ShopRite: L’Oreal Catalina Update

ShopRite: L’Oreal Catalina Update

I just wanted to update you guys on the L’Oreal Catalina deal at ShopRite this week.  For some reason, as of this posting, it does not seem to be printing the Catalina.  I have heard from a bunch of you who have tried it on the Pre-Price Plus Price as well as the Sale price and it has yet to print, from what I can gather so far.

For those of you that already tried the deal, you can call or email Catalina Marketing.  There contact info is: 1-888-826-8766 or via email

Please let us know, in the comments, if you were successful trying the deal or not.  And, if you could, let us know what you purchased so we can see what may be the issue.

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  • desiree

    i just got back from shoprite and it did not print. I tried it on the sale price, 6 kids shampoo’s at $1.99 each and 2 adults at $2.49 each, so $17.00 before coupons. When it didn’t print customer service said it was becuase the coupons brought it down to $8.00. I said no way, it had nothing to do with the coupons. She checked, and then realized i was right, and had a barcode that she scanned to then print it for me. All in all a good deal even if i had to get back in line at customer service:)

  • Ewa

    Ok so I got 4 L’Oréal Vive Pro 4 L’Oréal kids 2 Purex and received $8 catalina. If I’m not wrong I read Your post about Scott catalina that runs till today I bought 2 Scott wipes and didn’t receive catalina.

    • j

      The Scott deal is if u buy 3 different Scott products such as Scott wipes- Scott tp and Scott ppr towels…then u will get the cat… goodluck

      • Ewa

        Thanks,good to know why didn’t print.

  • Andrew

    I was able to get the catalina to print at the Shoprite in Brick, NJ. I bought 3 bottles of the Vive for Men shampoo and 3 bottles of the studio clean hair gel.

    • kevin

      So you were over $15 based on price plus prices.
      Awaiting word on it working on ‘sale’ price.

  • aimee

    Hi Cindy! I bought 4 L’oreal kids shampoo and 1 vive conditioner and the cat didn’t print. so I went to the customer service and the lady printed the $5 cat for me.

  • Ewa

    My Shoprite: Brookdale NJ

  • Kaitlyn

    I also bought them from Brick, NJ Shoprite! Ha 🙂 I got 4 bottles of Vive Pro shampoo and received the $5 Catalina.

    In my Shoprite if the Catalina doesn’t print, the Customer Service people will punch in a code in the computer to make it print for you. Worth a try!

  • Ewa

    I just checked Scott cat is says buy 2 get $2 cat. I used $2 off one wipes and $0,75 off one too. Is it possible that because of coupons cat didn’t print out for me?

    • Pati

      On the Scott Catalina you needed to buy two different Scott products, you bought two of the same type of Scott product, that’s why it didn’t print.

      • Ewa

        Ok now I got it. Thank You

  • Mel

    I did 4 L’oreal Vive Pro Conditioners ($2.49 price plus price, $3.99 shelf), used 4 ($1 coupons) and the catalina printed in Bay Shore, NY.

  • bought 3 vive pro, and 2 kids, no cat. girl at counter said cause i used coupons and refused to give it to me, so i got my Q’s and my cash back.

  • Gennifer

    Hi- I bought two of the L O’real items and did not get a catalina. I will give them a call.

  • Chrissy

    I bought 4 loreal studio style and 1 vive pro shampoo and used 4 ($1 coupons) and 1 (.75) Q’s in Edison Shoprite and got it. $8,95 after Q’s and price plus. So they went by shelf price there.

  • Sakin Amber

    I did 5 times today. Bought Loral vive shampoo, conditioner and Loreal studio styling(mousse) . I mixed or matched them. 4 items and used 4 $1 coupon for each transaction. Got $5 Catalina for each transaction. No problem.

  • Dyan

    I went this morning and got 2 Vive Pro Shamp, 2 Vive Cond and 2 L’Oreal Kids Shampoos. Used 4 coupons for the Vive Pro and 2 for the Kids stuff and the catalina printed. It also printed again for my second transaction with just 2 each of the Vive Pro Shamp and Conditioners.

  • Dyan

    ^^This was at the Shoprite in Linden NJ (sorry).

  • Joan

    Has anyone had any luck with this in Freehold or Neptune?

  • Jennifer

    I got this to work at the Piscataway Shoprite when I bought 4 of the Shampoos with 4 Shampoo conditioners.

  • Jennifer

    Whoops I meant to type I bought 4 Shampoos with 4 coupons and got the Catalina.

