Netflix Raises Prices – What Are Your Options

Netflix Raises Prices – What Are Your Options

What are your thoughts on Netflix raising their prices? Are you going to stay with Netflix or are you wondering about all the other options out there?  Here are some options I put together to make your decision a littler easier.

Netflix used to be $9.99 for unlimited streaming and unlimited 1 dvd at a time, which I thought was pretty reasonable. Now they are raising the cost  to $15.98 for the same service! What they did do was make a plan where you can use unlimited streaming for $7.99 and you can have only 1 dvd out at a time for $7.99. Those might be nice options individually if that is what you want.

Here are some options you can use to replace or add to Netflix:

::Blockbuster Express and Redbox 

  • They are $1 / night
  • You can reserve them online at Redbox or at Blockbuster then go pick them up at your location
  • rent up to 3 DVD’s at a time
  • Always promo codes for discounts/free movies
  • Blockbuster has 10,000 locations and Redbox has 27,000 locations

Now I felt like these options were great because you were not obligated to pay a monthly fee. If you still want to Stream Unlimited from Netflix you can pay that $7.99 /month and you can use Blockbuster Express or Redbox to rent a movie whenever you want. If you rent a movie each weekend in a month you will only be spending about $11 instead of the $16 that Netflix wants to charge you! Also if you don’t want to rent a movie, you don’t have to!

::Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus is a great option to watch TV and Movies online! You won’t be able to have the movie mailed to your house, but you can still stream the movie to your set top box, smartphone, tablet, or blu-ray. Here are some facts:

  • Shows current seasons of TV shows
  • 33,000 episodes
  • Movies and Documentaries available
  • 1 week free trial

This option is great because you get Movies and Steaming for only $7.99/month! There are no actual movies sent to your house, just streamed through your computer!

::iTunes and YouTube

There is always the option to rent movies on Itunes and YouTube. These usually cost $2.99-$3.99 per rental. You have up to 30 days to start the movie and 24 hours to watch it after you start it!


Amazon also has a program called Amazon Prime Instant Video for $79 /year! You can instantly stream movies and DVD’s for $79/year or $6.58/month! You also get a free month trial!

These are just some options I came up with. Do you know of anyways to adjust to the Netflix price increase? Let us know!

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  • Jacqueline

    Check your local library- they have a great many recent and older movies and tv shows which you can check out for free! Some libraries even allow you to reserve movies

  • jenn

    I changed my plan to just the unlimited streaming for 7.99 for the kids….mom and dad have time to watch a movie with 4 kids?? hahahaha

  • Jennifer

    I changed to streaming only then will rent from redbox. They always have promo codes and specials. Will end up being cheaper for more dvds

  • rahlquist

    We have been a NetFlix member since April of 2000. As such we had been lucky enough to be on a grandfathered plan for 4 DVDs for $19.99. When streaming became available we tried it out but only used it maybe 12 times total. When they announced the rate change I was very mad. With the rate change if I didn’t choose to alter our subscription we would have shot up to $29.98 a month! So my only option (since we didn’t want the much more limited streaming selection) was to switch to a 4DVD plan without streaming, since I had to give up my grandfathered plan this also meant an increase of $2 on that plan to $21.99 a month. The rate changes are very unreasonable in my opinion but unfortunately NetFlix has grown into its own monopoly and doesn’t have to care what we consumers think anymore. So I spoke with my wallet and I will be turning DVD’s around as fast as I humanly can watch them to make sure this decision to raise my rates after being a loyal customer for 11 years is well earned. After 11 years they have turned me from an advocate to antagonist who will at every turn bash them and their lack of customer service. They have taken an easy avenue away from me but I wasnt about to pay them their blackmail money.

  • Susan

    Does anyone do the Amazon Prime video? How does it work? Can you watch it on your TV like with Netflix? Is there a good selection?

    • Julianna

      I haven’t signed up for Prime, but I have bought a couple of episodes of Bubble Guppies from for my daughter. They had easy to follow instructions for getting them to play on the tv. For us it was easiest to download them to my computer, then play them on the tv through the Xbox that is part of our home network.

