floor of our car and man is that fun with a wiggly one! We try to distract him with the wires underneath the glove box – luckily he hasn’t pulled anything out!

  73. michelle says:

    I had to change my son in the truch quite a few times. The truck would be wide open with me standing over and leaning in. I think on lookers thought I was crazy if they didn’t see the baby!

  74. cristen says:

    the funniest place i had to change a diaper was on our local commuter train.

  75. Jill says:

    my son hates those baby changing tables in the restrooms, so I’ve had to change him standing up in one of the small stalls with an auto flushing toilet!

  76. Barbara Mathis says:

    We had to change our daughter in mid air once just because she wouldn’t quit rolling! Lol! She thought it was pretty funny us holding her up-of course, she discovered the running man dance this way too 😉

  77. The finniest place I ever had to change my daughter was on the pew at church! Didn’t want to put her in the nursery as there were several sick kiddos around!

  78. Erin says:

    Just last night out 5 month old had a BM in her car seat on the way to Babies R Us. It’s the first one in the car while traveling so we popped the hatch on the BMW SUV and changed her on the side of the road for all to see! How classy!

  79. Jonna White says:

    In my lap in the children’s urgent care waiting room because the only bathroom with a changing table was closed because someone with a communicable disease was getting sick in it….definitely got some strange looks!

  80. lauren says:

    The funniest place I had to change my son actually happened a few weeks ago. We were at the Land of Make Believe, we were getting ready to go to the water park and the changing table in the ladies room was broken; I was being lazy and didn’t want to walk to another bathroom, so we made a circle around him and I did a quick change in between some lockers.

  81. Gosia says:

    the funniest place to change my babies diaper was at the church during the service:)

  82. Ana says:

    I remember when my toddler was a little baby and I had to change him in the back seat of my car. But, what makes it funny is the fact that I have a Honda FIT and the car seat takes a lot of room ( and I am not a pettite girl!), plus the doors had to be closed because it was winter time here in Connecticut. It just got worse when Benjamin decided to pee while I was trying to put the diapers on!
    O M G!!!!
    It was terible… but also funny!

  83. Amanda says:

    While waiting for our flight to take off, we were not allowed to get out of our seats. This went on for over 1 hour. My little one had a blow out and we had to change her right at our seats. We had all three sets so I was able to hide most of the changing but what can you do? Oh well.

  84. yuki chan says:

    The funniest place I had to change my baby diaper was on a cosmetic counter at shopping mall.

  85. kate says:

    We tried to change our son while he was on my lap in the middle of a BBQ. And then he gave us a little gift by peeing all over my feet while we tried to change him.

  86. Debra says:

    At the beach….no bathrooms in site…..

  87. Margaret W. says:

    The absolute funniest place I have ever had to change my son’s diaper was in the middle of church!!! He was about 12 months at the time, and decided to go #2 in the middle of services. I couldn’t stand the smell, and felt bad for the people sitting around me. I couldn’t find the restroom, so I moved to the furthest pue in the back where there weren’t that many people and changed him. I would have gone unnoticed, if it wasn’t for my son screaming “POOOOOOOOOOOP” just as it went silent, and it echoing across the entire cathedrial!!!!

    These diapers sound great!!!! I can’t wait to try them 🙂

  88. CHRISTY says:

    The funniest place i have ever changed my kids was at Sea World in the middle of a Shamu show

  89. Dominique says:

    Bathroom at the airport. No safety strap. No privacy (you could see us from an angle outside), with a cranky, trusty-turny toddler.

  90. Deborah says:

    My son (who is now 5) had to be changed a few times in the back seat of our car. I drove a Pontiac Sunfire (think very small sports car). I am sure there was some comedy of two first time parents trying to change squirmy baby’s diaper with no room. Thankfully we now have a larger car with plenty of room to change our new arrival.

  91. Julie C says:

    When my first was about 1 month old, my husband, brother-in-law & I took her to our local food festival. We were sitting in the grass and she had a HUGE blowout!!!! Since there were only porta-pots available for the bathroom, I had to change her diaper, clothes and discreetly change my shirt right there in the grass w/ tons of people around!!!!! Since my baby was breastfed, I had brought blankets with…Thank God!!!!!

  92. Calypso says:

    We’ve changed baby boy in the trunk of our car more times that we can count. Everything’s already there in a tote that I keep in case I forget everything at home. Makes it convenient.
    He’s now on this wierd thing where he HATES to be changed. So I now have to feed him treats (yogurt melts) when I change him to keep him calm as I quickly manuver the changing of the diaper.

  93. Theresa McGinn says:

    On the beach in Ocean City, with a strorm coming, when our granddaughter decided she had to go again both ways in high winds with sand blowing all over ..Not easy!

  94. renee a says:

    On the beach,my son is 17 months and don’t want t0 stay still….. sand was getting all over I did not put it on the right way and he leaked out of it and had to do it all over again.

  95. Heather H says:

    Changing diapers on my lap in the car (while parked of course). These sounds like a great item!

  96. Ruby says:

    Wow this is genius. I will definitely be buying these for my hyper 12 month old who refuses to lay down for a change. Last month I attempted to change him in an airplane bathroom. Within 2 seconds after I laid him down to change diapers, he pulled on the toilet seat cover box and managed to drop them all onto the floor. As I changed him and held him down with my elbows, he somehow grabbed the dirty diaper and began chewing on it. Needless to say, it took me a long time to clean up the mess. I need these pull-on diapers ASAP! lol

  97. Pam says:

    At the beach, in the middle of a torrential Florida downpour, under an umbrella!

  98. Cathy M. says:

    Just yesterday while waiting for my car to be service at the car dealer I had to change my son on the counter in the office…maybe they will install a changing table

  99. Christina says:

    We often like going to this place called Fric N Frac. Its a bar/ restaurant, we go there for $1.75 taco baskets on Saturdays. Its always super busy and they have this bench that ppl seat and wait for an open table. My daughter needed to be changed right away so I had to change her on the bench because they didn’t have a changing table in the bathroom. I got alot of stares, but I really didn’t care.

  100. Ruth says:

    We were having a picnic laughing and relaxing on a very nice park with my sister’s twin when suddenly we smell something bad. The twins were on a pillow in the middle of the mat with us and somehow one of them slipped his diapers down (and out came the poop)!!! Really messy… and funny coz he was smiling like crazy at us!!!

  101. lisa says:

    I don’t know about ‘funniest’ but I’ve changed babies in cars everywhere, at the library at a restaurant ~ on my lap , in a stroller. lol

    lisarup1 at

  102. Karron S says:

    Nothing comes to mind at the moment but Im sure there have been some. 😉

  103. Becky says:

    Hmm, I’ve done the lap, the plane, the car, a picnic table bench.. probably the worst is a public bathroom with no changing area. That took creativity 🙂

  104. Elizabeth W says:

    I just changed my son’s diaper at a wedding reception this past weekend. Not ideal, but with no changing table in the restroom not many other options. People were dancing at the front of the room and I was stuck changing diapers in the back! Fun, Fun 🙂

  105. Ashley K says:

    Being a mom of 3, I can say I’ve changed my kids just about anywhere. Funniest or most memorable diaper changes are the horrible ones up the back out in public. I’ve changed my kid in the shopping cart in the back of a grocery store once, because the restrooms were out of order. I don’t think at anytime it’s funny, but when you look back you can’t help but giggle a little.

  106. Ashley K says:

    Being a mom of 3, I can say I’ve changed my kids just about anywhere. Funniest or most memorable diaper changes are the horrible ones up the back out in public. I’ve changed my kid in the shopping cart in the back of a grocery store once, because the restrooms were out of order. I don’t think at anytime it’s funny, but when you look back you can’t help but giggle a little.

  107. Melisa says:

    I would say the funniest place I have ever had to change a diaper was on the slide at the park. There are no bathrooms and no place to change a baby.

  108. Isabel Phillips says:

    The funniest place was really just the floor of the van in 100 degree weather and pouring rain in Fla! There was no room in the van, 3 other kids saying Peeeuuuu!! and the baby complaining about his head not being comfortable enough! Jeeesh!!

  109. marisa says:

    If I win this contest, I may not have to have an embarassing/funny experience!
    My first child-a girl- is due in October and I’d love to have some of these diapers handy!!!!!!

  110. Maggie says:

    A pool table in the bar of the Irish Club.

    We were there for a green eggs and ham breakfast that they do annually for the kids, but since there are no changing tables in the bathroom and we needed a diaper change we had to find somewhere to change our little guy. Someone suggested the Pool table and we went for it, and were quickly followed by other families in the same position!!! Nothing like starting a trend 🙂

  111. Emily T says:

    Funniest place was probably in the front seat of our car- always disastrous with a squirmy toddler!

  112. Caryn Pollock says:

    I was 2 days away from giving birth to twins & craving Mexican food. My husband took our 16 month old to the bathroom, that had no changing station. He had a major blow out, ruining all of his clothes. After waiting about 1/2 an hour my husband came out of the bathroom shirtless and our little boy wearing his XL shirt ! All he said was, get the check , lol

  113. kathy says:

    hiking…i was backpacking with my one year old and try to find a place a place you can put them down…good luck on that one!

  114. Claire says:

    In the grass at a park!

