New High Value Skintimate Coupons = $0.19 at ShopRite

Skintimate Coupons

There are 2 great new Skintimate Coupons available.  Here are the coupons you can find:

Both of these are SmartSource Coupons

ShopRite has a great deal this week on Skintimate Shave Gel.  However, some ShopRites may have a 10 oz Skintimate Shave Cream on sale for $1.69 as well.  Here are your deals:

Skintimate Shave Gel 7 oz $1.69 each
use $0.75/1 Skintimate Shave Gel Coupon
$0.19 each after coupon

Skintimate Shave Cream 10 oz $1.69 (if your stores carries it)
use $1.50/1 Skintimate Shave Cream Coupon
$0.19 each after coupon

It looks like the $1.50 Skintimate coupon is actually for a higher priced Cream Shave product not the $1.69 product.  The gel coupon is fine.

Also, be sure to print out the Edge Shave Gel coupon which is also on sale this part.

(Thanks pennypinchinmom!)


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  • Jen

    I know there is a 4 coupon limit per coupon, but since these are different coupons could i use both 4 times without a problem?

    • Diane R.

      Sure, because not only are they different coupons, they are for entirely different products. One is for shaving gel and one is for shaving cream.

      • Jen

        I figured that. I am sooooooooooo excited about this!!! I printed my coupons!! WOOHOO!!

  • Kyle

    It’s times like these I really wish I could print coupons from my iPhone.

    • Cindy

      me too!! 🙂

    • Christine

      There are so many times when I see the post go up on Facebook and I wish I could wirelessly print somewhere or “reserve” a coupon. Especially the high value ones because they’re usually gone by the time I get home or the next day 🙁

      • Lianne

        I feel ya christine. I can’t print at work :/

    • Lady J

      i don’t have an iphone – but someone told me you could print coupons from your iphone. maybe they were wrong.

  • Lovingmynewhobby

    I was told that in my local Shoprite..they only take 4 coupons for any one type of product. So say you have 5 different types of coupons from different sources they still will only accept 4 if its for the same item…so you would have to ask about this deal in particular because technically you can get 4 shaving gels and 4 shaving creams..but they might just tell you since its from the same manufacturer they wont accept it..I would just play it safe and hit more than one store, do two separate transactions or bring a friend to go to a different cashier..HTH

    • Anita

      As long as the coupons are different, they store will take them; at least my Shop rite does…4 of “like” coupons are the limit…”like” meaning the exact same coupon…that is what I have been told anyway. good luck!

    • Lady J

      even further:
      4 of them are $1.50/1
      4 of them are .75/1

      it’ll pass the test, and i don’t even think it will come to the cashiers attention.

    • 0246

      so i can’t buy 4 cottonelle and 4 charmin using 8 different coupons because it’s all toilet paper? give me a break, someone is just making up their own rules for funsies.

    • My shoprite told me they only double 4 like coupons. I’m not sure how many like coupons we can actually use though.

  • Bethany :-)

    Hi Cindy; I have a suggestion!! When you add great deals like the one above, could you also update the Shop Rite deals page too?? Thanks! 🙂

    • Cindy

      It does update there. If there is a deal at a store I always attach it to the store as well.

  • Steph

    anybody check on the price of this at Walmart? This coupon’s great!! thanks for letting us all know

    • Christine

      Was thinking the same thing. Going there today to get my Bengay overage

      • Steph

        yes, if you can, please let me know. thanks!

