ShopRite Circular Preview Ad Week of 7/24

ShopRite Circular Preview Ad for Week of 7/24/11

Here is your ShopRite Circular Preview Ad for the week of 7/24.

Here are some of the good deals I am seeing for next week.  Make sure to check back on Saturday for the complete match ups.

Note: This is only a guide of some of the upcoming deals.  Since it’s early in the week, deals may be tweaked here and there as we find out more information on coupons, restrictions etc.

View Full Ad Scan: ShopRite Preview 7/24/11


::ShopRite Gift Card Deal

Buy $75 in any combination of products from General Mills, P&G, Hershey’s or Frito-Lay and get a $25 Gas or ShopRite Gift Card.  Purchases can be made in more then one transaction.  Make sure to check out all the details of the ShopRite Gas Card Deal


I am sure that there will be many more updates and deals.  This is just to get you thinking about what you might like to take advantage of.  Let us know if you come up with a great scenario or find other deals.



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  • donnamhughes

    I cannot retrieve the coupons!!!

  • Kristi

    I have heard you can freeze cheese – can you freeze shredded cheese too?

    • Chrissy

      yup, I do!

    • buddysmom

      Yes you can freeze shredded cheese 🙂

    • Robin

      Yes. I do it all the time! 🙂

    • 0246

      yup, shredded cheese is ideal to freeze because you usually melt it upon use 🙂

      • Katie

        As 0246 said freezing shredded cheese is ideal because you usually melt it on things (or at least it’s blended in or as a topping). Be cautious though if you are freezing blocks (particularly of cheddar): they take a long time to defrost, so will not be as convenient and the texture changes a bit (it gets kind of crumbly and dry-er). Our family eats A TON of cheese! We love to slice and eat it on crackers apples or just by itself and we don’t like it for this purpose when it’s been frozen. However, we are a bit particular about our cheese (don’t like cheaper brands) and we still love it when it’s melted or mixed in other things. So try it on one block first to be sure you still like it this way and then stock up the freezer!! Remember you can buy blocks (which are cheaper), then shred yourself and freeze to really save money!

        • Cynthia

          Thanks for the info Katie! My husband LOVES cheese! I NEVER think about freezing it or ANYTHING else for that matter. I really have to, this way I can stock up on a great sale!

        • 0246

          and while we’re talking about saving money and cheese, cheese (blocks, specifically) keep in the fridge for a long time – well past their “sell by” or “best by” date, and are perfectly fine. i’ve found this is best managed in the cold, way back of the fridge.

  • ainsley

    Can I do the gas deal only purchasing Olay products? I use their cleansers as do my mom and mother in law… Or does my card track if I buy more than 4 of one specific item and not allow that? (I know there’s a lot of talk on here about using more than 4 of the same coupon).

    Don’t worry- I have multiple ShopRites around me and will not be clearing any shelves!

    • nuri

      you should be able to do it buying olay products over multiple transactions (thats how it worked last time – i bought about 10 of the crystal lights over 3 transactions)

    • Mark

      ainsley- Drop me a note at if you need any of those Olay coupons from the 7/3 PG inserts.

  • Nahney

    Cindy can u please explain Ad scan

  • theresa

    DOWNY link isn’t working. Thx for all the other great info though!

    • Christine

      I filled out the Downy coupon form multiple times about 2-3 months ago. They said it would be mailed to my house, and I haven’t received anything.

  • eileen

    Can u do the deal more than once?

    • nuri

      no, only one deal per card

  • Melanie

    The 2,000 Flushes I see in the ad are marked 2/$4. Am I missing the $1.64 ones??? Hoping I missed it…I could use some more of those!

    • Cynthia

      In your region it may be 2/$4. In my circular this week its advertised as $1.64 each. I need to get a few myself, my husband loves these!

  • nuri


    in your example deal with cereal, you used different coupons, i thought shop rite policy allowed you to use up to 4 of each specific coupon, but if you had different coupons you could use them both in the same transaction

    since 50c/1 honey nut cheerios, and 60c/1 honey nut cheerios are different coupons, you should be able to use 4 of each in the same transaction


    • Anonymous

      yes but there may be a limit on the honey nut cheerios, only 4 per variety per transaction.

    • Cindy

      You could. I was just using that as an example of how you can buy the same cereals in 2 separate transactions. People may not have the coupons that are gone so at least they can see that they can split the transactions for this deal, if they have a bunch of the same coupons. I was really just playing with some coupons combos.