  115. Margaret says:

    I have changed my girls diapers in various places as well. In planes, trains and automobiles, but the best was in a church pew.

  116. Tanya says:

    on the sink in the bathroom of a gas station because they had no changing station…don’t worry I sanitized and cleaned up after myself!

  117. Nora says:

    The funniest place I changed him was on the bathroom floor (it was very clean and we had a large changing pad) of my accountant’s office right in the middle of doing our taxes. For being newly renovated you would think they would want to install a changing table in such a HUGE bathroom. Would have been nice to just have him stand instead of lay and slip a diaper on him.

  118. Susie says:

    The funniest place where I changed my son’s diaper was in an airport- during security check- of an overseas flight! I big huge mess- We ended up just tossing his clothes and taking him on the plane naked wrapped in a blanket!!!!!!

  119. Jennifer says:

    I’ve done the airplane bathroom and the car trunk numerous times. These diapers look great – and they are the perfect size for my newly turned 1 year old :0)

  120. Vera says:

    The funniest place I changed my babies diaper was at my daughters daycare. My son had a blowout diaper and I did not have a change of cloths or an extra diaper. I mean, i though we were just going to pick her up and go home but we were side tracked. :0

  121. jahna says:

    my one year old daughter hates clothes, so the act of diaper changing is extremely challenging!!!! we were at one of those super dark restuarants with no changing table and no lighting in the bathroom, so there I was changing her in the sink of the bathroom in the dark, shes turning around trying to crawl away grabbing the soaps and hand towels and just completely distroying this bathrooms fanciness!!! i come out with her about 20 minutes later, and my husband sees that she had stuffed about 25 handtowels down her onesie- needless to say we crossed that place off of the take the munchkin out to dinner list.

  122. Kim says:

    I had to change my son’s diaper during my cousins wedding ceremony during the church service where I was the matron of honor. Can’t wait to see the videos, LOL!!!!

  123. Menda says:

    Our funniest place was probably at a home expo show at the fairgrounds. There were no changing tables anywhere, so we took him over to a corner, laid the stroller back as far as it would go, and did the fastest diaper change I’ve ever done.

  124. Esther says:

    In the car, on my lap, anywhere and everywhere need be =)
    This will be great for my 16 months old! Perfect! Thanks for the giveaway! Hope i win!

  125. Laura says:

    I’ve changed diapers all over but I think the funniest had to be when I changed my daughter’s diaper in the trunk of my car! The look of fear on her face was priceless!!! 🙂

  126. Tammy says:

    I’ve been changing diapers for my 5 children almost 11 years straight… I’m not sure about the funniest place, but the worst was balanced on my lap sitting on a toilet in a public restroom with no changing station.

  127. Jocelyn Salais says:

    I have 3 and have changed a diaper in many places as some of these other moms have. I have done picnic benches the car but the worst place was standing in a very dirty public bathroom with my kid standing up I wiped the floor with antibacterial wipes just in case anything touched the floor.

  128. Cynthia says:

    The funniest place my husband and I had to change a diaper was in my trunk. We were in the middle of Staples parking lot (they were having a back to school sale) and she had a huge blowout, we even had to change her cloth.

  129. Debbie says:

    Not the funniest place, but a good story.
    My son took his son to the playground a couple of blocks from my house. He also took the dog with them. Anyway, the baby ends up needing a change very badly and my son didn’t take anything with him. So he calls me to bring the diaper bag and a trash bag for the dirty one and then proceeded to change the baby in my car. He did, however, remember to bring clean-up bags for the dog !!!

  130. Brittany says:

    The middle of the movie theatre watching Cars 2…shhh!

  131. Rene Hammons says:

    The funniest place I have had to change my daughter? Hmm, well I guess that would be a slide at the park! As you know many public parks have no unlocked restrooms, and I needed somewhere to change her….

  132. Katie says:

    At a car dealership that only had 1 community bathroom the size of a 1950’s closet. That was the funniest and most difficult change ever!!!

  133. Meeko says:

    My son hates to be laid down, i’ve learn to change diapers with him standing up!

  134. Veronica says:

    As many mom’s I think we are so concerned with our children being happy and dry lol we don’t care where we are…I have changed my son in the car, in the park, a computer desk pushing everything off to the side, a park bench…you do what you got to do !

  135. sarah says:

    The funniest place/most inconvenient place would be standing up in a public restroom stall because there was not a changing table!

  136. Ellen says:

    Spaceship earth in Epcot. Mid-ride, on my lap. Thank goodness it’s a long ride!

  137. lori says:

    What an awesome giveaway and my 8th month old is moving up to size 5 (yep, he’s a fatty)! This applies to my 3yo, but I will never forget changing him one time on the bed and he had a accident, so he decides now is the time to grab his diaper and fling it over his head! Needless to say, I couldn’t help but laugh but boy it wasn’t fun cleaning everything up.

  138. Jennifer Ven says:

    I am all for saving the earth however the motion detector in the public restroom at our very empty local mall. The motion sensor was not detecting my movement when changing our son. Not only was it frustrating to change a “blow out” but even more frustrating when the lights kept going out. I then had to pick up our half clothed son and do a wiggle dance to get trip the motion detector to have the lights turn back on. I chuckle about it now…oh the adventures in motherhood!

  139. elsee says:

    would love 2 win

  140. Jessica says:

    I have changed my daughter on several conference tables (car dealerships and offices). Also, during my brother in laws wedding rehearsal we had to change her in the trunk of the car since there was too much in the backseat!

  141. Lauren k says:

    I funniest place I changed a diaper was on the “It”s a Small World” ride in Disney World. After standing in line forever with no bathrooms my daughter was really starting to stink. Once we got on the ride (in the last row), I figured this would have to do. Its a long ride and she was good and ready to go 🙂 Gotta think on your feet sometimes!

  142. tish thomas says:

    I’ve been pretty lucky so far! I haven’t had any crazy diaper stories – YET!!!

  143. Jaenna says:

    The funniest place I’ve changed my daughter’s diaper was on a lounge chaise at the pool, and she’s an acrobat. Her legs slipped through the plastic slots.

  144. Stephanie says:

    I have actually changed my daughter under our table while being out at a nice restaurant. There was a single stall bathroom and a line, and no changing table! that’ll teach me to pick someplace nice!

  145. Karen says:

    trunk of the car and various seats in the car multiple times

  146. the funnest place i changed my baby at is on my lap in a bathroom because they had no changing table

  147. Maria says:

    Funniest diaper change ever was me, my sister, my three daughters and my one and a half year old in the ladies room while out for hibachi with my whole family. There was no where to lay him down so I stood him up on the counter and asked my sister to hold him steady while I quickly changed him. He decides right then to start peeing everywhere and soaks my sister and half the bathroom just standing there on the counter in fancy restaurant peeing everywhere. He was so funny and cute about it though nobody minded, lol

  148. Estela says:

    The funniest place I had changed my son’s diaper was at my mother-in-law’s house. She has a water bed to start with… So I lay him down and when I reach out to get a diaper he was rolling around all over the bed and all the sudden I saw skirt of water (which I tough he had made a hole or something) but it was him doing #1. My husband and I were laughing all the way back home. Yes, I cleaned her bed….

  149. Anonymous says:

    I had to change my daughter in the restroom of an airplane. Not a easy task!!!

  150. yolanda nunez says:

    The funniest placed i changed my son was at the beach. I layed him on the blanket and i was doing just fine until a little wind came and blew the sand on me and my poor little son lol… All i can do was cover him and to top it off he found it funny and had the nerve to pee on me lol….. gotta love my baby…….

  151. Melissa R says:

    On public transportation….. It was the EL (some might call it a train). I was going downtown and my daughter had a big mess in her diaper.

  152. Amanda says:

    My son took a poop in church during the long palm Sunday mass. The bathroom was out of order and it was pouring rain out so I took him in the confessional booth and changed him on the floor. I felt so guilty after! Debated about going to confession for it lol. I would have waited till church was over but he was too stinky!

  153. Parrish says:

    The storage area of my SUV at Busch Gardens, in the dead of winter -_- Not a happy baby or mommy lol

  154. CK says:

    I end up changing my son on my lap in the backseat of the car, or lifting up the hatch to the back of the car and making it an impromptu changing station.

  155. olga goldman says:

    Well, my kids do karate, so one day when we were there My baby Nathan who is 6mths old decides he wanted to poop, and pooped right through his diaper, well there was no were for me to change him, so i did what any mom would do, i change him on the Dojo floor, for everyone to see 🙂

  156. Carolyn says:

    great giveaway…

    anyplace with no changing table always makes for an interesting time!

  157. evonne B says:

    these are such a great idea ! i’ve changed baby lots of places, in the stroller whereever we are, hood of the car, on a train ride this past weekend, my husband gets so mad when i don’t go into a bathroom to do it, but there usually so gross and im sure then never clean the baby changing stations

  158. tara says:

    At a yard sale!

  159. Allison Barr says:

    Well let’s see…..I guess the most interesting places I have changed my daughter’s diaper would be in an airplane lavatory flying somewhere over Georgia. Those bathrooms are so small there is really no where to go. I was just trying not to drop my diaper bag in the toilet, while balancing my supplies and baby on the tiny changing table. I really didn’t want to change her but she had done a big job in her diaper and I didn’t figure the man setting next to us would want to smell that all the way to Charlotte, NC. Other most unusual place would be a car dealership restroom that had no changing table, so I changed her on the toilet seat lid. I figured that was less disgusting than the other option of the floor! I would love to win these diapers, because my little one is a squirmy one on the changing table!!