  • xporcelainangelx

    I went to the ShopRite in Manahawkin, NJ. Bought 4 of the L’Oreal Vive Pro Shampoos & used 3 $.75 coupons & 1 $1 off coupon & my $5 catalina printed no problem

    • Nancy

      Thanks for posting. That’s where I usually shop! 🙂

  • mary

    Manchester shoprite…cat didn’t print…bought 2 vive pro shampoos, 2 kids shampoos, and 1 styler…customer service said that cats go buy the sale price not shelf price…i guess i’ll just contact catalina marketing

  • If you go to L’Oreal’s site and look under “Special Offers” :{userdata//d+d//|diagnostic|main:mylorealoffers|media:_blank|nav|overlay:_blank} You can complete a “Can I Help You?” Quiz and register to print a coupon for $1 off ANY L’Oreal Paris Product. This will be helpful to anyone who doesn’t have enough coupons to do this deal!

  • Beth

    At the Stratford, CT store – bought L’Oreal Kids detangling spray, L’Oreal Kids 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner, Studio Line hairspray, Vive Pro for Men 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner, and two Super Glossy mousse. I used two of the $1/1 any IP’s from the L’Oreal website, and two .75/1 any L’Oreal Kids product, one $1/1 any L’Oreal Vive Pro, and one $1/1 any Studio Line product (all from inserts), and had no problem getting the Catalina. Used that with the $3 Catalina from the Purex and got the Small Steps bath tissue 20 pk. for $1.56 OOP 🙂

    • thank you!! Good to know i’m going today and that’s the store I shop at =)

  • anne

    Thanks for all the info!!

  • They gave me the same reason @shoprite Neptune. I never had any problem till last week and this week. They keep insisting that because I used the coupons I didn’t qualify for the Catalina. They gave me a hard time. Gonna try a different shoprite.

  • Gloria

    I just stopped with DH about an hour ago – bought 2 vive pro shampoo and 2 vive pro cond both were on sale for 2.99 – (shelf price 3.99) and i got the cat…so SR in Levittown, PA is working off of shelf prices (even though the shelves are almost empty ) but my store only doubles up to $1 – so they’re not free

  • Nikki

    In the SR in Union, NJ my Cat printed fine. I purchased 4 VivePro Conditioners. and used 4 $1/1.

  • Anonymous

    Today I bought 2 boxes of L’Oreal Preference hair dye at a sale price of $6.99 each (reg price $8.99 ea). I also used a $5 off two coupon. My $5 catalina printed with no problem – so it did work with the “original price” because the sale price did not amount to $15. This was at the Shop Rite in West Milford, NJ. I’m rather proud of this deal as I’m still very new to couponing!

  • Anonymous

    I did it on shelf prices and it did not print

  • Katie

    I bought 4 kid shampoo and 1 Vive conditioner (used 5 coupons). My total before Price Plus card (AKA shelf price) was $15.95 and the catalina did not print. This was a first for me, as the shelf price usually works. I am going to email catalina marketing now. Shop Rite in Absecon, NJ.

  • Skye

    I was at shoprite last night and did the loreal catalina deal. 4 of the kids shampoos, and 1 vive pro conditioner. My shoprite only doubles to a dollar so with coupons it came to $5.78, which isnt bad. The $5 catalina did not print though, however, customer service will look at your reciept and print one out for you, so its not a prob if you dont mind dealing with the customer service desk…

    • Katie

      Now, I had the same exact deal happen to me, but I went to Customer Service and got the ‘the deal is on the sale price’ speech. I think it definitely depends on the store and their interpretation of how the catalina deals work. It’s very frustrating because Shop Rite does not have some ‘blanket policy’ on this that all employeess (esp Customer Service) follow. It really depends on the store and the attitude of the rep you are dealing with.

  • i brought 4 vive shampoo and paid 4.oo and change and recieved a 5.00 catalina thats ur best bet

  • Lisa R

    Anyone try it yet in Rockaway or Wharton?

  • Sherry Z

    Shop-Rite in Mount Pocono is now also insisting that no Catalina’s when coupons reduce the price. They had me wait at Courtesy for an hour while they called Corporate (they insisted on calling the and not Catalina Marketing). They adamantly insist that this is policy.

    Multiple efforts to get Catalina Marketing to respond to me in writing as to the policy have failed. They keep ducking the question by telling me that it’s dependent upon the deal.