      And, last time I got a lot of questions about doing it in more then 1 transaction so this was a good way to show it.

      • Cindy

        Oh wait, there is a limit of 4. I was just looking at the Pathmark circular and that didn’t have a limit. Oh boy, Thursdays are a killer for me. I’ve got circulars for ShopRite, Acme, Walgreens, Foodtown, A&P and Stop & Shop in front of me. Getting myself confused 🙂

        • nuri

          thanks for all that

      • kabby

        Hi Cindy. Thank you for all your work and time. Just want you to be aware of others coupons from the ORGANIZE IN STYLE usefeul for this weeks products. Remember to include Cascade Actionpac Q, mr clean magic eraser Q, and Febreeze air effects Q, also Swiffer Q there may be others, but I do not have the circular yet . This coupon booklet mailed to homes is great for this gas deal.

        • Elaine

          Thank You Kabby! I forgot I have a that booklet still full.

  • Veronica

    Good week to use my $5 off Bounty coupon I scored back on the coupon giveaway on facebook – will get the six pack Basic that is on sale for $4.99 for FREE <3

    • Yes I am planning on using mine this week as well.

  • Dee Parker

    You rock 😉

  • Amara

    Silly question. What does the pre-price plus price mean? I see the different price in the brackets but wanted to be clear. I’m going to be making my first attempt for the gas card and wanted to know what I was talking about in case a cashier gives me lip. Lol! Thanks again Cindy for helping an amateur out 🙂

    • MamaBates

      Pre priceplus is the regular shelf price, before tje sale. I can tell u that last time they had this deal it calculated tje gas rewards using the sale price, not the pre priceplus card price. For example, if an item regularly costs $7.99 and is on sale for $4.99, u would only receive $4.99 twds your gas rewards.

    • MamaBates

      It may have been before pre priceplus at other shoprites, but i would suggest u test this out on a small trip and see how they are calculating before i spend 3hrs in the store and find out its not enough at checkout. Btw my shoprite is in MD.

      • Janice

        Which ShopRite in MD? I shop at the one in Festival of Bel Air and I was wondering if they use the pre-priceplus or sale price when calculating.

        • MamaBates

          Glen Burnie

  • Michelle

    Hi, I can’t print bricks coupons anymore. I just did a systems upgrade on my MAC from snow leopard to lion. Can any one PLEASE tell me how to fix this problem so I may print. Thank you for your help.

    • jorasmom

      I don’t have a Mac, but it sounds like it may be a compatibility problem, in which case you’ll probably have to contact Bricks (couponsinc) directly:

    • Jessica

      The only way I can print bricks from my MAC is through firefox…hope that helps!

      • Michelle

        Thank you both for your suggestions. I’ve tried FireFox and the screen just stays blank and the wheel just spins until I x out of it. I’m sooo bummed. : (

  • Amanda

    Redpack is out of prints 🙁

  • nuri

    theres a deal for 12 drinks for 10 bucks
    included are both the honest tea and the liptons naturals

    deal idea
    buy 4 honest teas
    buy 8 lipton naturals

    use 4 $1 off honest tea
    use 4 BOGO liption naturals.

    i have no idea of the actual price on the lipton naturals, but lets just say for a second that their regular price before price plus is 1.50

    you should get 1.50 x 4 off for the lipton BOGO coupon
    plus the $4 off from the honest tea
    = free, just pay the tax

    note, you may want to do the lipton bogo coupons before handing over your price plus, to insure you get the most money off for this coupon

    • nuri

      oops, my math is wrong, pay $2 for 12 drinks (sorry)

    • Dana

      Where can I find some Lipton coupons?

      • marisa

        I was wondering the same thing! I remember seeing them but don’t remember what date!

  • nuri

    no, i was right the first time,

    its just pay the tax
    (Sorry for spamming the list)

  • Ashley

    you can use the $3 off aussie/herbal essences coupon from a few weeks back to score those for free (and get $.12 overage if your store allows!)

    • Cindy

      The coupon you are referring to requires the purchase of a styler and the circular does not list the stylers as part of the sale. Hopefully we will be surprised but that is not how it is listed now.

  • Carrie

    Anyone else having trouble with the Kraft touch of philly coupon. I click on the link and it brings me to the Kraft site and then nothing happens when I click to print the coupon.

  • shay

    There was a $2/1 Tide powder detergent in ss on 07/17

    • shay

      will the powder detergent be on sale next week also?