  160. Jessica says:

    my oldest is scared of changing tables so I had to change him at the zoo sitting up in a stroller

  161. Michelle says:

    I am a mother of 2, its one of those things.. when the baby has a full diaper where you are at that moment in time if there is no proper, clean changing area-you do what you gotta do where ever you are! Its hard to think of the funniest place but changing them on tables, esp the dinner table at someone else’s house, or your lap with my 4 year old son helping! Im sure there are more I just cant think of!

  162. Nadine says:

    I don’t know about the funniest, but an airplane bathroom sure is the worst!

  163. Amanda says:

    At the beach! Sand and diapers don’t mix haha!

  164. Hanja says:

    It was snowing out, I was standing with my butt pressing against the windshield of our car to free up the passenger seat so my husband could change the diaper off our baby with diarrhea. Just as he had the diaper off, our little guy had another go at it, leaving my husband with a face full, at the time it was chaos and I had a hard time not laughing, but now even he laughs at it!

  165. Bonnie says:

    I’ve been pretty lucky so far and not had to do too many crazy changes. However, I’ve found it “dangerous” on her changing table! I didn’t know it could fly that far. . think Old Faithful spraying horizontally! Funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

  166. Karen C says:

    Since my older son plays hockey..I would say a hockey rink locker-room/bathroom..usually with no diapering station : (

  167. Michelle says:

    On the van floor at a rest stop area. We were on a road trip and the floor of my van was actually cleaner then the restrooms: )

  168. Jess says:

    My daughter is only 9 months old, but the funniest place I had to change her diaper was when we were at the children’s science center. We had already left but I needed to change the baby’s diaper and they wouldn’t let us back in to use the restroom (what jerks!) So I changed her in the trunk of my car. I laid a blanket down and changed her right there!

  169. Jennifer says:

    Funniest changing experience I had was, we were in Aruba and I did not have a swim diaper. My husband went to get one but our 1 year old daughter wanted to get in the pool before he was back. I put her in with her regular diaper. When he returned I laid her on a lounge chair by the pool (which is not an easy place to change a child) and when I opened her diaper there were little gel like crystals all over her diaper area. Now myself being the nervous mom I am I thought she had a bad reaction to the regular diaper in the pool. It looked like frost or something all over her. I frantically called my husband over who took one look and calmly said that her diaper had just exploded and she was not in fact freezing or developing some awful condition.

  170. Lisa says:

    Funniest change? On my husband’s lap at my Aunt’s for Christmas (with 50+ people watching) as my son had a blow out and it was all over baby and daddy.. Hey – no point in making another mess somewhere else, both were already covered! Worst part – I didn’t bring a change of clothes for daddy. 🙂

  171. liz says:

    The car and airplane would have to be the funniest and most awkward places for me to change diapers.

  172. Linda says:

    The funniest place I had to change a diaper was outside the camper at the fair grounds. She had to much juice to drink and lets just way, everything was running down her legs. Not the most prettiest thing I have ever seen. Lots of people got mooned that day.

  173. tara says:

    The funniest place i have changed one of the munchkins was in my husbands arms. there was nowhere to lay him. so i told him to hold him and i just changed him. my husband just kept saying to my son in his ear “please dont poop!”lol

  174. Rebecca says:

    I have changed diapers everywhere! The worst one was a a bus station. We were waiting to board a bus from our hotel to the Magic Kingdom and had one of those diapers that just leaked everywhere! I had to do a complete diaper/outfit change, not to mention a baby wipe bath standing up in front of a ton of people. They clapped when I was done!

  175. Becky C says:

    Not very funny place, but on the boardwalk…not too many sanitary bathrooms, so just put the back of stroller all the way down and change the diapers…hope too many people don’t stare too.

  176. Rebecca says:

    My son had a nasty diaper in the airplane from MN to FL. It was awful to change in the airplane bathroom.

  177. Gregory says:

    I once had to do it on top of a public BBQ. It looked like I was cooking my kid.

  178. Gregory says:

    I once had to do it on top of a public BBQ. It looked like I was cooking my kid.

  179. Arielle Hadfield says:

    Our neighbor girl was having a birthday party and she brought seven of her nine-year-old friends over to play with our dog. When I left to change my son’s diaper, all seven kids filed into the room behind me with their noses plugged. The entire diaper change was filled with comments, “Ew! There’s poop on his butt!”

  180. Darcie says:

    The funniest place that I’ve had to change a diaper was in the trunk of the car when the restaurant we were at had no space at all in the bathroom!

  181. Kim says:

    I’d say one of the funniest places I have changed a table was on the soccer field during a tournament. She exploded and the car was a far walk away. We needed a full change clothes and all. I have also changed many sandy diapers on the beach- ugh!

  182. Brittney Wallace says:

    My funniest diaper changing adventure would of been in my car in the front seat while at a car dealership and boy did I have me a mess the one time I don’t have an extra diaper bag in the car! Man It was hectic ! I had to leave and the salesmen called me like where did you go !!!?? Boy I wonder what he was thinking , that he scared me away lol !

  183. Anonymous says:

    Well i took my grandbaby away for vacation and there was no changing table in one of the bathrooms, no counter nothing. He was in a mess, so they had a rolling garbage can there with extra large black garbage bags on it. So i took two of those bags went into the handicap bathroom and spreaded them on the floor and laid him down. He was looking at me like nana what the heck is this. I said boy you better lay down and let me change your diaper. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Lol

  184. Martha says:

    probably the funniest is at home when the little man is spouting all over the place or when the little girlie shots it across the room….hilarious, right? thanks

  185. catherine says:

    Changing a swim diaper on a picnic table at the waterpark in 105 degree weather after your two year old was just in the water and is still soaking wet. I think I’ve changed diapers just about everywhere though!! 🙂

  186. Momma3 says:

    Well I wouldn’t say “funniest persay”.. but I’ve changed my munchkins every place thinkable.. If I got a seat.. then they are on my lap! Church pew, mall bench (couldn’t make it to the bathroom), car (with their legs hanging out the door.. now that was kind of akward and funny). Now I will share the worst diaper changes, are when I go into a bathroom where there is no diaper changer, and to boot their toilets don’t have it where I can put the seat down! So I’m sitting on the toilet as if i’m using it changing my baby on my lap! Eeew :).. Us mother’s do what we have to do to get the job done…

  187. LK says:

    changing pad

  188. jenn says:

    in the back seat of the car.

  189. Holly says:

    In the trunk of my car!!! lol, my out of town family came to visit and we all loaded up in my car to go to dinner. my now 2 year old did the number 2 that exploaded everywhere. with every seat taken and no rest stop near by, it was my only option! lol ( no one wanted to drive any further with the smell so i had to pull over, haha!) i now have 2 kids in size 5 diapers, this would be a great one to get 🙂

  190. Jenny says:

    My son hates to be laid on the floor so last time I went to church I had to change him right outside the church in my husbands lap.

  191. Chung L says:

    I changed her in the backseat of my car and guess what…her poop flew out to my seat and my car is a brand new car. :p

  192. Rabecka says:

    We were at a self-pick farm and they didn’t have anything other than portapotties. I threw down a towel and changed the baby’s diaper under an apple tree. She was so shocked that she was perfectly still!

  193. Chrissy says:

    We were shopping for a wedding cake for my sister’s upcoming wedding. My daughter, 3 months old at the time, had a “blow out” diaper and I had no choice but to change her on the bakery’s display table. Luckily, there were no cakes present at the time! I was mortified then, but we all get a good laugh about it now!

  194. Baila says:

    Hello, as a first time mom changing diapers has been an adventure…from getting peeed and pooped on…lol… We have changed our little guy on my lap while breast feeding, in the car seat (no changing table at my doctors office…weird), in the backseat of the car and in the dark on the bed( didn’t want the light to wake him up). Would love to win this.

  195. Nicole D says:

    On the boardwalk in his stroller…Blowout diaper with no stalls around meant public changing. He was squirming all over too so it took 2 people to change him

  196. Kelley Murray says:

    On a bridge at the playground in the town I live. It is one of those little bridges that move as you are walking on it and my 3 year old was jumping on it the whole time I was changing her sister! Don’t know how I ever got it done!

  197. Michele A. says:

    This one is funny or embarrassing if not both depending on how you look at it. My middle one was about 2 1/2 and in the deep end of the swimming pool at the company picnic w/my husband when he decided to go to the bathroom. I changed him into a new swim diaper without getting out of the pool and without having anything float around…talk about gross. Thank goodness it wasn’t a real gross one and yet no one noticed. Yeah for us! Just to let you know why, my little guy would not come out happily. I would love to try these new Huggies for my youngest before buying.

  198. Natalie says:

    In the middle of disney!

  199. CouponerLI says:

    In his red wagon at the zoo!

  200. jen g says:

    i changed my daughter in the trunk in the pouring rain. not fun but you gotta do what you gotta do…

  201. JEN C says:

    The funniest place I’ve changed a diaper is in a stroller at the zoo.