    I am having massive problems suddenly with my local Shop-Rite as a result of constant policy changes resulting from ‘Extreme Couponing’ and Managers who are confused. It’s become costly to purchase so many newspapers and to use so much printer ink only to spend so much time in the store having to return the items because the store refused to honor so many different deals.

    I was denied the Kikoman last week where the shelf price was 59 cents and the coupon $1. I wasn’t requesting a MM; just a coupon valued at the price of the item. They refused.

    In addition, all these difficulties occurring with each shopping trip and the resultant angry customers on line behind me is turning what was great fun into misery.

    • Dawn

      the Kikoman is on sale 2 /$1.00 on day it had to be put in manually the next time i went it worked. maybe on diffrent flavors ?

  • lisa

    Does anyone know if this deal will work at the Hoboken Shoprite? Also, where is everyone getting all these coupons (besides the l’oreal website which will probably limit me to 2)? Thanks alot!

    • Katie

      The Loreal Vive coupon was in the 7/10/11 RP insert. The kids shampoo one was in the 7/3/11 RP, I believe…or maybe the week before.

  • Amanda

    I did this yesterday morning. I bought 4 Loreal Kids and 4 Pro V and got the $5 cat. I also bought 2 Purex and 2 Garnier Fructise Hair color and got a $3 and 2 $1 cats.

  • Neely

    It did not work for me. I purchased (1) Vive shampoo, (1) Vive conditioner and (2) stylers. Reg price $15.96, sale price $10.96.

  • I bought 4 shampoos and used 4 .75cent off coupons and got the cat no problem. This was in Md


      4 shampoos meaning the vive pro??

      • yes I bought the mens shampoo

  • Leen

    I contacted cat marketing and their response was that only the vive pro was a qualifying item and not the 4 loreal kids shampoos. I have scanned that part of the ad in and emailed them, so we’ll see what they say.

    It seems like it’s the kids shampoo products that are causing the problem since I haven’t seen anyone post success with the 4 kids products/1 vive pro combo.

    Hope this helps, I will post again if/when cat marketing gets back to me.

    • Lianne

      Good for you–I’m interested to hear what they have to say to that–its clear as crystal–there’s even a picture of the Kids shampoo in the box.

      • aimee

        Thanks for the info. I’ll wait for your follow up on the kids shampoo.

    • Katie

      I am also VERY interested to see the answer to this! I did the same deal, 4 kids shampoo, 1 Vive conditioner. I email Cat marketing and was told that only the Vive conditioner qualified towards the cat coupon. Obviously, that is false advertising, so I was deciding how I wanted to approach this. Thank you for scanning it in and showing them the ad! I hope that helps us both out 🙂

      • Leen

        Well, I emailed them at 9:40 am est and have not heard anything back yet. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they are looking into the whole thing thoroughly.

        I think I might try the same deal only buying the non-cars kids shampoos and see if I can get the CAT. Has anyone tried it with the regular kids shampoos?

    • Leen

      They basically just wrote me back saying the exact same thing, so I’m guessing that the Cars L’oreals (at least) are not participating products. To me it’s kind of false advertising, but whatever. Here is exactly what cat marketing emailed to me:

      Thank you for contacting the Catalina Marketing Helpdesk,

      Thank you for providing your information. After reviewing your transaction, we found that the Transaction is not Qualified as the Products Purchased is not a Participating Product.
      We apologize but will not be able to issue a coupon for this promotion.
      Kindly contact store for further assistance.

      • aimee

        I agree, it’s false advertising. I did the same deal, 4 kids shampoo and 1 vive conditioner, cat didn’t print but customer service gave me the $5 cat. I was hoping to do this deal again but after reading their email, I’ll pass on it.Thanks again.

      • Katie

        WOW! That is SO disappointing. I may try it again today with the non-Cars kid shampoo as you said and see what happens. Thank you so much for posting their answer, I appreciate it! (I also emailed them and have not heard back yet)

  • eee

    when does the catalina deal ends?
    Thank you,

  • Redd

    Hi. Does anyone know until when this Catalina deal will be running? Thanks a lot.

  • Lidiana

    I went to the Shop Rite in Hauppauge NY and i purchased 4 Cars L’oreals , and 3 Vive Shampoos. The total was 15.43 before coupons and 7.50 after coupons. The Catalina coupon didnt print, when I went to costumer service they told me that you needed to spent 15.00 after coupons to print the Catalina coupon.

  • carlos

    Hi! Same question here, does anyone know when the catalina promotion ends?? Thanks.