    • Christina

      Susan, I signed up to try it. Honestly, I wasn’t impressed with the selection. My blu-ray connects online and that’s how it worked for us.

  • Rhonda

    I discontinued my 1-DVD-at-a-time membership and stuck with just the streaming. We all used Redbox more anyway, so it just forced my hand to make the decision.

    I would like to go on record that I think Netflix is LAME for suckering us all like they did. That was a ridiculous price jump. I wonder how much business they’ll lose, or how much income they’ll take in.

  • Melissa

    I am very mad about this. They have given no reason for this and it is making me look at other options!

  • i was pissed when i saw it too! I told hubby we are going down to the steaming only and if we want a dvd, there is redbox.
    i figure in a few months, they will make a deal to make it a better price

  • Michelle

    I cancelled my subscription, it was way too much of an increase to pay especially with RedBox as an option.

  • I am also very upset about the recent price hike. I currently receive 2 dvds at a time plus the streaming. I am still on the fence about what I want to do honestly. I will either downgrade to streaming only or downgrade to streaming plus 1 dvd out at a time. The only thing keeping me from getting rid of the discs completely is some of the dvds that we enjoy and that my children enjoy can only be found on Netflix, (like Goosebumps). I will keep my current plan until September, when the price hike will be affecting me, and try to make a decision in the meantime.

  • Kristie

    I have a Hulu Plus account that I love because I can watch current seasons on my iPhone. Just to add to your info – if you’re a student you can sign up with your .edu email address and get a 1 month free trial instead of just the 1 week.

  • Stephanie

    Amazon Prime is supposed to be great. I’m just getting to using it. If you have an .edu email address (which I do), it’s only $40/year! We also just invested in a Roku box. It runs off of your wireless internet and streams through apps. You can run Netflix, HuluPlus, AmazonPrime and more on your TV. That box was $80, and then the subscriptions to the other apps. They also have some free channels on there to.

  • Heather

    I think the reason they did it is the price they are paying. It’s expensive to make copies of DVDs to mail them out and pay to have it mailed back… I get why and I hope the get rid of DVDs entirely and just stream them. I like the streaming but get frustrated that not everything is on their. I can get toy story 3 streamed but not 1 or 2??? It makes no sense to me! I called them and they said they will be adding more movies to streaming regularly and that at the end of the year they will add a ton also. If you go to it tells you exactly what they are adding to the instant queue and when.

    We also went streaming only with a red box option. They really shot themselves in the foot with this one but red box is thanking them!!

    How does red box work anyhow? Do I order online first every time then go to pick up?

    • Heather

      My apologies for the typos!

      • Stephanie

        You can choose to reserve a movie from redbox so you know it will be waiting for you when you get there, or you can just go and pick on up from the kiosk.

  • kevin

    I literally signed up for Netflix the day before the price increase 🙁
    I’ll be sticking with the Streaming. Love watching Star Trek the original series in order for the first time using Xfinity wifi while at work 🙂
    Kids are watching thru the Wii and other tv has Playstation 3 to watch it from.

  • Ching

    The reason for the price increase is because their contracts with the movie companies are expiring and the companies are demanding that Netflix pays more to keep them because the movie companies see this as a huge money maker now. Its not netflix’ fault that they had to raise the prices to stay in business. Its the big wig movie companies that are taking advantage of us and Netflix. Not much Netflix could do about it. Unless they wanted to make no money and go under due to the selfishness of the big movie companies.

  • jenl

    We used to have the 1DVD at a time plan. I just put he account on hold for a few months. I think I will cancel when the time is up. We rarely stream anything and I can just go to Redbox for random movies we want to watch.

  • jorasmom

    We’ve been Netflix customers for several years and it’s been great; however, the price increase ahs forced us to cancel the DVD portion and retain just the streaming. Initially I thought consumer backlash (i.e., lots of people cancelling the DVD portion) might cause netflix to reexamine this move – but then i read that netflix really wants to entirely do away with the dvd mailing program eventually anyway, and that this increase is the first step. Since our library allows you to order dvds through interlibrary loans, we’ll be going that route.