  202. Kelly G. says:

    I don’t know if it’s the “weirdest” place but probably on a park bench at the zoo because I was too far from the bathroom. Hope I win these sound awesome!

  203. Yvette says:

    Hmmm i guess the bench of the mall food court. I have a 3 1/2 year old and a 1 year old. Who both wear size 5 by the way lol my 3 1/2 year old wants nothing to do with the potty and is far to big for most changing stations so slot of the time I have to be creative.

  204. sg says:

    The funniest/craziest place I’ve had to change my baby was inside of my College bathroom bathroom. It was funny because some people acted like they’ve never seen a baby before. lol

  205. Deanna H says:

    I not sure of funny anymore. I have 3 kiddos and have changed diapers all over the place. I think the last time was changing my son’s diaper at a Royals MLB game in our seats cuz the lines to the bathroom were way to long to wait in and he really needed it changed. Good thing everyone around us was either a friend or away from their seats.

  206. Robin says:

    The funniest place I’ve had to change my baby’s diaper was in his room while he was standing up on his changing table. He refused to lay down while I changed him. Thank God is was just a pee diaper.

  207. Kristen says:

    The funniest place I had to change my baby’s diaper was in an airplane!

  208. Rachel says:

    I wouldn’t say it was the funniest place…but I had to change the munchkin once in the front seat of our van at a Renaissance fair. The funny part was that I wasn’t prepared, I changed him, he got the clean diaper dirty immediately, and there was a cop car with 2 cops in it parked very close to us & they were looking over at me….I sure felt silly!

  209. Cory says:

    The funniest place I had to change my baby’s diaper was in the truck of a tiny rental car minutes before turning it back in.

  210. Marie Weber says:

    I think the funniest place I had to change my son’s diaper was on a table outside a bakery really quick as an emergency and as he was squirming all over. I used a blanket under him and wiped the table off to make it was clean after. I was mortified and worried I was going to get dirty looks but they didn’t have a baby changing station in the bathroom and I felt like I didn’t have any other choice. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do.

  211. jms says:

    In the (NASTY!) bathroom at the pool we belong to! Dirty swim diaper, no changing table, potty out of order= not fun! I had to rinse him off in the sink!
    Email- [email protected]

  212. Lisa says:

    in a church pew!

  213. amanda says:

    The funniest place I had to change my baby’s diaper is in line at an amusment park on my husbands tummy!! We were in the child swap line when my 10 month old decided to have an explosion!!! Needless to say there were some funny stares at us and her stinky bottom!

  214. Jennifer Harding says:

    As the mommy of 7 I have changed babies almost everywhere you can think of but one of the funnier one was on an airplane and the baby was standing up in the seat because the bathroom was always in use and the plane ride was kinda bumpy . One of the stewardest commented that I was a gifted baby changer!

  215. jenny says:

    the funniest place was when we were camping, we went for a hike and we had to use the ground! poor lil guy, good thing we had his blankie! he was nature boy for a few minutes! lol

  216. Tiffany Calvert says:

    the weirdest place i have ever changed my son was smack dab in the middle of walmart! my diaper bag was in the car so we had to buy a pack of diapers and new shorts and i just changed him in the baby section….the bathroom was packed!

  217. Laurie A says:

    On a moving Amtrak train on our way to Washington DC. Loved it when the train rounded the curves. NOT.

  218. kelly says:

    Funny places? All of mine seem pretty ordinary…I have had to change baby on benches at our local school during games because there is no changing tables, on the grass at the local parks, the floor of the changing area at the swimming pool (on a changing pad of course!), the car, the shore at the lake…pretty much anywhere that “nature calls”!

  219. Jessica says:

    On the hood of my car while we were at the beach! He was so confused, lol…

  220. Kelly says:

    Airplane bathroom while aboard a 22 hr international flight with a squirmy 18 month old!!! Definitely not a diaper change friendly place…

  221. Emily says:

    I’d have to say at a splash park in Portland, ME. We just happened to find it while on vacation and my daughter was so excited I couldn’t change her into her swim diaper fast enough, she was standing up. Good thing we had a swim diaper!

  222. Maria says:

    …. in the plane, in the car, stroller, our SUV’s back compartment.

  223. heather says:

    During the fireworks on the Fourth of July behind a bush in our local park.

  224. Kim Frambes says:

    The weirdest place I had to change my girl was in the back of my crv. We were driving and wouldn’t be home or near a bathroom for awhile so we had to pull over and I changed her right in the back…it was an emeregency lol…

  225. Kaite A. says:

    The funniest place was by the shark tank at the aquarium. We couldn’t find the bathrooms, so I put back the stroller as far as it would go, and plunked her down in front of the sharks! My husband had to hold up her blankie for privacy from other aquarium guests. I think it was the easiest diaper change ever. She was so into watching the sharks she totally forgot to try to squirm away while I changed the diaper.

  226. Kristy DeGregory says:

    My sweet little angel face is my third and with having two older sisters she has been changed whenever needed no matter where we are. I would love to win these diapers for our on the move life!!!

  227. Dina K. says:

    In a grocery cart at the store because the rest room had no changing table…lol

  228. Lynn says:

    It was a beautiful day my sister had just gotten married and we were at the river taking pictures, behind a tree and the little one had to pee for EVERYONE to see! LOL All they could see was a stream!! haha! Thank goodness he didn’t get it on my dress! Ahhhh Boys! LOL

  229. Keri says:

    The trunk of my car! lol

  230. allie says:

    In the middle of a concert! No bathrooms with changing tables, so we had to do it in the open! Luckily it wasn’t #2… 🙂

  231. Jeanne says:

    My older one was really squirmy and any time we were on the floor changing he would manage to get away with his naked cheeks jiggling.

  232. Stephanie says:

    It’s not a funny place but a funny position…my little one is SO squirmy that we have to change him standing up!!

  233. Ann says:

    In a parking lot in the back of our car.

  234. Amanda S. says:

    I have had to change my kids in the front seat of the car. Sometimes there just aren’t changing tables. lol! 🙂

  235. Dori Miller says:

    By the time the number 5 comes along, no where seems funny. In the stroller, in the van, on a table, at the park, at the zoo, ….but on my lap required the most talent.

  236. Jessica says:

    We were at a fancy restaurant with my inlaws for my husbands birthday and of course their was no changing area in the bathroom so I had to go into a stall and change a poopy diaper on my lap while sitting on the toilet!! Not a fun time!!

  237. angie says:

    I would have to say on top a bathroom sink in a restaurant that didn’t have a changing table. sorry fokes but I did wipe off the counter!

  238. dottie says:

    On a large windowsill at a hospital because the restroom near the doctor’s office had no changing table. Lily looked out the window at the parking lot below while I took care of buisness.

  239. Ana says:

    When my daughter was a few days old she hadn’t gone #2 in 5 days, when she finally did it was soooo much and I suppose she was freaked out because when I tried to put her down to change the diaper she would scream like someone was pinching her, it was past midnight and I was a new mom I resolved to wake up my husband and ask him to keep her up hanging over the toilet (just in case) while I proceeded to wipe her clean and change her diaper. Lol, I’m not sure if it was my inexperience or lack of sleep but the plan seemed sane at the moment.

  240. Beth says:

    I changed his diaper when he was a newborn at a bench in the mall. It was a mess, and had leaked through his outfit. No time to run to the bathroom! The best part was the dixi cup I always had with me to use as a pee-sheild 🙂

  241. Michelle P says:

    I have triplets… you name it, I’ve probably done it! 🙂

  242. Paula says:

    The funniest (or worst) place I had to change a diaper was either in the back seat of my car or the time I had to change it in a rest stop bathroom off the highway! They had no fold out changing tables so I had to lay a towel down on the floor in the handicap stall and change her there – horrible.

    I am excited about these diapers. My daughter is due September 25th and this would definitely be something nice to have for the “road trips” to upstate NY.

  243. cris says:

    Where haven’t I changed a diaper?

    I have an entire makeshift changing set-up in the back of suv, complete w changing pad, wipes, diapers, anti-bacterial wipes for my hands, and a travel potty-seat for my two-and-a-half year old!

  244. Franchesca says:

    I had to change my little guy in the dressing room of a store and on a surf board at the beach.

  245. donna says:

    Burger King booth, bathroom was flooded.

  246. Christina says:

    I had to change my son’s diaper in a booth inside of the restaurant.

  247. ATLOF2MOM says:

    I have and had to change my child’s diaper in the middle of the middle of the plan or middle of the seat aisle because I couldnt get up and out of my row to get to a free bathroom

    1. ATLOF2MOM says:

      I meant plane

  248. Jessica says:

    In the back of my suv (hatch open) in the parking lot at work *winter* and he RUINED his outfit. Lets say it was the fastest, dirtiest, coldest diaper change… he was so happy to go in the building to day care!

  249. Jamie says:

    After three kids no where seems odd any more. I’ve changed diapers in the car, in the stroller, standing and sitting in public bathrooms, porta johns, and in a booth at a restaurant whose bathroom was out of order. lol Ya gotta do what ya gotta do. My biggest thing is that you don’t leave stinky diapers for others to pick up though! No diapers in peoples trash or in the parking lot!!!!