  • Danielle

    I just want to let everyone know I had a hard time with the Olay rebate last time they did it ,so be careful, keep copies of everything you send them inlcuding the UPC codes. I mailed in my rebate and they sent it back to me about 6 weeks later saying the UPC codes I used were invalid. By that time I had thrown the product boxes away so I couldn’t verifty them. I was upset because you can clearly see on the original reciept I sent them that I purchased the required products. I tried e-mailing and calling but was unsuccessful so I just sent it back with a note and never received my check 🙁

    • Cindy

      Good to know, thanks for sharing your experience!

  • Ashley

    Thank you, Cindy! 😀

    I have a question about the $25 gas or Shoprite gift card deal. Will this be tracking on the card, or does the whole $75 (PPC) have to be purchased in one transaction?

    • TM

      It tracks all week so you can make it in multiple transactions

  • TM

    Just wanted to point out the Speed Stick deodorant will be .38 cents each

  • Nahney

    Hi not sure ifmyou saw the postncannu explain Ad Scan I see the weird scan things on the circular what are they for?

    • Nahney

      Gotta love spell check
      Not sure if you saw my post can u explain ad scan

      • Diane R.

        Do you mean the blue lettering that runs across the scan? That’s just the Living Rich With Coupons watermark that shows where the scan originated from.

  • Christina


  • Amara

    Thanks again Ladies.

  • Amara

    Help Please. I am trying to put together a list for this gas deal. I unfortunately don’t have all of the coupons in the example Cindy listed. How do I get a good deal? Is it I want to drive the price down closest to $25 with the most items? I think that is the goal but Im not positive on the best price points for items so Im getting a bit confused. Thanks again.

    • Kim

      Here is what I came up with. I don’t have all of the coupons either but I do have some. And there are somethings I just need/want.

      Olay Total Effects x 3 = $20.97 – 3($3.00Q) = 11.97
      Olay Facial Cleanser x 3 = $14.97 – 3($1.00Q) = 11.97
      Olay Regenerist Cloths x 3 = $20.97 – 3($3.00Q) = 11.97
      Vicks Vaporub = $6.49 (I took from the online price but I need it)
      Swiffer Duster = $4.99 – $1.00Q = $3.99
      Cascade Action Packs = $4.99 – $1.00Q = $3.99
      Mr. Clean Liquid = $2.99 – $.75Q DBL = $1.49
      Grand Total Before Coupons = $76.37
      Total After Coupons = $51.87
      Gas Card ($25.00) & Olay Rebate ($20.00) = $6.87
      Plus I have a $5.00 coupon from the Valpak so technically it will be $1.87 for everything!
      I think this will work! You just need to fold a paper in half and list the shelf price on one side and the after coupon price on the other. Get yourself to the $75.00 and then figure out the after Q price. Just move items around to make the best deal!

  • Ellen

    What zip code did you find the Totino Pizza Roll coupon under? I can’t find it.

  • Shita

    how can i get coupon from recyclebank? having hard time, help!

  • Elaine

    Does anyone know if the Nature Valley bars are full price again? and what it their price range?

  • Elaine

    Another Yo Crunch General Mills? Do you think it is included? I only like yogurt when I throw candy in it LOL. Thanks

  • Jae

    Hi Iam glad I found your blog I have never shopped ShopRite before(we just got one in my area). I found alot of deals in the circular and I noticed that Shop Rite has ecoupons and I was wondering if they allow you to stack them with a manufacturers coupons? Thanks

    • Amanda

      yes they will stack

  • Jenn

    A while back there was a link posted here to Shoprite circular coupons – the ones that are printed inside or on the front of some circulars. Are these available online every week?

    Does anyone know? Thanks

  • Jenni

    Hi. First off Thank you everyone for helping each other and especially couponing newbies like me stretch our dollars!
    I want to try to do the Olay deal but have a question about it.
    Does the rebate take the $50 before manufacturer coupons? You pay just under less than $50 in the deal so I was just checking.

  • Monique

    When I look up coupon preview, it is saying smartsource will have a speedstick coupon for $.50/1, this will double and make it FREE!

  • Monique

    If you need extra, here is a link for more speedstick.

  • Amara

    Thanks so much Kim! That looks like an awesome deal. Everyone is so helpful here 🙂

  • Amara

    Monique….What is that link for the Speedstick? I just checked my early edition coupons and I only have a $1.00 off 2. Appreciate it 🙂

  • Monique