Sunday Coupon Preview 7/31/11

Sunday Coupon Preview

There will be 4 inserts in this weekend’s paper

  • 2 RedPlum
  • 1 SmartSource
  • 1 P&G

You can check out the Sunday Coupon Preview for a complete list of the coupons that will be available. Remember this list may not be the exact coupons you will receive in your inserts as they do change from region to region and even from newspaper to newspaper.

Find out how to find the Coupon Inserts in Your Newspaper

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  • kevin

    Better get to Dollar Tree early this week!

  • dsavings

    wow it looks like it will be a good week of coupons.finally

    • Paula Brown

      I have to agree with you there!!!!

  • sue

    I live in Bergen County NJ, right next to Hudson County NJ, I usually get The
    Record in Bergen County for the coupons, Does the Hudson County Record have the same coupons. Just wondering if I shuld get from both places for more coupons..

    • ethel

      I get my inserts on saturdays. I buy the jersey journal. It has all the inserts and it’s only 60 cents 🙂

      • Meg

        Does anyone know where I can purchase the Jersey Journal in Monmouth County?

        • you probably can’t since it’s a hudson county newspaper 🙂

        • Jess

          They sell it in a few places, I have seen it in little delis and magazine/newpaper specific store . But I would just get a subscription.

      • Sharon

        Thanks Ethel, good to know. It’s been hard ltely to find a paper with all the inserts on Sunday.

  • Nahney


  • Jamie

    Wow, out of all those coupons…really none are for food and the ones that are, are for $1 / 2 or .40 / 2. It’s great that we smell nice…but we need to eat.

    • MamaBates

      Agree! I have enough shave gel and deodorant to last me well into next year!

      • Chrissy

        Same here with the deodorant, shave gel and you can add razors to my list too!!! LOL

  • Tina

    Hi all, did anyone know which paper to buy that will have red plum? I live in PA, I used to get it in Star-Ledger, but not anymore. Thanks in advance.

  • H


  • Lianne

    Super psyched about the P&G insert, they have been good to us lately. I must have 10 free Oral-B indicators from last time that I got throughout the entire month of July, lol

  • Jess

    I live in Ocean County, I get the Star Ledger(newark smartsource) & Asbury Park Press(toms river smartsource).. I usually end up with different coupons.

  • Jess

    I live in Ocean County, I get the Star Ledger(newark smartsource) & Asbury Park Press(toms river smartsource).. I usually end up with different coupons.
    Another plus, Sunday is my birthday… So this is an awesome gift!!

  • Yassube

    Lmao That was funny jamie!

  • Alona

    Well looks like I’ll have to hit the corner early, but they normally have a full shopping cart left by noon. of newspapers. So we will have to wait and see. Unfortunately the paper cost went up to $2 here, I do get one delivered, so I’ll be picking up 3 more.

  • danielle

    hey is anyone else having problems with nj star ledger there hasn’t been a redplum on sundays for a while

  • jill b

    I like the gum coupon… Im not sure about all the other coupons but, I’ll still be getting my normal 6 papers. I always feel like I’m going to miss some great deal, I have plenty of ragu sauce to last me a year

  • sue

    I go to 7-11 in bergen county they have coupon special on the Sunday Record you get 2 papers for $2 instead of $1.50 each, I always check them before I buy sometimes the coupons are missing, also this weekend went to the Quick Check in Hudson county and they hd like 30 Bergen Records nd not 1 of them hd the coupons in there I think people steal them..Does the Saturday Jersey Journal in north Jersey bergen County have all the coupon inserts in it does anyone know…

    • The Saturday Jersey Journal always has all the coupons 🙂

  • Vercilla

    WhoHoo! finally! I need to upgrade my subscription and get 2 papers mailed to the house or go somewhere outside my neighborhood and buy my papers.. The Walgreens by my house does not have the SmartSource Coupons in their papers. I have not called the company to launch a complaint yet but I will tomorrow.

  • Lynn

    I live in Cape May County does anyone know what paper has all of the inserts? I have been stricking out with my Q’s lately=(

  • Adina

    I bought 2 asbury park press newspapers today (from 2 different stores) in Ocean county and neither of them had the smart source insert!

  • H

    Really, nothing exciting with the news paper coupons.. I’m waiting for printout… I notice that usually the same coupons that I pay for in the newspaper are free printouts online… some times even better….