  250. Melissa Woodman says:

    I’ve changed diapers nearly everywhere, the car, a bench, my lap, the ground, the stroller….the only thing new for me now is that I have twins and that can get a little tricky in some places. 🙂

  251. Denise says:

    The funniest place was at my 4 year old’s dance recital. It was at a high school so there was no where in the bathroom to lay my baby down to change her. I thought about using a desk in a room until I found a random chair in one of the halls. I sat in the chair and changed her on my lap. When I was just about done, a bunch of costumed dancers came around the corner with suprised looks on their faces!

  252. I guess I don’t have a really funny place. The rough as it has gotten for us is the backseat of a car. But I must say, that was only place we had to change our kiddo on a recent trip to Montana. I have dubbed the state: “Montana: land of no Changing Tables.” Everywhere we went we had no table. Thank goodness for creativity!

  253. Danielle says:

    not really a strange place but on the beach, my 2 year old this summer decided to run off naked and enjoy being in his birthday suit while dancing…everyone else around us got a great laugh!!!! weirdest place probably in stroller in middle of Times Square:)

  254. Rachel says:

    I’ve changed my baby standing in line at sesame place- my husband held her up and I changed her upright. We got applause when it was done.

  255. tara says:

    on the back of the car! i’m pretty sure we’ve done that!

  256. Nikki says:

    Well i had to change my in the photography studio. We were about to go behind to start taking pics and i smelled something. She must have had pre-picture jitters because it was all out of the back top of the diaper. I had to use a ton of wipes to clean up her outfit. I would have to say that is the one that stands out the most… 🙂

  257. Katrina says:

    a changing room at an outdoor outlet mall…it was an awful experience!

  258. Carlene says:

    Let’s see in the passenger seat of my truck , on my lap at a waterpark, in her stroller at an amusement park. Hey you got to do what you got to do right….

  259. jennifer reinhardt says:

    I had to lay my son in the trunk of the car because the whole car was packed for our camping trip

  260. Lauren says:

    We did the amusement park stroller change last weekend. Looking forward to trying these…we are just getting into size 5s.

  261. Chris Johnson says:

    My wife and I are now expecting our first baby. I am sure we will find some very funny spots to be changing the little one when he comes. We are hoping to make it to win this giveaway. We do missionary work so we have been in the woods of Mexico when we helped a couple change their 9 month old baby on a fallen tree! God bless!

  262. Lori D. says:

    The strangest place I had to change my wiggle worm… on a Easter Hayride! We took him to a farm near us for his first Easter, and they do a hayride to the Easter Bunny’s “den” LO had an EXPLOSIVE diaper that leaked EVERYWHERE…. so on the hayride it was.

  263. Danae says:

    We change it wherever we have to! I like the back of our van for convenience, but I always get passerby’s wondering…

  264. Johnna says:

    The hood of our car, the stroller, our laps,benchs, a kitchen table, you name it we’ve done it LOL..with 3 kids 3 and under wherever we are gets turned into a changing table! At least we have some crazy stories from it 🙂

  265. Jessica says:

    Being a mom of three and a daycare provider that has served some 250 kids in the past 15 years. I have changed diapers everywhere most people could name. I believe the funniest number 2 ever was in a gorilla exhibit in the Bronx zoo. It was packed we had the little ones in wagons and there was no way out. So there i was literally surrounded by man and apes, thanks to the plexiglass tunnel we were in, changing a squirming tot that was far more interested in the monkeys antics than the dirty diaper. It was very hysterical and my hubby got it on video, complete with reactions from zoo guests and one really curious gorilla !

  266. Christina says:

    The funniest place I had to ever change a diaper was in the front seat of our Chevy Aveo, (very small and compact) while at a pit stop in a gas station. We were all packed, driving to TN. Making this trip in a very small car with a family of four just may be funnier than the diaper change. 😀

  267. Anonymous says:

    In our stroller in the middle of a store. I am very surprised at how many stores do not have changing tables.

  268. April T. says:

    In our stroller in the middle of the store with people looking at me like I was crazy. I am very surprised at how many resturants and stores do not have changing tables!

  269. Kyla Glickman says:

    This isn’t the ffunniest I have changed a diaper but the uncle was watching the baby, and he doesnt really do poo diapers very well, so he went ouside on the deck took off his diaper and took the squirt gun from the pool and cleaned him that way……and than dunked his toosh in the pool. Lets just say we shocked the pool when we got home.

  270. Wendy says:

    On a table at a bar. There was no changing table in the bathroom and there was no way I’m going to put my baby on that bathroom floor!

  271. tracia says:

    Funniest place for me was on a bathroom counter at an In and Out Burger because this was the 3 place I tried that dis not have a changing table thing in the women’s bathroom.

  272. Meredith says:

    It’s my B-DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Would love to win 🙂

  273. Amanda says:

    funniest place was on the side of the turnpike, we were about 1/4 of the way home from visiting the fiance’s family and I looked over to the baby ( I was in the back seat with him) and I saw something on his leg. I wiped it off and sniffed, well it wasn’t a smudge of food that’s for sure. We pulled over to the emergency stop shoulder, since the rest stop was still far away. The guys got out and stayed as far away from me and the stinky car as they could, while I cleaned the baby and the carseat on the side of the road.

  274. Danielle says:

    Our funniest diaper changing story was while trying to potty train our oldest we took off the diaper of our 3month old and sat her on her big sister’s li’l potty on the floor and the baby actually went. . .must have caught a chill at that very moment. . . .perfect timing. . ..Big sister was amazed that the baby went on her potty! LOL!

  275. Nicole says:

    In the back of a shopping cart at Walmart because the bathroom up front was being cleaned and the one in the back was packed! Probably not very comfortable…but effective!

  276. Stephanie S. says:

    Maybe not the funniest but I had to change my baby boy at the Dr.’s office one time b/c he had a stinky diaper and as soon as I took the diaper off he peed everywhere! I was frantically trying to get another diaper on him and to clean up the mess before the dr. walked in. That was the first and only time he’s peed while being changed. Figures!

  277. Misally says:

    The funniest place was in the middle of the shoe aisle in target, in the shopping cart, he had thrown up from laughing too hard and had peed so much it filed his diaper! Hysterical!

  278. Katie H says:

    Aeroplane bathroom (with twins), back of a car and on my lap since there was no change room at all! Im sure there are lots more but have blocked them from my memory LOL. Thanks for the giveaway!

  279. Kristy says:

    The funniest place for me to change a diaper was on our truck’s center console while my husband was holding the top part of my son. It was cold out and our only option so you do what you go to do.

  280. Angela says:

    The funniest place I had to change my daughter”s diaper was on the layaway desk at Marshall’s. I think it was layaway or maybe returns, but it was next to the bathrooms which had a big OUT OF ORDER sign on them. I remember an employee saying, “Oh my goodness poor child, don’t do that here”. It was an emergency and i had to do what I had to do, plus they’re bathrooms were shut!

  281. gina says:

    in the middle of the lounge chair area of a water park

  282. Anju says:

    The back of my car

  283. KRISTI says:


  284. Anonymous says:

    I had to change my niece’s diaper, standing up, in the restroom of the San Gabriel Mission (in California)…lets just say there havent been updated since 1900 (or earlier) and no toilet paper…she had some bad poo and it was seeping from the leg. I have never prayed so hard in my life. GO FIGURE!

  285. Akku says:

    the funniest place- receiption desk in the hotel right in front of all checking guests… no choice

  286. Anonymous says:

    Inside an open car trunk. LOL

  287. Danielle says:

    My husband and I took our daughter to the town fair by our house where I compete with my horses we were there late one night and waiting for my turn and I realized she had a stinky diaper I couldn’t leave because at any time I could get called so I changed her on the hood of a tractor that was near by it was really the only semi clean surface there was and to this day everyone calls her miss John deer she is now 1 3/4

  288. Carrie says:

    Airplane…definately airplane. I’ve had to do it in the bathroom on the toilet, on the flip-down changing table, and also in the seat next to me. Luckily it was my husband on the far end in the aisle seat and I had the window, so we just did it between the two of us.

  289. angela says:

    I’ve changed diapers anywhere and everywhere. I’m a mom of 3 boys all under the age of 4 so I’ve had to be creative many times. A few places would be, in the car, on a table in the church hall, on a chair at a baseball game, in the stroller, and the list goes on…lol

  290. Christina says:

    In a stroller at the Philadelphia zoo….not fun!!!

  291. Cassie says:

    On the airplane, in the park and at the beach. These sound great, as my little one wriggles away as soon as the diaper is off! Thank you.

  292. Michelle B says:

    At petsmart on the case stacks of dog food. I had the changing liner, diaper, wipes ready to go and get to the bathroom and they were out of order. It was either run back to the car or do it there lol. No one minded at all.. surprisingly.

  293. Elissa says:

    I’ve changed my baby in the back of my SUV, on a bench, in her stroller. You name it, I’ve probably changed her on it. However, the nastiest place, was on a receiving blanket on the floor of a bathroom since there was no changing table. Gross!

  294. Sandjie says:

    On my lap while stuck in traffic for 2 hours!!! Dont Worry, I wasnt driving lol

  295. Tanya says:

    Funniest place: on my lap in a boat! That’s a mom for ya! He He

  296. Rebecca says:

    I have to change my babys poopie diaper on a picnic table at the zoo!