  • sue

    There is 2 Shop Rite stores in my area, every time I go theres a new policy in regards to coupons. they act like loonatics when they see coupons its very anoying i am sick of it I am going to start going to a diferent store, and I want to know where to complain…I had a problem with the Loreal shampoo Catalina my one store dint have it, when I went to the other store the next day I did seperte transactions to get the $5 catalina so i can use it on my other order, and the cashere said to me new policy cant use catalina on same day you get it, well I got cash for it anyway from customer service after I was done but she was like so nasty…I went off on her I said what the hell you have something aganst people using coupons. And she took like an hour to check and double check my coupons..So redicoulous…..sory for speling typing fast

    • Lady J

      by me we have SR in Edison just off of Rt 1, in Piscataway btwn exits 5 and 6 of 287 and another one off exit 12 of 287 (not sure of the town) They are all great with accepting coupons – if anyone’s keeping track of that. (Target in S Plainfield – not so coupon friendly)

      • sue

        I am in North Jersey I go to Shop Rite in Palisades Park, or in Hackensack, Now I have to try the Englewood shoprite hope they are better.

        • Geoff

          Try the Shoprite in Paramus. Shoprite in Hackensack is the worst…..they gave me and my wife an attitude, they are very nasty and mean….cashiers, they feel like they own the store. My wife got an argument to one cashier before…the cashier was so nasty..nasty..nasty…most of them in that store… not coupons friendly store, we are customers/consumers, we are not asking them a favor!!!!! and we do not deserved to be treated with an attitude with or without using coupons. So, try the Shoprite in Paramus. Please let me know if Englewood Shoprite are coupons friendly, I haven’t shop there before, thanks. :o)

  • sue

    I got the $5.oo off bounty coupon from facebook, how would I use it to make money?

    • Lady J

      you’d have to use it at Walmart on 1 roll (if the q allows). SR does not as policy give overage. That’s not to say that I’ve never gotten overage there. But if you want the overage – Walmart’s your place.

  • Sarah

    I really want this coupon, but my computer will never print anything from Smartsource. I installed the smartsource printer. Is there a certain setting I need to change on my computer? TIA!

    • Steph

      try using different web browsers, sometimes that helps. :/ I use explorer, my google chrome always has problems or just plan takes forever.

    • Lady J

      have you tried uninstalling the ss coupon printer and then reinstalling it?

    • kabby

      I could never print from Smart Source…I then was told to try Firefox not Internet Explorer and YES they print!!!!!!! Happy Couponing!!!! Hope this helps.

      • Diane R.

        And on my computer it was just the opposite! On my desktop computer I can’t print Smartsource on Firefox, but they print fine on Internet Explorer! Yet on my laptop I can print Smartsource on BOTH Firefox on IE. It’s just so wacky and random!

    • Danielle M

      I had the same problem and someone suggested I remove Java and reinstall it. It worked. : ) im so happy now.

  • Christine

    Has something changed with Smartsource? Why can I only print one coupon sometimes?

  • tinap

    I just did this and the edge gel, and this is REALLY WEIRD-
    the edge gel Qs are for .55 and skintimate for .75.
    They showed up opposite of this on my receipt. The edge Qs showed as .75 and skintimate as .55.
    nevertheless I still got em all! I just need to find a bigger SR that carries the creamy shave stuff.

  • Laura Cotto

    for some reason it will only let me print one and not even one of each? 🙁

    • tinap

      try the original link again. I had no problems printing 2 of each, on 2 computers.

    • Megan

      when that happens you can usually go back to the link and print again, don’t hit the back button. for some reason the smartsource have been not allowing a second print when I hit back, but are allowing it when you go through the link a second time. HTH

  • Lori

    Does anyone know if the shaving cream is on sale anywhere else? I
    Am in south jersey, regular double land, and don’t want to waste a high
    Value coupon!

  • Amara

    Awesome! I was about to pay $0.69 for the shaving cream. $0.19 is sooo much better 🙂 Thanks as always!

  • Diane R.

    I read on another site that what we thought was $1.50 off shaving cream is actually $1.50 off CREAM SHAVE. Believe it or not, they are actually 2 different products! It is the shave gel and shave cream that is on sale at SR for $1.69 (regular price $1.99). The cream shave that we have the coupon for is $3.69 at Shoprite. Some cashiers might not know the difference and accept the $1.50 for the shave cream, but I know that I’m not gonna try to do that.