  • Stephanie

    We use blockbuster by mail and haven’t had any problems with it. Our plan is 19.99 a month, and we get 3 dvds or blurays out at a time. They have also added that you can now get games sent to you in place of any of your dvds. What I really like about it is, that we have unlimited in store exchanges. So when we are done with a mailed movie, we can just take it to the store for a new one right away.

  • Sandi

    I had a trial of Netflix, not the greatest selection ever. I was considering getting it again but not now with this insane increase. I think I am on my last good deal with Comcast, I lowered my bill to $29.99 for 6 months by switching to Latino Max- that included more channels than I had with digital economy at a savings of $20 a month. I don’t know, Internet tv maybe?

    • jorasmom

      Wow, I think their selection is great! They have lots of movies you can’t find through BB and Redbox – esp older/classic movies, and their foreign film selection is stupendous. I rented LOTS of the old Masterpiece Theatre classics that I haven’t seen since the ’80s, and which can’t be rented anywhere that I’ve ever seen.

  • Staci

    I would be happy to go with just the streaming, but there are a lot of shows and movies that are only available on DVD. If they want to eliminate the DVD portion, then the streaming needs to be available FIRST, before a price increase. We recently changed from having all of the movie channels, etc. through Directv to basic service and then added Netflix for movies, etc. – to save money! Not happy about the price increase!!

  • Julianna

    Make a friend! I use my mom’s netflix account to stream movies at my house through my Xbox and my computers. She still gets movies delivered (not that she really ever watches them) and she can still stream movies on the Wii at her house. I’m not sure if Netflix will address this sharing issue, but for now it works great. On the rare occasion I want to rent a movie I’ll get it from one of the 8 Redbox locations within 10 miles of my house.

  • Lori

    Let’s think back a few years to when you had to get dressed and drive to a Blockbuster, rain or shine. Only to get there and the movie you wanted wasn’t available. Now if you are someone like me who lives several miles out of town, you have to add the cost of gas picking up and then dropping off the movie. And hopefully you got the movie(s) back on time. So add all the expenses up just for one trip to a Redbox. At which time you are limited to what is in stock. Now if you have a movie watching family, Netflix is great! My husband can be watching an ordered movie in one room and my son can watch a streaming movie in his room and options can continue from there. Netflix is still a great choice, even with the price changes.

  • Jay

    I’ve had netflix for years.. I’m going to drop the DVD part and keep the network part.

    I tried Hulu+ for a one-month free trial, and then cancelled it. While it’s great for past seasons of current shows (and the current season of currrent shows, which netflix doesn’t have), their movie selection was terrible.. not a single thing there I wanted to watch. And even with the paid subscription, there are still multiple commercial interruptions for shows (typically 3 in a half-hour show, lasting 30-60 seconds each). Sorry, but I’m not going to pay AND watch ads. Disappointing.

  • Alicia

    I only had a trial of netflix and wasn’t impressed. I love redbox, we have them in all our grocery stores and i’ve noticed the stock on the new movies has been much better lately. And there are always free codes that can be used once with each card. I haven’t paid for a movie in quite a while!

  • Jenny

    We totally enjoy our streaming netflix and we have the 2 out at a time. Mostly the kids use the streaming for Shawn the sheep and other kids shows. I LOVE all the documentarys they have as well. Everyone is complaining about the cost, but think about how expensive cable is..We pay so much for phones ect.. I think they give a great service for the price. I probably will continue with all the netflix. Redbox is nice, but we enjoy watching older TV shows like Law and Order and you cannot get that with redbox.

  • kate

    I agree with jacqueline – Ive been getting DVDs at my local libary a lot lately and they have a great selection and I can order through their website online from all of the Central Massachusetts librarys that are connected and pick up at my local branch. Between that and Redbox/Blockbuster express booths and the free codes available I think I’ll be dropping netflix entirely

  • Lako

    I do streaming only and if I want a current movie Redbox is where we go. When an item/site becomes popular, they increase their price.