  297. Cassie Fusco says:

    Funniest place would have to be my lap on a bench at an outdoor shopping mall. I still couldn’t tell you where the bathrooms were in that place lol

  298. lynda says:

    I had to walk out of church during holy communion and change a #2 on the ground.Mean while he’s screaming and squirming.Walk back in and everyone looks at me and laughs.

  299. I’m thinking that would be the pew in church.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  300. DIvya says:

    The funniest place I have changed a diaper is the luggage space of our SUV in the parking lot of IKEA. The funniest part was when my daughter got up mid change and tried to run around the parking lot while the diaper was hanging on to her on only one tab. Oh her pants were still in the trunk of the car

  301. Ashley says:

    my son twists and turns and screams almost ever time we change his diaper. it’s sort of a pull up and thats a quick and nice change to diapering my curious and hyper son. 😀

  302. Mollie A. says:

    My 2.5 year old is all over the place – these would be great to try! I changed him once on the hood of our car… that was quite a spectacle!

  303. Jenn says:

    The craziest place I had to change Nathan’s diaper was on the floor of an aquarium while he was totally distracted by trying to catch the sharks through the glass. It kept him still. I only wish I had room for a 50,000 gallon fish tank at home!

  304. Stu says:

    In the trunk of my car.

  305. Jessica says:

    So, Not really the funniest place, but, coincidentally tonight I took off my sons shorts on the living room floor and proceed to remove his diaper…before looking inside. Bad move! I opened it up and there it was…all messy and such…so hes wiggling and crawling away…and there behind him a trail of you know what!!!
    I tackeld him…lol..yes I had to!!! lol. And finally got his bottom wiped clean his legs and hands cleaned up…then my floor.
    Thank God for portable carpet cleaners!!!
    So thats my story, funny to others…not so glorious for me!!!! LOL.

  306. Lisa says:

    These sound like just what I need!! My daughter rolls like an alligator trying to escape, it’s crazy! SO please pick me to try these out.
    The strangest place I have changed her was in the front seat of my car. It was hot, she was uncomfortable, and was rolling around in the bucket seat. Now I know why changing tables are flat! LOL.

  307. Rachel says:

    Its by no means the weirdest, but the most awkward place is his car seat! the angles on those things were by no means meant for changing diapers!

  308. Christine says:

    My son decided the best time for #2 was RIGHT BEFORE we checked in for a flight home. It was EVERYWHERE. I had to strip him naked, put a diaper on him, switch with my husband in order to RUN to the check in counter verify my ID and carry on, run back to the bench (my husband then went back), and I took my half naked baby to the bathroom for an inpromto bath in the sink with foaming hand soap. It was not a good start to our long traveling day.

  309. Randy says:

    On a pool table at a local community center.

  310. Jill Dusza says:

    In his stroller at the mall in front of the kids play section. Not really funny except it was quite a sight seeing a wriggling screaming baby fighting me every step of the way. Couldn’t make it to the bathroom in time, so I just had to do it in his stroller. Not fun.

  311. Andrea says:

    The strangest place I had to clean my son I’d have to say would be at the beach onthe beach lol the bathroom was about 1/2 mile away and he was covered! I changed him right there! He doesn’t like changing his diaper so he tries to wiggle away fast! Funny stories!

  312. Dalia C. says:

    On the 4th floor bench of the Museum of Natural History in NYC. It was just this past wednesday and there are no bathroom on the fourth floor of this museum. His diaper had leaked thru his pants and on to my shirt. Not a pretty sight for everyone who wanted to enjoy the dianosaurs display but totally necessary for me. 🙂

  313. Sarah says:

    I would have to say the most interesting place I have changed my oldest son’s diaper was on a plane ….on my lap…..because he had JUST leaked everywhere……RIGHT when the plane started to land!!!! He was 4 months old and we were flying to see my grandparents. We had just started our descent into our connecting airport and he leaked ALL OVER my lap!!! Luckily my husband was sitting in the seat next to me instead of a stranger because we had to balance a squirmy 4 month old, a changing pad, wipes, diaper, and replacement clothes in a SUPER confined space!!! I don’t know that I have ever changed a diaper so fast or so clumsily in my life!!!! And we had to do it really fast because we needed to be ready to jump up to grab our stuff and run to catch our connecting flight!!! Ah, the joys of traveling with VERY small children!!!

  314. Danielle Illjes says:

    The craziest place that I have ever changed my son was on my husbands back while he was sleeping!!! He didn’t even wake up. Too Bad

  315. Laurie says:

    When I had my first daughter …we were Christmas shopping. She was 3 weeks old. Every time she pooped…..full blown hysterics. Bathroom was closed for cleaning. I changed her on the floor of American Eagle. Right next to the window. My Mom was mortified!

  316. Jen P says:

    I once changed my daughters diaper at the breakfast table on my lap at Katz’s deli in Manhattan. There was no room in the bathroom to change her, so I had to make due!

  317. Stefanie says:

    Once in Philadelphia airport we were minutes from boarding and just realized I had not changed my daughters diaper and didn’t want an accident before we were able to get out of seats to use the airplane bathroom, so I changed her on the seats outside the gate.

  318. Kelly says:

    Oh geez, I’m always changing her in crazy places! In mid-air with assistance is always interesting when there’s nothing flat or appropriate.

  319. holly n says:

    I had to change my son in the backseat of his grandma’s car while we were out on a shopping spree. The bad part.. he wiggled and peed all over her backseat! The worse part.. Grandma and Daddy were sitting in the front, so I had to sit in the back seat!!! The WORST part.. we were 4 hours away from home!!!! Eeew!

  320. andrea says:

    on the beach, had my boyfriend lay down on the sand bcz thw ind was blowing and i didnt want to get any sand in baby’s diaper. so i layed the baby on his back and changed the diaper….lol…it was hilarious

  321. CHRISTINA says:

    in the trunk of my car … multiple times!!!

  322. s. jackson says:

    I once changed my daughter on a rock at the top of Bear Mountain, NY.

  323. Kris says:

    Changing my 20 month old after a day at the swimclub is a challenge! He’s wet, squirmy and tons of people are around to see! These diapers would be so much easier!!!

  324. Jessica says:

    in the bathtub b/c her diaper leaked all over her and her clothes! I washed her and her clothes very easily.

  325. Kendra says:

    I guess the funniest places I’ve had to change baby is on a park bench and in the trunk of our SUV.

  326. Megan Kalbach says:

    The funniest place I’ve changed my son’s diaper is on the exam table at the vet! Got do what you’ve got to do 🙂 so excited for these diapers! My 7 month old son just learned to crawl and never stays still! I usually am trying to get the diaper on while he’s starting to crawl away! Not an easy task lol!

  327. Dina says:

    I have changed my kids in the back of my minivan, on benches at the zoo, on the beach, wherever.

  328. DIANNA ISCA says:

    Well the funniest had to be at a McDonald’s it was in front of everyone which made my hubby and I embarrassed see the Mc Donald’s was in a Walmart and all…. Walmart bathrooms were closed needless to say we got eye full of meanness hehehe but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do hehehe

  329. Leilana says:

    On the beach. My guy had a diaper full of sand and would not lay still for me to clean and change!

  330. Kimberly Holliday says:

    I’m always having to change our extremely wiggly little 19 month old daughter in the back seat of our truck in parking lots! It amazes me that there are still several businesses (stores & restaurants) that don’t have changing tables & have teeny tiny bathrooms!! Very frustrating – especially when it’s more than just a wet one!

  331. Anonymous says:

    Stacey Lampkin
    [email protected]

    The funniest and most awkward place I have ever had to change a diaper was when I was on the toilet! My 2 year old came into the bathroom and I noticed she needed a diaper change so while I was going to the bathroom, I had to bend over and change her! Talk about double dooty! lol

  332. Kristen B says:

    I’ve changed my son’s diaper on the tailgate of my husband’s pick up truck!

  333. tracey says:

    Strolled seat, bathroom floor (when there’s no changing table), my lap, car floor, you name it… my son (11 mo) is a nightmare when it comes to changing diapers. We’ve been using pull ups but they aren’t very absorbant so we do more changes, which means more dipes in the trash. Excited to try these!

  334. katie says:

    i would have to say the weirdest for me is in the trunk lol you feel like you are committing a crime!!!! funniest place would be on a belligerent car sales man desk! They had nothing set up for changing and i was mad at his rudeness so i payed him back!!!

  335. kim says:

    i have to say it wasnt funny but probably when my mom and i stopped at a krispy kreme and we ended up changing him on the bathroom floor the bathroom was the size of a closet and it was the kind you have to go get the key from the person inside… we thought it was pretty humorous but thank goodness for changing pads and paper towels.

  336. Allison says:

    In the middle of a wedding reception…

  337. Elizabeth Ritchie says:

    With five children, I’ve changed thousands of diapers. The funniest, and most uncomfortable, place I’ve changed a little one was on my lap at Walmart. It was Black Friday and their bathrooms had flooded. I got a few “dirty looks” from a few onlookers, but smiles from most mothers.

  338. Danielle Todorov says:

    On my husband’s lap!