    • Cindy

      Hmm, interesting. Then they really need to get their product line straightened out because I went on their website and they only show Shaving Gel or the “Cream Shave”. Yet when you look at the products at ShopRite and also at CVS next week, they refer to them as Shave Gel or Shave Cream.

      • Diane R.

        I know. I’m confused about it too. I went to where they have nice clear pics of all the products, and sure enough on the shave cream cans, it says “shave cream”, and on the cream shave product, it says “cream shave”. Very confusing. On the coupon it says “cream shave” and the pic matches the $3.69 product at SR. Who knows. But I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough. Sure would be great if it turns out that the coupon is good on the regular shave cream though!

        • Suzanne

          I printed out 4 of the $1.50 coupons and used them tonight on the shave cream. At checkout none of the $1.50 ones went through, but the cashier manually entered them after looking at the 4 shave creams I had purchased. I just thought maybe the coupon wasn’t working right because I had thought I bought the right one and so did the cashier. I feel bad now, I always strive to use coupons honestly.

          • Cindy

            Hi Suzanne, don’t feel bad. It’s actually very confusing. I actually looked through the Skintimate website and still couldn’t figure it all out. But, I think Diane is right. Actually, I know she is right. However, companies should not expect consumers to have to check through websites to try to determine what the coupon is for. They should have considered the confusion when the decided to name it Skintimate Cream Shave instead of their other product that is Skintimate Shave Cream. So, don’t feel bad. I am actually going to send them an email and let them know that we try to use coupons correctly but they need to have a clear separation in their products.

  • Patti M

    I bought the shave cream at SR this weekend and it was also $1.69.

  • annie

    today at my shoprite the skintamate shave gel was 1.69 but the new shave cream is still 3.19…I’ll wait on that…(whatever ya call them!!) the new one

    • annie

      also the coupons I got from the paper a few weeks ago were $.55 but they double to $1.10…sooo…59 cents isn’t bad!!
      that was edge and skintimate

  • Eric in CT

    Thanks for this deal. My wife had just asked me to get her some shaving creme. Printed out 4x coupons this morning, and headed into SR on the way home from work. They had the $1.69 gel, so the deal worked exactly as stated, $0.75×2 = $1.50 off each. The coupons, however did NOT scan properly. They needed a manager override. The cashier gave me no problems with it, manager came over and within moments it was overridden. But its interesting to note that they didn’t work properly.

    FYI this was Skintimate Skin Therapy Sensitive Skin, 7oz


    • Diane R.

      That’s weird that they didn’t scan properly. I bought 4 of the shave gels today in 4 different scents, one of which was the one that you bought… therapy sensitive skin. All 4 of my coupons scanned and doubled with no problem at all. The cashier was using the scanning gun. The gun seems to work so much better on internet printed coupons than the regular scanner.

  • Nicole

    Went to use the shave gel coupons today in Neptune, NJ SR and the cashier told my husband that they were FRADULENT and that WE PHOTOCOPIED THEM! The nerve of this woman! I couldnt even believe what I was hearing… She said because all of the bar codes were same we photocopied them and therefore couldnt use them. I had printed two at work (in black ink) and two at home (one in black ink from my husbands computer, one in color from my computer). She said that the one color one was the original and the other three were copies.

    My husband left without the shave gel and I promptly called and asked for the manager. We make sure we follow their coupon policies very carefully and I explained this to her. I told her she needs to educate the cashiers on coupons because that is absolutely FALSE that all bar codes are different on every single coupon. My husband is going back later to speak with her so hopefully it will work out.

    Just wanted to share this lovely story with my fellow couponers 🙂

  • MoKeisha

    walgreens has both shave cream and gel on sale for 1.99 use your 1.50 coupon and get the cream for .49 i went to walmart and priced matched and the limit does not apply and you can use the 1.00 off and still only pay .99 for it!!!!

  • Jannice Lockley

    I used my $1.50 coupons today at CVS.. Shave cream was 1.99 on sale – $1.50 = .50 a piece..