  339. Donna says:

    During a guided tour in a cave! I had no choice and boy, was it creepy. To say the other people were annoyed is an understatement!!! LOL

  340. Danielle says:

    i had to change my daughter at walgreens and they dont have changers so snice i work there i pulled a dog bed of the shelf and changed her behind there cosmo counter

  341. Jen Rene' says:

    Funniest place I can recall? It wasn’t as much funny but so embaressing. A highschool bathroom with students comming in and out. Went to visit the school to show off th new baby and all these kids were ooooing and awwing over my little naked baby boy. LOL.

  342. Krystal Colon says:

    Probably either in the car’s trunk or in that tiny cramped airplane bathroom

  343. KB says:

    On top of the ferris wheel (the closed box one) He was screaming so it just had to be done then and there.

  344. The funniest place that I had to change my daughter’s diaper was at a Yankee game at Yankee Stadium, Bronx NY! There are NO changing tables in any of the bathrooms. So I had to bring her into the ladies room and sit on the floor and put her on my lap and change her diaper right there! I didn’t care! She had made a poop, and it stunk! On top of that, I also had to nurse her! So I just sat in the corner of the ladies room, there were no chairs, put my jacket over her face and nursed her!

  345. angie urquhart says:

    we had to change our daughter on the floor of a small airplane there wasnt a baby changing table therre lol

  346. Stephanie says:

    Once when I changed my baby at ShopRite he was squirming so much that he flung all of the wipes out of the little travel thing onto the dirty floor. I brought him to the sink to clean him off with some wet paper towels and he proceded to pee all over me and the wall.

  347. Bree Butler says:

    The weirdest place Ive changed my kids is a shopping cart in Target….My daughter will not sit in a wet diaper for more then 5 mins….So she screamed…I ran for the diaper aisle…Grabbed diapers…Changed her then ran up front to pay!!! lol…. Gotta love kids…But these new one sound so easy plus my youngest is now 2 and it would be so nice to kinda head into training with an easier daiper!

  348. Dawn says:

    I have 5 boys including triplets that are 3 1/2. When we started potty training(the horror continues) my son Alex took off his diaper while I was answering the door(signing for a package from our mailman). When I turned around he was laying on the front porch on our mailmans bag with his legs in the air and a diaper in his hand! By far the strangest place EVER!!!!!!

  349. Britt says:

    The craziest/funniest place I ever had to change a diaper was during a wedding… and everyone was watching and he had a poopy.. lol

  350. I was changing the twins at a gas station when a cop pulled up and look at my car and asked if I was homeless..

    I said no but now we are poopless!

  351. Danielle Kindelberger says:

    My 20 month old needs these. We no longer have a changing table so I have to change him standing up. This style would be GREAT for us!

  352. The funniest play I had to change my babies diapers is on my lap infront of teenages that didn’t know that I was going to get them to toss the package. LoL

  353. Liz R. says:

    The craziest place I’ve had to change my daughter was in the dugout at a local baseball game while it was going on!

  354. Heidi says:

    Would the trunk of my car qualify? I have twins and sometimes its just easier to change them at the car before or after leaving somewhere…change, strap in, and leave!

  355. Anonymous says:

    I have twins!! Changed them on the church pew! I know awful but I had no choice! Lol…

  356. Bobbie says:

    Thats easy I changed my daughters diaper in a gas station bathroom. They did not have a changing table so I sat on the toliet and changed her diaper on my lap. A moms gotta do what a moms gotta do! Lol

  357. Michele says:

    In the hatchback of my Mini Cooper.

  358. Jennifer says:

    The funniest diaper changing experience so far was in the dark when my son was still lying in his crib. He had woken up in the middle of the night and I didn’t want to over-stimulate him in hopes he’d go back to sleep if I didn’t turn on the light or pick him up out of the crib! Not an easy task! Luckily it was only a wet diaper!

  359. Jessica says:

    The strangest place is probably the front seat of my car. The back was loaded up with the carseat and packages. My son is 2 so he doesn’t really fit across the front seat but we made it work!

  360. Anna Rizq says:

    In the back of my SUV.

  361. Lauren says:

    When my oldest was a baby, we were at a pizza place with some friends. She needed a new diaper, so I took her to the bathroom to change her, expecting to find a changing table. There wasn’t one. I ended up grabbing an empty pizza box, opening it up, spreading it on the floor, and changing her on that.

  362. Jennifer S says:

    I would LOVE to try these diapers!!

    1. Jennifer S says:

      Oh I am an idiot and need to read…strangest place…in a public restroom…a very small one with no changing table, standing up.

  363. Tan says:

    It was in my hand as I was walking down the back of the church to a storage room.

  364. Toya Gill says:

    Well my little one is just a month old so I know the places where I change her will get more interesting as the months go by. So far, the craziest place that I have changed her is in my car in the parking lot of the doctor. And of course she left a nice surprise in there.

  365. joann says:

    my baby is only 14 weeks old but so far the strangest place was in the car on a trip up to my dads house 2 hours away.

  366. Lori says:

    hmmm…I guess the funniest place I’ve changed my daughter’s diaper is on my lap during a live performance show. Of course, that was when she was a little baby….now that’s she a wiggly toddler that wouldn’t be so easy!

  367. JoAnna says:

    The funniest place i have ever changed my daughters diaper is on a plane on my husbands lap. the restroom was too small even for a changer table so i had to change her in my husbands lap

  368. Shirlee Reid says:

    I have twins and the craziest place we had to change them was at the christmas tree farm. We were cutting down our tree and smelled a dirty diaper they were about 3 1/2 months. We set up a blanket and changed them there it was crazy! Not only did I have to change one child but TWO. I guess a poop poop diaper was our Christmas present LOL!!

  369. Michelle Tarpley says:

    The strangest place I ever changed One of my six children’s diapers has to be under the pew during church service. My husband was stationed at another Army base at the time and I was alone with my 6 children (all under the age of 8) and couldn’t leave them alone long enough to change the baby who had pooped everywhere!

  370. ambrielle martin says:

    I once had to change my daughter in the woods on a three mile hike. Trust me, there is no good place for a diaper change when surrounded by trees. I would have killed for these new diapers then!

  371. Connie R says:

    On my lap at a David’s Bridal while fitting on bridesmaids dresses for my sis-in-law’s wedding. He was 8 months old. I would love to try these on boy #3 who’s now 14 months old.

  372. Beckee says:

    I had to change my baby boy in the van on the side of the road recently. It was not a pleasant experience…

    beckeesdeals at gmail dot com

  373. Kristen Eifes says:

    My son twist and turns himself so much, when it comes to changing a diaper or even just when he wears the diaper that he tends to move his parts just the right way where he pees out the top, or out the side. He also knows how to take off his diaper if he does not have pants on. I use pullups alot because he does not know how to get them off. I think that these would work wonders.

    1. Kristen Eifes says:

      We also travel so much that I have changed him in many different locations including on top of a picnic table, mostly because the gas station did not have a changing table in their bathroom.

  374. Mellissa says:

    I love Huggies!

  375. I had to change my daughter in the Target vision center. We were there buying glasses and she of course decided THIS was the place to go. thankfully there was very few people in the store. So, I took her in the contact lens room and changed her on the floor.

    When you gotta go, you gotta go!

  376. Melissa Cole says:

    The strangest place I have changed my little girl Madison’s diaper was in flight on the airplane in my seat since they didn’t have any changing tables there. Luckily the lady sitting in our row was very helpful since she had a bad blow out and messed herself and her outfit. So it was a diaper change and outfit change at 30,000 feet in the air, lol.

  377. gabby says:

    I think the funniest/most embarassing place I ever had to change my son’s diaper was at a funeral. A distant family member of my husbands had passed away and we did not know most of the people there, so we sat in the back with our 2 month old son. At the time, he hadn’t pooped in 4 days and just as the priest began to give his speach, my son started grunt and groan. I knew it was all going downhill from there. He let out about 5 minutes of huge wet farts. Everyone turned and looked at us, since the entire room was silent. Then to make matters worse, there was no changing station in the bathroom, so we had to change him on the floor in the hallway of the funeral home. Very Very embarassing!!

  378. Heather linehan says:

    I love the fact that i can use the huggies brand diaper for my toddler. My older daughter could never fit into then and she was always Going out of them. I cant wait to go out and get these diapers and try them out. I love when diaper changes go quickly for my on the go toddler!!

  379. Kristi G says:

    I would have to say the most uncomfortable place to change my daughter was in this very small bathroom stall at a service center at Niagara Falls. I just made her stand there and stripped her down and got her cleaned up. Really hate when places don’t have changing tables but I make due with where ever I can find a spot. At home she is always running away from me in her room drives me crazy cause she thinks its a game. These look really neat and would make life a little easier.

  380. jacqui says:

    Great idea…kinda like a pull-up (only smaller)!

  381. Dawn K says:

    Sounds like a great product!

  382. Lisa Kelley says:

    It’s been a while since I’ve changed my own children’s diapers, but I’ve been reliving some interesting experiences with my grandchildren. Many places still today do not have changing areas for babies, so we’ve changed in the back of the van, on a park bench, on a picnic table at the fair, on the bathroom floor at restaurants with no changing table (with a blanket down of course), and even just right out on the ground.

  383. Sarah S says:

    Funniest place I’ve changed a diaper is trunk of my car!

  384. Kimberly Everett says:

    Many yrs ago, but it is all coming back to me in “grandma-hood”! I had to change my daughter’s diaper in the back of a pickup truck, under the stars, at the fireworks!! Interesting in the dark, to say the least!

  385. bobbi says:

    i had to change my baby girl laying on a little chair in a bathroom waiting area because i didnt see a changing table after fighting her and trying my best to keep her on the chair and getting the diaper on as fast as i could i turned around and on the wall behind me was the changing table lol

  386. jacqui says:

    Great idea…kinda like a pull-up (only smaller)! I’ve had to change my daughter(s) in the back of my Durango on several occasions…desperate times call for desperate measures! 🙂

  387. Amanda Outlaw says:

    Once we were late boarding a Flight. They let us on even though the door had been shut. We got on and my 4 month old had had a poop explosion. Not only did we hold the flight up, but I had to walk the entire aisle covered in poop, holding a baby covered in poop. They wouldn’t let me change him since the flight had to go. So I did in my lap next to a person who wasn’t fond if children. We still laugh at how awful it was!

  388. Lauren says:

    The funniest diaper change for my older son was in the middle of a pumpkin patch when we went pumpkin picking. We joked that we could fertilize the pumpkins with it!

  389. Amanda says:

    Would love to try some new diapers out! The hardest place to change a diaper is at the beach, these would make it much easier.

  390. Shasta Thompson says:

    In a booth at a diner or at a picnic table outside the burger king because they had no changing table.

  391. Tammy says:

    The funniest place I’ve ever changed my baby girl has to be across my knees while on the toliet in Wal-Mart. Lol.

  392. Cecilia Wever Lyon says:

    My granddaughter is 2 and disabled. The most awkward place we have changed a diaper was a waiting area at the hospital waiting to be called.. people look at you weird when a baby is in a body cast and you pull out poise pads to add to the diapers. Thank goodness thoses days are done for now.

  393. Janet Martin says:

    On the floor of McDonald’s bathroom – no diapering place so laid baby on my stretched out legs ~ strange looks for me…

  394. Virginia says:

    In the middle of buy buy baby store by the clothing racks. We were already trying clothes for christening outfits on. And then once at a wedding reception bathroom bench…there was no changing table so the sitting bench worked just fine.

  395. Shannon Bergeron says:

    We were at a fancy lawyers office this past week in NYC and my 15 month old decides to go #2!! We had to lay him down on this very WHITE couch and change him, while trying to not let the receptionists see!! We did it but it was pure stress!! A slip on diaper is an AMAZING idea!!

  396. karen says:

    On the floor in Stride Rite Outlet. My 4 month old (2 months at the time) had a really bad diaper as a matter of fact it was all over his clothes and mine. So I had no choice but to change him on the floor in the middle of the shoe store. They do not have bathrooms in the store and a little walk from the store. The worst part about the whole thing was that my 2 1/2 year old was going through a hard adjustment to the baby so while I was changing the baby he decided that he was going to hit the baby. So here I have a 6 year old, a 2 1/2 year old hitting the baby and a baby screaming that is covered in poop. Of course was out with all three of them by myself. It was a calgone take me away moment.

  397. sara says:

    The strangest place would be….at the zoo on a bench!

  398. Paula Waldis says:

    The funniest place I had to change a diaper was in the parking lot of a waterpark in 100 degree weather. Being grandmom I didn’t know that a swimmy could not be worn like a regular diaper. They didn’t have these things when my kids were little. Had my other grandson hold a towel up like a dressing room. Had to do it we had major leakage going on and couldn’t put him in the car. LOL

  399. Renee says:

    The weirdest place was a few weeks ago at the beach…. he pooped in his swim diaper as we were going into the water…. turned the diaper a whole different and everything…. so no bathroom in sight and the car was like a mila away…. I lay my son down on the blanket to change him…. and what does he do but grab a pile of sand and drop it all across his stomach…. made me get his poo all over myself, the blanket, and him…. still and wonderful memory….

  400. Cynthia Lloyd says:

    I went into a changing room and killed 2 birds with one stone. changed his diaper and tried on a few outfits 🙂

  401. Richele says:

    I have three kids and these would have come in handy so many times. With my oldest it was an explosion of massive proportions where I had to have an associate get me extra wipes and clothes while I changed her in the bathroom, my son it was in the carseat or the stroller when there were no restrooms, and now with my 2 month old I have become skilled in changing her on my lap wherever need be including resteraunts. I still can’t understand why some places do not have baby changing stations!

  402. Heather linehan says:

    The funniest place that i had to change my daughter happened to be today of all things. We had taken our older daughter fishing and of course her sister did not poop before we left the house so i had to change her not once but twice with in 5 minutes of each other. One was done in our new truck that we just got and the second time was outside on the fishing boat in the middle of the lake. Talk about timing!!!

  403. tina rodocker says:

    in a wawa convenient store, we had to set up creates and lay the baby on them because they had no diaper changer and we had no room in the car so right there in the store hallway we changed her. i hope they got diaper changers installed now!

  404. Sandy says:

    My little one hates to sit still for any second and she’s only 19 months. Well when it comes time to get changed first she does the back stroke on the floor then comes the role. Once we start getting the diaper on she picks her but up in the air and then pollops it down and starts moving her legs. You have to be really fast or she’ll get up and start running around the house. It’s funny to watch and she is laughing the whole time.

  405. Diana CLugstone says:

    These sound like the perfect thing for my house! With 3 grandbabies under 1, it would make changing them a breeze. Especialy when all three mess at once!

  406. Elaine says:

    the funniest place i changed my 9 almost 10 month olds diaper is at a restaurant in the seat cause they had no changing table lol .. My 10-10-10 baby..

  407. Tiffany A says:

    Wow! Slip on diapers! What a great idea! Would love to try some!

    Tiffany A.

  408. Rachel R says:

    On my lap, in the backseat of the car, in the middle of a hurricane!

  409. Amy Pileggi says:

    Maybe not the funniest place, but certainly the hardest place was an airplane bathroom….

  410. Holly Derrick says:

    The funniest place I had to change my son was during a train ride sight seeing the country side. Let me tell you a train full of on lookers while he is all excited and trying to see what everyone is talking and giggiling about makes it a bit of a challenge.

  411. Sarah Casella says:

    What a great idea, I have often become so frustrated during changing that I will buy pull-ups for a change….they never seem to catch it all. Curious how these will work. Hmmm…craziest place I’ve changed a diaper….standing at a circus!!

  412. Becky says:

    I had to change my youngest son at a McDonalds playland. I was traveling alone with the 2 and had to get a short break. My older son did not want to stop playing for me to change his brothers diaper, so I worked with what I had. Luckily, it was not too crowded.

  413. Jean says:

    In the corner @ Chuck e cheese 🙂

  414. Alicia says:

    Not necessarily the funniest at the time but looking back it’s pretty funny. My husband, our son, and I went to Kings Festival at Kings Dominion a few years back, I think our son was 1. I left our son with my husband to take a walk and then our son needed changed. So, he was changed in the open, surrounded by our youth group and other adults. My husband had a diaper but no wipes and a dirty diaper. Somehow he managed too get him clean! You do what you have to do in dire situations, I have learned being the mother now of 3 children age 4 and under.

  415. Michele P says:

    I have had to change my son on my lap, in the backseat of my car, in my husbands arms and on the examining table when I went to Urgent Care. The best one was in my husbands arms because we had to keep my lil one still enough to get his diaper on!

  416. Jessica says:

    Well, we’ve changed diapers on the hood, trunk, front seat, back seat, slide at the playground, carseat, park bench, my lap, my husband’s lap, one of us holding the baby in the air while the other one wipes… We’ve got four kids, two in diapers, so you name the place and we’ve probably changed a diaper there!!!!

  417. Zoo- monkey house 🙂 not a joke!!!

  418. dcouonsavings says:

    I would love to ty this.i dont like to use changing stahions.this sounds like a great idea.

  419. Jessica M says:

    front seat of my car the other day. On vacation the rest of the car was packed

  420. Alissa Vanim says:

    Where haven’t I changed my squirmy nine month old. Ever since he has found freedom by crawling, I am usually changing him on the move, which is why these diapers would be so helpful!!! Following behind him, trying to fasten tabs as he crawls away is so difficult!

  421. Carol Candeletti says:

    Truck stop, breatfeeding and changing babies on the road. Vacation house 6 1/2 hours from home, not wanting to stop for anylength of time, we would find whatever convenient stop there was. Cold ( below zero cold) changing babies quick in the cold and getting back on the road with a dry diaper, babies were always happy! Comfort…feed and dry, most important!!!

  422. Dana says:

    Had to change the baby at 12 weeks at the beach in a tiny restaurant with even tinier bathroom between two sick cca. 5 inch space

  423. whitney says:

    I have twin boys so they gather much attention and I had to change them on the park bench at the ZOO yes everyone thought it was a sight to see….they shoulda been looking at the monkeys instead!!!

  424. Regina says:

    I would say the craziest place I changed a diaper was on my beach chair at the swim club.

  425. dcouonsavings says:

    I would love to ty this.i dont like to use changing stahions.this sounds like a great idea. I have change diapers in jc penny behind a maniquin.

  426. amie says:

    Craziest place for me was at a sporting event in a high school girls locker room on a bench. I kept thinking wow with all the teen pregnancies why aren’t there changing stations in the bathroom? But I guess they don’t actually bring their babies to school!!

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